Maura played with the diamond ring on her finger and smiled. The minute they had arrived home, Jane had torn through the house, found the ring and promptly dropped to her knee, asking Maura again to marry her.

Naturally Maura had accepted – again – and then relished the shock in Jane's eyes when she had gone on her own hunt and produced a ring for Jane and then asked Jane to marry her.

Jane had said yes.

But now they were back at work. Earlier that morning, Maura had taken Jane's face in her hands, kissed her long and deep, and told her that she loved her. Then she had watched her detective take the elevator upstairs to her desk.

She remembered that day, watching Jane go up in the elevator – assuming they would meet later, perhaps talk about Tommy. Little had she known that instead she would be trying to keep Jane alive, begging her not to leave Maura alone.

Maura shook the thought from her head. They had been through a lot since that day. And she and Jane had gotten through it and…god she was nervous.

She wanted to run upstairs and make sure Jane was still all in one piece, still unharmed and still smiling. But she didn't want to bother her. She wanted to show she trusted Jane and that she wasn't sitting down here and worrying about her. She didn't want Jane to think Maura was hovering. She…

"Hey! How come you didn't come visit me yet?"

Maura looked up and her face broke into a smile as she saw Jane leaning against the sink. She jumped out of her chair and raced over, launching herself into Jane's arms.

Jane held tightly to the doctor, one hand running down her back and the other cupping Maura's cheek. "Hey…were you sitting down here worrying about me?"

Maura bit her lip. "A little."

"Well why didn't you just come upstairs and see me? Or you could have called or texted." Jane moved her other hand and cupped Maura's face so they were looking in each other's eyes. "I would have come down here earlier if I knew you needed me."

"I know." Maura kissed Jane's palm. "I didn't want to seem like I was hovering."

"You don't hover." Jane smiled at her. "You care. And that," she paused to kiss Maura's lips briefly, "that means so much to me."

Maura snuggled closer. "Did you have fun this morning?"

"Yeah, I did. Frost and I went out on a call." Jane felt Maura's body stiffen and she immediately tightened her arms around the doctor. "Just a follow up with a witness from a case Frost and Korsak were on while we were away. You know if there had been a body, we would have called you too."

Maura looked up at her. "Would you like to have lunch together?"

"That's why I came down here." Jane kissed Maura again. "That, and to make out with you."

Maura grinned and they kissed, long and deep. Jane snaked an arm around Maura's waist, holding her tight to her body. Jane moaned as she felt Maura's fingers slip underneath her shirt, caressing the toned, warm skin.

As Maura pressed kisses to Jane's neck, she whispered between each one. "While you know from…personal experience…that I don't oppose making out with you – or a quickie where you take me hard and fast, I do know that you prefer not to do it here in the morgue."

Jane smirked and pressed one last kiss to Maura's lips. "And yet every time you manage to push me closer and closer to taking you right next to the autopsy table."

Maura grabbed her coat. "I guess next time I'll have to push a little harder then, won't I?"

Jane Rizzoli stared up at the ceiling. Nestled beside her, body naked and flushed after her previous orgasm, lay Maura, dozing quietly.

Jane's own pleasure was ebbing slowly from her body, every part of her still tingling as it remembered the intense pleasure Maura had bestowed on her moments earlier.

Jane loved the feeling of their skin touching, and she loved these after love making moments when they were laying together in bed, limbs tangled in each other, breathing slowly returning to normal. It was one of the many things she loved about being with Maura.

Like how she loved sitting on the couch, Maura's head resting in her lap as they watched a movie. Or going for a walk with Joe. (Jane tried to encourage getting Bass a leash and taking him on walks so he wouldn't feel left out, but Maura vetoed that idea very quickly.

How she loved cooking with Maura – the normal cooking, where they worked like a team, making something delicious to eat, or the sexy, playful cooking, where Jane discovered Maura tasted lovely with maple syrup on her skin.

She lifted her hand and smiled at the diamond ring on her finger. Maura did have fantastic taste and she had been so adorable when she'd asked Jane to marry her. Jane glanced at the hand Maura had resting on Jane's chest, and she smiled as she looked at the ring on Maura's finger. Damn she was lucky.

She heard Maura murmur something that sounded suspiciously like "Love you, Jane."

Jane grinned. "Love you back, Maura."

As she yawned and prepared to slip into sleep, Jane glanced once more at her hands, and she relaxed.

She felt healed.