Together Again

Chapter One –

Two and Half years ago…

I sat in my room pacing back and forth wonder if I should call Edward over. It's late and we have school tomorrow, but I have to talk to him, now. I finally picked up my phone and called him.

"Bella what's wrong it almost midnight?" He sounded worried; I never called him this late.

"I'm sorry did I wake you up?"

"No I was just finishing a paper." I couldn't help but chuckle at his lateness for finishing homework. "Bella what's wrong love?"

"Do you mind coming over I really need to talk to you about something. I can't do it over the phone or at school and I don't want to wait till tomorrow." I finally got the courage to tell him, why it had to be so late though.

"Bella I don't think my parents will let me leave now. Are you sure you can't wait till tomorrow? I can pick you up for school early." He sounded like he wanted to come but his parents where very strict, and I felt like they did not really like me much.

"I have to tell you now. Please it won't take long." I was begging him.

"Alright I will be there soon."

"Thank you."

I hung up the phone and went back to pacing back and forth. Ten minutes… fifteen minutes… twenty minutes… thirty minutes… Where was he? He usually only took him five minutes, but since I figure he would have to sneak out he would take him longer. But not almost an hour. I was getting tired and worried that he hasn't shown up yet. Maybe his parents caught him and told him he couldn't leave. But why hasn't he called me? I laid back on my bed waiting for him and I must have fallen asleep because I someone was shaking me to wake up.

"Bella honey time to get you up your going to be late for school." Renee, my mother, was waking me.

"I'm up, I'm up."

Once my mom left the room I looked at my phone, no missed calls or new messages. Edward never made it. I tried calling his cell phone but it was dead. That's not like him. I got up and got ready for school and he still hasn't called or showed up to pick me up like he always does. I decided to call his house.

"Hello?" It was Edward Sr. his father.

"Mr. Mason, its Bella is Edward there? His phone is dead and he hasn't shown up yet."

"Bella you haven't seen or heard from him?" He sounded worried. "He's not here. I heard him leave last night and never come home."

"I called him asking him to come over because I had something important to talk to him about but he never showed up. I waited for almost an hour and I must have fallen asleep." So he did leave and never made it over.

"So you are the reason my son his missing?"

"Sir I didn…" He cut me off. Great now they really will hate me.

"I have to go Bella, I will have him call you when I find him." Then he hung up the phone.

Where was Edward, this is not like him. I was so upset that something happened to him that I thought I was going to be sick. I ran to the bathroom and started throwing up. I don't know if it was morning sickness or because I was worried and upset about Edward. I called him over last night to tell him that I was pregnant. I found out a little over a month ago but was so scared to tell anyone. My mom came knocking on the door.

"Bella are you alright?"

"Yes" no I thought to myself. I got cleaned up and walked out of the bathroom my mom still standing there.

"You feeling okay? Oh is Edward picking up today? He is usually here by now." I couldn't help but start crying when my mom noticed that he wasn't here yet to pick me up. Edward drove me to school every day, even when he wasn't going. And he was never late to pick me up. "Bella what's wrong?"

"Ed…Edwards mis…missing…and…and…I'm…pregnant." I cried even harder into my mother's shoulder. She froze and didn't say a word. I stopped crying and stepped back to look at her. "Mom?"

"First what do you mean you're pregnant? And how do you know Edwards missing?"

"I called him over here last night around midnight and he never showed up here and he never returned home, but his dad heard him leave. Now his phone is dead and no one knows where he is." I was trying so hard not to cry. What if something happened on his way over, it was all my fault.

Me and mother talked about how I am going to have a baby, at first she was a little upset but she got over that fast and was happy. I think she is more happy about it then I am. She told me I didn't have to go to school because I wanted to be home in case anything was heard about Edward, but she told me that I had to go to the doctor to make sure all of this was right.

When we got home from the doctor's Phil, my mom's new husband, was waiting inside the door for us, he did not look happy, he looked sad.

"Phil has anyone heard from Edward?" I asked scared to know the answer.

"Bella come sit down." What! That never sounds good.

"No what happen? Where is he?" I was starting to panic now.

"Bella don't panic it's not good for the baby." My mom tried to calm me but it was not working.

"Bella. Edward Sr. called, the police found Edwards car a mile from here, by the liquor store in the alley." Why would his car be in a alley? What happened to him? "His car was torched and the found traces of blood leading from the car down the alley but they can't find his body. Since they found the blood they are saying that it is most likely that he is d.e.a.d"

I don't know what happened but I remember Phil telling me that they believe Edward, my only true love and my baby's father is dead, and the everything going black.

"Bella! Bella! Wake up!" It was my mothers frantic voice. I must have fainted or something. I opened my eyes and saw that I was on the couch and my mother and Phil where standing around me.

"What happened?"

"You fainted." Relief washing over my mother's face and voice. Then it hit me what Phil said, that I was never going to see Edward again and I started crying.

"He can't be dead, he really can't." My mother wrapped her arms around me trying to sooth me.

The next few months where hard. I kept hopping that Edward would come home, that someone just kidnapped him and he got away. But he never showed and since it has been 3 months the police stopped looking. Edwards parents would talk to me anymore. I went to their house to tell them the news about me and Edward having a baby. But they just yelled at me telling me that it was my fault that Edward was dead. That if I left him alone he would have never came over and would have never went missing and died. Then they told me they didn't want to see me again and slammed the door in my face. I cried for a week after that. I was really hopping they would be a little happier when they found out that Edward would still be with us through our baby. Actually our son. Once I found out I was having a boy I knew what I was going to name him, Edward Anthony Mason Swan. After his daddy, but add my last name.

The next 7 months of my pregnancy was hard. I did have Edward with me, but all my friends stopped talking to me because I was 15 and having a child. So I stopped going to school and was home schooled. Since I was the top of my class it was easy for me to be home schooled. I finished the rest of the year faster than anyone else.

Charlie came down in June to stay until little Edward was born. I was due around the 25th and was getting scared. I talked to my parents and told them that once Edward was born that I wanted to go live with Charlie in Forks. This way Renee would be able to go travel with Phil for his baseball and not have to worry about leaving me and the baby. Also I wanted a fresh start, away from people that stopped talking to me because I was having a baby or because they agreed with Edward's parents that it was my fault he was dead.

June 20th at 5:15am my water broke. I went to the hospital happy that I was going to have my baby on Edwards birthday. I felt like Edward was still with me and that he would always be with me through our son. After 13 hours of labor, my little boy enter our world. When I took my first look at him I started to cry, he looked just like his dad and had those wonderful green eyes that I always got lost in. But I was happy that he had his father's eyes and face. A month after little Edward was born me and Charlie went back to Forks. So I could start school in August for my Junior year of high school.