He hated lying to his son.

"Dad," He would utter, peering up form under his crimson race car sheets with a look of curious confusion. "When's mama coming home?"

It wasn't the first time he had asked, but it did not change his reaction every single time it reared its head. He would tense; a dull ache in his heart would make itself known then he would try and not look at him. But it was futile. The man would gaze down, take in those golden locks that was the exact tint of her's. Those large coca orbs that shone with love and innocence just like her's used too. The resemblance between him and his angel of a mother was just too much.

Then that dull ache would intensify, and he held back the cringe when another piece of his heart would chip away. But the pathetic thing was, he didn't know if it was because he lost his wife, or the fact he lost his wife to him. It would not compute with his overachieving pride. He could not contemplate why. Why did that man always prevail? Why did everyone adore him more? Why was he more preferable to himself? Why in the end was he always chosen over him, leaving himself in second place? He didn't know the answer that question. His son's question however…

Chad forced a playful smirk as he ruffled his child's hair. "Don't worry, champ. Mom's coming home soon." Then the boy would smile a beaming smile, which would be the final nail to his heart. Soon, it would be a heated snarl. Because soon, he would figure out it was all a lie. But it holds true for now; she would come back to save face. Continue this…whatever this was for the sake of her son. And he would play along. Pretend he doesn't know so for now, he could lie and say he tied.

…But he knew one day he would finally lose, and his wife would never come back.

Probably shoulda this put as BCD's second chapter. Poor Chad.