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Chapter Two: Call To Arms

The lower elements- police plaza

Police plaza was in uproar. Not ten seconds ago, Foaly had burst into Commander Kelp's office.

"We've found Koboi! I've got her!" he brayed, skidding to a halt in front of a startled group of fairies. Evidently, there had been some kind of meeting going on but Foaly didn't care. They'd been searching for 'past' Opal for four years now, she had just disappeared from the face of the planet. Not a whisper of her whereabouts. Until now. Evidently, the commander felt the same.

"Get a Recon officer in here now. And put Retrieval on standby. And n01. Things could get complicated fast." He stood up and followed the centaur through to the ops booth. "Where did you sight her?" he asked. Foaly brought up a screen as he spoke.

"You'll never guess, Trouble." The Commander groaned when he saw the building on screen. Of course it was Fowl Manor. Where else?

"How did you find her?" Foaly shrugged.

"You know I monitor Fowl Manor. I was just flicking through the security cameras when I came across this." He pressed a button and a recording of a hallway popped up. The two fairies watched as a dishevelled looking Artemis Fowl walked towards them, stopping outside a door. Trouble opened his mouth to speak but the centaur shushed him.

"Just watch." The mud boy entered a code and the door swung open. The camera zoomed in. standing just inside the doorway was Opal. She immediately blasted a shot of magical energy at Artemis, who crumpled to the ground. Then, she looked up, straight at the camera. She grinned evilly and gave a jaunty little wave before shooting a second bolt towards the screen. The image dissolved into static. Trouble paled. This didn't look good.

"Do we have any visuals of what happened next?"

The centaur shook his head. "Afraid not, but I do know their location. Artemis has a tracker on him at all times; I simply hacked into the feed. I figured that Opal took him with her since he is now moving at high speed across Ireland."

The commander stared at the blank screen uneasily. If Artemis Fowl had been kidnapped, things just got ten times worse. Especially since, if they attempted a rescue, they would be walking straight into a trap. But they couldn't just abandon the mud man, look at how many times he had saved their asses in the last few years. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose with one hand. He hated being in charge at times like this. Making up his mind, he stormed to the booth door and yanked it open. He yelled out into the bustling hall.

"Where is that Recon officer I asked for?"

Two minutes later, Commander Kelp stood in front of five of the LEP's finest. They were the only officers available at the time. "Right men. And woman." He added, nodding in Holly Short's direction. "We have a situation." We have finally located Opal Koboi." There were a few murmurs of approval from the assembled officers. Kelp silenced them with a wave of his hand and continued. "Yes. And we need one of you to go up ahead of Retrieval and assess the situation. However, whoever does go needs to be aware that they will be walking straight into a trap. Koboi has kidnapped Artemis Fowl and we believe she is using him to lure us in. she knows that Fowl is a friend to the people and that we will come to rescue him."

He looked at his officers. They now looked distinctly uneasy. It wasn't surprising considering what Koboi had done to Julius Root. He glanced at Holly. She knew the mud boy better than anyone and would be the obvious choice to send. If she consented to go that is. Right now, beneath her nut-brown complexion, she looked positively white. He cleared his throat and continued.

"This will be a highly dangerous mission but we need volunteers. I will not force you to do anything against your will. Is there anyone who is not willing to go?" none of the officers moved. They were professionals; they wouldn't refuse a mission, no matter how dangerous. He sighed. "All right. Capitan Short, you will be our primary officer, since you are already familiar with both targets. The rest of you will go topside with her and wait at Tara. It may be that she needs backup before Retrieval can get there." Holly and the other officers nodded, determined looks on their faces.

Foaly immediately ushered them over to an equipment store. "ill get you all kitted out." he pulled a new suit off the wall. I finally got a decent budget for these things, so everything's pretty swish. Its got all the usual stuff of course, and I've upgraded the auto armour. This thing'll stop anything short of a nuclear explosion. Also, when the helmet's sealed, it's completely insulated, so no heat sensors can detect you. And the wings are something else. They're whisper retractable, and the speeds come close to breaking the sound barrier. He passed one to each fairy. "I've also got the new version of the neutrino right here. Its size adjustable, so if you like a big gun…" he paused and pressed a button. The neutrino seemed to grow before their eyes. "You can have a big gun. And if you like a small gun…" he pressed another button and it shrank. "you can have a small gun." He handed one to each of them. The assembled fairies tried to look unimpressed. Foaly had a big enough head already. They quickly DNA coded their weapons, changed, and then set off for the nearest chute.

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