Author's note: This one-shot was requested by… uh, I forget.. *looks in reviews*.. GoldandSilverAngel! She wants another Percy and Calypso story, so here it goes. *WARNING: this will probably be utter crap because I do not support this pairing, AT ALL*


Leaving Ogygia was a tough decision. I don't regret if, but I will always wonder what could have happened.

It was my chance to escape the war, the monsters, and all the pain and suffering that came with them. I would have been happy with Calypso; spending the days in her garden and the evenings talking in the glow of the moonlace. Who knows? I could have fallen in love with her, we both could have been happy together, just us.

Now, if it was just that, only the good things, and even if there were a few bad things that came with them, I would regret my decision to leave. But those aren't the only things that would have come with my staying with Calypso, not even close.

I would never have seen any of my friends and family ever again; Grover, Nico, Thalia, my mom, and Annabeth. Annabeth. Even if I had forgotten everyone and everything else about my life before, I don't think I would have ever forgotten Annabeth. And leaving the war, the guilt would have killed me, long before I could ever forget. The thought of leaving the weight of the great prophecy on Nico's shoulders, him being so young and, just not ready, I could never do that. Who knows if we would have even won the war or not?

And, if we didn't win the war, the titans would have probably come and incinerated us.

So, even though I didn't think about most of this stuff when I made the actually decision, I'm pretty sure at this point that I chose correctly.

Now I just have to remind myself that whenever I see the moonlace.

Author's note: Hmm, that did not go the way I expected it to, but nothing ever really does. So, crappy? Not crappy? Tell me and I'll give you some of my skittles. Love ya!