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The following is an excerpt from the sequel:

Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolis

Superman effortlessly smashed through the walls of the bank vault, prepared to stop another robbery. He was immediately assaulted by several metal robots with long, massive arms. They were strong. Their hands could drill through steel plates. They could smash cars flat with a single blow. They could hurt a ten ton boulder the length of a football field.

But they were no challenge for the Man of Steel. Superman's muscles bulged beneath his blue suit, but he was not exerting much effort at all. If he overdid it, a piece of a robot (or maybe the entire robot) might smash through a wall and some unlucky person might be standing right there and die. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for whoever was behind this crime, Kal-El had no compunction about destroying machines. Were these living beings, he would have to have been even more careful, even more restrained. As it was, he destroyed them all in under three seconds.

Superman X-rayed the robotic menaces, narrowing his vision to a near microscopic level looking for information he could send back to Batman or the Martian Manhunter back at JLA headquarters for analysis. Usually, Superman was not called on to handle threats as small as this. There were other members of the Justice League of America who were more than capable of handling a low level threat like this—in fact pretty much any of them could take down robotic thieves—but these crimes were taking place right in his neighborhood. Several businesses had been unexpectedly robbed, and this bank was the next on the list.

The Man of Steel's super hearing picked up a voice speaking softly just on the other side of the bank vault. He concentrated to hear what was being said. "There, just beyond that door is the alien threat. Now, I know I can count on you…"

Superman recognized the voice. How could he not? Lex Luthor had been his nemesis and a constant threat to him for almost as long as he had been a hero. It could not be a coincidence that he was here at the same time. Something was about to happen, and he was pretty sure he would not like it.

The door opened and a man stepped through with a fierce expression on his face. He had thick, black hair that rose up in odd spikes and he was dressed in an orange martial arts gi with a dark blue belt and boots. It was Goku.

"Superman?" the saiyan asked, the fierce expression quickly leaving his face.

"Goku! What are you doing here?"

"Well, somehow I was summoned here from my world to get rid of some terrible alien menace that is threatening this Earth." Goku looked at the broken robots on the ground. "I guess that's them, huh? Seems you've already taken care of the problem."

Lex Luthor glared at Goku. "No, those aren't the alien threat! He is!" He said pointing to Superman. This guy was supposed to have defeated Superman in another universe! They were supposed to be enemies! "Those robots are guarding the bank vault and this villain is clearly here to rob my bank!"

"Your bank? Then these robots…" Superman began, starting to see how Luthor had manipulated him. The Kryptonian suspected he would soon be told that the robot thieves had only targeted LexCorp holdings. It was a setup from the beginning.

"You must stop him, Goku!" Lex demanded, "like you did on your world."

"Actually, Superman and I never met on my world. It was on nearby planet. Well, relatively nearby. And Superman wasn't a threat to that world, or Earth." Goku turned his attention back to Lex Luthor, the saiyan's expression stern. "I get the feeling you are trying to trick me."

"No, Goku, you have to trust me. This alien only pretends to be a hero." There was true anger in Luthor's words. "The only way for this planet to truly be safe is for the alien threat to be ended."

"Oh, I wouldn't hold him being an alien against him. I'm an alien, too," Goku said with a grin. "But you know, there's an easy way for me to know who's telling the truth here."


"I can read your mind," Goku said simply.

Lex wanted to protest. He wanted to stop the orange-clad being from getting into his head. But it happened too fast. One instant Goku was standing between him and Superman, several feet away, the next the saiyan was standing behind him, the hero's hand on his head. The mind reading was over in a second.

Goku released the Earth villain and gave him a disdainful half-frown as he walked away from him. "That was almost like reading Krillin. He was bald, too, when I first read his mind. But Krillin is a much better person than you are. You should be ashamed of yourself." Goku turned his attention to Superman. "The sad thing is, he really believes what he's saying. He can't imagine you are as good as you act. Even after you've saved his life and spared him time and time again, he still seeks to harm you. Superman, you need to leave."

"Why?" the Man of Steel began to ask.

Goku's warning came too late. Lex Luthor activated his backup plan. Several lead-lined panels in the room opened to reveal small chunks of Kryptonite hidden within. Superman dropped to the floor and began to curl up in pain in response.

"Wow, that stuff really does hurt you," Goku remarked.

Lex Luthor did not waste any time. He pulled out a handgun from his vest pocket and fired at Superman. He did not intend on giving his fallen enemy a chance to recover or be saved by anyone else this time around. Unfortunately for him, Goku had no difficulty with catching and stopping a simple bullet, even a bullet imbued with kryptonite. He was foiled by the man who was supposed to be his own agent. That was when Lex heard the echoing sound of someone chuckling. It was a laugh he had heard before, the laughter of Neron. Hearing that, he knew he had been fooled by the devil he had made a deal with. The one he had brought to Earth to kill Superman would never do that.

It took Goku no effort at all to speed around the bank vault collecting the pieces of Kryptonite. With all the kryptonite collected together on the other side of the vault, Superman was able to get to his feet and retreat further away. Goku examined the rocks curiously.

"Thanks, Goku. If you don't mind, could you get rid of that?"

"Sure, no problem."

Goku focused his qi energy on the kryptonite in his hands. The green rock began to glow more intensely. Superman went back down to his knees behind the saiyan with an audible groan. The saiyan focused more of power upon the rock and the kryptonite began to vibrate. The alien rock began to shift colors, from green to a deep blue, then gradually to a shade of orange followed by red. Then, for just an instant, the kryptonite in Goku's hands turned solid black before exploding into dust.

Superman felt immediately relieved as the radiation from the kryptonite vanished. He got back to his feet, feeling a little woozy from the brief but intense exposure to the dangerous compound. Whatever the saiyan had done to destroy it, his energy had interacted with the substance in an unpredictable way. There was no telling what the effects might be.

"Goku, are you alright?" the Man of Steel asked his friend.

"Goku?" the saiyan replied. The spikey-headed alien from another universe turned to regard Superman with eyes that had turned completely black. Slowly, the blackness faded away from the whites of his eyes leaving just his pupils again. "My name is Kakkarot."

The Kryptonian started to get an uneasy feeling. That feeling increased as he witnessed the saiyan's pants rip at the buttocks and a thick, brown-furred tail emerge and elongate behind Goku. A sneer played itself over the alien's lips.

"Kakkarot is my true, saiyan name. I am a true saiyan warrior," he said with a dramatic voice, as if coming to a sudden realization. "And it's about time I fulfilled my mission."

A moment later, he released a blast of energy that roared out around him in an instant flash, turning the building and the entire city block around it into a crater of rubble and dust.

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