"Oh, Eli…" Clare moaned, biting her lip viciously as his hands grazed down her sides. He'd been teasing her all damn day; at the movies, in the mall, even when they were having lunch with Fiona and Adam at Little Miss Steaks.

Another moan passed her lips when Eli had his lips slid down her neck, barely touching the fevered skin. Suddenly, his tongue met her flesh, and they both groaned. The hot muscle massaged her neck, while her hands massaged his scalp, urging him on. Eli's hips teasingly brushed the inner part of her thighs, his arousal clear through the fabric of his jeans.

Clare squirmed beneath him, wanting him to stop teasing and just take her already. His tongue wormed its way up to her ear, which he nibbled playfully and made Clare moan once again. She was glad no one was home, even though her parents rarely were to begin with.

Getting frustrated, Clare flipped them over and grabbed Eli's wrists, pinning them above his head and onto her lavender pillow. A look of surprise crossed his face, before it melted into a sexy smirk.

"What's wrong, Clare-bear? Didn't like my teasing?" He chuckled, but it was cut off with a loud moan as Clare grinded against him roughly.

"Not one bit." She whimpered, rocking her hips.

Her dress was still on, but her cardigan was thrown off, as well as her flats. Eli's blazer was thrown with the cardigan, but he still wore his tie, button-up and jeans. Which he was starting to hate when Clare pressed down a little harder.

"Uh, Clare…" His moan echoed through the room, making Clare smile as she bent down and pressed light kisses from his neck up to his ear.

"Let's see how you like being teased." She whispered in his ear, tongue peeking out to lick the shell of it, making a small groan emit from his full lips.

Her mouth made its way down, tongue out and searching for his main vein, and felt it pulsing at a fast pace beneath the tip of her tongue. Lightly, she closed her mouth over it and sucked on it lightly, barely grazing her teeth on the flesh. Almost immediately, Eli moaned, both in frustration and pleasure.

A sharp gasp escaped Eli's mouth as Clare sunk her teeth into the tan skinand sucked on it harder, his head tilted to the side to give her more room. He was in heaven as her teeth continued their rough assault, even more so when she moved it down and just under his Adam's Apple. Clare giggled when her boyfriend struggled to get his hands from her grip; he was surprised at how strong she was, especially compared to him. Not to seem conceded but he was toned, working on Morty almost every day, for at least a few hours put him in shape.

A growl passed his clenched teeth when Clare pushed her bosom against his, still sucking at random places on his neck – but slowly, oh so slowly, she was making her way down his neck to his exposed collarbone.

Another growl came, when he opened his eyes to see Clare hovering over him, mouth so close to his own. Desperately, he lifted his head, making their lips brush just slightly. She jerked her head back, "Not uh uh. I'm not done teasing you."

"Clare…" Eli whined like a little boy.

"Now, I'm going to let go of your wrists, and it'd be in your best interest if you don't touch me until I say so. Got it?" She questioned with dark blue eyes, looking devious with a smirk that only she could pull off.

"Yes, ma'am." Eli smiled, feeling Clare's hands let go of his own.

Clare licked her lips and moved her hands behind her back, slowly unzipping her dress, letting the straps fall off her shoulders. Eli gulped at the sultry look she was giving him, the way she nibbled on her lip nervously, or how she was provocatively taking her dress off. The top came off fully, revealing her chest in a bra barely covering her ample chest. Unconsciously, the dark-haired boy licked his lips and lifted his hands to place on her waist. Immediately, Clare slapped his hand away.

"No touching, Elijah. At least, not yet." Her voice got low and husky, and Eli closed his eyes at the sensation.

"You're killing me, Clare." He breathed, clenching his fists at his sides.

"Oh, well." She giggled, sitting up on her knees to sashay the dress off her hips and down her thighs, then leaned forward over her boyfriend and kicked it off fully. "I think you should to open your eyes, unless you'd like me to put my dress back on."

Clare felt her heart flutter as his eyelids slid open, revealing the best feature of his face – those gorgeous green eyes. As they roved her exposed body, she started to feel her confidence falter, they had made love together numerous times but she always felt inadequate. In looks as well as experience; he always took care of her first and Clare hadn't a clue what to do. Instinctively, she started to cross her arms while hanging her head.

Eli's hands snapped up and gripped her wrists, pulling them away from her body, "Don't ever hide your body from me, Clare."

She whimpered when his face got incredibly close to hers, his lips almost touching hers. With hooded eyes, Clare leaned forward, only to have Eli move his face so his lips were on her cheek.

"You're…I don't even know how to describe you." He whispered against the young girl's cheek, nuzzling his nose. "Gorgeous. Stunning. Breathtaking. Those don't even begin to define how you look to me."

Clare choked up as Eli's lips kissed her cheek again, moving over to her mouth slowly. With a groan, their lips finally touch, and Clare whined against them when he wouldn't release her wrists. She pulled them free and wrapped one pale hand into his hair while the other gripped the side of his neck.

A grunt rumbled out of Eli at her forcefulness and grabbed her hips roughly, pushing her bare body against his. Clare tilted her head to get a better lip-lock with her boyfriend and sucked on his already swollen lower lip. She let it slide out of her mouth through her teeth, teasingly pushing her tongue into his mouth as her grip in Eli's hair tightened.

"You're gonna be the death of me," Eli moaned into his almost-nude girlfriend.

"Just shut up and make love to me." She managed to say before Eli flipped them over.

Hastily, Clare started undoing the buttons of his shirt while sharing a hot kiss with him. He sat up on his knees and maneuvered the shirt off, tossing it off with Clare's dress. He leaned back down and caught Clare's large lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth and groaning when she wrapped her arms around his shoulders to pull him to her bare chest.

Cold skin met heated flesh, meshing together deliciously as Eli moved his mouth from hers and to her neck, suckling on the skin. He made a path of light bites down to her clavicle, where he stopped to suck on the skin, which turned to biting when Clare moaned and grabbed his hair.

He moved his mouth down farther, between the valley of her breast, placing hot wet kisses on the cool skin. With an expert tongue, Eli unhooked the front of her bra, making her breast pop from their constriction. Immediately, as the cold air hit her nipple, they hardened and Eli smirked at the small whimpers his lover was making.

Eli quickly discarded the bra, and then had his hands on her breasts and kneading them as the young brunette writhed beneath him.

"Eli…nyahh!" Clare mewled when his hot mouth closed over her left nipples.

He sucked on the small bud greedily, the neglected one being pinched and pulled by his forefinger and thumb. Eli's suckling turn to nibbling, then to biting that had Clare arching her chest into his face. Satisfied with her reaction, he pulled his head away and blew cool air on the hard nipple. Eli kissed his way down to Clare's navel, and reverted to nipping the skin beneath it, making his way further down to the hem of her modest lacy white panties.

"Eli…" Clare whined as said boy skimmed his hands up her thigh, only to slide back down, and up again.

"What was that, Clare?" He taunted with his hot breath sliding over the inside of her thighs.

Clare shuddered, "Please."

"Spit it out, Edwards." He smirked, though the memory wasn't a fond one, he liked the helpless look she gave.

"Stop teasing me." She hissed through her teeth as his teeth grazed her thigh.

Eli chuckled and placed his mouth over Clare's clit and sucked on it through her panties. Her head fell back on her pillow and whined, loving the feeling. Her hips bucked when Eli nipped at the bundle of nerves and gave a frustrated sigh when he stopped.

She was about to protest but stopped when she heard the metal clank sound of a buckle being undone and settled back down on Eli's bed, watching her boyfriend undressed slowly.

Finally his pants came off, along with his black and white boxers, a strangely cute pattern of skulls. Clare reached up to pull him down to her lips, bucking her hips up to grind against his erection. Eli let out a loud moan, meeting Clare's hips in a heated rhythm.

"Uhh…Eli…please…" She whined, digging her nails into his back.

"What was that?" Eli nuzzled her neck, giving it a small suck on the juncture of her neck and shoulder.

"You know perfectly well what." Clare snapped, the sexual frustration getting to her.

"Whatever you say, love," Eli chuckled, which ended as a moan as he plunged into her.

"Oh!" She was caught completely off guard, and clutched his member, making him throw his head back at the intense force gripping him.

Eli set his hands on either side of her head, gazing down into her half-lidded eyes, loving the look of pure pleasure overtaking her features. From the slight shade of rosy pink on her cheeks, like actual petals melted into the flesh, to the beautiful ever changing blue hue of her eyes captivated him.

"God, you're beautiful," he grunted as his hips started moving, making a moan erupt from her plump pink lips.

Eli struggled to keep his eyes open as pleasure overtook his body, but he wanted Clare to come first, so he trailed his mouth down her body to her breasts, angling himself so he could keep thrusting deeply into her.

A warm mouth closed over her mouth, immediately sucking on it, teeth grazing. Clare almost lost it, the feeling incredibly, along with the way he was currently thrusting into her, teasing that spot within her. Her hands went into his soft locks, tugging at the roots and had Eli groaning into her chests, and unlatching himself from them.

Instead, he sat up and gripped her hips, control lost she wrapped her legs around his narrow waist as he started a fast and deep pace. The tip of his dick that spot inside, making a scream rip through her throat, head falling to the pillow behind her as his calloused hands gripped her hips roughly.

"Oh, Eli! F-faster. Please. I'm so…s-so close…" Clare sputtered out between sighs of pleasure.

He complied, though he was nowhere near close. Eli wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her up so they were both kneeling. With this new angle, Clare spread out her legs and met Eli's thrusts eagerly, feeling herself close to the end.

"Eli…Eli…Eli!" Clare cried in ecstasy as her inner walls clenched around Eli's dick, her head falling onto his shoulder.

"Clare," Eli groaned painfully.

"What…" She sighed into his shoulder.

"Well…I…you know…haven't. And you're not moving…" Eli sighed and groaned as Clare shifted in his lap.

"You don't think I was done, did you?" Clare asked sensually in his ear, warm breath sliding over the skin of his perspiring neck.