:: As Good As It Gets: Chapter One- Red Carpet Daze::

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Cameras were flashing wildly in the obscure night sky of that cold Tuesday night, lights flashing, people screaming as they tried to get past the barricade the police had set up, limousines pulling up dropping of their passengers who walked quickly down the red carpet, and they were mostly trying to get away from rampant reporters. "Tetsuya, we're going on the air in one minute," a man holding a bulky black camera said.

The reporter named Tetsuya just smiled at the cameraman, "Alright, are we ready to do this?" she asked, blond curls falling around her face. With a nod from the man, and a signal that the camera was rolling she took in a deep breath. "Hello Karkura Town, I Tetsuya Lamoure am here at the world premier of, "Night Stalker", the newest in a series of vampire movies from the great director Shinji Hirako. The stars are just arriving to see this what I think will be a world wide blockbuster, and now all we're waiting for is the two main stars too arrive," she said, a cheery smile spreading over her tan face.

Her head whipped around as she felt the screaming crowds go silent, and those sky blue eyes glimmered with happiness as she saw a long black limo coming to a stop in front of the long red carpet. Her eyes drifted to the driver as she saw him walking around the long vehicle. With a nod of his head he pulled the door to the limo opened, and then the screaming had begun once again.

The occupants of the car or at least one of them just let out a heavy sigh as he stepped out of the limo one leg touch the ground. Slowly, a mop of orange hair was revealed to the crowd and the crowd just started screaming louder and louder. The man, though, leaned an arm forward onto which another person grabbed onto as he helped the woman out of the car, and then slowly he did the same for the last remaining occupant of the limo.

Hazel hued eyes looked through the black sunglasses he wore at the roaring crowd, and letting out a chuckle he walked with the two girls over to the barricade line. The two woman interlocking arms with him as he walked, and he gave a soft smile at his fans as he looked at the people that had managed to push themselves to the front of the crowd. "Want me to sign that for ya?" he asked, looking at an orange haired girl, who had a small notebook with a sharpie clutched in her right hand, and when he asked her she just nodded her head nervously. With a small chuckle he took the notebook and sharpie she held out for him, and looking over the rim of those darkened glasses he asked, "What's your name, sweet heart?"

She just let out a stutter or two a deep crimson blush flaring up on her cheeks as she looked up at him. "O-Orihime…I-Inoue," she said nervously, her hand treading through her long orange locks. With a smirk he quickly jotted something down in the notebook before nicely handing it back to the nervous girl; whom he assumed was having some very dirty thoughts about him. "T-Than y-you," she mumbled, her light brown eyes looking over what he had written down, and it said:

"Ichigo Kurosaki, the sexiest immortal you know.

To Orihime Inoue."

The little message causing her to blush even more as she looked back up at him, and with a dazzling little smile and a wave the actor resumed walking down his line of fans.


"Ichigo, the premier is about to start ya know. I know you love your fans in all, but seriously let's get a move on," the petite woman on his left arm said, causing said orange haired actor to look at her. She was beautiful but her personality and tact could use a lot of work. Her soft black hair falling around her face just the right way a little longer on the sides then in the back, he just avoided looking at those crystal blue eyes that were glaring at him, and focused on what she was wearing. The dress she wore wasn't very flashy, but still very beautiful and it fit her figure perfectly; the dress cream in color was long and strapless, allowing you to see the skin of her back, and there was a little piece of the midsection missing from the dress, and that allowed you too see a little bit of her stomach.

The orange haired actor just chuckled, "Rukia, why are you getting so upset? We know they won't start the premier without me, so let me have a little fun," Ichigo said, looking at her and giving her a small smile. On his other arm was a girl named Neliel, who was very outgoing and cheerful. Long sea green locks falling down her back and the sides of her face. Her dress was more contemporary then Rukia's by a long shot, and it looked like a normal strapped dress that was light blue in color.

Neliel just grinned at him, "Ichi, she is right ya know. We need to get in their," the green haired girl scolded lightly, and with a grin directed at Rukia the two women dragged the orange haired man towards the entrance. Of course they were stopped in the tracks by a certain blond haired reporter.

Tetsuya turned her attention towards the cameraman, who zoned in on the group, and a light smile came up on the reporter's face. "Alright folks, her I am with the star of this move, Ichigo Kurosaki," she announced happily, turning to face the orange haired actor who was attired in a normal black form fitting suit. 'Whom might these lovely ladies be, Ichigo?" she asked, her blue eyes widening with curiosity.

He just smiled at the reporter and unlike the other members of the paparazzi Tetsuya was the nicest reporter he'd ever met, so he never felt uncomfortable whenever she came up to him asking for a short interview. "Tetsuya this is Rukia Kuchiki," he said gesturing with his head to the short black haired girl to his left," This is Neliel Tu." he said, gesturing to the girl on his right.

"Pleasure to meet the both of you," the blond haired woman said, holding out a hand to the two women, and happily the both shook the hand offered to them. Tetsuya grinned as she retracted her hand looking around the area looking for a certain someone, "I see your co-star decided not to come. I heard he was a real hunk too," she said, pouting somewhat.

Ichigo just laughed scratching the back of his head out of nervousness. "No, he came but you probably didn't see him. I think he is inside already. I would've gotten here sooner if these two hadn't taken so long to get ready," he said, both of the women now glaring at him. With that said the three returned to walking inside the theater, and leaving the reporter confused to say the least.


A drumming of fingers along the arm of a theater chair signaled that someone in this very packed room was annoyed, or rather he was just downright pissed off. Pissed off at who you might ask. Well, that question could be answered in two little words: Ichigo Kurosaki. The damn berry head had told him to sneak in early, and that he would be there not ten minutes after he arrived, and whaddya know not an hour and a half later the orange haired freak still wasn't here.

"Where in the hell are ya, berry?" he asked, his deep voice taking on the form of a mincing growl. Running a muscular hand through those vibrant teal locks that was styled up in its own unique style. Icy blue eyes staring at the back of the seat in front of him. He looked up instantly when he heard those double doors open, and slipping the black shades off his face he stood up.

Ichigo walked into the theater womanless as Rukia and Nel had to go and powder their noses, and saying that they'd be back in a minute, so he just went ahead without them. His hazel colored eyes looking around the pack room for that familiar mop of teal hair, and it didn't take him long considering said blue haired male was glaring daggers at him. He felt his cheeks began to heat up as he stared at his co-star, and he quickly tore his gaze away from that piercing one the man was giving him now. *Get your head out of the gutter, Ichi. He was just your love interest for this movie, and he sure as hell is not gay. Besides, you couldn't be with him even if he were because you're a….*he stopped himself in thought right there, and with a shaky smile he walked down the aisles to take a seat next to the teal haired man.

"Where the hell have you been, berry? I've been waiting here for the last hour and a half, and now you finally decided to show up?" the brute asked, taking a seat next to the orange haired actor, who let that all too familiar scowl settle over his facial features.

Hazel eyes met blue and the actor just let out a sigh as the stare down continued, "I was late because of Rukia and Nel if you must know, Grimmjow. Since when have you ever cared where I was in the first place?" Ichigo asked, causing the teal haired man to growl. "I mean really there is no need for your concern where it is not wanted," he said.

Grimmjow was about to start yelling but was abruptly cut off as the light's in the theater room came on, and the intense light caused Ichigo to shield his eyes away from said light. In came a very cheerful blond haired man that had a bounce to his step, and he wore a regular black suit just like all the other men, and he walked hurriedly all the way to the front of the auditorium before stopping in front of the screen.

"Welcome everyone to the world premier of my newest creation, "Night Stalker," I think that you are all in for a little treat with this lovely new film," he said, grinning a toothy little grin as he looked out into the crowd. "Now where oh where could my dear little Alaric and Kain be?" he asked, his eyes continuing to scan the crowd of celebrities. That toothy grin exploding into a full blown smile as he spotted that mop of teal and orange hair, "Oh their they are," he grinned, "Alaric-kun and Kain-kun stand up please," he said in a sing song tone, and the two actors just glared at him together before they inedibility stood up. "Meet the lead actors in this film of mine Ichigo Kurosaki as the hunky vampire, Alaric and super hunk Grimmjow Jaggerjacques as the one and only, Kain Hajima….a.k.a Alaric's lover," the blond haired director said, saying the last bit under his breath. "Now come on you two give them all a sneak peek at what to expect-if you catch my drift," he said, giving them both a wink.

Grimmjow and Ichigo just glared at their director, "No!" the said in unison, causing some of the attendees to 'boo' in response, and Shinji just stood in the front of the room laughing.

The blond haired director continued to chuckle, "Aw, please Grimmy and Ichi. Just give them one little kiss and we can get this movie started," Shinji whined. The orange haired actor let out a sigh as he looked at his long time friend, who was currently using the puppy dog pout to his fullest extent, and reluctantly he found himself turning towards Grimmjow. Before the man could even get a word out a pair of petal soft lips captured his in a chaste kiss.

Blue eyes were wide as he looked at the berry kissing him, but slowly found himself returning the kiss and letting his eyes fall shut. With a grunt he deepened the kiss letting his tongue lick along Ichigo's bottom lip begging for entrance, and he found that his fingers kneaded themselves into that soft orange hair. Before things could get any further, Shinji coughed causing them to break apart, and sit back down; Ichigo blushing madly while Grimmjow turned his face away from the other. "Alright, now time to commence with the movie, "Shinji announced disappearing from the front as the lights began to dim.


"Why won't you turn me, Alaric?" Kain asked, propping himself up on his elbows, so that he could get a better view of the vampire that was suckling on the skin of his inner thigh at the moment. The question causing a pair of scarlet eyes to open up to look at the man's face, and lifting his mouth from the skin that had been roughly abused moments before he crawled back up his lover's body coming to rest his head on the man's chest.

Those pale fingers drawing circles on the man's muscular abdomen and he continued to do so letting a silence fall over them. Alaric glaring at the smooth skin he was laying atop of as his mind raced to think of a possible answer. "Y-You don't want to be one of my kind. We're vile and disgusting-we're monsters in human skin. I could not and will not do that to you, Kain," he spoke softly.

Kain just grunted sitting himself up completely causing the vampire to fall down into his lap or at least his head to fall into his lap. Rough and calloused fingers gripped his cheek gently and the hand that was on his cheek brought his face up to face the other man's. "You're not a monster," the black haired man said, leaning down to capture the vampire's lips in a searing kiss. Alaric moaned loudly into the kiss but found himself pulling away a little too soon for his liking. 'What's wrong now, love?" the human asked, his tone taking on a slightly concerened one.

The vampire merely looked at the floor as he sat up on the bed blond bangs hanging over his face, "I can't do this," he finally muttered after a moment of awkward silence. "You're just too much for me to handle at the moment, and to have sex with you now, Kain. I don't know how long my control would last," Alaric said, looking up through the sheen of hair at his lover.

Running a hand through that unruly black hair Kain sighed, and he pushed himself up so that he could walk, and he came to stop in front of the younger man-standing there in his full glory, and then he took a knee. "Again, I'd rather you loose control, so that I can make you mine," he said, leaning forward to run his tongue along the column of flesh that led to the vampire's ear.

Ichigo let out a sigh abruptly standing up from his chair, and walking out of the theater in a rush. No one had time to stop him because by the time Shinji and Grimmjow made it into the lobby there was no sign of the orange haired actor. "That was really old," the teal haired actor voiced out, scratching the back of his head, and he turned to look at Shinji, who just had this sullen expression written across his face.

The blond haired director just let out a sigh, "Come on Grimmjow he's already gone, and with that just leave him be for now," Shinji said, a lazy smile spreading across his face as he walked back into the theater. Grimmjow just looked at the director, and then his gaze snapped to the double doors that were still swinging open and close little by little. With a sigh he shrugged his shoulders and walked back into the auditorium.


The soft sound of a door clicking close could be heard as Ichigo walked into his home. The orange haired actor making his way to the kitchen and once he was there he immediately went for a glass in the cabinet, and after he grabbed said glass he threw the refrigerator door open reaching in the far back to grab a bag that was resting there. Shutting the door with his foot he walked over to the small island in the middle of the kitchen, and he ripped the bag open with his teeth pouring the substance into the glass before downing the red substance all together.

Hazel hued eyes flickering from brown to scarlet as the bag of O+ blood trickled down his throat. "God damn it," he muttered, slamming his free hand that was clenched into a fist down on the island causing the tile to break under the force. "Nothing but a damn monster-just like that line in the movie," he murmured.

His head snapping up as he heard his cell phone going off, and with a sigh he decided to answer it, "Hello," he said.

"Ichigo, why did you leave the premier early? You didn't even sit through half the movie," Grimmjow said on the other end of the line, and when the orange haired man heard the teal haired man's voice-he melted at the sound of that rough yet silky voice.

"I have my reasons for leaving, Grimmjow. Nothing that you should be concerned about, alright," the actor said voice hoarse as he spoke.

Grimmjow laughed on the other end of the line, "Yea, it is my damn business, Ichi. If you don't remember we start shootin' the sequel to this movie in two weeks, and if something is wrong with ya I need to know," he said, "On second thought I'm coming over. Be there is fifteen minutes," the teal haired man said, after that the line went dead. On the outside Ichigo merely twitched with annoyance, but on the inside he was screaming.


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