As Good As it Gets: Chapter Ten: Drawn Curtain Part Two

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A low groan fell from his lips as he turned on his side trying to block out the sun with his back, and he grunted some as he did so. Something felt off to him, though. Using his right arm he started feeling around the sheets in search for something, or someone. The lack of warmth on the bed also alerting him to the fact that someone was missing. Opening his hazel hued eyes slowly, and sitting up even slower Ichigo rubbed his eyes with his hands- in attempt to wake himself up some more.

A sharp spasm of pain shooting up his back, and he hissed at the small discomfort his backside now evident. He was confused as to where the pain came from until he remembered what had happened the night before. A light blush dusting his cheeks, and he busied himself with looking around the room and spotting a pile of clothes in the corner he let out a sigh of relief. At least Grimmjow hadn't left.

Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed he slowly stood up even, though, it was a bit uncomfortable to do so. Not even bothering to get dressed he simply wrapped a sheet from his bed tightly around his waist as he walked out of the bedroom. Taking the stairs one by one he slowly made his way downstairs to the smell of coffee, and the morning news playing in the background.

"Grimmjow," he called.

A thin brow rising up in curiosity as he received no reply, but something on the television had caught his attention. Turning his head towards the flat screen that was docked against the wall in the far end of the room he quietly watched the news from where he stood.

"We now bring you some breaking news that just entered the newsroom only minutes ago," the anchor said, shuffling the papers on his desk, and then he looked back at the camera. "This news is quite…how you say graphic in the verbal sense," he stated. " Around nine o'clock this morning at the set of the movie 'NightStalkers' a group of teenage girls that had been walking in the area came across three dead bodies. These bodies presumably but not known at this point to be the bodies of: Tia Halibel, who was the female lead of the sequel, Shinji Hirako, the director, and Yourichi Shihoin, the make up stylist for the movie. This is just speculation, though, for the time being. The only other thing we know is that these three persons had gone missing as of yesterday afternoon.

"A statement from the company that helped produce the epic, 'NightStalker' and the sequel send their condolences to the families of the three. Also that any production the sequel of the movie have been put on an indefinite hiatus."

"There was also a letter recovered at the scene of the crime, and I shall disclose it's contents to you now. Our sources tell us that this letter is directed at the main star of the movie, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"D-Dead," the orange haired actor murmured, the impact of the news on him now making him stumble back, and he slid down the all and just sat there. That was when the news anchor began reading the letter that they had recovered at the scene.

"'Dear Berry-kun,

If you're reading this, or rather hearing this on the news then you've learned about what happened to those three friends of yours. We are willing to kill more people associated with this movie if you do not comply with our demands.

You and I both know that 'he' doesn't like to play games, and he will kill again just for the fun of. No one of the 'human race' race can stop us. We'll just simply snap their necks if they try too. Heh, this is just a game to the both of us, and I must say we're enjoying every second of it.

Now for the demands we'll be sending you another letter within the next to weeks. If you try to come and finds us…well we'll start our killing spree with your family. It won't be very hard to locate them, and 'he' loves a good chase.

Ne, Berry-kun how does it feel to think about possibly loosing everyone close to you? Everyone that you?



"Morning," he heard a voice say, slowly turning his head to the side he saw Grimmjow leaning against the doorframe that led to the kitchen. The teal haired actor noticing the fearful look in the older vampire's eyes. "What's a matter, Ichi?" the teal haired man asked, the taller of the two coming to stand in front of him, and then kneeling down in front of him. "Why are you crying, berry?" he asked, that sweet baritone voice making Ichigo shudder.

He didn't even notice that he was crying until Grimmjow had noticed it, and then he felt a finger wipe away the tears. Ichigo just shook his head pulling the teal haired male to him, and burring his face in the man's chest. "I-It's nothing," he finally murmured, lifting his face up from the man's chest.

Obviously Grimmjow was not satisfied by the answer, "If that's what you want me to believe then I won't push the subject. Besides we have to head to the studio here in a minute, so go get dressed," he said, leaning down to lightly peck the vampire on the lips before standing back up.

"About the movie Grimm, filming was postponed for the time being. Something about scheduling, and that we didn't need to show up. I heard it on the news this morning," Ichigo said, lying through his teeth. He didn't want to lie to his boyfriend, but he didn't want to worry him either.

A thin blue brow rose and he just stared at Ichigo for a moment seeming to mull over the thought. Shrugging his shoulders he smirked, "If that is the case then I guess I don't need to get dressed," he said, a cat-like grin crawling onto his face as he unbuttoned his shirt, and the vampire jumped onto the couch kicking his feet up, and grabbing the remote he began to flip through channels.

The orange haired vampire chuckled picking himself up off the floor, and he made his way to the couch. Plopping down beside Grimmjow he let a small smile slide onto his face- even if it was forced. He just laid down on the half of the couch he was on, and let his head rest comfortably in his lover's lap.

How long would this last, though?


"Mah, Shiro-kun," the silver haired man said, drawing out the albino's name.

The albino didn't look up from the girl he was draining at the moment, and he just moaned in pleasure as the blood continued to rush down his throat. This lasted about all of ten minutes before he growled- clearly displeased, and he tossed the girl's now limp body to the side, and looked up at Gin. "What da ya want?" he snapped, leaning back in the chair he sat in, and running a hand over his bare chest in a very obscene way.

Gin just let that fox like grin widen, and his icy blue eyes opened a tiny bit. "Shiro-kun, I was just comin' ta tell ya that I made sure the deed was done," he said.

Gold eyes glimmered with faint amusement, "Heh, wonder what he thought of tat. I'll get 'im back its jus a matter of time," the albino said, smirking viscously to nothing or no one in particular. Shiro letting his hand snake under the hem of the ripped jeans he was wearing, and a low moan mixed with a hiss falling from his lips.

"Shirosaki," a cold and disconnected voice stated.

His eyes snapped open once more, and he took his hands away from his pants. Gin on the other hand just moved to the side of the room as the man walked towards the albino. "Wat ta hell do ya want?" he asked.

"You've gone to far with this newest little stunt of yours," was all he got in reply.

"I don' really give a flyin' fuck about what ya tink, Ulquiorra," the albino snapped.

Ulquiorra simply shook his head letting his emerald eyes shift over to Gin before he looked back at the now pissed albino. "Well, I think you might want reconsider that last statement, trash. If you don't you may never be able to walk again," the ebony haired vampire stated, tiredly.

He laughed at this a hand clutching his stomach, "Ha-ha, ya think ya can take me on?" Shiro asked, still laughing, "No need ta reconsider my former statement because I don' know what yer talkin' about," he said, calming down now.

"I'll just say this if you dare go near Ichigo or his family…you will have a stake in your heart. Do I make myself clear, trash?" he asked.

"Crystal," Shiro said sarcasm clearly evident in his voice, with that said both Ulquiorra and Gin left the house where he was staying. Cackling the albino got up from where he sat vanishing from the house moments after the others had left.


Sighing a raven haired male reclined back in his desk chair placing his arms behind his head, and he focused his eyes up on the ceiling. The man very distinguishable by the 'sixty-nine' tattoo that was on one of his cheeks, and the tattoo that ran across the bridge of his nose. Spiky black hair that he ran a hand through, and after about five minutes of looking at the ceiling he shifted his attention together, but this time to the door where he didn't expect to see someone standing, "Can I help you?" Shuuhei asked, tiredly.

Obviously he had forgotten exactly who the person in his doorway was. The albino just smirked at him before walking into the office fully, and slamming the door shut behind him. "You don't remember me, Shuuhei?" he asked, a cackle escaping his parted lips.

Shuuhei just stared blankly at the approaching man, and shook his head. "No I'm afraid I don't remember you," he stated matter-of-factly.

Running a hand through his white hair the vampire laughed coming to a stop in front of the large oak desk, and after a minute or two of a silent stare down he walked around the desk. Reaching out with a hand he touches the back of the man's chair before barely applying any pressure to push up against the window of the office. The albino proceeding to straddle Shuuhei's lap, and grinning wickedly at the man.

"How could ya possibly forget me? I me ya did sell me, Shuuhei. Remember? My name is Shiro," he purred, laughing as he finally saw the spark of recognition flash through the man's eyes. Those dark blue eyes widening, "See now ya 'member me," the albino purred again, a pale hand sliding up the man's chest.

"You're supposed to be dead," the raven haired man said all too quickly.

"I could say te same thing for you," Shiro said, leaning down to bury his face in the crock of the man's neck, and letting his tongue glide along the war column of skin. A low moan coming from the vampire, "Since we're both here though why don' ya play wit me," he murmured against the man's neck.

A shudder ran down the supposedly older man's spine, and he felt his eyes began to roll back into his head as he felt that sinful hand work its way under his shirt- teasing the skin that lay beneath it. Those thinly pale fingers caressing every contour of those overly rock hard abdominals, and he let out a soft moan as he felt Shiro shudder with delight. "Someone's been workin' out," the albino cooed, nipping on Shuuhei's ear lightly.

Those hands making quick work of the shirt and lab coat the other was wearing, and the vampire carelessly the two garments onto the floor. Humming in appreciation as his gold eyes raked over Shuuhei's naked torso he lowered his head down allowing his fangs to barely graze the man's collarbone. Feeling hands already trying to work up his shirt Shiro pulled his head back up for a moment, so he could discard the shirt he wore before smashed his lips back to Shuuhei's.

He couldn't help but moan as he felt a tongue glide along his bottom lip, and he gladly allowed the appendage to explore his mouth. He felt a hand intertwine in his hair before roughly pulling it, and causing his head to go to the side exposing his neck, and he let out a rather loud moan as teeth grazed over his neck.

"Hm, ya like tat huh, Shu?" Shiro purred against his neck, keeping his hand in the man's hair while the other began to unbuckle his pants. "How about we do this," he cooed, removing himself from the man's lap, but never letting go of him. Turning to look back at the desk he pushed everything off of it with one sweep of his hand, and after that had been accomplished he turned around quickly switching his and Shuuhei's position pushing the man onto the desk. "I like ta way yer lookin' right now," he said.

Shuuhei was to incoherent to form a proper sentence, "F-Fuck…nngh," he moaned, feeling a pair of lips brush against the bulge that was still covered by his pants. "AHH," the moan slipping out unexpectedly as he arched his body up at the feeling of teeth now nipping at his clothed erection. Finally opening his dark blue eyes he noticed for the first time that Shiro was already undressed, and that his pants were finally coming off. He hissed about two minutes later when his erection met the cold breeze of his office.

The albino looked down out Shuuhei's hard and weeping cock that just begged for attention, and he was clearly surprised. "Some is hung like a horse," he murmured, letting a pale hand curl around the member and gently he started to stroke it as he pried Shuuhei's leg's open with the other hand, and slowly the vampire leaned forward allowing his tongue to work it's way back up the man's torso.

"S-Shit…f-fuck," Shuuhei panted his body being overloaded by the pleasure.

Shiro just hummed as he continued to lick his way back up the raven haired man's chest, and he stopped to let his tongue tease Shuuhei's navel before continuing his way up taking his time giving attention to each part of that six pack Shuuhei had. His tongue finally coming up to tease a nipple, tongue teasing it, teeth nipping at it, and then he took into his mouth just to torture the man below him.

"S-Shiro…nngh...f-fuck...just suck me off," the raven haired doctor moaned, causing Shiro's eyes to glance up, but he remained where he was for the moment.

Giving into the man's request Shiro captured the man's lips again before he broke the kiss, and as if in the same fluid movement a pair of pale lips closed in and around Shuuhei's throbbing member. Shiro humming as he let his tongue lick up and down the shaft as he continued to take the organ deeper into his mouth. A pair of hand pulling at his hair, and he moaned lowly.

Shuuhei let out a groan of disappointment when Shiro didn't let him cum like he wanted too. "Ya ready fer the fun part, Shu-chan?" the albino said, adding 'chan' just look cute. Shiro climbing onto the desk, and straddling the man's hip, but to where Shuuhei's member was promptly right behind his butt. The albino's legs ganging off the side of the desk, and his hands splayed out against the man's chest.

"No preparation?" Shuuhei asked, still panting.

"I'm a lot more durable then I look," with that said, without warning Shirosaki simply impaled himself on Shuuhei's member letting out a low moan that was mixed with a hiss. He smirked when he heard Shuuhei's moan mix with his. Adjusting himself for a moment, and to ease his mind of the pain Shiro leaned down kissing the raven haired man below him. "Ready?" he asked, only receiving a nod on the other end he started impaling himself literally at a gentle pace.

Gold eyes glimmered with lust and something else as he continued to ride Shuuhei, and after all this whole set up was apart of his plan for revenge- one of many plans to get back the people that did him wrong. He smirked cruelly as he kept getting pounded into, and letting his lips slide down to Shuuhei's neck he moaned as his prostate was hit.

"Love you, Shuuhei," Shiro cooed, licking his preferred spot on the man's neck.

"Goodbye Shuuhei," he said, his fangs sinking right into the man's carotid artery.


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