A Perfect Day For Splashing In The Lake.

It was a hot summer afternoon and me and my friends were sitting by the lake. It's crystal clear water shone in the peachy orange sunlight. Sitting to my left was the amazingly beautiful Helvetica Black. Her short black hair glistened in the early afternoon light and her dark greek eyes were more beautiful than a thousand emeralds. Next to her sleeping (as per usual) was Cole and Lazer. Damn stalkers... And to my right (also sleeping) was Loogie, Lug, Nose and Baby. Lug had Baby on his lap, holding her sweetly as the hot sun beat down through the tree branches onto our bare backs. Me, Nose, Hel, Lzer, Loogie and Lug were all sixteen now. Baby was seven. And Cole was eighteen. Hel had on a sparkly red bikini that reminded me of shiney rubys and Baby wore a one-piece pink swim suit with yellow and blue flowers. Me and the rest of the lads just wore random, different coloured baggy trunks. It was about 2:00PM when I realised Hel was snoozing with her head lying on my shoulder. I smiled and caressed her hair gently. Her eyes quickly flickered open and she gave me a dizzy smile back. She yawned and her signature smirk placed itself upon her face.
"Wanna go for a swim, Toe Thompson?"
I smirked right back. "Your on!"
We ran down to the water and by the time we were ankle deep in the icy liquid, she decided it's be fun to play 'Splash'. We had fun just splashing eachother for a few minutes until she suprise hugged me, making me fall backwards into the water. We laughed together for a few seconds before Hel leaned in and pressed her soft, salty tasting lips against mine. She stopped about a half minute later, the smirk not faulting once.
"How would you like to play a game?" She purred, running a finger down my slightly tinted pecks while she stradled my hips.
I played along.
"What sort of game?"
"A fun game..."
I totally knew where this was headed. We both simultaniously looked back towards the others. They were all still fast asleep under the shade of the large oak. We smirked at eachother and shouted quietly:
"Skinny dipping time!"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi! Hope you liked it. I've been meaning to write this for ages and didn't think it's turn out like this. Or be this short. Well, the movie is called 'Shorts' so why not I thougt :L Lol, poor joke. But anyway, I won't be carrying on with this story. It's only a short one shot. Sorry. But I may write another Shorts fanfic in the near future :) You never know. Thanks. R&R. Momo... xxx