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The whole day was crazy: Minho couldn't stop smiling when Taemin would look at him and Key seemed to be in an extra happy mood. Onew was the only considerate person in SHINee by helping Taemin walk with as little of a limp as possible. Jonghyun was no where to be found.

Key never told him when Jonghyun would want him but he wasn't even sure he wanted it. He didn't even think he wanted what had happened with Key and Minho last night to happen.

However, when he tried to think that he received the worst present in the history of ever getting a present for his birthday, the remembrance of that high he felt when he came and having Minho fill him…

Taemin shivered from the thought, not used to the dirty thought. How could he have changed so quickly? What happened to the wonderful, sweet, naïve kid he once was?

Morning turned into night and thankfully for Taemin's worry, Jonghyun finally showed his face and with the other members of SHINee, carried out their daily schedule of practicing, eating, practicing, training, and even more practicing. By the ending of their nth practice, this one consisted of dances (Taemin found it a nice end to the very regular days).

They were doing some choreography to their new song so it could be flawless for their broadcasting station and when they ended, everyone was sweating. Key was grumbling how he needed a shower quickly; otherwise he would pass out from the sweat smell on his own body. Onew (nearly tripping out the door) said he would join the umma while Minho exchanged heated looks with Jonghyun before he too left.

Taemin wiped his forehead with a sparse towel before turning to head out the door with everyone else but Jonghyun was already there. And he locked the door with both of them inside with only lights and mirrors. Taemin suddenly felt afraid.

"Haha… what you dooooin hyung?"

His laugh was strained as he tried to convince himself that Jonghyun was only joking and he would laugh with him, opening the door and letting them both out to follow their band mates. But he didn't do that. And he didn't laugh.

Taemin gulped down something invisibly hard as he walked around the room near the walls to gain as much distance from his hyung as was allowed. It didn't seem to do anything about making Jonghyun not come closer to him with a frightfully determined look. Soon both guys stopped from walking, Taemin smacked dab in the middle of the room, mirror to his back, with Jonghyun a meter or so away from him. Taemin thought that he probably preferred having a blindfold on because then he didn't have to look in his hyung's burning eyes that raged with black lust.

Was this really Jonghyun's fault? Was he going to have to be scorned for looking at Taemin like he had been taunting him ever since they met? He told himself that no, it was the magnae's fault for having sex with Minho. For fucking Kibum. Sure Onew had helped him with boner and he returned the favor but how many times does the Almighty Key allow his son to be sexed up by every fucking member of SHINee (Part of this reason was because he got tired of their Super Junior and DBSK sunbae's taking advantage of him)? And the one time this miracle happened, the damn virgin (not so much anymore) had to pass out. What. The. Fuck. So Jonghyun, with permission from Kibum, planned this whole day out. He knew Taemin would forget the day and his plan with him when they got their schedule into full swing and he also knew Taemin would be sweaty after practice and it was his goal only to make that body burn up more.

"C-can we j-just not… do it?"

Taemin's voice was cracked and high in fear as he couldn't more back any longer. Jonghyun could move forward, however, and soon he was able to rest a hand on the mirror right next to Taemin's head. He brought their faces close and their noses touched. Even that small act scared the magnae so he turned his head to the side but Jonghyun wasn't going to have any of that. His free hand that wasn't supporting him grabbed the smaller's chin roughly so he would look at him for only a second before he pressed their lips roughly together, forcing them to fit like the wrong pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Taemin whined as he felt a tongue forcing its entrance and it hurt to keep his lips locked. Jonghyun wanted more so he let go of his chin to pinch his nose shut, forcing the younger to open his mouth. Once he did, to gasp for air, it was all lost for Taemin.

The kiss started to soften once the magnae noticeably relaxed and allowed his mouth th be ravished by a tongue, long and thin. Jonghyun took the opportunity to press their hips together (he ignored the fact of Taemin being only an inch or so taller than he) and thrust his tongue inside the hot mouth as he grinded against the younger.

Taemin could no longer focus on the kiss as he moaned into Jonghyun's mouth that was swallowed with another thrust of his tongue and rough hump to his small erection. Instinctively, he wrapped a leg loosely around his hyung as the older's hand went to riding up Taemin's shirt to feel the small biceps underneath. No matter how much he ate or worked out, he couldn't seem to get any bigger, the same with muscle mass.

There wasn't room for thinking between them as the dry humping continued and Taemin's back started to hurt severely from being ever forced against the mirror. Suddenly, Jonghyun's hands went to his hips as his mouth was brought to his ear.

"What do you want Taemin-ah?"

His voice was playfully husky and the younger knew what was wanted of him. He could have simply pushed his hyung away and run out to the rest of SHINee but the harsh slow humping against his "Taeminnie" was so fucking good that he would have said anything for Jonghyun.

"Y-you hyung. I want you."

His head was tilted backwards against the mirror as his hands tangled themselves in Jonghyun's hair. He remembered feeling this before; the tightness in his stomach, heart racing and light taste of fear. Taemin only really recognized it because he felt this yesterday, only with a lot more fear involved.

The humping continued, much to Taemin's disappointment because he really didn't want clothes on now. Jonghyun bit on his ear love as his hands tweaked a bit too hard and caused Taemin to groan in slight pain.

"What do you want me to do babe?"

Another lick to his ear and Taemin forgot entirely at the pet-name with a moan. He pulled on his hair suddenly and forced Jonghyun to stop and look at him. Both of them were horny and each had their own set of needs they wanted filled.

"Please touch me hyung."

Jonghyun smirked and pecked the abused lips as his head went down the smaller chest quickly and pushed down Taemin's pants and boxers (possibly too fast for the younger's liking) and took hold of the others erection and the younger had to keep from cumming right then and there. A hard cry passed through his lips with the turn of Jonghyun's wrist.

"How long can you last Taeminnie?"

Even through his eyes were closed, he could practically see the smirk on his face with the way he sounded in the suddenly silent dance studio. All Taemin could hear was his heart beating in his ears and the moans that passed from his lips at each stroke his elder gave to his shaft.

"N-not long…"

Taemin's voice was a slight whimper as he felt the muscles in Jonghyun's hands shift slightly and tighten only by a milligram.

"So if I do this…?"

Taemin nearly screamed in ecstasy as he came in his hand after he had had the bright idea to slip his small nail into his slit and play with it slightly. This had driven him over the edge and now his mind was mush, bones practically non-existent and if it weren't for a well placed knee between his legs, he would have slipped toward the floor. Labored breathing turned into slow heavy pants and that was when Jonghyun decided to trace Taemin's lips with his dirty fingers.

Taemin opened his eyes almost instantly and turned his head away, disgusted.

"What are you doing hyung? That's nasty."

His voice was still weak but thankfully it didn't waver.

"Call me Jonghyun and I want you to know what you taste like. I want you to like it."

Taemin looked at the hand, still in the air, out of the corner of his eye. His cum was all over the flesh but despite the internal screaming that it was bad, he wanted to listen to Jonghyun. He turned his head back to face Jonghyun and opened his mouth slightly to slowly get two fingers to enter his mouth. To het his mind off the mental thoughts, he sucked harshly and flicked his tongue around on every inch of skin. The taste was very bland and salty, not at all what he was expecting.

Taemin was focusing so much on himself that he didn't notice Jonghyun moaning softly with eyes practically closed, head tilted up. Suddenly the fingers were out and his elder took control of the situation yet again. His lips went to his neck after he picked Taemin up and forced him to wrap his legs, now free of any sort of clothing, around his slender waist. Now there was even more pressure on Taemin's back as he was sandwiched between it and Jonghyun's body that relentlessly grounded against his, cocks rubbing and getting slippery from cum.

The small boy cried out when slick fingers pushed harshly inside him. Sweat glistened on both their foreheads and Jonghyun just loved the face of pleasure every time he pushed his fingers deeper and touched the sensitive part of skin. Taemin's golden wavy hair stuck to his face and covered one eye delicately so he tilted his head back. He would have been ashamed from hearing himself moan so frequently and lustfully but he couldn't concentrate. His member was throbbing again and he felt his orgasm get close.

"H-hyung, I-I'm close…"

Jonghyun took his fingers out then and started to stroke both of their erections, making him himself give a high moan while Taemin held in a cry by biting his lower lip forcibly.

"Didn't I say… to call me… Jonghyun?"

Each pause was followed by a long slow pump of their combined erections. Taemin dug his nails into Jonghyun's shoulders as he nodded vigoursly, eyes shut tight.


His voice was a whisper and Jonghyun smirked as he let god of their anatomy to position Taemin above his red stiff cock, touching the pink prepared entrance.

"What was that?"

With only letting the touch serve as a warning, he pushed his way in Taemin, slightly loosing his breath from how tight and hot he still was.


Taemin screamed and arched his back, nails digging in his skin even more as he turned his head and pressed his cheek against the cool mirror.

Like a good hyung would do to their recently deflowered SHINee member would do, Jonghyun paused for Taemin to breath enough oxygen o be considered alive but the heat continued to clench and unclench, causing slight jerks of his hips and the original plan failed. He couldn't hold himself back any longer and Jonghyun tightened his hold on the crying boy's hips (he had calmed down considerably from louder cried/screams of pain mixed with pleasure), and thrust with all he had up and into Taemin.

The boy continued to flow with the harsh, fast slams into his body and with each deep grunt Jonghyun gave, a soft cry was emitted from Taemin's lips until his prostate was hit and he orgasm a second time. Jonghyun was surprised that it only took one hit to it but he had teased him in the beginning so he guessed that it made sense.

The tightened hole grabbed onto his hard dick with no mercy and he came too, releasing his seed into Taemin as his thrusts slowed and finally stopped.

Taemin took his legs from Jonghyun, having already imprinted himself on his skin, and slid down the mirror. Both guys were panting and Jonghyun ran a hand through his slick hair, he felt like he should have said something but he didn't find the words and plus, his head was still foggy.

Taemin squirmed from the feeling of his hyung's cum leaving his thoroughly opened entrance. Pain still laced his spince with dominance.


He forgot to call him Jonghyun but it went unnoticed.

"Yea Taemin-ah?"

"I didn't expect you to be so… thick."