A/N Yeah, after watching todays Eastenders I came up with this very random idea. I have nothing against the new actress and this was written only for fun. It is not intended to be offensive in any way.

"Abi!" cried Lauren, stretching her arms out for a hug.

"Erm, what are you doing here?" demanded Abi, scrambling in her pocket for her phone.

"It's me, Lauren, remember?"

"You're not Lauren! Lauren has blue eyes!"

"Oh, err, right, yeah, well, I got coloured contact lenses. "

"Also, you've got the wrong face!"

"No, Abi, don't call the police! I can explain!"

"DAD! DAD! Are you here? We've got an intruder!"

Max poked his head round the living room door.

"What are you talking about, Abi? It's just you're sister!"

"Yeah, it's me, Lauren!"

"Dad, have you lost it? She looks nothing like Lauren!"

"Well, her hair's the same colour..."

"Open your eyes, Dad!"

"Stop messing about and greet your sister properly!" he said.

"But Dad-"

"I don't have time for this Abi."

With that, he went back into the living room and carried on trying to put together the Branning's new washing machine.

"Oh my God! You've brainwashed my dad!" squealed Abi.

"Just shut up and let me explain! You see, in America I had this dire accident that burned most of my face off, and so I had it reconstructed by a genetic surgeon that doesn't leave scars and now I look like this and have a fringe, mmkay?"

"What kind of accident?"

"Um, the subway exploded?"

"I don't believe you! It would have been on the news! I know you're not Lauren!"

"OK, OK. I'm not Lauren," 'Lauren' sighed and rolled her eyes.

Abi gasped and took a step back.

"I'm actually from an alien race that are going to gradually replace everyone on Albert Square without anyone noticing! Soon we shall take over the East End of London! Muhahahah!"

"I KNEW it!" proclaimed Abi. "And I am going to stop you!"

"Now hold on a minute Abi...you see, my race has this very handy trick that will replace all your memories of Lauren with my image! In five...four-"

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Abi.

"Shut up!" yelled Max from the other room.


Abi turned to the door and made a dash for it. She slammed it in her wake and stumbled down the steps, going so fast she twisted her ankle-and then...and then she couldn't remember what she was doing.

She was here to see her sister, who was back from America, right?

Abi slowly walked back up the steps and opened the door.

"Abi!" 'Lauren' cried.

"Lauren! You're back."

A loud pop sounded from the living room and a string of swear words slowly turned the air as blue as Zsa Zsa's hair.

"What was that?" Abi asked.

"Don't worry, it's just me!" called Max. "You know what, stuff this washing machine. We'll just have to carry on using the laundrette."

Another effect the alien race had was that their body gave off waves that made all washing machines apart from the ones in the laundrette, which had alien proof plastic, conk out.

A/N This is so random. The washing machine thing popped up in there because I needed to give Max something to do. And just remember when the new Ben and Lucy come on (theyre being recast), they're actually aliens who have convinced everyone they're the same people! Yeah! Other aliens on the sqaure include Janine, Peter and Peggy, although Peggy's gone now.