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Finn hightailed out of the locker room immediately, not wanting to feel the wrath of the new football coach anymore than he already had. He needed to be alone for awhile to figure things out. Immediately, he thought of the one room in the entire school he felt the most comfortable in and he made his way over there.

Upon entering the room, his head started to spin, reality finally setting in around him. Oh God. He had just been kicked off the football team. He was Finn Hudson, the quarterback. Who was he without that?

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself.

"Breathe Finn," he muttered, talking to no one in particular. "Everything is going to be just fine."

"Are you ok?" he heard a voice whisper from behind him seconds later and he whipped his head around only to find Quinn sitting two rows behind him.

Well, at least it wasn't Puck.

"Quinn? What are you doing here?" he blubbered, not sure of how he should act around her anymore.

Were they even friends? They hadn't talked much since the whole Puck-is-the-father debacle.

"Same reason you're here," she said quietly, avoiding his gaze. "To think."

"Right," he commented, turning around in his seat again, at a complete loss for words.

What should he do now? Should he leave and give her some peace? Then again, he had as much of a right to be here as she did. He swiveled around to look at her again and her eyes met his. She had probably been thinking the same thing. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, anything, but no words would come out.

"We're still friends, right Finn?" she questioned, unsure of where she stood with him.

He blanched for a moment upon hearing her question, realizing the question was his own, but after a moment, he gave her a small smile in answer.

"Yeah, I guess we still are," he responded, still watching her intently from where he sat. "I heard about your fight with Santana this morning by the way. Are you alright?"

"Of course," she told him, getting a little defensive. "Why wouldn't I be?"

He ignored the fact that she looked slightly irritated at the moment and continued.

"Right, well, I'm glad you're ok," he voiced, walking over hesitantly and taking the seat beside her, making sure not to invade her personal space. "You must be thrilled about being a cheerleader again."

He remembered how upset she had been when she had been kicked off the squad.

She nodded, her hands gripping the sides of her chair, eyes closed as the memories came flooding back to her.

"Yeah, I really missed being a cheerleader," she admitted, opening her eyes to look at him again. "I feel like I'm in control of my life again, you know?"

"So then, what's the problem?" he wondered, starting to get confused. "You seem upset for someone who just got reinstated as head cheerleader."

Quinn laughed. It was then that he realized how much he had missed it, her laugh.

"I don't know," she told him swinging her legs back and forth as she went. "It just felt a little weird ratting Santana out to get there. I guess I'm still trying to find a balance between the old Quinn and the Quinn I was during the whole pregnancy thing."

"You mean nice Quinn?" he teased her and she smiled.

"Well, I wasn't exactly a monster before was I?" she asked him, wanting an honest answer.

His face grew serious for a moment before he assured her, "No, but you could be a little mean sometimes, especially to those you considered beneath you. I hope being back on top doesn't change the fact that you've been nicer to everyone, Quinn."

"It won't," she promised him, putting her hand on his. "Like I said before, I'm going to find a balance."

He glanced down at where her hand was on his then and blurted out, "I'm dating Rachel now."

She eyed him for a moment, removing her hand from his, before bursting into giggles.

"I know Finn," she told him. "I wasn't trying to make a move on you."

"Oh," he echoed, blushing, a little embarrassed that he had jumped to conclusions, but for some reason, he also felt a little bit of disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

He shook the feeling off though. It wasn't right.

"So, what are you so caught up about?" she wondered, turning the tables on him. "You seem pretty upset about something too."

"I got kicked off the football team," he confessed immediately, looking straight at her.

Quinn was always easy to talk to, something he had long forgotten.

"What? Why?" she questioned and he answered, "Just a small misunderstanding. I'm sure Mr. Schue will help me work things out with my coach. Don't worry about it."

"Good," she commented, biting her lip in response, not really knowing what else she could say. "I hope everything works out for you Finn. You could always try out for cheerleading if things don't work out, you know. I'll put in a good word for you."

She was teasing him. He could tell because she had that mischievous twinkle in her eye.

He liked her eyes.

"Thanks, but I'm certain Mr. Schue will be able to fix this," he assured her, adding, "I guess two good things came out of this at least. For one, I now know how you must have felt being kicked off the cheerleading squad and two, we're talking again."

They shared a smile at his words. They knew each other so well sometimes that words were no longer necessary.

"Finn! There you are! I was wondering…" Rachel trailed off when she noticed who was sitting beside him. "Oh, hello Quinn."

Rachel was smiling, but Finn knew she wasn't happy. Quinn could see it to. She picked up her purse, making a move to leave. She didn't want to cause anymore trouble for Finn than she already had.

Quinn could feel both of their eyes on her as she left, but before she did, she felt compelled to whisper into Rachel's ear, "Be good to him Berry."

It was a mere whisper and Quinn was almost certain that he hadn't heard it, but he did. 'Be good to him'? What was that supposed to mean? Did she approve of him and Rachel or something?

As Rachel bounced over excitedly to tell him about her day, he completely tuned out, not because he was purposely trying to be rude or anything, but because even though she was already gone, all he could think about was her.

He lowered his head in thought. He was with Rachel now. He knew that, but Finn also knew that his heart would always belong to her, the one girl he would never be able to fall out of love with, the one girl he would never be able to forget.