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- - LEMON - -

And it's obvious that you're dying, dying!
Just living proof that the camera's lying!
Open wide, because this is your night,
So smile, because you'll go out in style!
You'll go out in style!

Itachi Uchiha gave his brother a considering look as the car pulled up outside the heaving nightclub.

Ever since that joint interview with Naruto on Channel 7, he had noticed that his little brother had been acting... odd. His eyebrows had actually risen in shock when he read the short article on the chip-and-pin fight, and the TV groping (he had actually chocked at that). Sasuke was going to that length just to get a leg over?

That was unheard of. He knew Naruto pretty well too and there was no chance that she would put up with someone like his brother without good reason. She certainly wouldn't let him into her pants, no matter how much of a mess Kakashi had turned her into.

Kakashi – he didn't know what the man had done until he had seen him turn up with that woman (Sakura's angry mutters about 'two-timing dickheads' and 'man-stealing bitches' had been a good hint too). By the time he had turned back from Sakura to exercise some damage control on the chaos he was expecting, Sasuke had already dragged Naruto away from the pair.

Then they had turned up again; Naruto had been significantly less jovial, but at least she wasn't faking it any more, and Sasuke had been trying to hide his murderous demeanour from the notice of those around him.

The last time Itachi had seen him look so murderous was when his brother had been twenty years old, and had walked in on Karin going at it with Suigetsu .

Even more interesting was that he seemed to be incensed on Naruto's behalf. There was absolutely no reason for him to have given Kakashi a lecture (which was well due in Itachi's opinion) unless there was a personal reason for it; the only connecting his brother had to Kakashi was Naruto.

They headed past the security guards, skipping the queue of people, and Itachi gaze was drawn one again to the pair in front of himself and Sakura; Sasuke had a lazy arm on Naruto's shoulder as the stepped inside the club, but there was a difference from his usual attitude to the people he slept with.

It was of a 'back off' gesture to the competition (and whether Naruto ignored them or not, Sasuke had a lot of competition). Naruto didn't seem to be bothered at all, and was babbling away about something that had happened on the set of Lunar to his little brother.

He had hardly believed his ears when Naruto suggested they leave; someone must have said something that reminded her of the date, because she had started babbling about Sasuke's 23rd birthday being in two hours, and they needed to find a better party. Sakura had – after recovering from the shock – supplied the suggestion of Hawk, and here they were.

Itachi could clearly see the first actual attraction to someone in his brother for two years right in front of him, and he was certain that Naruto hadn't been glooming over Kakashi these past two weeks as much as she had before, but did either of them actually notice it themselves?

Knowing how oblivious Naruto was, and how long Sasuke had spent simply not caring about the people in his bed, he sincerely doubted it. If he didn't intervene somehow they were going to end up ruining what could, in all likelihood, turn into a very good relationship.

"You said you know one of the bar workers didn't you?" he asked Sakura as they climbed the steps up to the private upper floor.

After flashing a membership card at the guards, they were allowed through after Naruto and Sasuke - his hand had moved to the small of her back due to the increase in human mass .

"Yeah… Why? What are you plotting?" she asked.

He glanced towards his brother and Naruto as they sat down on one of the leather sofas – Naruto was still babbling away, and Sasuke still didn't seem bothered by the babble.

"I'm thinking we give those two a few hints. Nothing too strong - if Sasuke manages to drag her home he might ignore the obvious - just enough to get them both thinking..." he explained, glancing at one of the supposedly subvert reporters that had followed them inside with a pensive expression.

The paparazzi were usually an irritation, but maybe he could use them to his advantage with this. Sakura followed his gaze, and a grin spread across her face accompanied by a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"I think Tenten has just the thing..." she grinned.

Sasuke knew that look on his brother's face, but he didn't really care what Itachi was plotting, or had been plotting... Or was he yet to start plotting? Whichever it was, he could care more- less, he could care less.

He dimly realised that he had gone way over his tolerance limit, and probably wouldn't object to singing the national anthem (which he was insufferably bad at even when he was sober), but that cocktail that Sakura had bought for the four of them was influencing his train of thought.

Drunk or not, he didn't think his brother's odd facial expressions were of any consequence... what was a consequence again? He couldn't remember, but Itachi had been distracted when Sakura had started giving him a lap dance, so his plots couldn't have been that important...

"What happened to Itachi and Sakura?" Naruto asked, returning from the bar.

She had a shot glass filled with green liquid in either hand – not those cocktails Sakura had brought, but it still tasted... It didn't taste of anything any more. He really was stone drunk.

"They went in a that-way direction..." he replied, waving a hand in a general direction towards the toilets.

Naruto grinned widely as she plopped back onto the seat beside him – she was probably congratulating herself on a match well made. Itachi hadn't even seen her do it (he wondered if it was a skill she had picked up from her crazy terrorist brother).

He didn't know if it was the drink or not, but he was very aware of her tonight; even at the screening he had been, though in a completely different way.

It was still odd though, because he usually didn't give two flapping flungs... two flings... he didn't care about that emotion business, but he still really wanted to punch Hatake. Right now though, he was more aware of other stuff – like her skin.

She had shifted up the leather cushions closer towards him, letting out a long list of reasons why Hatake was going to have his balls eaten by something called Gamabunta, when the smell invaded his coherency.

He could only catch a faint whiff on his nose, but it was spicy, dark, not one of those stupid lavender scents or something else that made him ill. It smelled really good actually... he reached out with one arm and pulled her onto his lap, burying his nose in the red hair that was spilling over her shoulder.

There was something off now that he could smell it close up – not obvious, but enough to catch his notice. There was something strong, almost like ammonia, hidden beneath the spice. He had noticed her hair looked a little brighter back at the party... had she she dyed it? Whatever. There were more pressing things on his mind

He had been sprawled on the length of the sofa against the armrest, one leg propped up on the leather seating, so it was more like she was straddling him rather than sitting on his lap, but she didn't really seem to mind, which was good.

He finally got a decent nose full of that spicy scent and wouldn't lie about his heart rate speeding up a few beats – she smelled really, really good. He ran his hands down her sides, over ass (she had a really nice ass too), and under the layers of material that formed the skirt of her dress.

"I never said you could feel me up" she informed him, leaning forwards and wrapping her arms around his neck.
"It's my birthday" he replied, before sharply pressing their lips together.

He pressed on her lips with an almost harsh zeal, relishing as the kiss was returned with equal fervour. He flicked her bottom lip with his tongue, plundered her lips as it entered her mouth; her fingers had a tight grip on his hair, forcing his lips to stay on her own as she grazed her tongue against his own.

He felt himself stirring as she pressed down on his groin, encouraged by the hands on her rear, hands grasping a firm hold on her thighs as he slowly twisted, switching places and trapping her beneath him.

He was vaguely aware that there were other people nearby, but he knew how to avoid being noticed; his lips left her own, travelling down neck – the spicy scent filled his nose again – and onto her collarbone as he shifted again.

He moved so that Naruto was trapped into the corner (where the armrest met the back of the sofa) blocking her body from the total view of anyone nearby with his own. Without extremely close examination, no-one would notice a thing.

He let his lips leave her collarbone – not without leaving a few marks – and travel down to the swell of her breasts; the corset-style bodice already pushed them up a little (nothing gaudy, tasteful), but it was the desperation for breath, the rise of her lungs that made them heave, slowly pressing against the touch.

Slowly, carefully to avoid notice, he pulled at the black threads that trapped them beneath the tight gossamer fabric, his lips going back to hers for a long instant.

He didn't untie the thin cords completely; just enough so he could slip his hands underneath the tight fabric, smoothing over the soft skin trapped beneath, toy with the hardened nubs as her breath emerged from her lips, hot in his throat.

'Don't be seen, don't be heard' – it was as simple as that. He left her lips, his hands moving down her sides, pulling her further from the view of any passing watchers as his tongue flicked over one of the nubs.

Naruto's fingers were in two places – one set grasped the hairs at the nape of his neck, the other slowly unfastening his belt buckle, her yanking movements creating a rough friction against his erection, sparking his own impatience.

'Stop messing around' was her silent message, and he moved back up the swell of her breasts back to her lips, devouring the spicy taste as he went, his hands re-fastening the front of the bodice.

She had his belt completely unfastened now, slowly tugging the zip of his trousers; her fingers sent a burn through the hard cock confined by the fabric, and he quickly moved to assist.

It was quick, but the movements had to be slow – too much movement would attract attention. Using the skirt of her dress as a guise, he pushed her underwear aside as she did the same with his own, and slowly pushed his way inside her, guiding her onto him, his hands pulling her down with a hard grasp on her thighs.

He deprived her of the security his lips provided, trailing back to her neck, her chin, enjoying the harsh heavy breathing as she tried to quell her moans in the back of her throat as he slowly eased in once again; it was a slow, blissful excruciation.

The heat surrounded him, the heat of her breath on his neck, the rapid heat of her skin, the heat surrounding him as he pulled her onto him again (still slowly to avoid attracting attention).

As he felt them both border on the edge of ecstasy, he pulled her around, impaling her as he captured he lips in time to catch the moan before it escape the control of her lips.

To anyone who saw them as they passed by, Naruto was simply straddled over his lap as he pulled her body up against his own, fingers intertwined in red and black as he kissed her.

"Are you sure you can stand?" Itachi asked as he held the door of the stall open.

Sakura glared at him, deliberately heading for the sinks to fix her hair – the back always turned into a rats nest after sex no matter what the who or where.

Once satisfied her appearance was repaired, she let him lead her back out into the heaving club – no one batted an eyelid when she emerged from the men's toilets with him. It was about the only thing the toilets were used for except for the druggies.

He cast his eyes around the mass of bodies, searching for his brother; he found him on the sofa exactly where he had left him, along with...

"Oh shit..."
"What is it?" Sakura asked, still searching for her best friend with her own eyes.

"I underestimated him..." Itachi muttered, covering his eye with his fee hand in face of his own uncharacteristic idiocy.

Sakura glanced at him, then at the sofa where they had left an almost completely inebriated Sasuke. Her eyes narrowed for a moment before they widened in shock.

"No way! They can't be-"

"Oh, trust me, they are. He's managed it in the middle of a shopping centre at 3:15 before now; this is nothing for him. I assumed he was too drunk to accomplish anything, but apparently not..." he muttered.

Sakura gaped in disbelief as he began to mutter curses under his breath on his far too successful attempt at matchmaking.

Naruto blinked awake, immediately feeling the crushing headache called a hangover and wishing she hadn't woken up at all. Gods, what did she drink last night?

She pulled the covers over her head, and it took her several minuets to realise they were not her bedsheets. That was not good. Moments later, she realised there was an arm slung over her waist; that was even worse.

She glanced at the clock on the bedside cabinet – it read 5:30AM, but it was a digital one. She did not have a digital alarm clock. Slowly, she turned her head, and peeked over her shoulder; a mass of spiky black hair, twice as messy as it usually was, and the snoring face of Sasuke Uchiha greeted her.

She yelped, and backed away from him, falling onto the floor as she backed too far off the edge of the bed; why was she in Sasuke's bed? Why was she naked? She wasn't supposed to be in Sasuke's bed, or naked! There was to be no connection between the two!

Oh no... She must have been absolutely plastered! That was the only explanation! She had been all mopy because of Kakashi showing up, and she had needed to cheer herself up, so she had got plastered and... and gone on the freaking rebound!

Sasuke shifted in the bed turning over towards the spot she had just been sleeping in, and she watched with bated breath as his arms splayed out in one short gesture beneath the covers; she let out a sigh of relief when he continued to snore lightly.

That could have been awkward; she ran a hand through her hair, trying to soothe some of the panic with the gesture. It was working, until she noticed a pair of handcuffs hanging from one wrist. Her eyes bugged in their sockets, and she glared at the figure in the bed in infuriated horror.

Seeing the red welts on his wrists, she actually felt her skin draining in embarrassment; she was going to hell! She was going to be blown about in the second level of hell for being a lust-driven idiot!

She quickly began searching the ground for her clothes before she could make any more horrifying discoveries about the night before; she found her shoes and dress, but her underwear was lost.

There was no chance in hell she was leaving without any, so she stole a pair of boxer shorts from a chest of drawers, before tiptoeing out of the room, and fleeing the apartment.

Sasuke felt the light of morning burning his eyes through their lids, and fumbled for his bed sheets to shield them from the glare; he seemed to have the alien mother-ship of all hangovers taking residence in his head. Alien mother-ships? Great, he was still half pissed too.

What the heck happened last night? He remembered going to the screening, and meeting Naruto's dad and then... And then his head hurt from thinking too much in accompaniment with the morning and the hangover. His arms were killing him too...

"I see you're finally awake; happy birthday little brother"

That was Itachi's voice. It sounded normal, but his head felt like he had been listening to a cat choir with just those five words. Dear god, what the hell did he drink? More to the point, what had happened after he had drunk it?

"Wuzappenin?" he mumbled, trying to pull his head up from the pillow (he did not succeed).

God his voice felt awful; it sounded horrible, and his throat felt scratchy. Urgh, he wasn't drinking that... whatever it was again. He had thought he'd had a pretty decent tolerance of alcohol, but that thing was hell... pure hell.

"You have a hang over, a very large one I'd image from the amount of drink you chucked back last night. Get a shower – you should probably be coherent when you see the main gossip story of Konoha Insider"

What? What was that again? Gods of Fire, where had his brain gone? He must have left it behind somewhere last night. The cleaners had probably dumped it in a rubbish bin by now…Images of a rubbish-covered, grey, lumpy, oozing thing flooded his mind, and nausea bubbled in his guts.

"Wunnadiestead..." he mumbled in reply.
"If you don't get up I'll tell father it was you who crashed his Kagutsuchi into grandfather's barn."

Kagutsuchi? Oh, that clapped out old racer...! But...! But he didn't crash that! That was Itachi! He didn't really have the energy to protest his innocence on the matter though, so he set his mind on the task of getting out of bed (it was more like falling out).

It was then that he caught sight of the red marks on his wrists, and he began to feel an epiphany coming on; suspiciously, he searched the floor for any articles of clothing that didn't belong to him – he didn't find any at first, but after poking his head under his bedsheets, he found female underwear.

He didn't recognise the garment, but there was nothing odd about that, so he cast the matter aside after chucking it in the rubbish bin by his bedroom door. At least he had an idea of what he had been doing last night, even if he didn't remember.

Despite his initial reservations, the shower washed away some of the haze, though he still couldn't remember anything beyond meeting Naruto's dad at the pre-screening. After pulling on some clothes, he stumbled into the kitchen.

Itachi plonked a glass of water and three soluble aspirins in front of him as he fell into one of the kitchen chairs.

"What in the hell did I drink?" he asked, still sounding groggy.

"It's something one of Sakura's bar friends came up with; I can't really remember what it was myself. You had quite a few though, so you've probably lost more hours than I have – what do you remember?" his brother asked, sitting down as Sasuke dropped the fast dissolving tablet into the water and swallowed.

"I remember talking to Naruto's dad before the screening started... that's as far as I've got so far..." he replied, wiping a few drops of water from his lips with the back of his hand – they felt sort of chapped... odd – they weren't usually that bad when he was drunk, must have been a better night than he could remember.

"Right... Read that, and try not to panic too loudly - you're not the only one with a headache this morning."

Itachi handed him a copy of the daily glossy/newspaper cross-breed known as the Konoha Insider; by habit, he immediately flicked to the celebrity gossip section. He stared at the headline of the main story for several horrified moments before turning to the page of the article itself.

He had to read it three times before his mind finally burned through the fog of his hangover, and short flashes of the night before started coming back to him; he felt his skin turning several degrees paler than it already was as the full weight of the night's events fell on him.

"Oh god..." he croaked.
"That sums it up pretty well." Itachi agreed.

He was going to die! Naruto's brother was going to kill him! He was banned from an entire country right? He had to be some kind of terrorist! An evil, vengeful, terrorist with a sister complex!

He was going to see the gossip rags! He was going to see the pictures of him having sex with his baby sister in the middle of a night club, then he was going to kill him, and no-one was ever going to find his body because he was a terrorist, and terrorists never leave evidence...

"Oh, some guy from Lightning Country called – he said something about re-aligning your 'Zen Place'…? I don't quite understand what he was talking about, but I think it's supposed to be something painful..."

Following that thunderbolt, Sasuke's stomach decided it was time to regurgitate all the alcohol he had consumed the night before, and he bolted for the closest drain he could find – the kitchen sink.

Naruto closed the door to her bedroom, then crashed onto her bet and let out a howl of fury – the the searing pain of a hangover made her regret ever making the noise; what in the hell had she been thinking last night?

She, Naruto Uzumaki, had gone on the rebound with Sasuke Uchiha? Sasuke Madara freaking Casanova Uchiha? Just how much of her brain had dribbled out through her skull to let that happen? Why would she do that? So she had made a bet! She was supposed to win it to stop the stalking, not have sex with him to stop the stalking!

If she was going to go on rebound, shouldn't it have been two months ago? Why the freaking time delay? And why did it have to be with Sasuke Uchiha? She wasn't going to be able to look Itachi in the eye for months now... Sakura was going to lecture her too...

The blare of the telephone resounded through her head, and Naruto's hand fumbled across her bedside cabinet to pull the shrieking thing from its base.

"Whoizzit?" she mumbled.
"Naruto Mito Namikaze, you are in serious shit creek!"

Naruto yelped in fright as her mother's voice screeched though the phone, quite possibly bursting her eardrums despite the 1307 mile interference. Why was her mother yelling at her this early...? Heck, why was she calling period? How the hell did she even get her phone number?

"Mama? What the fuck do you want?"
"Don't you 'Mama' me Missy! What on earth was running through your head when you neglected to mention your boyfriend suffers from fidelity issues?"

Huh? What the in the name of Lightning was she talking about? Boyfriend? She broke up with Kakashi two months ago! Why would she worry about…? No! Oh no... No, no, no, no, no... How did she find out about that?

"How the heck do you know about that?" she asked, woozily sitting up in bed.
"Because it's on the cover of every fucking glossy, broadsheet, red top tabloid, and cheap gossip toilet rag from here to Iwa!"


There was silence as her mother let her process the information – then she let out an indignant yelp, and scrambled from her bed and out into the hallway. After searching the pile of post on the doormat she finally found the Konoha Insider, and flipped with expert ease to the celebrity gossip pages.

Her eyes widened as she started at the photos, the bold capitalized headline smeared across the page: Konoha Insider Exclusive! Première Split Scandal; Kakashi's Cuckoldry + Philanderer's Palliation = SasuNaru!

Naruto's first thought was to wonder who in the hell thought up all these couple names; first Kakashi, now Sasuke... Wait a damn minuet, why was Sasuke in here? She scanned her eyes over the first page, and then flipped to the main story, not believing what was written in front of her at all...

After finding the relevant page, she was faced with sheer horror: Actual. Photographic. Evidence! Someone must have been following her all night to get the pictures. because it was the only way they could have overheard her conversations with him, or been nearby when she talked to Sasuke on the fire escape and... Uh…

She couldn't actually remember what happened after that; she had an idea of course, but an idea and actually knowing were very different things! She knew there was drink involved somewhere, but the events that had let to waking up with Sasuke were... fuzzy at best.

Her eyes flashed over the pages again, reading the rest of the article. When then they landed on the final picture, and she felt torn between either passing out, or screaming in abject horror, but neither event occurred thanks to her still hazy head.

"Oh god..." she croaked.

"I see you finally caught up! What in Gods of Lightning possessed you to keep that to yourself? Your father is going off his rocker, and don't get me started on Kyuubi!"

Oh god, her mother; she had forgotten she was even talking to her! She had to get her to stop shouting! Her head seriously didn't appreciate all the horrified screaming! Never mind her dad or brother… Oh god, Kyuubi was going to go apeshit on her ass!

"Mama, calm down! It's noth-"
"Don't you dare say it Missy! Don't you dare!"
"Three months? Naruto, why on earth did you let him carry on like that for so long?"

All right, that one she had to give a retort; it wasn't like she had just let Kakashi get away with cheating on her!

"Because I didn't see it Mama! I thought I was imagining it! It was just a stupid smell! It could have been anything, but it doesn't matter! It's over and done with now; It's not like it was any of your buisness anyway!" she interjected; she heard a snort of derision and disbelief from the other end of the call.

"If you're so 'fine' then why are you letting my newest model molest you in the middle of night clubs and grope you on chat shows?"

"I'm certain I had a good reason at the time, but I'm hardly going to tell you that; If my life embarrasses you so much maybe you should just stay out of it altogether!" she snapped back in reply

She got some sort of angry snarl in reply.

"You are coming home daughter mine! I don't care if you have a film lined up or what! Your grandmother is already on her way – and don't you even think of disappearing!"

"What? Mama, it was a fucking break-up! It's not like I need rehab! You can't just decide drag me back because you're concerned about your public image!"

"I'm not having any of your arguments Naruto! You're coming home on the first flight your grandmother can get her hands on! You can help me out with Fashion Week if you really want something to do, but you're coming back home!"

"No buts! I'm not having you stay in Fire Country for another minuet until I'm satisfied your screws are back in place! I let you run off without saying anything after that last crazy moment, but if you think I'm going to do it again you have another damn thing coming!"

"What fucking crazy moment? You mean when I packed my bags and got out of the hell you call home? Mama that's got nothing to do with-"

"Start fucking packing Naruto!"

Naruto stared at the now noiseless phone in utter horror, then at the magazine splayed open in the floor in front of her, and then back at the phone, before letting out a wail of fury. Naruto hated morning on the best of days, but this had to be the worst morning she had ever lived through.

Konoha Insider Exclusive! Preview Split Scandal; Kakashi's Cuckoldry + Philanderer's Palliation = SasuNaru!

Take Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sasuke Uchiha, and add them together; what did you get? Three? Not exactly - last nights Lunar Descent preview was a hive of romance, tension, and heartbreak for these three high fliers.

We have all the juicy, angst dripping details on the KakaNaru break-up right here; for almost four years, Kakashi Hatake and Naruto Uzumaki were one of Konoha Insider's favourite couples – until their shock split two months ago.

Neither of the pair has given any light to the reasons behind the it, but the mystery is no more; take a gander at the snap to your left. What is that you ask?

That is Konoha's proudest leading lady crying her eyes out on the jacket of our resident heartbreaker, Sasuke Uchiha (who seems to have temporarily changed his player stripes for a suit of armour). Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Mr. Hatake turned up to the swarming A-List event with the lovely woman pictured with him below, Rin Umino. Insiders report an understandable avoidance of his Ex until after the showing of the descent finale (see page 10 for a review).

Our favourite red head also had other matters on her mind – our favourite heartbreaker. When these two became so friendly give the ramen stand incident only a few days ago, we can't say, but apparently the impossible has occurred; someone has failed to immediately fall for our boy's charms.

'All you care about is getting in my pants, so humour me will you? You might just get somewhere if you do...' '...I'm not that bad.' - Yes dear readers, those were the exact words that popped up in conversation before the screening.

Sasuke has set his sights on Naruto Uzumaki, and has yet to claim his latest catch.

Is the sky falling? Nope, but what does this shocking news have to do with Kakashi? Well that's when we skip to after the preview, and to the awkward moment. The moment in which the Ex meets the New Girl.

Introductions were pleasant enough – hellos, names, jokes on Kakashi's inability to wash his laundry without dying things strange colours. The usual scene. And then something has our red head frozen from head to toe, before being dragged off by (quoth Sasuke) her 'date' to the scene of the crime.

And what is it that has our girl so distraught? A little thing called cheating is what; Kakashi Hatake two-timed Naruto Uzumaki for over three months before the poor thing finally ferreted out his sneaky behaviour, and Sasuke heard the entire tear jerking tale.

For shame Kakashi – and here we thought you were a nice guy! As if that gloomy icing isn't enough for the redhead, there's a cherry to go on the top too; Kakashi's lovely new girlfriend is pregnant. How's that for a smack in the face after meeting the Other Woman for the first time?

Faced with that information, any girl would have the right to blub her eyes out on someone. And who was there to lend Naruto his shoulder? Why, the picture speaks for itself.

He had some confusion at first, but Sasuke seems to have grasped the basics of comforting a girl in need fairly well (don't worry Sasuke, for a first try, that was a good shot – you'll get better with practice!).

In fact, Sasuke seems to be grasping the basics very quickly; he stuck to her side like he was glued there after a quick clean up (See that picture below? You wouldn't think the girl had just cried her eyes out – we salute your choice of make up Miss Uzumaki).

And what's this picture here? That's Sasuke giving Mr. Hatake a few sharp words about his behaviour after being advised to stay away from his new interest (and quite rightly too!). As Sasuke bluntly informed the cheater, that's a pot calling a kettle black.

'You lost the right to give a shit what she does with me when you bedded someone else. Naruto knows what she's getting into with me, which is more than she got from you. You're the bastard here Hatake, not me' - were his exact words , and well spoken ones at that. Our hats off to you Mr. Uchiha (but Sasuke, you really shouldn't be so openly proud of being a Casanova).

Kakashi had a bad night after that – it seems Daddy heard the whole thing, and Kakashi left with his new girl after getting a piece of Mr. Namikaze's mind as well. But what of the newbie knight and the princess?

Well, Sasuke seems to have come down with a strong case of 'Protective-Boyfriend Syndrome', and if this last little escapade is any indication, Naruto doesn't seem to be as invulnerable to his charms as we first thought.

The pair were caught on film getting very up close and personal at a favourite celebrity haunt mere hours after an adorable moment of intimacy; just what are you doing there Sasuke? Just because you kept your trousers on doesn't make it decent you crafty little exhibitionist!

As if that wasn't enough, Naruto was snapped leaving Sasuke's apartment looking very rumpled in the early hours of the morning; don't worry sweetie, the hang over will pass, but those love bites on your neck might need a little cover up for a while.

Never before has there been so much topsy-turvy scandal in one night, but has Sasuke really changed his stripes, or has Naruto fallen onto the nasty road called rebound?

Watch this space readers – we know we will be.

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