Ug, this chapter was so forced. I can't wait until I get past all the development stuff. I'm ready to write some smut! Haha Anyway, finally Izaya has entered the scene!

Author: Ongaku

Genre: Romance/Drama

Pairing: Izaya/Masaomi

Summary: Masaomi is moved to another country for his job, thinking he is going to get away from his life in Ikebukuro. Unfortunately there is one man he can't ever seem to escape from no matter where he goes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara or its characters, but this story line is mine. xD

Desolation – Chapter 03

They stared at each other for what seemed like forever until Ross interrupted the silence.

"Oh wow! I had no idea that the friend you were looking for was the owner of this club!"

Masaomi's eyes went wide. That was news to him as well.

Izaya's grin got even bigger- if that were even possible. "So you were looking for me, huh?"

Masaomi turned his head away. He couldn't stand to look at him.

"I'm sorry guys, but I'm afraid this one is mine. He has been for quite sometime now." He grabbed Masaomi by the arm and pulled him away from the group.

Masaomi didn't say anything but looked back at the guys he was with just moments ago. They looked disappointed but relieved at the same time. Masaomi wished he could be feeling relief but now the dread that used to follow him all the time in Japan came back.

After a while Masaomi started to wonder where Izaya was taking him. It was getting darker and darker, which made him really nervous.

Not liking the fact that he was getting pulled away from the safety of other people, he pulled his arm away from Izaya. Izaya stopped when he felt the tug and turned to look at Masaomi.

"Something wrong?" his voice was full of amusement.

"I don't trust you." Masaomi replied in a steady voice.

Izaya gave him a fake hurt look and then smiled. "Aw, I'm hurt and after all we have been through." He said this loud enough that some of the people around them turned to look.

Feeling like Izaya was going to put him on the spot for embarrassment his sighed. "Whatever, just tell me where you are taking me."

Izaya said nothing for a while making Masaomi uncomfortable. He always got the feeling that Izaya was sizing him up, studying him, trying to figure out where it would hurt the most to poke him.

"Just to my office, it's a little too loud for us to catch up in here."

Masaomi could never read Izaya's face so he couldn't tell if he was just simply stating a fact or making some innuendo. "What makes you think I want to catch up with you?" he glared once again.

"Well then-" Izaya stared at him intently. "Why did you come here?"

Trapped. He was already getting trapped in Izaya's web. There was no way he could say he was there looking for a date but telling him that he was looking for him would be just as bad.

It was too late though, it was quite obvious why he was there. No words were needed. Izaya took him by the arm again and continued to drag him back to his office.

They walked down some hallways and went through a door just to go through some more hallways. Masaomi wondered just how big the place was.

Finally they reached the door to his office. Izaya let Masaomi walk in first and ushered him to sit down on the sofa. Masaomi decided not to fight it too much otherwise it would just be a waste of his time and energy.

Izaya went over to a chair placed in the room. The chair looked exactly like the one he had back at his home in Japan and he wondered if it actually was the same one.

"Why are you here?" Masaomi blurted out without even thinking.

Izaya just rested his chin down on his hands and looked at him with his usual smile. "Well, I happen to work here."

Masaomi's eye twitched. "That's not what I meant, and you know it."

Izaya spun his chair around once and started to laugh. "Oh Masaomi, you are really too much fun."

That is just like him, Masaomi thought. Not answering my question and only making me more nervous.

Izaya opened up a draw next to the desk beside him and pulled out a small case and some papers.

To Masaomi's surprise the case was a glasses case. Izaya slipped them on and began to look over the papers he had in his hand.

Masaomi just continued to stare at him. He looked a lot different in glasses- it was almost kind of deceiving. It was like he was just another regular business man. Maybe it was because it hid his eyes a little but for some reason Masaomi thought he seemed less dangerous with them on.

He shook his head quickly when he realized how stupid he was sounding. He was still the same old Izaya, just because he put on glasses didn't change that fact.

"Let's just say-"

Masaomi's ears perked up when Izaya began to speak again.

"I got tired of having to deal with Shizu-chan and his bad attitude."

Masaomi rolled his eyes. He knew that couldn't be the reason for him to leave Japan. Not the only reason anyway. Still, he was surprised that Izaya actually gave him any sort of answer. Maybe the glasses did have some sort of magical powers.

"Or maybe it is because I wanted to find you, Masaomi-kun."

Or not. Masaomi shuddered when Izaya said his name in a sing song voice.

"Haha, very funny- you are one screwed up man if you moved all the way to the states just so you could torture me some more."

Izaya pulled off his glasses and stared Masaomi down.

Masaomi wanted to look away, nervous sweat was trickling down the back of his neck as he wondered what was going to happen.

"So everyone tells me." Izaya said with a sickening smirk.

"What about you? What are you doing here?"

Masaomi opened his mouth and then closed it. He wasn't exactly sure how he was going to answer the question. He really wasn't sure himself. He didn't really care that much about his job or the money, but at the same time he didn't want to end up getting fired because then he would have to go back to Japan.

That reason was starting to seem pointless though if Izaya was still around. Perhaps it wasn't Izaya he was really trying to get away from. Masaomi wondered what the hell he was doing there, not just in the club but in America. He had no real reason except that he was being a coward and running away from all his problems.

Maybe that is why he decided to take the job of seducing Izaya, he wanted to stop running. He was tired of living in fear and not just living his life.

"I wanted a fresh start."

The answer was simple but pretty clear. Izaya was always able to read him like an open book. He knew that he left to get away from him and Saki, possibly even Mikado and Anri. He just didn't feel like he belonged with them anymore. He felt like a changed man, whether it was for the best or for the worst.

Izaya got off his chair and made his way towards Masaomi.

For some reason Masaomi was not feeling all that nervous this time. Looking at the man he realized that he was just an ass, but still just another human. He was evil but he was also a coward and never actually got down into the dirty work himself, not the way he himself did. Sure Izaya was a good dodger -thanks to Shizuo- but when it came to a fight he would probably lose against him- only if he could get past his defense.

In a way, Izaya was just one of those bad businessmen. He was a manipulator who didn't even have a good poker face. You could read his intentions on his face by his smirks, his glares, and his frowns.

Izaya got right in his face, their lips only an inch or two away from each other. Masaomi could feel his breath on his upper lip but he didn't move. They stared into each others eyes as if daring one to move first. Perhaps Izaya was testing him again to see if he would freak out if his personal space was invaded. In the past, he would have jerked back but if he really wanted to trick Izaya he was going to have to be different.

"You have always been the most interesting person to me, Masaomi-kun." Izaya said very quietly, the warmth of his breath making a strong presence on Masaomi's face.

Then he pulled away.

Masaomi couldn't believe that was it. He expected to hear some twisted words coming out his mouth to make him squirm, to make him feel pain, but there was nothing. Izaya just took a seat next to him and started to hum.

Masaomi wasn't really sure what to make of it.

"And you have always been the bane of my existence." Masaomi said calmly.

Izaya laughed a deep throated laugh but didn't seem to mind hearing that.

"So- why a gay bar?" Masaomi was actually very curious.

Izaya didn't say anything- he just got up from his spot and walked towards another drawer on the right side of the room. When Masaomi saw what he pulled out he felt a sudden chill run down his spine.

A yellow scarf- it looked brand new too.

Izaya made his way back to Masaomi and wrapped the thing around his neck. Masaomi wanted to push him away, wanted to yell at him, lose his tempter like he had always done in the past but for some reason he couldn't. He felt frozen in place, fear of the yellow scarf burning him.

"My-my-my- Masaomi-kun- you always did look good in yellow." Then he thrust Masaomi up with the scarf -almost choking him- and brought their lips together.

Masaomi didn't know what to do. His eyes were as wide as saucers. It was just too bizarre, the man he hated the most in his life was kissing him. Just as quickly as it had happened it was over. Izaya broke from the kiss and let go of the scarf.

Masaomi fell back and watched as the scarf slid from his neck and onto the floor. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off it.

Izaya bent down to pick it up and folded it up into a nice square. He then handed it to Masaomi who took it. "Here, this is yours to keep so that you know that you can never truly escape me."

Masaomi said nothing, just stood up and made his way toward the door. He didn't even bother too look back at Izaya to see what his facial expression was. He didn't need to, he knew that Izaya had most likely won this battle but he was going to be sure that he didn't win the war.

He was going to use the stupid scarf as a reminder to not fall for it. He was the one doing the manipulating this time. Izaya was not going to get under his skin.

"Oh my god! What happened to your neck?" Beth said loudly as Masaomi walked into his favorite eating place.

It was the next day and Masaomi was feeling restless. He barely got any sleep because of all the things going through his head.

He instinctively touched his neck at Beth's comment. He had seen it before he left and thought about wearing a turtle neck but then decided against it. There was a small red ring around his neck, left over from the choking grip Izaya had done to him with that scarf. The very scarf he was now wearing on his wrist.

Beth took notice of the scarf and laughed. "What is that? You look like you're some gang member, though it is a pretty color."

Masaomi just smirked. He remembered hearing words like that before, the part about it being pretty. He knew Beth was no Saki though so it didn't bother him.

"Masaomi, are you into kinky stuff or something?"

Masaomi took his seat and ordered his usual, getting a strange look from Dave but got no questions. Beth sat down next to him and glared at him, expecting some sort of answer this time.

"It's nothing like that, Beth. I was wearing this thing around my neck at first, and obviously a little too tight." He pointed to the scarf on his wrist.

Beth didn't look like she really believed him but said no more about the marks. "So, what is the deal with the scarf anyway? It isn't exactly in fashion or are you trying to make a statement?"

"No, it is just a memory back from my days when I lived in Japan."

"Were you a gang member in Japan or something?" she asked with a laugh.

Masaomi looked her in the eyes with a serious expression on his face. It was all that Beth needed to realize she really didn't want to know anymore than that.

"My, you really are a guy with many mysteries and secrets."

Masaomi chuckled. "I'm just teasing you." He decided she really didn't need to think he was some dangerous guy because in reality he really wasn't. He might have been the leader of a powerful gang in the past but that was all on accident. The truth was that he hated to fight.

"That's not very nice of you, Kida." Beth pouted and took a sip of her drink. "Here I was starting to get worried about you."

Masaomi smiled- maybe he really did have some friends here. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again." He made his flirty eyes at her, like he did back in the old days when he tried to pick up women.

"Ew! Don't get gross on me now!" Beth laughed then smacked him on the back.

"Both of you need to grow up." Dave said as he set their food down in front of them.

Beth just scoffed. "I don't know about Kida, but I'm all grown up thank you very much."

Dave just shook his head. "If you have to say it like that, then it is proof that you are actually still just a child."

Beth's face twisted with annoyance and Masaomi just laughed at their antics. For some reason Masaomi was starting to feel at home. It took him damn well long enough too.

After Dave and Beth stopped bickering, Dave went back into the kitchen to check on some things.

Masaomi figured it was now or never.

"Beth, I have a question for you."

She turned her full attention at him when she heard him actually use her name. Most of the time he would just start talking- almost like he didn't even know her name.

"Go on."

Masaomi took a deep breath. He wasn't really sure how she would handle this question.

"How would you go about seducing a guy?"

There, he said it. He wondered if the sweat from his nerves could be seen falling down his face and neck.

Beth stared at him and then smiled. "I'm surprised you asked me since I am a lesbian. It makes me wonder if you are stupid or maybe smarter than you let on."

Oh. Right. She was a lesbian. "If you don't think you can answer then I will understand."

"Don't get ahead of yourself now." She glared at him. "I wasn't always a lesbian to tell you the truth. In fact I never loved a woman until I met Michelle."

At this, Masaomi eyes widened. "The girlfriend you are with now? How long have you been with her?"

She nodded her head to confirm what he had just said. "Um, about six months now."

She then laughed. "You see, before her I was very guy crazy. I would have to say I slept with at least twenty different men and dated only five of them."

Masaomi was starting to understand why she decided to go lesbian. If such a beautiful woman like her had such a hard time with men then it was no wonder she would give up on them.

"I'm curious though, why do you want to know how to seduce men. Is there something you aren't telling me?"

He was afraid she would ask that. He hoped his planned lie would be enough to keep her from asking more.

"I was just curious. Maybe it would help me pick on the signs of a girl coming on to me." He wiggled his eyebrow at her, which made her laugh again.

"Don't worry- I'm not one of them."

It seemed to have worked, he sighed in relief.

"There are many tips I can give you. Such as just leaning in underneath them when they are sitting next to you. It makes them want to come in and kiss you. It always worked for me anyway."

Masaomi tried to picture himself doing that to Izaya and wondered if it would even work. He didn't want to be too obvious. A guy doing girly moves would be pretty obvious.

Then again, he wondered if he really needed any tricks like that for Izaya. He had already taken the initiative and kissed him first, although it was violent.

She went on to tell him about a few other techniques, things he would actually try to do at some point- if the opportunity should arise. He wondered just how many things she could tell and was starting to wonder if the girl truly was a lesbian or not.

Then her phone rang and it was her girlfriend. At least it had to have been. He could hear a woman's voice on the other end. For some strange reason he could have sworn he had heard it before too, but figured he was just thinking about it too much.

Once she hung up she told him her goodbyes and then headed out to leave, with a big goofy smile on her face.

Perhaps being a lesbian wasn't the right word for her. She was just happy, happy in love and it didn't matter if it was woman.

Somehow, it made him feel a little less uncomfortable with the seduction thing with Izaya. The only difference was that he didn't love Izaya, not one bit. Some people liked to say that hate and love have a very thin line though.

Masaomi made his way into his home and sighed loudly. He was feeling really glad to be home again. He tossed his shoes to the side and threw his jacket on the coat rack nearby.

Just as he was about to walk over to his desk to check his email he felt his phone buzz.

He opened it up and saw it was another text message from Mikado. He swore under his breath when he realized he had forgotten to text him back after the whole ordeal with his first visit to Izaya's place.

The text message simply asked him if he got his previous one. Feeling he shouldn't ignore it this time he responded a simple reply.

He typed in that he was sorry to not respond sooner, that he got the message, but he was so busy at the time he couldn't respond then he had accidently forgotten later.

It was sort of the truth, except for the part about being busy when he first got the text. He just didn't feel like responding to such a mundane question when he knew he was going to have to lie through his teeth.

Just a minute after he sent his text his phone buzzed again. Masaomi was surprised by how quickly Mikado responded. This time the text was a little longer, telling him that was fine. He was just starting to get worried since he hadn't heard anything in a while.

Masaomi started to feel a little guilty. Perhaps Mikado had sent him such mundane text messages because he didn't make it easy for Mikado to do much else. He had started to close himself off after all the events that happened in the past. He wasn't as cheerful either, to which a lot of people didn't like, including Saki.

Sighing, Masaomi texted back that he was sorry again and that he was doing fine. He then told him he was going to head into work but would text him again later.

It was strange really. After what happened at the club Masaomi thought he would be feeling a lot more stressed out. After all, he had to deal with the man he swore he hated the most and the worst part of it all was that he just got kissed by said man. He couldn't call it anything romantic though, his throat was still a little sore from the chocking grip Izaya had on him.

It was like seeing him again brought certain clarity to his self. He was starting to feel like his old self again, if that was a good thing or not, he wasn't for sure. He was pretty sure the people at the old diner thought it was a nice change though. He was a lot more chatty and upbeat for a change. It wore him out a bit because it had been awhile since he had acted so animated. He wanted to go back to being silly and making bad jokes.

Tomorrow he would make a conscious effort to be his old self, especially when he went to see Izaya again. He had so many plans, thanks to his conversation with Beth.

He went over to his laptop to send his boss a status update on his situation and then shut it off and crawled into his bed. He was exhausted because he wasn't able to sleep much before. Now that he had gotten a lot of things off his mind he knew his night this time would be much better.

The fun was just about to start.

To Be Continued.