Hello! Well I was truly bored and dissapointed for something that happened in school so I decided to cheer my spirit up and write something. This is actually a poem I wrote while I was reading lovecom during volumes 4-9 so yeah. I hope you like the poem! Enjoy!

Misunderstood Otani by Yessenia or Lovecomyes17

So what should I tell you?

I mean words don't come this easy

Sometimes I stummble

I mumble

It just seems to cause a lot of trouble

I don't know what to say

It seem to me that it changes everyday

Sometimes I really can't stand you

you know?

You pissed me off but deep inside I can't help it

We've grown so easy to acting like this

that's it's just rare to say I love you or kiss

All our life we've been how we are

but we just never seem to be really far

All those times I yell

I just can't help myself

I don't know why I can't just shut up and kiss you

I only have to reach up

I made you cry

From time to time

But doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me too

or that I don't care

I used to not

I mean I never looked at you like that before

but things change

Now I actually love you

but I don't know what to do?

Whenever I try saying something

it comes out the wrong way

Of coarse you get mad too

don't deny it cause you are just like me

We both go crazy for Umibozu remember

Let's admit we are in a way the same

and yes I know some people think we are lame

But hey I don't care

I wish I could just easily explain

But that's just it I can't

I'm not that type of guy

Saying I love you would be rare

but you say it all the time

I don't know how to act okay?

I admit it

I'm not so smooth

but girl I can't find

the right words when I'm with you

Even when you tease me about my height.

I don't care about yours

Maybe being smaller is a good thing

because that way I could fit

in your arms.


~~~~so yeah that was the poem. Sorry if you thought it was boring I never really had anyone critic me on my poems only my stories so..heheh yeah. Let me know what you guys think okay oh and I'll be posting another fanfic soon but first I'm going to take a little break maybe I'll write chapter one of the new story tommorow..I don't know but please review XD