I have to be honest. I wouldn't have been able to write something like this had I not been inside Rose's head myself. I know how it feels to be so in love with someone that you would do anything, and I had to convey that through this piece, because I think I finally understand Rose's logic properly. I'd say this is rather angsty, because it's even harder to be in love with someone when you can't be with them. Maybe if any of you are in love, or have been in love, you'll enjoy this story more :)

I do not own Rose Tyer.

It had become apparent after some time, after their various adventures together, after the countless holding of hands and the daring rescues; that Rose had fallen in love with the Doctor. She thought she would have noticed it happen gradually, but it was one night, one night in the Tardis control room, after a particularly dangerous escapade involving a death ray and a chase through the stars; that it hit her with all the force it could have mustered, slowing her brain and quickening her heart.

She worried and she wondered if her new feelings would ruin things they had, would spoil the happy medium, but nothing changed, only grew. The hugs became tighter and longer, the feeling of hand to hand contact became electric, and the separations became more and more unbearable.

Soon, this wasn't enough, and Rose began to wonder if he cared as much as she did, whether or not her loved her as a friend or something more. She knew if he didn't want her like she wanted him, it would destroy her. It would eat away at her until she had to leave, as surely love was a sign of weakness in the Doctor's eyes? She wouldn't be able to continue like that, to make him worry about her more than he already did. She would keep it secret. She would love him silently. She would hurt in private.

The problem was, that she knew she would never be able to move on. She would go anywhere he would, anywhere, any when. She would never look at anyone else, and if he told her that no, he didn't love her like that, that he never would, she still wouldn't look at anybody else. Nobody could compare to him. No shade of brown would match his eyes, and no other boyish grin would be able to light her up, no matter what mood.

She was completely and utterly devoted to him. She could sit in his presence, watching him, listening to the hum of the Tardis or the silence of a distant planet, and she would glow. He didn't even need to speak, he only needed to be there and she would be happy. He could fall in love with her as slowly as he wanted, or not at all and she would wait for him. She would wait for him as long as he needed her to.

Sometimes he did things that broke her heart and continuously did so. Only since she realised her love for him did these things matter. When he met Reinette, and wouldn't speak to her for what felt like forever after her death, Rose had bawled so hard into her pillow she had slept on wet for days after. The Doctor had never said he was sorry.

She would always forgive him, though, if it meant she could stay with him, because he made her so happy. Just a simple look her way could send her heart a flutter. He didn't even need to talk, he just needed to be with her, forever.

It was a no brainer for Rose. She would never leave him, and not just because of the crippling sadness that haunted him through his forced loneliness, but because tearing herself from him would be like ripping herself apart with her own hands.

She loved him so much, that she would tear down the sky for him, and never stop looking, even if he was an entire world away. She would always wait.