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Dear Journal.

I have decided to start writing my memoirs, once on the road, always on the road. Today has been hell. Of course it will be notes in a journal, and not some chickflick diary.

Hell no!

So we were chasing this Wiccan coven, 7 witches from hell, I swear these witches are getting weirder and weirder. Anyway. Sam was calling the shots, guess the kid wanted to show, that what he did, was good enough for me, that was, until he forgot to mention, that these witches, with the poor rabbits, weren't what they looked like.

Hell no!

So I was getting it on, with one of them, lets for the argument call it research, or gathering intel on the coven. Sammy was sitting in the corner, sulking as usual, or that was where I made my first mistake, he wasn't sulking, so I was thinking, hell even Sammy can get lucky here. I was right, however he was being all like a saint, I swear to God that kid needs a lay, from something else than that barbie he has in his duffel, freaking Reverend. I had the purple nurples sent to the table where I was doing... research.

It was really research, nothing else.

So we got it going, and as I was tongue wrestling her, I found the man parts. I was like what the f... she, well he was giggling, and Sammy was chocking in the peanuts, I swear to God, if he wasn't I would have offed him right there and then. Some things are just not something one messes with. A guy and his... research, is something no one messes with.

No one!

So I blew the research, and the witches knew we were here. Really not my finest moment, will have to find another in tomorrow, we need to catch them with their pants down. Well get your mind out of the gutter, I mean with their hands in the cookie jar.

I am gonna kill Sammy!.