Fear Is In The Darkness

You wake up in the darkness; It's midnight.

The phone rings... You answer and you hear

breathing "...I'm coming... " You scream

and hang the phone up. You get up and go

down to the kitchen, tripping on your way there.

You grab a knife; and the phone rings again.

"...I'm getting closer..." You throw the phone

across the room. You go to the window, and open

the curtains and let out a blood curling scream. "Your

time is up" is written in blood on the window. You walk

backwards... falling. You hear raps on another window; like pebbles hitting glass. You go over. A masked man standing... staring in at you. You scream again... louder. You run to your room and lock the door. The phone rings. "...I'm in the basement..." You say "Stay away from me!" Then you hang the phone up. You sit against the wall, crying. You hear footsteps on your basement steps. Loud...louder... you scream. "Leave me alone!" The phone rings again... You ignore it... It rings for 5 minutes; you finally answer. Your now standing up. "Leave me alone." He says "Surprise" You turn around and scream as he decapitates your head. He says again; "Times up."