Sup guys, it's another Yaoi story. This time with Byakuya and Renji! ;)

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It was a somewhat normal day in the Soul Society. Byakuya was doing paperwork with a bored manner, and of course, Renji was slacking off. Renji knew that if Byakuya found out that he was sleeping again he would be scolded badly. So he was sleeping lightly. In Renji's dream:
"Oh, that feels so good!"

"Don't stop!"

" FUCK Byakuya"

He was just about to finish in his dream when he heard familiar footsteps coming his way. Renji immediately sprung up just as Byakuya was about to come in and rushed to his desk and tripping over some old empty bottles of Sake.

"Renji..." Byakuya said in a slightly angered voice.

"Have you got that paperwork done yet?"

"Well you see, about that-" He was cut off as Byakuya started to speak.

"I don't want excuses Abari, get the damn work done... and stop slacking off!"

"Yes captain!" Renji said as a slight blush formed on his face. Renji loved it when his captain yelled at him. It turned him on so much.

"Hardass..." Renji mumbled under his breath.

"I heard that!" Replied Byakuya in his angered voice which made Renji jump from the loudness.

"Oh, I want him SO FUCKING BADLY! I wonder if he thinks the same way about me as I do about him. No, he'd never think like that. He's not like that..". Renji thought in his head as he did his paper work.

Byakuya came back about an hour later to find Renji sleeping, although this time. His paperwork was done. In Byakuya's mind:

"He DID do his work. I thought that he wasn't going to do it. He must really want something..."

Then it hit him like a stack of bricks.

"Renji wants to have sex with me... I totally overlook that option..."

"Lieutenant Abari!" Byakuya said in a demanding voice.

"What do you want? I did the paperwork." Renji said in a groggy voice as he was just getting up from sleeping.

"Forget the paperwork Renji. I want to ask you a different question." Byakuya said as a slight grin formed on his face.

"Do you love me Renji? Do you want to make love to me?"

Renji froze in his place. He didn't think that Byakuya would do this!

"Man, my dreams could come true! I gotta play this cool..." Renji thought to himself.

"Well, do you want to? Do you love me?" Byakuya asked again.

"I do captain, I truly do!" Renji replied as his cheeks blushed a shade of pink as he said it.

"Well then, tomorrow around 9 ish, my manor, in the secret room. I'll tell the guards to let you in. Make sure you have all your work done." Byakuya said and then left the room. He stopped in the door way and said: "Don't be late, or else. Who knows, you may miss out, you might even be punished for it."

"Yes captain!" Renji said as his superior walked out the door.

"Ok, around 9 ish, in his manor in the secret room" Renji thought in his mind as he made a mental note to himself.

Just a little intro. I SWEAR the next chapter will be nothing (well almost) but Yaoi and Lemon. Reviews appreciated!