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Date: 12th July 2026

Twenty years had passed since that day. The day Chiaki whispered into Makoto's ear:

'I'll be waiting.' Since that day, Makoto would head to her Auntie Witch to check on the progress of the painting. It took her seven months to final restore the painting Chiaki so desperately wanted to see. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon, which meant Makoto was standing by the painting like she did everyday for the last twenty years. She was hoping that at some point during this time waiting by the painting Chiaki would appear, looking exactly as the last time she saw him. She was hoping that she wouldn't have to wait long to meet him again, but she kept saying this to herself since the very beginning. She stood by the painting until they were closing.

Another day, another no show from Chiaki. Makoto thought to herself. Let's head home then.

She collected her stuff and shuffled towards the door. She took one look back in hope that Chiaki would appear with his stupid smile he always gave her. As she exited the museum the weather turned, big black clouds filled the sky and the heavens had opened.

"Oh great, and I forgot my umbrella. Plus it's a fifteen minute walk to the house."

Makoto started running to get home quicker and try to avoid getting soaked. Luckily she remembered a short cut home, but on this short cut, there was a familiar location. When she ran passed it she stopped for a moment and stared for a minute. With this stare came ghost-like figures of her, Kosuke and Chiaki playing baseball while they were in high school. She stood there and was losing herself in her imagination. She can remember the time when Chiaki got hit round the face with the ball, the time she became angry at Chiaki for going on a date with Yuri and the arguments had about what they would do that summer. Makoto was woken up from her imagination by her mobile ringing. She quickly rummaged through her pockets to answer the call.

"Hi sis." Said a familiar voice.

"Hi Miyuki, how are things?" replied Makoto.

"Not bad, I'm just ringing to see how things are, considering what tomorrow is."

"Oh, yeah tomorrow." Makoto's voice became deflated. "It's no biggy, I'm sure it will be like the last nineteen years."

"And that's what I'm worried about. Once you finish your work you are always there, waiting. I know you love him sis, but surely you should find someone else and move on with your life."

"I will never meet someone else. No one else is like Chiaki. I don't care if I have to wait a thousand years, or become wrinkly and old to the point where I can't walk, I'm waiting for him, and if I move on with my life that means I'm putting Chiaki behind me and forgetting him."

"Sis, I didn't mean it that way, I just mean I want you to be happy and not disappointed all the time."

There was a brief pause.

"I'm sorry Miyuki, it's just, it's just it's been almost twenty years now and I really miss him."

"I know what will take your mind off this, come to mine and I will make you your favourite meal."

"But I'm almost home and I'm a drowned rat."

"Fine I will come over to yours. Give me half an hour and I shall be there, ok."

"Ok, see you soon."

And with that Miyuki's voice had disappeared. Makoto decided that she couldn't get any wetter, so she would take a stroll home instead of running. As soon as she entered her front door she noticed her mail. She sifted through it hoping that she might find a letter or something from Chiaki, but nothing. She dragged her feet up the stairs and to her room to dry herself off and change into something dryer.

"Where shall I place these?" She asked herself while holding the wet clothes in her hands. She entered the bathroom and rinsed out the majority of the water. She left them by the radiator as the door bell went. She looked at her watch to see it was only half past six in the evening.

Miyuki is early she thought to herself. She paused when she got to the bottom of the stairs and a glimmer of hope struck through her brain. What if it's Chiaki?

She quickly ran to the door and took a deep breath in before she grabbed the door handle. She turned the handle and slowly pulled the door towards her. She looked up and there stood Miyuki. Makoto's body sunk and all happiness and anticipation escaped through a single breath.

"Lovely to see you too, sis." Miyuki said with a saddened expression on her face.

"I'm sorry, it's just you were a little early that's all, and I thought it might have been Chiaki."

"You need to stop thinking about him for 5 minutes. Well actually more than 5 minutes please." Miyuki gave a cheeky grin towards Makoto.

Miyuki held up the plastic bag she was holding which contained the ingredients. Makoto stood back from the door which allowed Miyuki to enter the house. They both headed towards the kitchen. Miyuki was preparing all the ingredients while Makoto got all the pans they needed and was also setting up the dining room table.

"So how is the job going sis?" Miyuki asked while popping all the vegetables in the boiling water.

"Same old same. I'm still protecting the painting for Chiaki."

Once Miyuki heard the name Chiaki, she put the knife she was using down and sighed. She refrained from shouting at Makoto as she knew she might hurt her more. When Miyuki looked round to Makoto she could see a tear streaming down Makoto's face. Miyuki walked over to Makoto and gave her the biggest hugged. That one tear now became a river down Makoto's face.

"Sis it will be ok. He will return to you, he said so himself." Once Miyuki said these comforting words to her sister, a tear slithered down her cheek. "He will come back when you least expect it. Now I have to go and check on the food, ok. Come and help me would you."

Miyuki released herself from her sister and headed into the kitchen. Makoto waited a bit and wiped her face. She gripped onto the table to pull herself up. On her way to the kitchen she put the television on to see what headlines were on the news. She continued into the kitchen to see where she could be of assistance.

"What do you want me to do then?" Makoto asked.

"How about coating the chicken in teriyaki sauce and cooking it please." Miyuki gave a smile which indicated that she would support her sister no matter what. Makoto gave a nod and rummaged through the plastic bag to find the chicken and sauce. They both finished up their cooking and plated it. They both sat around the dining room table and gazed at the television while they ate. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the news; it was like every other day.

A few hours had passed and Miyuki had left about an hour ago. Makoto was lying on her bed with her head hanging off the edge and her arms resting on her forehead like she used to do as a teenager. As she laid there, she thought about the last time she saw Chiaki, how upset she was when she pushed him away so he could leave, but also how happy she was when he returned that one last time to embrace her and tell her he would return. She turned her head to face her clock which now read 23:18pm. She raised herself and lifted the duvet so she could snuggle under it. She rested on her right hand side and closed her eyes, she instantly fell asleep.

Date: 13th July 2026

Makoto opened her eyes with a struggle. She released her arm from under her duvet to turn her alarm off and kicked her duvet off her body to ensure she got out of bed.

"13th July, what a date." She said to herself.

Makoto dragged her feet off the edge of the bed which meant her entire body was now sitting up. She sat there for a few minutes before composing herself to stand up. She got herself ready for work and headed out the door. Luckily today it was sunny and warm with not a cloud in the sky. Makoto decided that it would be a good idea not to take the shortcut and take a long stroll as she had plenty of time before work.

Makoto reached the steps to the museum and entered. She went up the main steps inside and headed to the room where her Auntie Witch works. She was hoping that she would be there already so they can talk before the museum opens. Makoto reached the door and headed inside. There was no one there. Makoto still entered the room and closed the door behind her. She placed her bag on the floor and started looking at the painting her Aunt was restoring. It was half completed and she could make out people from Roman times and that was all. She stood there and gazed at it, she was losing herself in the picture but before she was completely lost the door opened.

"Oh, Makoto, you scared me." Kazuko screamed silently.

"Sorry Auntie Witch." Makoto said with an unhappy smile.

"Is everything ok, Makoto?"

"I'm ok, apart from the day it is."

"Oh yes, it's the 13th. Look Makoto, everything will be fine and he will show up. Just concentrate on the present and worry about the future when it arrives." She gave a smile to reassure Makoto. "Now hurry up and get ready for your shift. Plus there is a school visit today so you need to keep an eye on those kids."

Makoto smiled and left the room. Her body language said everything. Her shoulders were hunched over, her legs were scrapping along the floor and her head was hanging. She shut the door behind her and made her way down to the lobby. She positioned herself at the main desk and waited for visitors to come.

It started off like any other day. Very quiet to begin with and once lunch time came around it started to pick up. The school kids had been at the museum for about five minutes and Makoto could see all the excitement on all the children's faces. She watched all of the faces smiling and little feet running around looking at all the art in the lobby. The teacher had called all their attention and with that they had disappeared into the room to the right. The lobby had fallen silent. Makoto swirled her chair round to look at the monitors, she had her eye on one monitor and that was the one facing the painting her Aunt had restored twenty years ago. She gazed at it for ages.

"Hey, Makoto you can go on your lunch break now." Shouted Makoto's boss from her left.

"Ok, thanks." She replied. She raised herself from the chair and headed to her bag which was located in her Aunt's office. Makoto passed the painting and stood by it looking around for any guys with bright red hair. She looked around for ten minutes and there was no sign of anyone. She sighed and headed for her bag. She reached her Aunt's office and dropped herself on the sofa.

"I take it there is no sign of him today." Kazuko asked.

Makoto shocked her head.

"Come on then, let's eat lunch. I'm starving." Kazuko said to take Makoto's mind off Chiaki. "Guess what I bought yesterday?"

"I don't know, but I hope it's covered in chocolate."

"You were close. Chocolate muffin, here." She passed the muffin towards Makoto and she dived straight in. Makoto ate the rest of her lunch in silence. She wasn't in the mood to talk.

"I'm going to have a look round the museum, I will see you later." Makoto said defeatedly.

"Ok then, I should get back to restoring this painting. I will see you later yes?"

"Yeah." And with these words Makoto was out of Kazuko's sight.

Makoto pulled the security tape apart, passed through and placed it back. She headed down the stairs and sat in the chair opposite the painting. She had fifteen minutes before her break was over and she was going to sit there until these fifteen minutes were up. Five minutes had passed and nothing. Ten minutes had passed and Makoto was looking hopeless.

"Why do I keep doing this to myself?" Makoto said to herself out loud.

"Because you love me."

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