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The Dilemma

Makoto was sat frozen, her eyes widened as she recognised the voice which came from behind her. She turned herself around and it felt like she was moving in slow motion. When her eyes finally faced behind her she could see a young man with red shaggy hair and the same stupid grin he always had.

"Chiaki!" Makoto gasped.

"Yeah, its me." He replied

Both of them were standing and starring at each other. Neither of them could find the words to start a conversation.

Makoto was finally able to move and she started to walk towards Chiaki. Tears were streaming down her face and she wrapped her arms around Chiaki's body. She still couldn't find any words. Chiaki also embraced Makoto and rested his head on hers. Makoto pulled herself away, wiped away her tears, starred at Chiaki for a second and punched his right arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" Chiaki asked rubbing his arm.

"Twenty years! Twenty years you had me waiting." Makoto explained. Tears were forming again.

"I'm sorry. I must've jumped to the wrong decade. And how I did that I have no idea. I'm usually pretty good with time leaping." He put his stupid grin back on and all Makoto could do was laugh at him. Chiaki pulled Makoto close to him and embraced her again.

"I'm really sorry I kept you waiting."

"I forgive you, but now I think people might get the wrong idea. A 37year old women with a 17year old boy."

Chiaki pulled Makoto away put had hold of her shoulders.


"I take it you don't like being called a child." Makoto giggled. "How about an adolescent?"

"That's better, but how about a dashing young man?"

"In your dreams." Makoto lightly punched him again.

"Hey Makoto, you need to get back to your station please." Shouted Makoto's boss again.

"Ok, just give me a minute please." She shouted back.

"You work here now?" Chiaki asked.

"Yeah. Now talk and walk with me so I don't get yelled at again." Makoto replied.


They both walked together to the entrance of the museum. Makoto resumed where she left off before she went on her lunch break.

"What time does your shift finish?" Chiaki asked.

"5:30pm." She responded.

"Right, I'm coming back then and you can treat me to some food for coming to see you." He grinned.

"Ah! That's the thanks I get for waiting twenty years." Makoto smiled back and watched as Chiaki left her sight. For the rest of her shift she had a massive smile on her face and Kazuko noticed this when she came to visit Makoto later in the day.

"You seem awfully cheery. This makes a difference to lunch time." Kazuko stated.

"That's because he has returned."

Kazuko's face was stunned. She had no idea how to respond to Makoto's statement.

"That was what I was like." Makoto chuckled. "He's coming back later and he's told me to make him some food, but he hasn't aged one bit. It's as if he returned to our time as soon as he returned to his time. Except he came twenty years later."

"Don't sound defeated, he came back didn't he?"

Makoto nodded.

"Right, I'm going back to my workstation to continue with my restoration. Give it a few more months and it should be completed." And with that Kazuko vanished up the stairs.

Makoto remained in the entrance of the museum. The school trip had returned and they were making their way out of the museum. She could see all their happy faces and can hear little muffles of the children's conversations. So many of them were talking about the constellation paintings. As the children left, the silence fell. It was about half past four in the evening so everything was quieting down. There were a few people left marvelling the paintings. She could see one couple in particular. They were holding hands and smiling at each other. They looked so happy together. Every time she looked at them, all she could think about was Chiaki and the moment she looked around to see him.

Why can't time go faster?

Makoto decided to spend the last hour of her shift cleaning. This might atleast kill some time. She looked at her watch:

5:20pm, just ten more minutes to go.

"So are you free?" Chiaki came through the door.

"Unfortunately not. First of all I need to go and escort any people out of the building. Come and join me if you want."

Chiaki started walking closer to Makoto and as soon as he caught up they started walking up the stairs together. Makoto eventually escorted all the visitors out, but one proved to be difficult as a little boy was involved and he was fixated on one painting. His parents had to force him to leave.

"So, what are you making me?" Chiaki questioned.

"I don't know, possible rice and seafood tempura." Makoto thought this up on the spot, she hadn't been thinking of what she could make all day.

"That sounds nice."

They both walked hand-in-hand to Makoto's house. When they reached it Chiaki quickly made his way home.

"I shall make it all then." Makoto sarcastically said to him.

"Ok then." He grinned and made his way to the television.

After half an hour had passed Makoto has finished making the meal. They both sat on the sofa and ate it. This felt more cosy. They sat and watched the tv for a bit until Makoto started to ask Chiaki questions.

"How did you manage to get more time leaps? I smashed your little gadget when you left."

"That's because I managed to get another pod, but I was only allowed two charges this time."

"What so when you go back to your time, I will definitely never see you again?"

"Who said anything about me going back, but that is my choice. I can either stay here with you, and with the age gap, or return to my time and never see you again."

Makoto heard these words and pressed her head onto Chiaki's shoulder.

"Makoto, I would never leave you. You know that." Chiaki told her. Makoto gave a little whimper to say that she agreed with him. "I just wish there was a way where I can stay with you forever."

They both sat there in silence for what seemed like ages.

"Makoto wait here, I have a solution."

Makoto removed her head from Chiaki's shoulder. He could see that she had been crying as her eyes were red. I will be back in a minute.

Chiaki disappeared.

Date: 13th July 2026

"Makoto, I'm back." Chiaki walked through the door to his house.

"Daddy, you're home." Two children came running towards Chiaki.

"Hey Mion and Daisuke." He wrapped his arms around the two small children and started shuffling so he was out of the doorway and into the hallway.

"Children, your tea is ready, go and wash your hands before you eat." Makoto appeared round the kitchen and watched as her children ran past her looking like they hadn't eaten in weeks. "Hi honey, our tea will be ready soon. How was work?"

"Same as usually, except it was pretty manic today." Chiaki walked over to Makoto and gave her a hello kiss.

"Are we doing anything special tomorrow, as it is twenty years since we started dating?" Makoto asked him.

"I may have something up my sleeve." He said secretly. "I remember that day so well."

Date: 14th July 2006

Makoto was sat at the embankment staring at the sunset like she did yesterday, but this time it wasn't with Chiaki. It was just her. The sunset looked beautiful today, even better than yesterday. The clouds were scarlet red and there were loads of birds soaring through the sky. Makoto was lost in thought and didn't notice the screech of a bicycles tyre behind her. She was so focused on the birds that it took her a while to notice a figure sat next to her. She turned her head to see a red haired young man looking at the sunset.

"Hey Makoto!"

"Hey! Chiaki!" Makoto sat there with the happiest smile. She leapt herself towards Chiaki and gave him the hug she wished she could have given him yesterday. "I thought it would be years before I saw you again."

"I just couldn't leave you waiting, not for twenty years."

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