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Yutas POV:

"Nina-Chan, I…" I blushed so hard, I was as pink as a rose. "I love you." Nina-chan blushed and started to speck but then Nina-chan turned around quickly, And so did I. "Nina-Chan!" Tsujiai-Kun was there, And he looked angry. "Nina-chan, where have you been! You missed our date!" "Date?" I whimpered. "Tsujiai I am SO sorry!" "Wait you two are…" "Yep!" He softly grabbed Nina-chans hand and held her close, playing with her soft, beautiful Golden blonde hair. "Oh…" I looked down, humiliated and depressed. "Yuta-kun.." I looked up, angrily and shouted, "Ill never forget this, Tsujiai! Never! You know how I've felt about Nina-chan!" Then I looked at Nina-chan, gave her a mean look and started to disappear. "What was that?" Asked Tsujiai-Kun. "I… I don't know." "Yes you do Nina!" And after I shouted that, I disappeared.

Ayu's POV:

"Hi Kaji!" "Hi babe!" He kissed me and we sat on my couch, In front of the fire. "I'll go get the board game." I got off to get Monopoly. It was high in the closet, so I had to get a ladder. When I got it, I looked down and remberd my fear of heights. "Oh no.." I whispered. Then I dropped the monopoly game! I tripped on one of the game pieces and fell backwards! "Ekkkkkkkk!" I closed my eyes, preparing to let myself fall. But instead of falling on hard floor, I fell in soft arms. Kaji's soft arms! I opened my eyes and kissed him. "OMG, Thank god you were here." "Well I heard and crash so I came to your aid." We picked up the game pieces and went to the fire and played. "Kaji, I love you." "I love you t-" A bright light interrupted him and Yuta-Kun appeared. "YUTA-KUN! SO DID YOU TELL HER!" He just looked at me and stomped away.

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