I open my eyes once again, finding it very hard to believe that right here and now I am standing 500 years in the past of Japan looking at a boy with long silver hair pinned to a tree that is in my very yard in my time.

I look down in my hand where the jewel called the Shikon- No-Tama should be, but it's only a shard. I look back at the boy called Inuyasha. I had released him not long ago from the same tree but then pinned him back there.

The rest of the jewel shards has been shattered into hundreds of little shards and spread around the whole countryside of Japan.

Inuyasha wanted the tiny shard I have and for me to go back where I came from and he would put the jewel back together but something inside of me told me not to do it and when I told him no he attacked me and without realizing it, I pinned him here to the sacred tree until I deem it time to release him from his slumber.

I shake my head clear of my thoughts and place my tiny shard into a small glass bottle around my neck. I turn away from the tree and start walking towards Edo, a very nice village not far from here.

Once I make it there, the sun is sinking below the horizon, signaling nightfall. I go over to Kaede, the kind priestess that has kindly taken me in and wants to train me.

I slide the makeshift door aside and step into the hut where a small fire is burning to keep it warm throughout the chilly night. I slide the door shut and look around for Kaede, finding her beside the fire crushing herbs.

I walk over and set beside her, feeling a light dizziness. "Hello Kaede." I say sweetly.

"Hello child." She says.

All at once the feeling of being tired comes over at me and I try to keep my eyes open but I start falling backwards but I never feel my head hit the floor because I black out.

I see visions in my sleep of myself as a Dog Demoness beside someone that looks similar to Inuyasha but who looks more powerful by far.

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