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The Rock and the Island

1: A Red Satin Pump

Jane received 'welcome backs' and pats on the shoulder from everyone she passed as she made her way up the stairs of Boston Police Headquarters. Hand shakes were out of the question. The white bandages that itched and contrasted her olive skin, made her hands off limits. She thanked and smiled at everyone, grateful for their support, and happy to be getting back to work. She just needed things to be normal again. Even just a little bit more normal. She needed the routine back. She couldn't spend anymore time in her apartment, leaving just to go to her appointments with a BPD appointed psychiatrist. She wasn't big on talking, but it had helped and she'd been cleared to get back to work. Mentally anyways, she'd be behind a desk until her doctor said her hands were good to go as well. She still had some physiotherapy to do after her wounds were healed. She could hold her gun though. She'd done a little of her own physio. I had hurt like hell but after what had happened, she was never going to allow herself to be vulnerable again. She was made of tougher stuff now. She'd faced evil and survived. She wasn't scared of it anymore.

Jane started to say hello to an old buddy from the academy, as he rushed down the steps, when she tripped on something and fell on the stairs. She cursed as one bandaged hand shot out to steady herself. She looked down to find a red satin pump under her boot.

"I'm so sorry," a voice called from above.

Jane shook the pain from her hand and picked up the shoe, looking up as a woman rushed back down the steps, to collect her lost footwear.

"I was in such a hurry, and I think I should have gone maybe a half size smaller, but they just didn't have any, and I wanted them so I got them a little big," the woman explained, rushed and breathless.

"It's alright," Jane said, examining the shoe. Wondering why anyone would subject themselves to something that looked so torturous. "Maybe running in them should just be kept to a minimum." When she finally looked up from the shoe to its owner, Jane nearly had to put a hand out to steady herself again. The woman was a vision in a beautiful form fitting dress that matched her shoes. Perfectly coiffed blonde curls, falling around delicate shoulders.

"Here you go," Jane managed, handing the beautiful woman her shoe back.

"Thank you," the woman said, placing a hand on Jane's shoulder to keep her balance as she slipped her shoe back on. She smiled at Jane brightly, revealing an adorable set of dimples, before heading back up the stairs and into the building. Jane watched her go, fixated, letting her eyes roam over wonderfully sculpted legs, realizing then why women wore shoes like that.

She was snapped out of it when she heard a familliar voice call her name. She smiled and doubled the remaining steps up to the building. "Korsak," she smiled, throwing her arms around her partner. She loved this man. She owed him her life.

"God I'm glad you're back," he said, pulling away from their hug to give Jane a once over. "You look good. I was so happy when they told me you were cleared to get back. You're never allowed to leave me with these idiots again. You got that?"

Jane laughed as they made their way to the elevator. "I got it. You don't want to have to break in a new partner."

Korsak smiled at Jane. "It's too hard at my age." They said everything to each other without saying anything at all, neither of them particularly good at expressing their feelings openly, but Korsak threw an arm around Jane's shoulders and squeezed just in case the message hadn't made it across.

Jane swore and slammed the stubborn file cabinet drawer shut. She grabbed her hand and swore again as she saw blood speckling the bandage on her palm. She gave the old file cabinet a swift kick for good measure, as she sighed. She really didn't want to go to the doctor to have her hand checked out, he was just going to tell her that she shouldn't be doing anything, and she had had enough of hearing that. The morgue probably had somekind of medical stuff that could help her out. She headed to the elevators, smiling to herself as the doors slid open and she was greeted by the sight of a familiar red dress.

The beautiful woman smiled upon seeing Jane again, but her smile faltered as she noticed the bloody bandage on Jane's hand. "Are you alright?" She asked.

Jane nodded. "Ya I'll be alright. How are your shoes?"

"They're fine, " the beautiful woman said, not convinced by Jane's response to her question. "I just stick to walking," she continued reaching out to take Jane's bleeding hand. "Let me have a look at that."

Jane let the woman take her hand, but continued to protest. "I'm really okay, just going to go see if maybe one of the death doctors can maybe help out a breathing patient."

"I'm sure I can manage," the woman said.

Jane looked at her surprised, as the elevator opened. "You're not a coroner," Jane stated as if the idea was completely ludicrous.

The woman smiled, leading Jane down the hall to a stark, sterile, brightly lit autopsy room. "Why could I not be a coroner?" She asked sitting Jane down on a nearby stool.

Jane blushed, not really prepared to explain the reasons why she found it hard to believe this stunning woman spent her days elbow deep in dead bodies. "You just don't look like a coroner," Jane stated, unable to explain herself better, watching as the woman's delicate fingers deftly removed the bandage from her hand.

Looking up the woman tilted her head to the side and furrowed her brow. "I was not aware that coroners were suppose to look a certain way," she stated matter-of-factly. "I look the way I look and I'm a coroner, so really I'm what a coroner would look like."

Jane looked at the woman like she was slightly mental. "I just meant that you look a little dressed up is all," she clarified.

"I do like to look nice," the woman said. "And perhaps being my first day, I wanted to look slightly more nice than usual."

"You did a good job with that," Jane let escape before realizing what she had said and started to backtrack. "I just meant that you look very nice..I'm Jane Rizzoli by the way, I work homicide," she said trying to shift the topic of conversation away from how lovely the new coroner was.

"Maura Isles," the woman said, examining Jane's hand. "Doctor Maura Isles," she emphasized. "Despite my appearance."

Jane smirked. "Yeah, sorry about that, you just...well..." Jane trailed off. Her sentence ended at the sharp pain of alcohol hitting her wound.

"Sorry," Maura whispered as she continued to clean the blood from Jane's hand. "It was you wasn't it?"

Jane nodded knowing what the doctor was asking. "That's me. So it's your first day?" Jane asked, wanting to change the subject.

Maura nodded, as she continued to tend to Janes wound. "Yes. I was working as a medical examiner in New York, when I was offered the chief position here. I couldn't refuse the oppurtunity, nor the chance to move back to Boston."

"You're from Boston?"

Maura nodded again, preparing a new bandage for Jane's hand. "Yes," she stated. "Beacon Hill, actually."

Jane let out a whistle. "Fancy pants."

Maura only shrugged, as she wrapped Jane's hand. "I was adopted, so I'm unsure as to whether I'm really... fancy pants or not. After studying certain elements of my physical characteristics, I've discovered that I have some eastern European heritage."

"Cool," Jane said, fascinated by the doctor's apparently bottomless pool of knowledge. "What about me?"

Finishing up Jane's hand, Maura studied the detective's face closely. She knew a person by their face, even if she could never really understand them. "Well your Italian heritage is obvious by your name, and your dark features and tanned skin could both be credited to it, but the structure of your face is really quite striking, your nose is slight out of alignment though."

Jane scrunched up her nose at the mention of it's crookedness. "It's been broken, a few times."

"It has...character," Maura said, as she continued her study of what she was beginning to realize was quite a remarkable face. "I could reset it if you like. It would require breaking it again."

"No thanks," Jane smiled, holding up her freshly bandaged hand. "I've got enough injuries at the moment. I'll keep my character. Alright back to my face." Jane was enjoying having the doctor this close to her. "Italian was the easy part." She fought the shiver that was threatening to erupt as the doctor's thumb brushed the cleft in Jane's chin. "Is that the Italian in me too?"

Maura shook her head. "No, cleft chins are not more prominent in one ethnicity or another. They're the result of a dominant gene. In human fetal development the right and left side of the jaw fuse together. When a person has a cleft chin it only means that this gene has failed to allow the jaw to fuse together completely. Some people find it a very attractive trait."

Jane smirked. The woman was too much. "You'd tell me if you were a cyborg right?"

Maura tilted her head, seriously contemplating the the question. "No. I don't think I would."

Jane chuckled, causing Maura to smile. "So what side of your family is Greek?" She asked.

Jane looked at her mildly surprised. "You're good," she said.

"For a robot," Maura added with a wider smile.

Jane laughed. "Yeah. The Greek is on my ma's side."

"And the Native American?" Maura continued.

Jane was impressed. "That's from my dad's side. Can you tell me what I'm thinking about too?"

Maura pretended to study Jane closer. "I'm not sure. I don't spend much time around living people. The dead don't think. They're...uncomplicated."

Jane caught a glint in the doctor's eyes, that she was certain was reflected in her own. "Is that why you spend your time with them?" Jane asked, sincerely wanting to get to know what made this beautiful woman tick.

"The science is what made me interested at first, but I quickly discovered that I was much more comfortable amongst the dead, and I can help them. I can speak for them. It makes it a very rewarding profession. Perhaps not as glamourous as working with living people, but it suits me."

Jane nodded her understanding. "Well I'm glad your on my team," she said, touching the bandage Maura had so carefully applied. "And you do pretty good work with the living too doc."

"It was a fairly simple procedure," Maura said, missing the compliment.

Jane could only smile. This woman needed to spend more time with people who have a heartbeat, she thought. Right then Jane realized her heart was beating a little faster than normal.