Sorry this took so long! I wasn't feeling it at first, but then I got sexy and it just kept going. So here's a long one for all you wonderful people!

Maura made faces, earning a pair of gummy smiles. Elliott and Margo grinned up happily from their little tubs on the kitchen counter. They sure loved their baths and their mom. Perhaps they could teach Jo and Dorothy a thing or two about appreciating bath times. Maura hummed happily as she washed their soft hair and skin. The girls were finally sleeping longer at night and all weekend Jane had made love to her for the first time in months. It had been unbelievable. She'd forgotten just how spectacular Jane made her feel. Inside and outside.

Margo lifted her hands up and slapped them down with all her little might into the shallow water, letting out a squeal of delight in the process, snapping Maura out of her revelry.

"What are you doing Gogo?" She asked playfully. Margo replied with some more splashing. "You're sister is silly, Ellie. She just doesn't sit here all nice like you do," she jabbered on to them, gently pouring warm water over Elliott's adorably chubby body, washing away little soap bubbles, and doing the same to Elliott's rambunctious sister.

Bathtime finished she wrapped the girls in big, soft towels and carried them upstairs to get dressed. "Your mom went into work, special, to help with a case and we're going to go visit, because I'm sure she's tired and grumpy and a visit from her girls will make her feel better."

Jane had extended her 'paternity' leave after the original 3 months had been up. She wanted to spend more time with the twins. Maura knew Jane didn't want to miss a precious moment, not first words or first steps, and all the other firsts these early months were filled with. It hadn't taken Maura very long to convince Jane to take a few more months of leave without pay. Reminding Jane playfully that she had married rich. Jane forgot often that she no longer had to worry about things financially.

After some fresh diapers and socks, the girls were dressed in contrasting polkadot sun dresses. White and pink for Margo and pink and white for Elliott. If Jane were here she would dissaprove, especially over the tiny socks with lace trim. "I know what will make your other mom love your outfits." Elliott joined the conversation with a string of ba-ba-bas, and some spit bubbles.

Maura fished through one of the dressers in the nursery, and pulled out two tiny, pink, Red Sox hats that their Grandpa Frank had gotten them. Maura affixed the hats over dark heads and smiled. "Remember it's important to accesorize girls. Don't you two just look precious." Maura placed them gently in their carriers and got them all buckled in, before heading out to the car and locking them in place safely in the back seat.

Margo started to fuss halfway through the ride, but the blaring of Born to Run soon had her settled down, pacifier sucked on enthusiastically. If the little baby had more refined motor skills Maura would be convinced she was dancing, instead of just squirming happily in her car seat. Jane had discovered all the little things that settled them down or made them happy. For Ellie it was just being in the car. She had indeed already fallen asleep.

Maura pulled into the empty parking spot that still bore her name and unloaded all her precious cargo. Designer diaper bag slung over one shoulder, she carried both babies in their seats up to the entrance. Her arms could always use the workout. She did still have ten pounds to lose.

Frankie saw her coming up the stairs and ran over to help. "Hey Maura," he greeted with a dimple causing smile. "You look great. How are you doing?"

Maura smiled back at him. He was such sweetheart. "I'm a little sleep deprived, but other than that I'm wonderful. How are you?"

Smiling, he took Ellie's carrier and held open the door. "Real good. I was actually going to call you about something."

Maura looked at him surprised. "About what?"

He blushed a little and fidgeted. Just like Jane, as he pushed the button for the elevator. "Well you know Maggie and I got back together a few months ago, and I mean things were rough there for a while with both of us working a lot and the odd hours and not seeing each other, but we worked it out, you know, and it's so awesome now. I was a thinking of asking her to marry me, and I was hoping you could come with me to go engagement ring shopping. 'Cause I'm not really the best at that stuff."

Maura didn't think her smile could get any bigger, as they stepped onto the elevator. "Frankie that's wonderful! I would love to come with you. Just let me know when."

"Thanks," he said, looking down at Ellie still sleeping peacefully. "I just see what you and Janie have and I was thinking and I want that too with Maggie. Don't tell anyone though. I don't want it getting around. Next thing you know, Korsak tells a uniform who tells an EMT who tells an ER nurse and it gets back to Mags, and I mean I know you're not the blabbing type but you don't tell Mags either."

Maura rubbed his shoulder with her free hand. "Your secret is safe," she said, getting off at the desired floor.

Korsak saw them come in first and rushed over. "Hey girls," he said warmly, taking Ellie from Frankie and setting her down on his desk. He immediately started making faces at her, earning a toothess grin and giggle.

Maura set Margo down on Jane's desk, and soon all the guys in the bullpen were crowding around to get a peak at the twins. They were all just big softies under their tough guy facades. Just like Jane. Speaking of which..."Where's Jane?" Maura asked Frost looking around.

He looked up from Margo. "To get much needed coffee."

Maura nodded. She understood that need. When Ellie started fussing from all the attention Maura smiled as Korsak picked up the tiny baby in his big hands and shooed the other guys away, rocking her until she settled back down. Frost had picked up Margo, who was staring intently at him, she brought a chubby hand up to his face and tried to grab at his nose. "I look funny to you?" He asked playfully. "That's because I'm black," he finished with a laugh. "You've never seen a black man before, but if you're lucky when you're older you'll get to marry one."

Maura laughed and fixed Margo's hat. "She would be lucky to marry a man like you, Barry."

"Not happening."

Maura turned to see Jane walking in with a tray full of coffee. "My girls will be nowhere near a Barry Frost Jr, or any other man. They're going to the convent when they're thirteen."

Maura shook her head and walked over to greet her wife with a quick kiss. All the guys in the bullpen immediately made the usual kissy sounds. Frankie joined in, never passing up an opportunity to bug his sister.

Jane looked around at them. "Really? Still?"

They all just shrugged and chuckled at her. "Uh oh," Frost said, making a face. "Someone made a stinky. Here you go pops," he said with a smile handing Margo off to Jane. Maura took the baby from her wife. "I'll do it," she said.

Jane smiled. "I like their hats," she said with a wink. "I see you've taught them the importance of accessorizing."

Frankie smiled at his sister and her wife, before catching a glimpse of his watch. "I gotta go," he said rushed. "See you Sunday at dinner Janie. Bye Maura," he finished before running off.

Maura smiled at him and winked before heading off to the bathroom, with a now whimpering baby. Jane looked down at Elliott in Korsak's arm, who smiled as she recognized a familiar face. "Hi Ellie-bear," Jane said in her goofy, baby voice. Korsak and Frost snickered. "Yeah, yeah, shut up you two, and stop pretending you don't get all gaga over my super adorable babies."

"Super adorable 'cause they look like the doc," Crowe interjected with a smirk as he walked by.

Jane couldn't deny it. The twins looked like little Mauras wearing Beatles wigs. When Elliott started squirming, Korsak passed her immediately to Jane. "Hey there Ellie, I'm right here, and mom is going to be right back."

The baby, now in complete control of her head, looked up at Jane and gurgled, but started to fuss again. Jane immediately unclipped her badge from her belt and handed it over. Elliot loved staring at the bright, shiny gold. Her little hands held it up to big hazel eyes as she examined it, and then put it in her mouth.

Korsak and Frost chuckled. "That what you been doing with your badge these past months?"

Jane looked up at them and smiled with a shrugged. "Margo plays with the handcuffs. She likes the way they jingle. Believe me I know all the tricks to keeping these two happy campers, and I've had to get creative."

"That's how she got me to marry her," Maura said with a wink, as she walked back over to Jane's desk.

Jane rolled her eyes but had to smile. "So what are you ladies doing here? Not that I mind the visit."

Maura cooed at Margo who had startled herself with a little sneeze. "It's just a sneeze Gogo," she said, before smiling up at Jane. "We thought you would be tired and cranky from being here all night-"

"Ya, I'm sorry about that, baby, I tried to get home, but we had to go-"

Maura reached and hand out to touch Jane's arm and silence her. "It's okay. The girls and I had a sleepover, snuggled up in the big bed, and we got plenty of sleep for a change, and we thought you could probably use a smile, and a visit from your favourite ladies."

Jane looked at Elliott and bounced her gently to get the smile she wanted. The smallest hint of a tooth starting to show on the bottom. It really was true, Jane thought. They grow up so fast. Little teeth already, but just for Elliott. She was developing fast in the tooth department. Margo was still all gums, that she currently used to chew on her little hand.

"Go for lunch with your girls, Jane," Korsak suggested. "Frost and I'll go over everything again, maybe come up with something new."

Jane nodded and smiled, happy to get away from the horrors of the case, and be with her family if only for a little while.

Gruesome case solved, Jane was happy to be back home. "Hey," she whispered, rolling over in their big bed, to face Maura. The early light was starting to brighten up the room. Maura swept some hair out of her face.

"Hey," she whispered back. "I think we just got more than 4 hours of sleep in a row."

Jane grinned and yawned into her pilllow. "I was just going to say that. So awesome."

Maura stretched out with a contented groan, and then started walking her fingers up Jane's bare arm.

Jane moaned and immediately accepted the silent invitation, rolling on to her once again perfectly shaped wife. "I know you know we only have less than half an hour before the babies wake up, so I know you want it hard and fast and dirty."

Maura gulped and moaned and panted simultaneously. She nodded furiously. "God yes."

Jane grinned and bit into the soft skin of her lover's neck, slidding her long fingers into Maura's silk pajama bottoms. Clothing would stay on, getting naked wasn't a top priority. All that mattered was how wet Maura was and how smoothly Jane's fingers slid into her wife.

"Did you wake up wet like this?" Jane breathed out into a sensitive ear.

Maura nodded and panted. "Yes...dreams."

Jane's fingers stilled, earning a whimper "Tell me."

Maura fought to catch her breath long enough to speak, knowing Jane wouldn't start again until she was told the details of the dream. " me...rough," she managed.

Jane still didn't move. "How rough?"

Maura was on the verge of hormone and frustration induced tears. "Rough-rough," was all she could get out.

Jane's grin increased. "Rough-rough? You better get on your knees for that position."

"Jane," Maura groaned, spreading her legs to try to get the contact she wanted. "Please...please."

Jane acquiesced, pummeling Maura with three long fingers. Grunting with pain and pleasure, Maura bucked her pussy into Jane's strong hand. It didn't take long, in the state she was in, to come. Jane wasn't satisfied with the low, long moan Maura let out with her release, and worked harder to produce a much more piercing scream. It hit Jane's ears just as manicured nails, dug through Jane's tank top and scratched at tan skin.

Maura clawed at Jane's back her body lifting from the bed, as she screamed and convulsed again and again. Finally she let go and collapsed back onto her pillow. "Oh Lord," she moaned breathlessly, running her nails a little more gently up and down Jane's back. "So good." She let out a little whimper as Jane pulled her fingers free of their hot, wet sheath.

"You are so fucking sexy," Jane growled, laying down completely on top of her wife and burrying her face into a slightly sweaty neck. She started kissing it, and working her way down to the buttons of Maura's top. Jane deftly undid them and nuzzled against the warm, freckled flesh between perfect breasts. "God, you're even sexier after the babies. I thought you couldn't get any better, but then you got pregnant and that was so hot, and now you've had the babies and your body is back like it was before, but you're somehow so much sexier. How are you doing this?"

Maura grinned and hummed happily, combing her fingers through Jane's hair. "You make me feel sexy. God," she moaned still basking in the afterglow. "You make me feel so good," she breathed out as Jane started kissing all over swollen breasts.

Jane licked cautiously at an erect nipple and looked up at her wife. Maura was looking back, her bottom lip between her teeth. "You can try it," she said.

Jane chewed the inside of her cheek, thinking it over. "Are you sure? I mean it won't creep you out? I was going to ask the other night, but I got a little distracted," she said with a knowing smile. "I do kinda want to know what it tastes like. Is that weird?"

Maura shook her head, and pushed some stray hair away from Jane's face. "Not weird. It's actually quite intimate and arousing."

Jane didn't say anything more, and dropped her lips back to Maura's breast, kissing around the nipple and licking it, swirling her tongue around it, before gently taking it between her lips and sucking softly. The warm milk trickled into her mouth. It tasted sweet as it washed over her tongue. Like cow's milk mixed with honey and the slightest bit of vanilla. No wonders the babies liked it so much.

Maura moaned, and tangled her fingers in Jane's hair as her wife moved to her other breast. "Oh God."

Jane swallowed and licked both breasts clean of the few drops that had escaped her lips.

Maura had started to writhe and pulled Jane's head back to her breast. "Don't stop," she ordered, shifting so that she could guide Jane's hand back down into her silk bottoms. "So, so, so good," she moaned, as Jane suckled and swirled her fingers over a swollen clit.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Maura panted, grabbing fistfuls of Jane's hair, moaning and no longer able to control herself. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she said, letting go, screaming Jane's name as she was pushed through to the other side.

Jane swallowed her last mouthful of the sweet liquid and kissed her way back up, capturing Maura's parted lips in a searing kiss. Tasting the sweetness on Jane's tongue, Maura moaned into the kiss and finally pulled away to breath. "That was the most amazingly intimate, erotic experience of my life."

Jane grinned layed down, pulling Maura tightly into her arms. "You are delicious," she whispered into golden hair, glancing at the clock as a sharp cry rang out over the baby monitor. "At least they gave us an extra 20 minutes."

"Remind me to buy them sports cars when they're sixteen as a thank you."