The sister of Madara Uchiha

Hey guys I adopted this story from author Mystic 6 tailed Naruto who gave me permission to continue and remake the story in my image. I've always wondered what it would be like if Madara and Izuna had an older sister who was the first to gain the True Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and not her brother's version and afterwards adopts and trains Naruto and also makes him an Uchiha through a blood ritual.

Now there will be a Kushina bashing in the fic but it'll only be temporary. As for Naruto's personality it'll be a combination of his Father's and Itachi's and he'll be very intelligent despite his age. He'll also possess Minato's genius level in terms of the ninja arts meaning he'll be able to find the pro's and cons for any jutsu he sees for the first time and will also inherit his foresight.

He'll also possess Itachi's form of being cunning and keeping his emotions in check even if he's at a disadvantage. I hope you guys like this version because Naruto will be powerful I mean think about it. His new mother is the strongest Uchiha to ever exist and he'll more than likely be at Itachi's level when he was an ANBU after he graduates from the academy.

Kakashi will not e bashed and will play the role of Naruto's older brother as will Rin (she's alive) who will play the role as Naruto's older sister. The same will go for Itachi and Shisui will take Itachi's place in the Akatsuki. Oh and one more thing. Itachi will gain the Mangekyou Sharingan but he gains his through his will to protect his loved ones even if it costs him his life meaning he won't suffer from the backlash of the Mangekyou Sharingan like blindness but he'll suffer from chakra exhaustion. There will also be combinations of bleach, ninja gaiden, inuyasha, and Yu Yu Hakusho added into the fic.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the bloodlines, jutsu, weapons, and characters I created.

Chapter 1: New Home, New Mother

Naruto was born six years ago on this day Oct. 10 to Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina but the strongest known demon the Kyuubi No Kitsune attacked the village not a even a few hours after he was born. He was under the control of Madara's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan when he attacked.

Minato the Yondaime Hokage and Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō summoned the boss toad Gamabunta so he could get close. The Yondaime had tried to find a way to stop the nearly all powerful fox but the only way was to seal him using the Shiki fuujin to summon the Shinigami who took the Kyuubi's soul and sealed within young Naruto's body.

Naruto's mother Kushina survived his birth but the loss of Minato was too much for the red haired woman and the fact that Minato never told her that he'd have to seal the Kyuubi inside him, she tried to kill Naruto, but Sarutobi, Kakashi, Rin, and Jiraiya intervened and stopped her attempt and each of them were disgusted with what she attempted to do to her own son.

Kushina had another child a few seconds after Naruto a little girl who she named Kasumi and they both lived in the Namikaze estate and Kushina left Naruto at the mercy of the wolves. While Jiraiya was still the boy's godfather, he couldn't stay in the village due to the fact that he was in charge of the village's spy network but would always send Naruto presents and money for his birthday.

Kakashi and Rin begged Hiruzen to let them adopt Naruto in honor of their sensei but thanks to the civilian council that attempt was irrelevant but Hiruzen did allow them to help Naruto learn basics like reading, math, speech etc. and since Kakashi was an ANBU captain and Rin was the director of the hospital they had very little time to visit but they would on their days off.

Thanks to the elders and civilian council Naruto was dubbed as the Kyuubi's incarnate and the civilians along with a few ninja wanted Naruto dead. The only ones that trusted in the Yondaime's skills were the clan heads (minus Fugaku), civilians and ninja that were close friends to Minato, and The ANBU.

Right now a 6 year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was being chased by a mob of civilians and a few ninja who were screaming 'kill the demon' and 'avenge the Yondaime and our loved ones'. One of the chuunin threw a shuriken at Naruto and it embedded into the back of his leg. Said blonde cried out in pain but screamed even louder when a few more hit him in the back, thigh and shoulder.

He collapsed into the ground and the mob started to cheer an slowly advanced towards the whimpering and crying boy who was trying to crawl away but every time he moved the pain became worse. The chunin that threw the Shuriken had looks of glee on their face and were about to throw more until the sound of chirping echoed through the dark streets and the cry of Chidori was heard. That was when the sound of electricity piercing flesh was heard and the chunin that was in the middle had a lightning induced hand shoved through his chest and out his back and blood sepped down the leaf nins chest. The other chunin leapt back and watched in horror as one of their own was killed by an ANBU wearing a dog mask and had gravity defying silver grey hair.

He sickening sound of a hand ripping out of flesh was heard and the chunin fell over and layed there motionlessly with his right arm coated and dripping with blood. Behind his mask, his left eye glowed red and three tomoe spun around rapidly. "If you fools value your lives then I suggest you back away now." Inu ordered releasing Ki on the fools that would dare harm his sensei's son.

That was when a female wearing a long sleeved black shirt that hugged her upper body, and pants that hugged her lower body along with what looked like a white skirt that had a long slit on each side appeared. She had smooth shoulder length brown hair with purple markings on her face and dark brown eyes and a tan skin complexion. She was Rin Kazama.

She was currently kneeling down and healing Naruto's injuries. Said blonde looked up and smiled weakly with blood seeping out of his mouth and going down his lip. "O-onee-chan." Naruto weakly said and said female looked down at him and smiled sadly.

"Don't talk Naru-chan everything will be fine." She said softly and started to slowly pull the shuriken out while said blonde winced in pain. That was when one of the chunin stepped forward.

"Step away from the demon! That creature doesn't deserve to live!" He yelled while the mob cheered in approval. Kakashi on the other hand stood in between the blood thirsty mob and Rin and Naruto while recreating the Chidori. Rin managed to successfully remove the Shuriken and when she heard that they wanted to kill her otouto she got up on her feet and performed a few hand seals. "Chakra no Mesu." She said and her hands glowed and they sounded like buzz saws and got ready to protect Naruto.

Unknown to the mob a woman who was 5'6 with long raven colored hair that stopped to her waist that was a little spiky and also had red eyes with three tomoe in them was watching the event with rage and disgust on her face.

She wore a pink haori that had the pictures of phoenixes and fire on it (Similar to the Shunsui wears in Bleach) and also wore dark red samurai like armor that was similar to the one Hashirama, Tobirama, and Madara wore and a Kunoichi outfit which consisted of a black kimono styled blouse that had black sleeves with red flames licking the tips and also wore a mesh shirt that showed a little of the cleavage from her D cupped breasts that were perfectly fit meaning they weren't too big or too small.

She also wore a long skirt that had two long slits on the sides that stopped to her lower thigh and showed off her flawless legs. A mixture of red and back bandage wrap was wrapped around her ankles, the middle of her feet and around her shins and wore black sandals that were similar to the ones the Senju brothers wore. All in the entire outfit accented her very goddess like figure.

She also wore crimson nail polish and red lipstick on her lower lip and she also wore black eye shadow over her eyes (like Kurenai does). Her Sharingan eyes glowed in the dark under the moonlight and she clenched her fists to the point where they popped.

She is Himegami Uchiha (Fire Goddess), the elder sister of Uchiha Madara and Izuna, the first wielder of the Mangekyou Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and the strongest and oldest Uchiha to live. Currently she would be pushing 100 but due to the fact that she gained the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan from Inari the fox god she gained eternal life and youth.

Not only that but she was the only Uchiha whose eyes were actually blessed by the three gods/goddesses Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanno due to the fact that she never lusted for power nor did she gain the fourth stage of the Sharingan by taking the life of a loved one. She did the exact opposite by having the desire to protect those precious to her and give her life for her loved ones.

'Madara-otouto you fool look at what you've done! You have condemned an innocent child to a life of suffering for your own foolish ambitions and worse you took his family away from him! I should've finished you off after Hashirama-kun defeated you.' Himegami though and then she closed her eyes and opened them, revealing her Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Her version was in the form of a six bladed windmill shuriken and the inside had and atomic flower shape in them and in the middle was a black pupil.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun. I'll take you in as my own and make up for what my foolish little brother did to you and your family." Himegami spoke and vanished in a flash of red lightning.

"There's no way we're gonna let you fools harm this boy. If you want him so badly then you'll have to get past us." Kakashi said while Rin nods in agreement. The Chunin growled and pulled out a kunai as did the others while the mob pulled out their own weapons.

"Fine then! We'll kill you demon lovers and the Kyuubi-brat! Let's get them!" The chunin yelled and the mob charged. Kakashi and Rin were inwardly cursing due to the fact that they were outnumbered.

"I have no choice but to use that." Kakashi said and started to channel a lot of chakra into his eye in order to activate his Mangekyou Sharingan.

"Amaterasu." Said a calm and feminine voice. That was when a wall of black fire rose from the ground and appeared in between Kakashi, Rin, and Naruto. The chunin that was charging full speed towards the three saw the flames and couldn't stop himself in time to avoid the black flames and fell right into it. The man fell down onto the ground screaming in agony and thrashing around as the flames devoured him and then reduced him to ashes afterwards.

Both Rin's and Kakashi's as well as the mob's eyes widen when they see this. "Kakashi-kun did you" Rin asks and the man shook his head while the Chidori dissipated.

"No Rin-chan I didn't do this." Kakahsi answered and wondered just who created the wall of black fire. That was when the black fire formed into the head of a dragon and roared frightening the mob. It suddenly shot forward and engulfed half of the mob who didn't even get the chance to cry out in pain and agony before being reduced to ashes.

Kakashi, Rin, and Naruto were shocked and amazed at how the flames morphed into a dragon and reduced half of the mob into ashes. The flames suddenly dissipated Himegami appeared with her dark blue chakra flaring around like wild fire.

Kakashi and Rin were shivering at the amount of power she was emitting. 'Sweet Kami I've never felt this much power emit from someone. It feels like it's on par with a bijuu's.' The copy-nin thought but the his eyes widen when he sees her eyes. "Sh-she's an Uchiha." He said and Rin's eyes widened in surprise.

That was when Himegami spoke up. "You people are a disgrace to the village and the people who gave their lives so that this place can prosper. Now you will experience the pain this boy's had to endure for the next 48 hours. Tsukuyomi." She said and that was when the mobsters each cried out in agony and collapsed on the ground crying and flailing around until they each had a blank stare on their faces and bodies remained motionless.

Himegami then sighs and turns her attention towards Kakashi and Rin who tense up the female Uchiha smiles. "Don't worry I can tell you two are no threat to the child so I won't attack you." She says and they relax their guard.

She then turns her attention towards Naruto who looked nervous under her gaze. She then walks over to him, kneels down, stretches her hand out and placed it on the boy's cheek which made him freeze. Kakashi and Rin thought she did something to him. "It's alright little one I'm not going to hurt you." She said and gently scooped the boy up in her arms and held him close to her warm body.

At first Naruto was afraid that she would hurt him but when he looked into her eyes he saw nothing but warmth and protection in them. They were the same like Rin's, Kakashi's, the Ichiraku's, and the Sandaime's Naruto accepted the embrace and fell into the warmth. 'That's right Naru-chan. You'll finally get the mother you always wanted.' She said but then frowned when she sensed a powerful chakra in their location. 'Speaking of mothers.'

Kakashi and Rin also sensed the chakra and turned their attention to a woman who appeared to be in her early thirties, had long red hair and violet slitted eyes, and wore a red and black outfit on her hourglass like body and a black flack jacket. She was Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, the woman who abandoned her firstborn and from the look in her eyes she was not happy.

"Where do you think you're doing with my Sochi Uchiha?" Kushina spat the name out like it was poison in her mouth. A year back Kushina read the scroll that was given to her by Sarutobi after the Kyuubi attack and read it. It was written by her late husband Minato and it explained everything about the seal and its effects on Naruto.

After she had tried to kill Naruto Kushina had been horrified at what she had tried to do and wanted to make it up to her firstborn in any way she could but Sarutobi prevented her from doing that and had forbidden her from approaching Naruto until he deemed her sane enough to be trusted to go near him.

Himegami on the other hand kept her cool calm gaze on the red-haired woman.

Kushina glared coldly at the Uchiha that held her child. "I will ask you again Uchiha...where are you going with my Sochi?" She demanded.

Said female Uchiha smirks. "Simple. I'm giving the boy you abandoned a mother he rightfully deserves and unfortunately for you, you aren't the one." She answered which pissed Kushina off and said red head's fists ignited and violet colored fire covered both of her arms. Apparently Kushina possessed one of the most powerful body based bloodlines that ever existed. It was known as the Kanpeki Karada (Perfect Body credit for this bloodline goes to Elemental Demon Sage).

This bloodline gave the user certain abilities like the creation and manipulation of all the elements and sub elements and once mastered, the wielder can manipulate them at will. It also gives them Absolute Energy control, giving them the ability to have perfect manipulation of the body's multiple energies like Chakra, Reiki, and Yokai.

The user is also in a sense superhuman and a pseudo immortal. The abilities were high speed regeneration, increased muscle density and flexibility to give the body unmatched strength, speed, stamina, agility and flexability, and the bone density is increased to the point that the bones, while still weighing the same as normal bones, become unbreakable and stronger than steel.

They are also immune to all forms of poison, toxins, diseases, and their bodies' immune system can easily identify a new poison that enters the body, breaks it down and turns it into antibodies that can destroy any new substances that enters the body.

"You are not taking him anywhere! I brought him into this world and I won't let a power obsessed jutsu stealing thief take him away from me!" The red head proclaimed. Himegami's Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan glowed red and cracks started to slowly form in the ground.

"Kushina the Sandaime Hokage forbade you from going anywhere near Naruto-kun until he dubbed you ready!" Rin yelled making Kushina glare at her.

"Shut up Rin! I could care less what that old fool told me what to do!" She yelled back but that was when Kakashi appeared between Kushina and Himegami who raised an eyebrow.

"Kushina you will back away from the boy and go back home. You are treading on dangerous grounds by disobeying a direct order from the leader of the Shinobi Forces of this village and that action is close to being counted as treason. This is your final warning. Go home or you will be arrested." Kakashi stated and was slowly reaching for his ninjato.

Kushina on the other hand was growling and the flames dancing around her arms expanded. "I'm taking my Sochi back and no one is gonna keep me from bringing him back. Hokage's orders be damned!" She screamed which caused Kakashi and Rin's eyes to widen in shock.

Kakashi sighed heavily and his eyes were cold as ice. "Then I have no other choice but to" He started to say until Himegami placed a hand on his should and he looked over to she her calm yet deadly expression.

"Please take the boy and step back to where your friend is." She said. Kakashi blinks for a while but then he nods and takes Naruto out of her arms. After that he moves over to Rin and was still confused. "Why do you want us to" Kakashi started to ask but that was when he, Rin, and an unconscious Naruto were sucked into a dimensional void created by Himegami's EMS.

Kushina's eyes widen in shock when she saw that. "What did you do? Where did you take my son?" Kushina screamed/demanded while the longest living Uchiha brushed her hair back a little.

"I used a Jikukan Ninjutsu (Space-Time Technique) and sent them to a different dimension where they'll stay for now." She explained which infuriated Kushina. "YOU BITCH BRING MY SON BACK HERE NOW!" She roared while her eyes became stilled and her hair spiked up a little.

Himegami on the other hand smirks. "Why should I? You're no longer his legal since you tossed him aside like garbage and revoked your right to be his mother. Your loss is my gain because I intend to give Naru-chan a mother that'll love and support him and no one is gonna stop me especially not you." She replied.

Kushina on the other hand trembles in rage and then a dark smirk appears on her face. "Then I'll just have to make you." She said and charges at her with violet fire trailing behind her.

"You can try little girl." She said and in a flash of silver light, a silver scythe called the Tenrai Tsukikirite (Divine Moon Cutter) appeared in her right hand and twirls it. "You can try." That was when silver white lightning channeled through the Scythe and she got into a bojutsu stance.

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen was currently in his office looking through his orb at the fight between Kushina and the mysterious Uchiha and Kushina wasn't faring well against her but that wasn't the problem. He couldn't sense Kakashi's, Rin's, or Naruto's chakra anywhere. It was almost as if they didn't exist in this plane anymore.

He was also pissed that Kushina had the nerve and gall to disobey his direct orders in staying away from Naruto. He knew she wanted him back after reading the scroll Minato left her but he questioned her sanity and put a restraining order on her fearing for his surrogate grandson's life and there was also the fact that she was beyond obsessed with getting him back.

He stood up and snapped his fingers, which cause six ANBU to appear kneeling before their leader. "Let's go." He said and they shunshin out of the office.

Konoha Square

Almost half of the square was in ruins. Craters, scorch marks, and buildings that were either reduced to rubble or cut cleanly in half covered the current battle ground and smoke rose from a few of the buildings and craters. Another explosion occurred and Kushina was leaping out of the rising smoke and landed on the ground, skidding back a little her body was littered with cuts, bruises and her clothes were torn a little.

Her hair was messy and dirt as well as dried blood was on her out fit. "Dammit. No matter what I do she's always one step ahead of me. How can an Uchiha be this strong?" She said in frustration. That was when a calm and stoic Himegami appeared in front of Kushina shocking her. Before she could react Himegami kicked Kushina in the stomach and sent her flying towards a brick wall.

Said red head cried out in pain when she hit the wall hard and an imprint of her body and a crater formed around the wall. Kushina looked up at an unscathed Himegami with hate in her eyes and started to channel lightning chakra into her left arm and lift it up but that was when the female Uchiha grabbed her wrist and instantly snapped it, making the technique disappear.

Kushina gritted her teeth in pain but knew her broken wrist would heal but then her eyes bugged out and she vomited out blood because Himegami punched her in the torso hard, and the sound of her ribs breaking and her internal organs swishing entered her ears.

Kushina was coughing violently while Himegami lifted her arm over her head and kept her gaze on Kushina. "You foolish little girl, did you honestly think that you could best me?" She said in monotone.

Kushina looked up at Himegami with hatred and rage in her eyes and metal formed around her right hand and she formed it into a fist. A frustrated yell escaped from her mouth and she delivered a bone shattering punch onto Himegami's jaw and made her head tilt back. Kushina smirks when she does this but then her eyes widen in disbelief when she saw Himegami just stare at her with her head tilted back. "H-How? That punch should've crushed your skull." Kushina stammers out while the female Uchiha leaned closer to her face.

"You don't get do you?" She says and then punches her in the gut so hard that the crater Kushina formed grew bigger and the ground trembled. She does this three more times until the brick wall crumbles and Kushina stumbles on her knees and blood seeps out of her mouth. Himegami still had her grip on Kushina's arm and pulls her scythe off her back. She puts it in a reversed position and swings it upwards.


A blood curdling scream escapes from Kushina's mouth and blood sprays out of her stump of an arm and shoots out like a geyser. Kushina leaps away from Megami and clutches her stump of an arm while blood spilled from it and onto the ground. Hime wipes the blood off her scythe, tosses the arm aside, and turns around with her EMS glowing.

"The next thing that'll go will be your head." She said coldly while the silver edge glistened in the moonlight. She started to make her way towards Kushina but stopped when she heard the red head laughing darkly. Her eyes widened a little when she saw a purple aura surround Kushina's body and the bleeding stopped. Her hair waved around wildly and she slowly stood up and placed her arm to the side.

Kushina looked up and her slitted violet eyes were glowing and canines formed jutted out of her upper lip. She smiles and holds her stump out and it starts to shift and ripple. She let out a painful grunt as a new arm shot out of the stump she use to have. Himegami's eyes widened in surprise when she saw this.

Kushina inspects her new arm and closes it into a fist while her old arm melted into the ground. "You can go ahead and cut my head off. I'll just grow it back like I did my arm. My kekkei genkai Kanpeki Karada practically makes me immortal. You can lop off my head, arms, legs, stab me in all of my vital organs, and even throw me into a pool of the strongest acid that exists. It still won't be enough to kill me. I have to say this though." She said as she cracked her neck. "You're the first person aside from my koi and parents to actually remove a limb and do this much damage to me."

Himegami surprised state recedes and she smirks. "I see. But even if you can't be killed under normal circumstances there are other ways to and immortal like yourself. I should know since I had a few encounters with your clansmen and killed them." She said making Kushina's eyes widen. "Even with your ancient bloodline you're still no match for me. Before you or your parent were a gleam in your ancestors eyes I have fought and lived through countless battles, slayed thousands of ninjas and I was the only one to ever defeat the Shodaime Hokage in combat." She said

Kushina's eyes widen in disbelief when she heard. "I-impossible… IMPOSSIBLE! THERE"S NO WAY YOU CAN BE ALIVE! YOU'D HAVE TO BE OVER 100!" Kushina cried while Himegami smirks.

"You are correct. I am over 100 and I am the strongest Uchiha to live in this world. Not even my little brothers Madara and Izuna could match me in skill even if they went all out. The same went with Hashirama and his brother Tobirama. I am Himegami Uchiha, the first Uchiha in history to gain every stage of the Sharingan." Himegami states but then she sensed something and smiled.

"So the little monkey is still alive?" She said with a small smile on her face. Kushina was confused at the statement and turned head into the direction Himegami's eyes were aimed at. Said Uzumaki's eyes widened when she saw Hiruzen Sarutobi who give her a stone cold glare. Along side of him were six ANBU but then they vanished and landed onto the ground where Kushina and Himegami were and the man wasn't happy.

"Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, you've got a lot of nerve to go against me and my orders concerning you and your son." He said in a cold tone and also directed his KI on the former wife of Minato Namikaze. Hiruzen may be old and one of the few kages to live past his prime but he is still the strongest ninja in the village aside from his students Jiraiya and Tsunade.

"B-but Sarutobi she wouldn't give me back my" She stammered out but then her knees buckled when he released more Ki on her.

"SILENCE!" He roared which made her shut up. "I gave you a direct order not to go near Naruto until I deemed you sane enough to approach him especially when you made an attempt to kill him when you found out Minato sealed the Kyuubi in him. You are no different from half of the fools in the village who can't tell the difference between the jailed and the jailor. Bear, Hawk, Wolf, and Tiger, take Kushina to Ibiki for disobeying a direct order from her superior and after that she is placed on house arrest until I revoke it." He said.

A look of shock and anger appeared on Kushina's face. "Y-You can't do that!" She screamed until Hiruzen's chakra flared and made the ground crack.

"I am the Hokage Kushina, the ruler of this village and the Shinobi that inhabit it. My word is law and what I say GOES!" He bellowed. "You should consider yourself lucky that I don't have you do time in prison for going against me but I will not do that to Kasumi-chan and have her suffer for your stupidity, but this is you last and final warning. Stay away from Naruto or else you will regret it." He said harshly and snapped his fingers. Before Kushina knew it she had Chakra suppressing cuffs on her wrists and both Bear and Wolf grabbed her shoulders and shunshin away as do Hawk and Tiger.

Hiruzen turns his attention to Himegami who was watching the event and spoke up. "Now may I know who you are, why you damaged village property, and what you did with my two subordinates and Naruto?" He asks while she smiles.

"Now is that any way to greet an old friend little monkey?" Himegami asks which confuses Hiruzen until his eyes widen when she called him 'little monkey'.

'Only one person ever called me that but she disappeared during the founding of the village and when Hashirama-sensei became the Shodaime Hokage of the village.' "H-Himegami-sama… is that really you?" He asked and his answer was her nodding and grinning at the stumped man. "B-but how? How are you still alive and look the same when you left Konoha?" He asks.

Himegami's smiled formed into a frown and she had a serious expression on her face. "I'll explain in due time first." A swirling vortex appeared around her and Kakashi, Rin, and Naruto's sleeping form appeared and said blonde was sleeping in Rin's arms. The two ninja blink in confusion and looked around to see they were back in Konoha.

"What the? How? When? Where is?" Kakashi said scratching his head in confusion as he saw the destruction and then saw the Hokage and Himegami. "Uhhh Hokage-sama where did we go and what happened to Kushina?" The copy ninja asks because he was confused as hell as was Rin.

Hiruzen chuckles and tilts his hat up. "Kushina is having a little 'chat' with Ibiki and Anko and afterwards she is on house arrest. The rest will be explained in my office." He says and the man looks at Cat and Falcon. "Get a construction crew to clean up this mess." He ordered getting nods from them and they Shunshin away.

After that the five of them headed back to the Hokage Tower where Sarutobi started to explain everything to Himegami. Said female Uchiha on the other hand was not happy and Hiruzen could tell from the disappointment and angry look on her face. "I can't tell you how disappointed I am in you Hiruzen Sarutobi. Your Sensei's would be displeased as well." She said while he sadly nodded. Kakashi and Rin were stumped though seeing her berate their leader like a child.

"I know Megami-sama, apparently my best wasn't good enough when it came to helping Naruto. I told Minato to let me perform the sealing so that he can look after his wife and children but he was being too idealistic about protecting the village. I told him that while a person was smart, people were stupid but sadly it was all in vain and what made the matter worse was that those fools on the civilian and elder council spread a false rumor about Naruto being the Kyuubi's reincarnate. I was too late to explain the sealing to them and those who told the people of the village about Naruto's condition remain unanimous. The only ones that are backing me are the clan heads." He explained while she frowned.

"So apparently the village that my best friends created with their own blood, sweat and tears is nothing more than a shell of its former self? What the hell are you doing letting their legacy be reduced to crap Hiruzen Sarutobi?" She shouted as she focused a little of her ki on the man.

"You are the Hokage! This is a ninja village not a damn democracy! Your word is law! Those civilians and elders that are on the council should have no form of power over you whatsoever and you shouldn't be allowing a mob of blind and short minded fools attack an innocent child in your streets! This is not what Hashirama-kun and Tobirama-kun created! They would never allow any child especially a Jinchuuriki be treated like this nor would they let the council be in control of things they have no say in! Wake the hell up and face reality you stupid monkey or I swear I'll make that beating I gave you when you were a snot nosed gaki look like child's play!" She yelled while Rin and Kakashi's jaw's dropped.

This Uchiha was around when the Sandaime was a kid meaning she was around during the founding of the village and they wondered just how was she capable of looking so young yet being over 100 years old.

"She's right. I let my trust in the village blind my judgement. What have I been doing with my sensei's legacy? They would be ashamed of me!" He looked back up at Himegami with a different expression on his face and she was smiling. His eyes burned brighter than they did before and his facial appearance was not that of a weak old man. It was the appearance of a man who has fought, killed, and strike fear into the hearts of even the most dangerous shinobi. This was the man who fought in all three wars and lived.

"Glad to finally have you back Hiruzen." Himegami thought. "Thank you Megami-sama, the fire that dwindled in my eyes has reawakened." He said in a strong and authorities tone. "And I believe it's time for me to clean house and show these people why I was dubbed as the Shinobi no Kami." He says and he was gonna make sure that no one usurped his authority ever again.

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