Sister of Madara Uchiha

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Also level wise Naruto would be around ANBU due to who his new mother is and in a since will have some form of experience in facing opponents that are stronger than him but people like Jiraiya, Hiruzen, A, Kirabi, Nagato, Kisame, Itachi, Ichigo, Himegami, Tsunade, etc. will be able to beat him.

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Chapter 5: Traitors and Teammates

4 years have passed since Shisui and Madara massacred nearly half of the Uchiha Clan. Luckily most of the Civilian Uchiha and Police Force were able to survive the assault. When word got out in the village how Shisui almost wiped out half of his clan, many were shocked at why he would do such a thing? Due to his father's death at the hands of the traitor, Itachi had to take the position as the clan head and the Chief of the Police Forces. Hiruzen also increased the security around the village and Shisui was declared an S class missing nin who was to be killed on sight by the ANBU and Konoha Hunter nin.

After that event, Naruto still continued his training under his parents as well as got some assistance from Kushina under Himegami's watch of course to make sure she didn't try anything. During those years, Himegami became pregnant and she and Ichigo had a daughter and named her Masaki, after Ichigo's mother. Masaki inherited her mother's features but Ichigo's Auburn hair and amber eyes.

When this event occurred Naruto was beyond ecstatic in having a younger sibling and would do everything to make sure she was alright which impressed his parents and friends especially Himegami. Naruto would sometimes stay the night with his little sister in case she had nightmares and would rock her back to sleep. He would even help his mother whenever Ichigo was on a mission for the Hokage.

The ones who were impressed the most were Mikoto, Tsume, Hana, and even Kurenai and Anko whenever they saw Naruto with the little ball of energy and with the way he watched over her they could already tell that he would make a great father in the future. Takara also helped when it came to little Masaki as she would always try to steal her from Naruto which was kind of funny for the grown-ups to see them argue over who would feed her or take her to the park.

He also gained a strong friendship with Kasumi and he would sometime show her how to counteract dojutsu such as the Sharingan for example and would also help Hinata, Tenten, Yakumo, Sukina, and Sakura with their training whenever they weren't in the academy. Also during the years he met his godfather Jiraiya but that was an event that didn't go well at first due to the fact that he caught the man peeking on Kushina, Anko, Kurenai, Mikoto, Tsume, and even Himegami when they were relaxing in a hot spring it almost resulted in Naruto nearly roasting him alive with fire jutsu and Ichigo went after him with Tensa Zangetsu when he found out the man peeked on his wife which was humorous to the Sandaime who had asked him not to kill his student for his actions.

Reluctantly they did but Naruto burned his research with a fire jutsu and threatened to burn off his manhood if he ever caught him trying that again, which resulted him getting hugged to death by Anko, Kurenai, Kushina, Mikoto, and Tsume with Jiraiya calling Naruto a lucky bastard with resulted in him once again getting chased around Konoha by a ticked off Naruto who tried to fry his ass with fire and lightning jutsu.

Afterwards, Jiraiya offered to help Naruto by teaching him some jutsu he created and learned and taught him a little about espionage which is what he excelled since he had a worldwide spy network which impressed Naruto that he could keep up with such a network.

He also met Rock Lee who had declared Naruto to be his eternal rival especially when he saw him easily beat Neji Hyuuga, the so called next Rookie of the year in his age group outside the academy without even trying and beat someone even he couldn't beat in taijutsu. Naruto would occasionally have spars with Lee that would result in the training grounds in the academy being reduced to craters and destroyed trees and logs.

He also showed lee how to combine his taijutsu using weapons such as Tonfa, a bo staff, and even talons (like the ones Ryu used in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2). Also Himegami also helped Itachi in using the Mangekyo Sharingan properly so that he wouldn't exhaust his chakra and even had him improve in things like increasing his stamina, speed, and physical form so that he would be able to fight a lot better in close combat and fighting opponents physically stronger than him and the same went with Kakashi.

While the man was an A class shinobi respected and feared throughout the ninja world, she helped work on getting him to his father's level and manage to find a way for him to use his sharingan without wasting so much energy.

During his time in the ninja academy, Naruto had kept his position as the best in the class for the last several years, impressing every teacher in the school at how he was able to easily understand everything and stated that he was a genius that even surpassed even his father Minato Namikaze and others like Itachi and even requested that Naruto graduate early but said blonde denied the request stating that even though he was able to understand things a lot more easily than others, he still had much to learn and also wanted to graduate with his classmates.

This shocked but impressed most of them due to how humble he was with his skills since he never flaunts his abilities nor does he show arrogance like some would. Speaking of arrogance, ever since the massacre Sasuke has become more arrogant than ever proclaiming that he will be the one who kills Shisui and avenge his fallen clansmen and even tries to upstage Naruto and prove that he was a true blood and not some pathetic half breed that was showed mercy from an outcast but no matter how many times he tried to taunt or call Naruto name's, the blonde would just ignore him and walk away stating he has better things to do than listen to some trash who doesn't even come close to matching his brother or sister in terms of skill which would piss the boy off since he really didn't have the Sharingan and both Naruto, Sukina, and Itachi did and the latter's having fully matured ones at best and the second stages. Naruto gained his through pushing the limits of his eyes like his mother did but only had the first stage of the Mangekyo Sharingan thanks to her blood and spiritual energy being stronger than any other Uchiha's.

He also got along well with Shino, Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino once she got the fan girl knocked out of her by Sakura. The only problem was Kiba due to the fact that he kept trying to get Hinata to go out with him with the girl kindly refusing since she didn't like Kiba that way and it irked the Inuzuka and there were times where he tried to make advances on her but they were mostly stopped by either her female friends or Naruto who would literally beat the crap out of him for trying to make advances on his little sister (as I said Hinata will look up to Naruto like he is her older brother as will Hanabi).

One time Hinata had enough and jyukens (gentle fists) him right between the legs which resulted in him going to the hospital for a few days and Naruto and his classmates laugh their butts off when she did that.

Right now, the soon to be genin were in the classroom and each passed their graduation exam (so that you know they're wearing their shippuden outfits and are 15). Naruto changed over the years due to his training under Himegami, Ichigo, and Kushina (Who is making amends for her actions against Naruto for abandoning him).

His hair style was a mixture of Minato's and Ichigo's (when he exits out of the Dangai Realm to Face Aizen) but it was still a darker yellow color and had black and red streaks in his jaw length bangs. He wore an open crimson shirt with long wide sleeves with a black muscle shirt under it. He also wore a pair of black anbu style pants with a matching color obi around his waist and black anbu style sandals as well as black fingerless gloves on them. On the back of his shirt was a yin yang symbol in gold and on the back. Under the sleeves of his arms, he wore a pair of black gauntlets with silver edges on them (like the ones Ryu Hayabusa wore.

Kasumi also changed over the years. Like her mother, she wore a matching red and black open jacket and pants, wearing a black tank top that stopped to her midriff but wore a fishnet shirt under it and black sandals. She kept her long red hair up into a high ponytail and also wore a black choker around her neck as well as two earrings that had a whirlpool symbol on them.

Like her, Sukina also had the toned body of an actual kunoichi. She wore a dark blue strapless shirt with long sleeves that hung off her shoulders and a wore a short white vest over it, with a red sash wrapped around her torso as well as black biker shorts with black sandals and also wore black fingerless gloves as well as a dark blue choker around her neck and like Kasumi wore the symbol of her clan on her earrings.

Right now they each had passed their exams and were all wearing their forehead protectors either around their arms, foreheads, or waist and Iruka was congratulating them in getting this far in the academy and wishing them luck in their ninja careers and announced that Naruto was this generation's rookie of the year with Kasumi and Sukina tying with the Kunoichi of the year.

After Graduation

Every parent or relative was congratulating their child in graduating and staring their career as ninja for the village. Naruto was currently with Himegami, Ichigo, Masaki, Kakashi, Rin, and Takara. "Congratulations otouto or should I say rookie of the year?" Kakashi replied while ruffling his little brother's hair, much to Naruto's annoyance.

"Aniki stop it." The young blonde swatted his hand away while the copy ninja chuckles. Rin gives Naruto a hug while Takara and Masaki glomp his legs talking about how their big brother was going to become the best ninja in the whole world much to his embarrassment and his family's amusement. That was when he was tackled into a hug by Sakura.

She wore a sleeveless red shirt with fishnet under it as well as a pair of dark red fingerless gloves and black biker shorts that stopped above her knees but hugged her figure which was that of a kunoichi in training. Her hair was a dark pink color and was in a single braid that hung over her right shoulders.

"Naruto-kun we did it! We're finally ninja!" She said as her face was full of excitement while the blonde chuckled and responded with a one armed hug that made a blush form on her face. "My kami he's got muscles on his arms! And his chest." She thought.

"We sure did Sakura-chan. I bet your parents are real proud of you especially your dad." He replied and she nodded in excitement. Her father Nishiki Haruno was ninja who was highly skilled in archery and genjutsu like Kurenai was. He was so good that he could easily shoot down a fly and pin it to a wall without killing it and spent his time teaching Sakura how to use a bow and arrow in both close, mid, and long range combat and the man had an affinity for Wind, Lightning, and Fire which made him even deadlier.

"Yeah he's really proud of me and got me my own bow for doing so well. I can't wait to test it out on the missions we're gonna do in the future." She said in an excited tone while Naruto chuckles.

"And I can't wait to see you in action with it either." The blonde replied back and noticed that Mizuki was silently walking away from the other parents and appeared to be plotting. Himegami noticed it too as did Ichigo and they looked at their son.

"That teme's planning something stupid." Naruto remarked as he knew that Mizuki has always had it out for the blonde and always tried to find ways of trying to ridicule Naruto's academics until he was put in his place by Hiruzen who threaten to deal with the man personally if he kept this up.

It was now night time and Mizuki was in the forest grinning like he had won the lottery. The reason for that is because he had manage to steal the Forbidden Scroll when he killed a chunin that was guarding the Hokage vault and manage to swipe it after the alarm went off. "Finally I'll no longer be held back by this weak excuse of a village and gain the power Orochimaru-sama promised that'll make me even stronger than the Hokage." He said gleefully as he hopped off a tree branch. His senses alerted him and he was forced to leap back onto the ground as several kunai were embedded into the tree he was formerly on and looked around frantically. "Shit did the ANBU manage to catch up with me ?" He thought as he looked around.

He was unaware that the area behind him had rippled and swirled and appearing from the vortex was none other than Naruto who cocked his fist back and struck the unaware traitor in the jaw so hard that he was sent flying into a tree and hit the ground. "Well, well, well, would you look at what I've found? The most sacred scroll in the village getting stolen by a traitor?" Mizuki turned his head, revealing his busted and bleeding lip as well as the blood dripping from his forehead and saw none other than Naruto whose Sharingan was active.

Said chunin sneered when he saw the 'demon brat' with the scroll in his hands now and stood up while spitting some blood out. "You? What are you doing here brat?" Mizuki growled out.

"Hunting you down of course though I have to say I was expecting a challenge when searching for you. Your chakra trail was so easy to follow it was pathetic. How did someone of your lack of skill become a chunin in the first place? I mean seriously my little sister is more skilled in hiding her presence than you are right now." Naruto replied in a mocking tone which pissed the chunin off due to the fact that a current graduate was mocking him, an elite ninja of the village.

"You dare mock me you little shit? Hand the scroll over and I might consider letting you live." He tried to threaten but Naruto merely scoffs at the murderous intent he tried to influence onto the blonde.

"I have a better solution. Surrender now and I'll considerleaving all of your limbs intact." He suggested as his expression becomes cold and murderous. "If not then I will simply break your legs, your arms, and lastly your neck before dragging your broken body back to the Hokage and he has you visit Anko-chan and Ibiki-san for a little fun before prepping you up for your execution." His Sharingan eyes glow red which unnerved Mizuki who had a bead of sweat drip down the side of his face, tries to muster up his courage.

"I'd rather die!" He screamed pulling out one of his Fuma Shuriken and throwing it with deadly accuracy as it descended towards Naruto. Said blonde clenches his fist and his fingers shift from their tan color to pitch black and Naruto brought his hand up. Mizuki grinned in glee as he assumed that his weapon would tear Naruto's arm apart only for him to hear a clang and the projectile clangs as it was caught in Naruto's hand.

"What? B-but how?" A startled Mizuki asked while a smirk appeared on Naruto's face. The blonde crushes the blade in his hand and tosses it away.

"Do you honestly think that a weakling like you stands a chance in fighting me? Especially if I possess a fully mature Sharingan? But the worse thing about this situation is that you looked me directly in the eyes which is something only an idiot would do." Mizuki felt his hand tremble and move upwards, much to his shock and moved to his neck. He tried to pull his arm away but struggled to do so.

"G-genjutsu?" Mizuki replied.

"Good guess." Said a voice behind him and then cried out in pain as Naruto stabbed him in the back with a kunai. Mizuki saw that the Naruto in front of him shimmered into a bunch of feathers and then fell to his knees as he couldn't feel his legs anymore.

"M-my legs… I can't feel them." He stammered out.

"I stabbed you in the lower column of your spine where the joints are and severed them with wind enhanced chakra therefore destroying your ability to walk… ever." Naruto ripped the kunai out and Mizuki fell face first onto the ground as Naruto walked around him and crouches down.

"I was aiming to kill you but then I would be ruining Anko-chan's chance to have a crack at you before you go on the chopping block. Though I will miss all those times I sent you to the hospital with a broken jaw or cracked ribs." Naruto said in a solemn yet mocking tone.

"D-damn you demon. Damn you!" He growled out while Naruto rolled his eyes, stood up and slams his foot into the man's face, hearing the sound of his nose breaking and Mizuki's muffled screams under his foot.

"Shut up trash." With that, Naruto proceeds to beat the man within an inch of his life, breaking several ribs, both legs, his arms, and even his jaw. Later on the ANBU arrived at the scene to see Naruto sitting on an unconscious and broken Mizuki's back whistling a happy tune and inspecting a kunai until he saw the ANBU and waved. "Yo, you guys sure took your sweet time getting here." He announced happily while the ANBU sweat drop when they saw the broken man's form.

"Damn talk about ruthless. Is he still alive?" Lion asked the blonde. Naruto responded by getting off Mizuki and lightly kick him with the back of his heel, getting a moan from the man. "Yes he's alive but his career as a ninja is long over with but then again he will be facing the chopping block so it really doesn't matter." He answered back as he picked Mizuki up by the collar and tosses him at the ANBU and the man moans in pain as he is caught.

"Thanks for the help Kurosaki-san." Hawk said as he caught the forbidden scroll that Naruto tossed to him.

"No problem and tell the old monkey he owes me big for this." Naruto answered in a joking manner and then shunpos home.

Next Day

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting at his desk with several jonin who were gonna be sensei's for whomever passed the secret tests they were having and standing beside him was Himegami with her arms folded. So far he had already set up team 7, 8, and 10 but the only problem was who would be the sensei for team 6 that consisted of Naruto Kurosaki, Kasumi Namikaze, and Sukina Uchiha. Kakashi was gonna be the sensei for Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka, and Sai, Anko was gonna be the sensei for Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, and Sakura Haruno since Kurenai had taken Yakumo as an apprentice and Asuma would be in charge of the Ino-Shika-Cho generation.

Right now he only had a few options for them. Itachi couldn't either since he is the Head Chief of the Uchiha Police force. He only had a few options and so the man let out a tiring sigh. "All the teams are lined up except for a few. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them." Sarutobi asked the elite ninja of the village.

"Ano Hokage-sama." Kushina spoke up getting the man's attention. During the past couple of years he kept a discreet eye on Kushina after she made a vow to make a amends for what she has done to Naruto and while the blonde had given her a chance at redemption, he was still cautious around her which did hurt her a little but figured it was better than being completely shut off from him.

It also took her awhile to in the good graces of Kakashi, Rin, and her three students Kurenai, Anko, and Yugao but like Naruto, they also decided to give her another chance. When Kasumi found out about what she did, the young red head went off on Kushina going so far as to call her own mother an idiot in believing that Naruto was reborn as Kyuubi and that hurt her greatly but afterwards, told her mother she had a lot of making up to do for Naruto.

"Yes Kushina?" Hiruzen asked one of the strongest Kunoichi aside from Tsunade in the village.

"I would like to be team 6's sensei if that is possible." She offered while the man gave her a critical look, searching for any form of deception in eyes but found nothing except regret, sadness, and a form of hope in where she would be fully forgiven.

'On one hand I could just say no especially since Himegami-sama would practically kill mebut then again maybe I should give her a chance like Naruto-kun and the others haveI know she's been trying to make amends with the boy and has been doing a good job so far.' He tapped his finger on his desk a few times before nodding.

"Very well then, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, you will be the sensei of team 6." He said which made her expression brighten up. Afterwards the rest of the jonin left but Hiruzen had Kushina stay for a few seconds. "Listen Kushina, the true reason I approved of this is because you and Naruto have had a rocky start a couple of years back and you've been trying to redeem yourself. Plus I already know Himegami has trained Naruto personally since she adopted him and I know from experience just how powerful that woman is and you do too." He said in a humorous manner while Kushina looked down in embarrassment and blushed a little from the ass kicking the Uchiha gave her. She still felt the fathom pain of when she punched her through several wall and hit her hard enough to break nearly most of her ribs and almost keel over and throw up her insides and rubbed her stomach as an emphases.

"And I thought Tsunade-oba-chan hits hard." She muttered while the man lightly chuckled before getting serious once again. "Joking aside Kushina if Naruto is willing to give you clean slate once you've proven yourself to him then so am I but I warn you don't screw this up." he warned the red head who nodded.

"I won't Hokage-sama." She answers back with a bow before vanishing in a whirlpool shunshin.

"Do you think I did the right thing Himegami-sama?" Sarutobi asked and said female Uchiha exits out of the shadows of the office.

"Honestly?... I still have my doubts but I'm not gonna crucify the girl yet." That was when a grim expression formed on her face. "Though I did discover something interesting on Kushina, apparently she had some type of seal on the back of her neck that altered her personality. It looked similar to thouse juin seals I saw on those ROOT ANBU that were under the control of that war hawk." She states before Hiruzen's eyes widened and then narrowed dangerously.

"Danzo." He snarled the name out and realized that fool was responsible for Naruto's hectic life. "If that bastard wasn't already dead I'd find a way to bring him back to life and kill him myself. I should've known Kushina wasn't being herself that day. Hell I never took Kushina as the type to abandon her family…that son of a bitch played us all." With that the man slammed his fist on the table.

"Maybe so but now he's a dead fool spending the rest of eternity in hell where I'm pretty sure he's getting well acquainted with the real demons. Well if you don't mind I'll be heading back to my musume and feel free to drop by old monkey." See said with a grin on her face before vanishing in a swirl of fire while Hiruzen mumbled.

"Well excuse me for not being blessed with eternal youth sempai." He muttered before pulling out his icha icha book.

Shinobi Academy

Naruto was sitting by Kasumi and Sukina reading a book based on the feats of the Rikudo Sennin who fought and defeated the Jubi, the demon ruler of the Makai realm centuries ago as well as how the man created the shinobi world. Sukina was polishing the ninjato her mother gave her as a graduation present which was the same one Mikoto had when she was a genin. Kasumi was swirling her hand over her palm, creating an orb of water in her hand which got bigger until it was the size of a basketball. She then held the water ball in her palm like it was a water balloon and grinned as she set her sights on Kiba who was sleeping on the desk.

She then brought her own other hand behind the water ball and aims it at the back of Kiba's head. Naruto saw this out of the corner of his eyes and his lips curve up into a small smile before Kasumi flicked her finger and shot the balloon at kiba and hits him dead on in the back of his head, making him jump up and awaken from his slumber and scream in surprise while the rest of the class laughed at him. He growled and turned his gaze at Kasumi who was pretending to read the same book Naruto was reading and growled before sitting back down.

"Bitch." He muttered before yelping out in pain as he was hit across the head by a text book by Kasumi who had a tick mark on her head and her brow twitched at the name and now the Inuzuka was sporting a lump on the side of his head while Naruto chuckled at what happened. Afterwards Iruka entered the room and informed them of their role as ninja of the leaf before introducing the team formations.

"Team 6 will Naruto Kurosaki," Naruto closed his book and listened intently and inwardly praying to Kami that he wasn't put on a team with Sasuke or Kiba since all they would do is try to upstage him and disliked with a passion. "Kasumi Namikaze," The redhead's expression brightened up. "And Sukina Uchiha." He answered.

"YES!" Sukina jumped out of her seat with her hands in the air, accidently sending her Ninjato flying into the air and getting embedded into the ceiling. Sukina froze for a few seconds and looked down to see the other students staring at her before she quickly sat back down with her face matching the color of an apple and sinking into her seat, trying to be invisible. "Sorry." She mumbled.

"Anyway, your sensei will be Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze." He answered. Kasumi's eyes widened in wonder while Naruto simply raised an eyebrow. Sukina was still red faced while Iruka announced the rest of the teams.

"Team 7 will be Sasuke Uchiha, Kiba Inuzuka and Sai. Your sensei will be Kakashi Hatake." Iruka answered getting a complaint from Kiba while Sasuke just scowls and Sai remains impassive.

"Team 8 will be Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, and Sakura Haruno. Your sensei will be Anko Mitarashi." Iruka announced before paling at the name and looking at his students.

"Dear Kami." Both he and Naruto say at the same time before Sakura and Hinata pale in fear while Shino was raising an eyebrow, curious about who their new sensei was. "And finally Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akimichi, and Shikamaru Nara. Your sensei is Asuma Sarutobi."

That was when each of the Sensei's appeared in the room, well except for Kakashi. "Where's Aniki?" Naruto wondered as he looked around before the door opened and entering the room was an irritated Rin dragging a swirly eyed Kakashi into the room, bound by rope with a large lump on his head. The man's peers sweat drop at this as Rin dropped him on the floor before waving happily at Naruto and leaving while said blonde chuckled at this and shook his head in amusement.

That was until he was glomped by a happy Anko who buried his face in between her breasts. "Hey Senkou-kun!" she squealed out in delight while Naruto struggled to escape and push her off. Most of the males were either gawking at the form of expression or getting a bloody nose while being jealous of Naruto for the position he's in while Sakura, Sukina, and Kasumi were seething at what Anko was doing to their Naruto.

Said finally manage to push his head out of her chest with a flustered blush on his face and glaring at a grinning Anko. "Anko-chan, let go of me or I gonna tell Saru-oji to ban you from eating dango for a whole month." He warned the purple haired Kunoichi whose eyes widened in fear and returned back to her position and rubs the back of her head sheepishly.

"Damn it why does he get all the hot chicks?" Kiba complained but was ignored.

"So which one of these maggots is gonna be my playthings?" Anko asked out loud, eyeing the students like a predator and saw Kasumi pointing to Sakura, Hinata, and Shino and her grin grew sadistic. "Happy birthday to me." Sakura and Hinata were gulping while Shino was shivering in fear a little as she rubbed her hands in an evil fashion. Kushina sighs at her former student's antics before setting her gaze at Naruto. "This time I will make things right Naruto-kun, no matter what." She swore.

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