Chapter 1

Authors Note: Hey guy's this is a fanfiction on Adam again but it's going to start off when he's like 5 and then on and on untill he's 15, i dont know how this is going to phan out but lets hope i can do it good...HERE IT GOES...btw ill be posting pt 7 of my other story up soon soo sorry about the dely and sorry that this is so short,it'll be longer next time...btw again TODAYS MY B-DAY WOO

Adam 5 Years old

"Gracie sweety go get your dollie" Miss Carmen said while watching 5 other kids in her DayCare class

"No, I want monster truck" Gracie replied sounding mad, Miss Carmen sighed and let the little girl have the monster truck not knowing why she would want to play with that Nasty toy, Miss Carmen looked at the clock

"Okay kids time to line up to go outside, boys on one side of the wall girls on the other come on!" giving some of the kids a gentle push to get them moving Miss Carmen Looked at the girls section

"Where's Gracie" one of the little girls pointed and there enough Gracie was on the boys side, sighing she picked Gracie up and took her to the girls side kicking and Screaming while thinking "Im going to have to talk to Gracies mom about this behaviour"