Before and After: Epilogue

Rizzoli & Isles

Pairing: Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles

Author: myIllusion

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters-no copyright infringement intended.

Rizzoli Family Dinner: Eve of Jane's Hearing.

Angela's POV

Jane, Maura, Frankie, Carrie, Korsak, Frost, Beedie, Eddie Kelso, Pepper Peterson

Ma and Pop Rizzoli.

Angela Rizzoli was high on life. Her babies were going to be just fine. Janie found a Doctor to love her and Frankie had the sweetest girl she ever met to look after him. Although she might just be pushing things a little fast for Frankie and Carrie. They only got together this past week but they sure seemed like a match. Angela new a match when she saw one. She needed to pull Maura aside tonight and have a little talk about her future grandchildren. Jane would blow her off but Maura wouldn't. First, she had to bring up the state of their marriage, however. Those girls needed to get married before they started having babies.

"Ma... Ma... I love your gnocchi Ma... have I told you that lately?" Janie gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Yes honey, twenty times now. Go sit in the living room with Maura and Carrie. Those boys are going to start the talkin'. I wanna hear it too. I wanna know what to expect in that courtroom tomorrow Janie."

"Okay Ma, but leave the dishes, me and Maura will do them later."

And Janie wandered back into the living room. She watched her sit beside Maura and snug her arm over her shoulder pulling her close and kissing her cheek.

Thank God those girls survived. Two pervy serial killers, a sister and a brother of all things, had set their sights on Janie and Maura. Well at least they'll get what's was comin' to them. She heard Korsak tell Jane earlier that the state of Texas was given the go ahead to extradite the both of them for some killings they done in Dallas years ago. Vince thinks the D.A. is going to let it happen because Texas has the death penalty. Those two will never be able to bother Janie and Maura again.

Angela invited the whole group over to thank them for saving Frankie and Janie. They call themselves some kind of "task force." I call it friendship. Love. And as much as she hated what her babies did in their professions, she could never hope for a group of better friends for them. Angela sighed, went into her kitchen to place the last stack of dishes on the counter then wandered back into the living room to hear what Vince had to say.

Vince Korsak, dressed in a new suit with his hair trimmed and his face shaved looked like a different man. He usually looked so scruffy. Maura musta been at him to dress up for dinner cuz Jane would never say nothin'. He took a long swig of his beer before gettin' this little meetin' on the way.

"Jane's gonna be charged on two counts of possession of illegal weapons. Two counts of abuse of power. Two counts of excessive force. One count of dereliction of duty. Three counts of failure to follow protocol. The worst charge however is the armed robbery charge."

"All of this is crap except for the armed robbery charge. Did you go talk to that guy again Barry?"

Barry and Beedie were sharing the piano bench. Barry was as spiffed up as Korsak but looked much better. She never thought a man like that would be brave enough to wear pink. But there he was with a pink shirt and a pinstripe tie to match. He didn't look soft or nothin' either, just handsome. And the pink looked good; it set off the color of his dark skin beautifully. Why didn't he have a girlfriend yet?

That Beedie guy was a little odd. He was wearin' a black tee shirt with a giant cockroach on it. What kinda person wore a cockroach to a dinner party? But Janie said I wasn't allowed to say nothin' to him. She said he saved her life so he could wear a cockroach to dinner if he wanted.

Eddie and Pepper were tons of fun. Both of 'em charmers in their own way. Eddie could talk ya to death if ya let 'em. He tried to tell me to change my recipe for my gnocchi, that he had a better one from his Auntie or somthin.' What a know it all! But the suggestions he made were kinda interestin'. When she thought about it...talkin' to Eddie was kinda like talkin' to a dumbed down version of Maura. He knew as much stuff as Maura but just used normal words.

And Pepper just sat back and watched everybody; listenin' to everthing, takin' it all in and smilin'. He was smart as a whip - she could tell, but a real gentle person and patient. He had to be patient to work so many years as partner to someone like Eddie. She never met someone who talked so much. Oh, I better pay attention Barry is gonna answer the question that Vince asked.

"Yes Vince... and guess what? I got him to drop the charges. After I told him what happened to Jane and Maura he agreed let it go. He saw Maura's picture in the paper and I think he fell in love. I really think that was the only reason he was willing to give Jane a break. And... um... Jane has to buy him a new cell phone."

He smiled at Janie and then he giggled.

"He wants an I-Phone Jane." And he really started to laugh. I don't get why that's so funny but I can ask Janie later. Vince had somethin' else to say.

"This Foley guy is a tough nut. He stepped into power after Stromb got arrested two days ago. He apparently was just Stromb's lackey and had no knowledge of the embezzling or the the associations with Hoyt. So far Foley is clean. And, from what I've heard he has a real hatred of gay people and is on some sort of personal vendetta to get Jane. Just keep to your story Jane and he can't touch you."

Janie nodded at him and then looked at Maura kinda funny. She whispered something to Maura and then Maura got a sad look. What is that about? I'll have to ask Janie later.

"I think Foley is gonna be out to prove something because of the high profile arrests this week. All those bastards associated with Hoyt. Half the department involved. The Mayor is a freakin' pedophile and the Lt. Governor a drug dealer and a pimp. All those guys went down because of you Jane. Foley knows it and he hates it. He hates that you are gay. He hates that you are open about being gay. And he hates that you have Maura. Word was he had a secret crush on Maura when she first started to work here."

Maura sat up straight to look at Vince, confused she started to stutter.

"Bbb..but I don't even remember meeting the man... not until I was called into the Internal Affairs office regarding this Hearing. How could he have a crush on me?"

Oh dear lord. Marua was a little dense for how smart she was. That girl turns every head she walks by. She only notices when Janie is lookin' though. All the better I say.

"Listen everybody."

Jane was interruptin', I wonder where she got that bad habit from? Her father for sure.

"Let's just drop this for now. I want to have a beer with my friends and then go home. I have a date with Thelma and Louise tonight."

And then she shot Maura that evil smirk of hers. Where did she learn that? And poor Maura is turnin' nineteen shades of red. What was all that? Thelma and Louise? That's a good movie - I don't get it. I'll have to ask Janie later.

Well, this was a nice evening. I don't know what got accomplished. I don't know no more than I already knew. I did get to meet Janie and Frankie's friends though. I better go corner Maura before Janie drags her outta here. I wanna talk about my future grandchildren. But first, I'm gonna bring up the idea of a wedding. I know just the trick with Maura. I got a new "Bride" magazine yesterday. She's gonna love some of the gowns they got in the pictures.


Inspector Daniel Foley: Internal Affairs Inquisitor

"Do you play basketball?"

"Ahem...," Inspector Foley cleared his throat, straightened his tie and arched an eyebrow at the Medical Examiner.

He had changed his opinion of the Medical Examiner over the months from the first time he had seen her walking in the hall. She was wearing an exquisite dress and amazing heels that showed off her stunning legs. He decided she was unworthy of his affections and had come to a more realistic conclusion.

This woman was decidedly strange. He had heard that about her - that she was some sort of a social retard. The background check did little to shed light on the quirky behavior. On paper she was a genius. Literally, her I.Q. was in the 150's. She was top of her class in every school she ever attended. Dr. Isles had multiple degrees, honors and an impeccable career as Medical Examiner. She was an exemplary member of this community.

She was also a victim of a crime who was here to testify as a witness. He could not treat her as a hostile witness no matter how much he desired to do so. He didn't like her. Well...he didn't know her but he didn't like the idea of who she was. He had heard unflattering rumors about the M.E.

"Hey Foley did ya hear? They just pulled Rizzoli and the Queen of the Dead out of the woods. They were all wrapped up together real snug in a sleeping bag. Word is they've been sniffing each others skirts ever since the Doc started working here. I just love lipstick lezzies. Rizzoli ain't really the lipstick type but she's still hot..."

Foley shuddered just thinking about those freakish women. He despised homosexuals but especially lesbians. There was nothing more repulsive to him as two women kissing. He would never understand his colleagues who grabbed their crotches and snickered every time the couple was mentioned. Erg. Shaking his head to clear the nasty images he realized that he hadn't responded to the odd question that Dr. Isles had posed.

She was looking at him rather owlishly - sort of peering intensely at him; like he might be an interesting bug or something she could eat for dinner. That gaze was a bit unnerving, although her eyes were stunning he had to admit. They were huge, child-like almost, and rich in color; golds and specks of green. What was wrong with him? He never had thoughts like -'rich in color,' ... get it together Foley you are starting to look like an ass.

"Ahem...Dr. Isles whether I do, or do not play basketball has nothing to do with this Formal Hearing. Please wait until I ask a question of you before speaking."

He turned his back on her and walked over to the table where his notes were. The dismissive move was intentional. He wanted to establish his dominance in this room. He would be in charge. She needed to understand that; even if, in the mind of most every person in this room, she was still an innocent victim.

"You are very tall: six feet, four inches. Am I correct?"

Was this chick nuts? Did she not hear what I just said to her? He felt a flash of bristling anger boiling inside and snuffed it out. He could not afford to lose his temper with this woman before he was able to question her about Rizzoli's gun. He wanted to nail Rizzoli. He couldn't understand how half the men in the department thought the detective walked on water; while the other half just wanted to fuck her. Good luck guys - she's a freaking muff diver.

All he needed to find out was what happened to the gun Rizzoli had with her? What happened to the Silencer? He nodded to himself, giving himself a mental pat on the back for regaining his self-control. He forced himself to paste a pleasant, tolerating smile on his face before he turned around to face the weirdness that was Dr. Maura Isles.

"Dr. Isles, I believe I just explained that it is unnecessary for you to speak unless I have a question for you."

She tilted her head to look at him curiously, sat back in the comfortable chair of the witness stand and crossed her legs. The movement was slow, casual, and seemed to take forever.

My God she was attractive. The silk dress she was wearing had the most intricate stitching he had ever seen- a tone on tone spiral pattern that seemed to have a life of its own. Foley decided his mother would appreciate its delicate beauty. And, that shade of deep Jade really brought out the green in the Medical Examiner's eyes.

Her legs were long and well toned. She dangled one foot, slowly kicking it back and forth while waiting for him to continue. The high heeled designer shoe was threatening to slide off her foot. She flexed her shapely calve and magically the errant shoe was back in place, swinging back and forth upon the foot it now caressed.

Her lips had the slightest upward curl and he could not tell if the expression was a smile, a smirk, or simply the daft expression of an idiot savant.

Foley scratched his ear and pinched his earlobe - hard. The sharp sensation released him from his idle stupor.

"Well...Dr. Isles?"

"Is that a question? Because your previous sentence was a statement, not a question. Your statement rather specifically directed me not to speak...Inspector Foley is it?...(He nodded at the mention of his name)...unless there was a question posed, therefore: I did not respond to your unasked question."

A burst of muffled laughter resounded throughout the court room. People were elbowing each other and snickering. Rizzoli in particular snorted out loud. That Bitch.

Erggg... This Isles woman was certifiable. She is sitting in that chair like some kind of princess. Oh my God, what is she rambling on about now ?

"Did you know Inspector Foley that your surname is derived from the Gaelic O'Foghladha Clan?, who were based in County Waterford; located in South-East Ireland. The literal translation of Foley; as a means to identify character traits of said Clan is: To Plunder. Which means: pillage, take by open force; spoil, rob..."

"DR. ISLES!.. PLEASE... SHUT UP!" He had raised his voice; no, he actually screamed at the Medical Examiner. How did that happen? Why was she rambling on about the origin of his name? He had to turn this around and take control of this situation now. He had to show her who the master was.

The court room became eerily silent. Foley risked a glance at the gallery of police officers, lawyers, reporters and other unknown spectators. This was an open Hearing - Rizzoli had insisted, as was her right as the accused. There was not a jury panel in this type of Hearing but a Judge. Judge Matthew Creighton would make the decision as to whether or not formal charges would be made against Detective Rizzoli at the conclusion of this proceeding.

Judge Creighton did not look pleased, nor did the mass of courtroom onlookers. They had the look of an angry mob and the hostility was directed at him. Dear God he was so fucked.

"INSPECTOR FOLEY! You will treat Dr. Isles with the respect she is due in this proceeding. Do you understand me Inspector.?"

Foley swallowed hard and nodded at Judge Creighton before agreeing verbally. "Yes your Honor." He turned to the Medical Examiner to offer an (insincere) apology.

"Dr. Isles I apologize for my outburst." Oh Christ no... she was crying. I fucking made her cry.

The Medical Examiner was pressing her hand against the bridge of her nose in an attempt to staunch the tears that were pooled in her eyes. Big, full, shiny wet teardrops. How can teardrops look so big?


"It's alright Inspector... (sniffle) it's just that my amygdala and my lacrimal gland have a connection that I can't really control. (Sniffle.)

"Dr. Isles do you need to take a break before you continue?"

Judge Creighton spoke softly with much deference to the Medical Examiner. Foley could only cringe inside. They were just five minutes into the testimony of Dr. Maura Isles and he had managed to piss off every single person in Boston. He hadn't even asked the eccentric ME a single question.


Dr. Maura Isles was enjoying this experiment. She would have never had the courage to follow through with this idea without the help of Dr. Michaelson.

"What if... " Maura hated sentences that started with "what if," but in this instance it was apropos.

"What if... I ... for once, allowed myself to be myself completely. Without the filters. Without the list of rules?"

Dr. Michaelson's eyebrows twitched at Maura's suggestion.

"What are you getting at Maura? Tell me straight without all the mumbo jumbo."

Maura nodded at the psychiatrist, understanding that she had to dumb down the method of her delivery.

"I make people uncomfortable. I'm rude. I point out their physical abnormalities. I notice the asymmetry of every human I meet and have an uncontrollable compulsion to tell them what I see. I usually mange to alienate at least one person a day in less than thirty seconds. I reward myself for being good by being bad to one person. I usually choose a target who has earned the benefit of my observations. Why not this Internal Affairs inspector? I've done some background research on him. He's a homophobic racist who lives with his mother. A perfect candidate for my particular type of OCD."

Dr. Michaelson's eyebrows twitched into an arch and she unsuccessfully smothered her grin. But then she shook her head with reservation.

"Let me get this straight Maura... you want to go in to your testimony at Jane's Hearing and break down all the structure that you have worked on for years? I don't know that this is a good idea Maura. For you I mean. I can see how it will benefit Jane but you will be undoing years of discipline and hard work. I know how difficult it is for you every single day, to modify your behavior with the rigid guidelines that have kept your OCD in check. I'm also concerned that you will have a chemical reaction from the freedom. You'll be like someone on cocaine. It will be very difficult for you to put the cows back in the barn once you've let them all run free."

"If you really want to do this Maura I'll help you - with the condition that when it's over, you will schedule an additional session each week with me until the side effects wear off."

Well, Maura thought, I haven't let the cows out of the barn yet but I'm about to. As soon as that horses arse Foley gets over his fit of apoplexy. She hadn't really meant to cry but the outcome had been devastating for the Inspector. She wiped her eyes one more time with the tissue Judge Creighton had provided and prepared herself to answer his question.

"No your Honor I don't need a break. I'd rather continue without further delay. I'm really fine." She flashed the judge a smile that could melt the polar ice cap.

The Honorable Judge Creighton, cleared his throat, returned Maura's smile with a crooked grin and did something quite unusual.

"Hmm...Dr. Isles might I ask you a question?" Maura nodded.

"I'm curious as to why you are so interested in Inspector Foley? The basketball ?, his height?, his name?"

"As it is my duty to make sure these proceedings are orderly; these rather random outbursts of yours are quite distracting and I would appreciate it if you agreed to answer the questions that the Inspector asks of you...without the curious sidebar statements."

Maura nodded again, she smiled at the Judge and began to explain her behavior.

"I'll try, your Honor but that may not be possible. As a young child I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction; along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interest. It differs from other autism spectrum disorders by its relative preservation of linguistic and cognitive development. Although I have never been physically clumsy, which is part of the criteria - which has led me to believe that this initial diagnosis is incorrect.

Later, I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compusive Disorder - more commonly known as OCD. A typical person with OCD performs tasks or compulsions to seek relief from obsession related anxiety. When exposed to a stressful environment, sudden changes, or performing in public; my anxiety level rises and my compulsive behavior becomes harder to control. In other words your Honor - I can't help myself."

Before the Judge could respond to this barage of wikipedia mouth Maura addressed his initial inquiry.

"Inspector Foley is tall and slim, his arms and legs are long, he has slender tapering fingers, a distinctly high forehead and long jaw bone. I detect a slight curvature of the spine. All of these characteristics can be seen on someone with Marfan Syndrome. Although the physical charcacteristics I just described help confirm the diagnosis; the most serious complications are the defects of the heart valves and aorta."

"Which is why I wanted to know if he played basketball. Because if he does play basket ball I think he should stop. For people with a Marfan diagnosis the inherent heart problems are exacerbated by strenuous exertion. The aorta wall can tear; blood can leak through these tears into the aortic wall - separating its layers. A process called aortic dissection, which eventually causes a serious, if not fatal, heart attack."

And with that said, Maura sat back in her chair and folded her hands in her lap; she crossed her legs and dangled her foot. Swinging it back and forth, back and forth. She felt a giddy high from being able to finally have a captive audience.

Maura took a moment to glance at the gallery to see how this current discourse had affected the room as a whole. Most of the expressions were vacant, dumbstruck, bewildered, and some of them were filled with awe.

But when she focused her gaze upon Jane she saw a mixture of amusement and... pride. Jane was proud of her. Jane was not embarrassed by the things about herself that she so openly revealed. She had never discussed her disorder with anyone, except for Dr. Michaelson. Now, all of Boston would know that she was not only socially awkward, but had a neurotic disorder. She didn't care. Jane was the only one that mattered and Jane was proud of her. Her heart was filled to the brim and spilled right over. She flashed a smile at Jane, who was now openly grinning at her and silently mouthing the words. "I love you."

"I see." Said his Honorable Judge Creighton, but it was apparent by the baffled expression on his face that he was a bit overwhelmed by the onslaught of information. "Well then, hmm...I guess you will just have to try your best to control your... hmm... impulses."

"Inspector Foley are you ready to continue your line of questioning?"


Oh my God. What had that woman said about his heart? Marble Syndrome? Marlin Syndrome? Oh my God. I have to go see a doctor. Dr. Isles wasn't lying, he knew she couldn't lie. Everyone knew she had some kind of spastic fit if she tried to tell a lie. That was why he was so excited to question her about Rizzoli. Even if those two were fucking each others brains out she still couldn't lie to protect that bitch. Oh my God. I have to quit running. I have to quit playing basketball. How did she know I played basketba...-


The Judge was yelling at him. Why was the Judge yelling at him?

"Yes your, what was it you were saying?"

Why am I sweating? He started to loosen his tie because it was suddenly hard to breath. Oh my God. I wonder if I'm having the Marble Syndrome thing right now? Calm down... I have to calm down.

"Are you ready to continue your line of questioning?"

"Er...ahem... yes, your Honor."

Why is everyone staring at me? Oh... how long have I been standing in the center of the room like this?, panicking and sweating and talking to myself ?

The Judge was talking to him again.

"Please continue with your examination Inspector Foley or I will dismiss Dr. Isles; I think she has been very patient thus far and I'm not willing to subject her to any more abuse in this proceeding."

Abuse? She's been patient? My God the woman is a nut case - she admitted it herself with all her mental problems. Never mind, get it together Foley.

"Ahem." He shrugged his shoulders and straightened his posture. Before turning to face the crazy Doctor he took his handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped the dripping sweat from his brow. God it's hot in here.

"Dr. Isles, on the night of your kidnapping, did you see Detective Jane Rizzoli with a weapon?


"What type of weapon.?"

"I saw her with a 22 caliber rifle. She disarmed the young boy - Ronnie, who was a member of the group who had kidnapped me."

"Of course I know about the 22." He snapped at her, which caused another stir in the gallery. A low angry rumble from the onlookers could be heard. It sounded like he kicked a bee hive. God what was wrong with him?


Oh God the Judge was really getting mad, he didn't even address him as Inspector that time...Erg.

"I apologize Dr. Isles. I meant did you see her with another weapon? A hand gun?"


"What was the make of this hand gun Dr. Isles? I know you are familiar with hand guns so I assume you will know the model at least."

"It looked like a Beretta."

"Ahem." I've got her now. Rizzoli is going down. "Was this hand gun modified in any way? Was it accessorized?"


And he waited for her to elaborate but she just sat there looking all pretty and doe eyed. What a dolt.

"How was it modified Dr. Isles?"

"I believe there was a Silencer attached to the barrel."

"Very good Dr. Isles. And did you see Detective Rizzoli use this hand gun?

"No. I've never seen Detective Rizzoli with that particular hand gun. She carries a Glock 1911 Sig Sauer. She may have picked the Beretta up from the kitchen table when she entered the back of the house, just as she stated in her...-"

"I didn't ask you to speculate about where she got the weapon Dr. Isles. Please refrain from additional speculation."

"Did she fire the hand gun Dr. Isles?"


"What did she do with it then? Wave it around? Two men were shot dead with a Beretta and you were on the property when that happened. Are you telling me you did not see Detective Jane Rizzoli shoot those two men?"

"Inspector Foley, I was beaten and strapped to a chair with duck tape. A young boy was guarding me with a 22 caliber rifle. The two men, who were the men who kidnapped me in fact; were shot outside the cabin as far as I know. I did not hear the gun fire, nor did I see it. Detective Rizzoli rescued me. She was carrying, what I think was a Beretta, but she placed it on the floor of the cabin when the boy ambushed her from behind."

This was going no where. The bitch very smoothly established doubt by the comment about Rizzoli getting the gun off the kitchen table. I need to force her to say she thought Rizzoli shot the men. The issue isn't really the dead men.

The real issue is Rizzoli's vigilante behavior. She ran off half cocked on her own. She didn't call for back up. She accosted a citizen at gun point and stole his cell phone. She used an illegal un-registered weapon and an illegal Silencer. She refused to negotiate with the kidnappers, instead she snuck up on them and shot them down like dogs. The Boston Police Department did not need, nor did it want rogue cops. Rizzoli was a freak show and he wanted her badge. While he was giving himself this silent pep talk he hadn't even noticed that the Medical Examiner had launched into another impulsive diatribe.

" I was saying your Honor..-" She was addressing the Judge! How did that happen?

"... my brain was in the process of swelling. Later, I was found unconscious and nearly died from the blunt force trauma to my head. The Doctors at the hospital had to drill a hole in my cranium to release the build-up of fluid and blood. My photographic memory is quite reliable but I could not, in all honesty, rely upon a single memory of that evening in question.

So many of the issues at hand were described to me after the fact. I fear the memories of that evening are as much fantasy as reality. The power of suggestion is a powerful subliminal tool. My mind was altered by the concussion. Therefore; I believe my my memories have been compromised. I feel it is my responsibility to be forthcoming in regard to this issue."

"I see, I quite agree with you Dr. Isles."

Judge Creighton was under her spell... he was nodding and smiling at the bitch.

"Hold on here... um... your Honor. Are you saying you think Dr. Isles testimony should be stricken from the record?"

"Yes Inspector Foley I am. This whole Hearing is a load of nonsense. I wanted to hear the evidence you had to offer because these are very serious charges filed against an outstanding officer of our department. You come in her like some sort of high and mighty righteous puritan - without a lick of evidence. No weapon has been found. Detective Rizzoli's testimony was concise and to the point and believable. The so called Armed Robbery charge has been dropped and that citizen refuses to testify."

"Dr. Isles has been through an impossible ordeal and, not only can you not be professional in your manner, you are unable to be dare to shout at Dr. Isles in my court room? You bumble around all scatter brained, talking to yourself and mumbling nonsense. I have had enough Inspector Foley. This matter is dismissed."

And with that said, Judge Creighton pounded his gavel and the whole of the crowded courtroom went into an uproar.

Foley found his way back to the table where his briefcase and papers were scattered about. He found his chair and sat down in defeat. This had been a very bad week. Captain Stromb had been arrested and the whole staff of the Internal Affairs Department was under deep suspicion. He just wanted to get this one last trophy under his belt before the whole IA department fell to pieces. He looked over at the mob of happy people and witnessed the final blow. Rizzoli and Isles were locked in a passionate kiss; publicly displaying their perversions while the whole crowd looked on with happy faces. Erg. He flipped open his cell phone and called his doctor. He wanted to find out if there was such a thing as Maupin Syndrome...Erg.

Jane & Maura : The Unknown Document

Jane swaggered into the morgue waving a smooth crisp, clean, white piece of paper. The smile she wore was open and bright with just the right amount of cocky. Smothering a frown; and the need to impart to Jane that the formerly crisp piece of paper was now riddled with dimpled indentations, Maura summoned up the proper reciprocal expression. Jane was simply too happy for Maura to spoil her mood with an unnecessary compulsion to save the unknown document from wrinkles.

JANE'S COCKY SMILE VS an UNKNOWN (formerly unwrinkled) DOCUMENT?

Maura laughed out loud and smiled genuinely as Jane pulled her into her arms, hugging her fiercely. The document in question crinkled and moaned. Maura felt it shudder against her rear. Jane's rude hands had started to knead and squeeze.

Her mouth felt like red hot velvet, it tasted of coffee and mint and obliterated all thought. Sensations trumped logic. Melting under Jane's ministrations, Maura simply surrendered herself; allowing the pull of the current to drag her deeper into the wild, surging river that was Jane Rizzoli.

Maura spied the document some time later. Gasping for breath, leaning heavily against the wall of her office with Jane pressed up against her, panting. "Ummm...Jane... sweetheart, you have a paper stuck to your boot."

"I know." Jane murmured against Maura's neck, she kissed her softly and then nipped her earlobe. Maura's skirt was still smushed up above her hips. Jane's slender hip had it pinned between them and was not about to let it settle. Maura knew that Jane had just warmed up and was about to begin a tortuously delicious second round.

But that paper. Less than twenty minutes ago it had been very important to Jane. She was waving it like a victory banner. It was so clean and Jane's smile had been when she entered the morgue. Now, it was crumpled, wrinkled and stuck to the sole of Jane's boot. And my panties!

Maura's panties were keeping company with the above mentioned Unknown (formerly crisp, smooth, white, unwrinkled, uncrumpled, unsexed up) Document. The black lace had gone unnoticed at first glance but served as a contrasting background that displayed the much lighter tones of the now tattered paper.

Maura gasped, she could feel Jane's hot mouth on her. Her lips were like a searing hot brand and her tongue became a flame.

Some little time later...sitting, slumped against the wall of her office - trying to focus her eyes, which were just now recovering from the lightning like explosion of her third orgasm - trying to smooth her wrinkled skirt; Maura, once again, noticed that piece of paper. It had rolled across the room. Jane accidently kicked it away while she was under Maura's skirt.

Jane was lying on the floor with her head in Maura's lap. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling as Maura gently stroked her hair and massaged her head. Maura couldn't take it any longer. She had to know what that piece of paper was.

"Jane...let me up."

"Huh... wha...-" And Maura tumbled Jane out of her lap.

She stalked across the room and picked up the dirty ball of rumpled paper. She carefully pulled apart the crumples and smoothed away the wrinkles as best she could. Nothing could be done about the dirt or the tattered edges. With that done, Maura focused on the words at the bottom of the page.

On this day Dec. 22, 2009

Detective Jane Rizzoli is deemed fit for active duty.

Signed: Dr. Elizabeth Michaelson.

Jane was smiling at her again. That bright, open, cocky smile that made Maura swoon.

" Oh Jane." Maura whispered, shaking her head from side to side in mock chastisement, before she strode across the room to reward her beautiful Detective with round three.

The End

Thanks again to everyone who had the patience to read this long story. I hope you enjoyed the reading as much as I enjoyed the writing. And, much added thanks for all your comments of support.