After 10 months of serving time in jail, Daisy was finally released.

"Good riddance," responded Daisy as she sniffed the fresh air, "Time to go home."

When she arrived back home she happened to see Peach still watching T.V.

"Hi, where were you," asked Peach.

It seems that Peach hadn't realized that Daisy was gone for all these months. "Peach, I was in jail," yelled Daisy.

"For what," asked Peach flipping the channels on the television.

Daisy groaned as she walked into her room.

"What's gotten into her."

Meanwhile inside Daisy's room she happened to have some flashbacks of what happened ago. She tried to ignore it, but it still kept coming back.

"Get outta my head," screeched Daisy.

At 7:30 P.M. the jewelry store was closed with no sign of any presence. Suddenly, someone broke in with an all black clothing. The person stole almost every jewelry in the whole store and left unseen. The next day, Daisy arrived out of her room looking a little bit uncertain.

"What's wrong Daisy," asked Peach.

"N-nothing. Why you ask," stammered Daisy.

"Well, you're shaking."

Shaking with fear, she ran back up to her room. A moment later the phone rang then Peach answered it. It was actually for Daisy.

"Daisy, it's for you," called Peach.

Daisy answered the phone and realized that it was Luigi.

"Oh, hi Luigi," Daisy said felling okay.

As they talked for an hour Luigi asked Daisy if she had anything to do with what happened last night because he heard about it. With a big fat lie, she said no. As she came of from taking to Luigi she walked in her room very slow-like.