Daisy awaken hearing doctors and nurses asking if she's okay. She had noticed that she was at the hospital. When Luigi saw Daisy's first blink he knew that she was okay.

"Daisy you're alive," cried Luigi.

"Where am I?," asked Daisy wrapped around in bandages witnessing Mario, Yoshi, Toad, Koopa, Toadette, Toadsworth and Professor E. Gadd around her. "What're you guys doing here?"

"We all saw what happened watching the news. We all rushed here immediately."

"Daisy how did you survive those gunshots?," Luigi asked.

"I don't know."

A police officer arrived inside the hospital room saying that they're giving Daisy another chance.

"Oh thank you," said Luigi shaking the police officer's hand roughly, "You don't know how happy I am to hear that."

Everyone arrived back at the castle recognizing Peach still watching T.V. Mario groaned as he plugged it out.

"What'd you do that for?, Peach asked. "Hey why's Daisy in a wheelchair?"

"I've just been…oh never mind."

Luigi rolled Daisy up to her room.

"Luigi can I have a little alone time in my room," Daisy asked politely.

When Daisy went to her jewelry box she chuckled as lifted the same jewelry that she had stolen from the other day…

(The End)

Note from me: I'm very sorry to the Princess Peach fans whoever read this. I made her a little bit too retarded throughout this whole story.