Chapter 1: I won't forget him

I was dancing at a party having the normal college fun. I was partying with a couple of groupies. This was the night that I was going to become a complete sister, of our new school soriety. My mom was one too way back when. We had to stay at this party until it ended then we would start Hazing. I know it is illegal in this state, but it's not like the cops would ever get involed. Little did I know they would.

It was nearly Dawn when the last of the people finally left, they had us clean up the horrible mess everyone else made. I didn't mind, I'm used to it. They told me it was almost dawn and we couldn't do it today because of the light and that we would have to wait until tommrow night at mid-night. I was okay with the rediculous wait, honestly. But I jjust wanted to get this thing over with.

I was acting super bummerish ever since my best friend Matt died. He got in a fire accident. His building burned and he wasn't the lucky one to get out. The sad part is I never got to tell him how much I didn't want to be Just Friends. I loved him, I knew him since 5th grade went he threw a frog at me. Sooner we became best friends. He died just a couple days ago. He told me he had a weird dream of burning in a fire that same night that he died. He said he knew he was going to die, but he just wasn't ready. The only thing that didn't burn down in that building was his journal that they won't let me see yet. It's evidence or something I'm not sure. He was my best-friend, he stayed through day and night. Thick and thin, I loved him. I wish I can have him back.

I have to push all that back and out my mind. I have class in three hours. I deffinitly wouldn't make it out of this day without sleeping class. And I didn't. I fell asleep in history and I had a weird dream of when Matt had told me about his dream, and I didn't listen.

Flashback: "Maffy. I got bad news." Matt had told me. He was the only person who called me that. "Why would I want to hear it?" I said putting make-up on for a party we were going to. "Because you care." He said. Sounding sounding so sweet I had to listen. "Your right, what is it?" I said sitting beside him in my dorm. "I had a dream." he muttered as if he didn't want to tell me. "Okay Martin Luther, is it that serious?" I joked. "Yes, I need you to listen please." Okay. You have my un-divided attention." I smiled to cheer him up. I just want to go to this party in peace.

"Last night when I was sleep I had a dream thatmy building was on fire. The firefighters where banging on my room door, I heard screaming. At first I thought it was you and I was terrifeid. But when they finally busted the door down it was me. My face was on fire soon the flames spread and I fell silent and... and..." He started to cry, and I let him lean in my arms. That night I didn't go to that party.

Flashback over...

"Wake up... now!" My teacher yelled. I perked up and it was dark outside. "How long have I been sleep?" I asked. "Through all my classes. I didn't want to disturb you so I stayed and grade all the papers I could get my hands on but now it's nearly mid-night. You have to go." He told me. I grinned. "Thanks Mr.- Wait you said almost midnight? Oh, my gosh I have to go!" I called running out the door.

Next chapter, Hazing.