I JUST saw Raising Hope. I loved it. So I kinda just had to write this.

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Jimmy sighed as he looked over at his daughter in a peaceful sleep in her broken and cracked crib. It took him five hours of singing horribly off pitched and hours of soft and subtle tummy-rubbing to get her to sleep. He checked the clock, 12:45 AM. A new record, he smiled to himself thinking he might just getting her into a routine.

The house was silent, except for the snoring from his grandmother in the other room. He carefully tiptoed over to where Hope was sleeping, he watched her as her small chest rose up and down in a reoccurring pattern. He traced his finger over her chest to feel her heart pounding.

He created her. This creature...He created her. Everything he does from this moment forward is for this...thing.

He sighed as he rubbed his eyes, he had a full day of scraping up leaves tomorrow. He walked towards his bed, which had springs popping up through the mattress, and something caught his eye.

It was an eagle. Well...It was him with a blonde on an eagle. And his dad below it, almost like he was chasing the bird. Above the drawing the words, "Jimmy's Life Plan" were written in black sharpie. He rubbed his jaw line and thought for a second. He ran a finger through his greasy hair, damn he forgot to take a shower today.

He looked over at the curly-haired five-month year old daughter, silently sleeping, off into a different world of dreams. He smiled, he managed to keep her alive for this long. He looked over and grabbed his colored pencils and got to work.

When his project was finally finished the clock read 3:12 AM. He sighed and gave Hope a final goodnight kiss as he hung his poster above her crib. He passed out on his bed.

That morning Hope woke up to seeing a poster of a giant eagle, with her dad and curly haired brunette, looking like Sabrina from the grocery store, next to him. Her grandfather, second cousin, grandmother and even her great-great-grandmother was chasing the bird. But the main focus of the portrait was a drawing of a face of a curly-haired infant with the words "Hope" written in cursive on the bottom of the page.