"Hogwart's feasts are the best aren't they?" Lily said as she reached for the last piece of pie.

"Oh no."

"Remus are you all right," Lily turned to the boy beside her with a look of concern.

"Oh no no no no!"

"Huh, what's wrong, Remus!" Lily called as Remus jumped up from his seat and grabbed her arm.

"Come on Lily, we have to get out of here, now!" demanded Remus.

Lily looked from the impatient, almost frightened expression on Remus' face, to the rest of the hall where everyone had been calmly eating there dinner, but were now staring at Remus and Lily in confusion.

"Lily," Remus pulled urgently on her arm, "I'm not joking we have to get out of here."

"Why? Remus I think you're been spending too much time with James and Sirius, just sit down and finish your dinner, I'm still hungry."

Lily promptly pulled herself out of Remus' grip, sat down and looked up at Remus as she took a bite of her pumpkin pie.

"Lily I'm not joking."

"So you said and neither am I."

"We have to leave."


"Because," Remus paused gazing around him. "It's urgent Lily we have to leave now."

"As I already asked, why do we have to?"

"It's important, just come on, please," Remus watched her impatiently, hoping from one foot to the other, "please can we leave."

"No, I'm still eating and you're being ridiculous."

"I'm not being ridiculous, you of all people should know that I'm not being ridiculous." Remus glared at Lily, "I was just trying to help you, but if you don't want my help I'll just leave anyway."

"No you won't," Lily grabbed his robe as he tried to walk away. "You Remus Lupin will sit down and tell me what's going on."

"Lost your chance Lil, you're in trouble now."

"Remus! What did they do, where's James and Sirius."

"Sorry Lily, but you've already eaten the pie."

"Eaten the pie?" confused Lily stared at Remus, before slowly she looked down at her plate, where the half eaten pumpkin pie sat. "Eaten the pie, you jerk, why didn't you stop me?"

"If you had been paying attention Miss Evans you would have noticed that I tried to."

Lily glared at the smug look on Remus' face, "What did they do to the pie?"

"Sorry Lily, a marauder never tells."

"A marauder will tell if they realise there life depends on it."

"True they might, but I don't think I'm in any danger," Remus grinned at the red-head, "do you?"

"I think you will be if you don't tell me."

"All I can say Lily," Remus jerked his hand towards the door, "Is maybe you should ask those two."

"Right, I will." Lily jumped up from her seat and strode towards her targets. "What did you two do?"

"Lily, we were just out at the Quidditch Pitch practising," James and Sirius shared a look of confusion, "we didn't do anything."

"Yeah right Potter, so everyone who ate the pumpkin pie isn't going to turn blue, or start singing."

"Not unless they want to."

"Lily, why do you think we did something to the pie," asked Sirius.

"Remus," Lily glared at Sirius, "who else do you see that you let in on your immature little pranks."

"Oh, right," Sirius glanced over at the Gryffindor table where Remus was sitting. "So would that be the same Remus who is sitting over there, eating pie."

"What!" Lily turned around and saw that Sirius was right, Remus Lupin was sitting there eating her pie.

"Lily dear," James tried to sound concerned but couldn't quite hide his laughter at her shocked expression, "by any chance did you take the last piece of pie."

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