Title: Nobilitas sola est etque unica uirtus

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Summary: Harry Potter learns that his life as the Golden Boy was a lie. Time for him to embrace the darkness, Dumbledore/Ginny bashing, slash, HP/DM/SS

Chapter one: Nobilitas sola est etque unica uirtus

One seventeen year old Harry Potter sat on the filthy cot he came to call his bed. He leaned forward attempting to try to stop the agonizing pain riveting down his spinal cord. Nothing was helping. In fact, the pain seemed to be getting worse with every movement. Harry always thought that by this time he should be used to the pain that his dearly beloved Uncle Vernon seemed to enjoy inflicting. Vernon seemed to be a man of many psychological problems and took it out on the only victim available: Harry Potter.

Harry had sent Hedwig out for food earlier hoping that without her around Vernon wouldn't get any nasty ideas in his head, like what he attempted to do a few years earlier. Harry couldn't care anymore whether or not he got hurt, he only cared about his beloved Hedwig his true first friend. He hadn't gotten a letter from either of his supposed best friends, Ron or Hermione. At first thought nothing of it; most likely they couldn't send letters because of interception possibilities. Then as the summer continued and he still hadn't received any letters, logic slammed into his brain and he realized they could've talked to him in code. There was also the possibility of Dumbledore saying that they shouldn't write to him because it wasn't safe, but then he realized whenever has it been safe for them to talk to him? Last but not least before he was finished with this thinking was the thought that Ron and Hermione knew his Uncle was reading his letters so did they give up on him?

Harry was now down to two reasons as to why Ron and Hermione hadn't been sending letters. First his logical side deemed something happened to them preventing them from sending him letters. Harry's rational side deemed that they did not give an ugly fart about him. He hoped it was the first one. Yes, Ron was a judgemental hothead, but he did have a heart of gold when it mattered. Yes, Hermione was an infuriating know-it-all but she always has stood by him in times of great need. He sighed heavily as he flopped back on his bed; he just did not know anymore.

Harry heard the rhythmic flapping of wings and looked up just in time to see Hedwig land on his bed with a letter in her beak followed by two other owls that were a both a beautiful golden yellow. Hedwig pushed her beak with the letter into his hand like a dog using their nose to get more pats on the head. This action broke a smile from Harry's face,

"Hey Hedwig what's this?" he took the letter from her which on the front read,

To our beloved son,

Harry was not as dumb as most people thought him to be. He figured out pretty fast that it must have been a time-delayed letter from his parents; he opened the letter eagerly like a boy on Christmas,

My dear beloved son,

If you are getting this letter than we are dead. Now don't be surprised that we know this, it is wizarding practice for Pureblood parents to write a letter to their child(ren) in case anything happens to them. Pureblood families do this so that when they come to age they are not lost in the interacies of Pureblood circles and hierarchy.

We are and foremost Death Eaters; most Purebloods are. We are sure that Dumbledore, the man who fancies himself a white bee, has tried to use you to his advantage. He is quite a manipulative old man. There are many things that we have to tell you our dear son, first thing first, your name is not simply Harry James Potter, that is a not a Traditional Patrician name. Your real name is Hadrian Deus James Potter, or the Dark God.

Second, your mother is not a muggleborn but rather a Pureblood, Lillian Dea Evans is from an old powerful pureblood family that has since died out except for one last heir, and you are the last Evans. Both the Evans and the Potters have always been Dark families. We have always been very skilled and careful at pretending to be the epitomised of the Light, which is very helpful to the dark everywhere.

Thirdly our dear son, you are a very powerful and dark wizard which is why Dumbledore wants to harness your power. Once he is done with you he will kill you, please be careful around him. Do not trust the man; he will only end your life instead of helping it.

Fourthly, both the Evan's and the Potter lines have some magical creature blood in them, all Pureblood lines do. This does not mean you are going to turn into one of the creatures fully, but you might get some the dark traits depending on the degree of creature that has wandered into your blood. The Evans has a very faint trace of Vampire genes in them so we suspect that you will be given the dark look that all of the Evan's are known for. The Potter's have a slightly stronger trace of Demon in them. This will give you the customary bloodthirsty hankering and mating that demons are known for. You will have mates; the stronger you are the more mates you have. The strongest have two, which is what we suspect for you our dear child. This is another reason why Dumbledore wants you to be his; he does not want you to be able to get with your mates which in turn makes you weaker and more susceptible to control. If you were to mate with your mates then you can make more Dark children or even strengthen the dark side by our children and descendants.

Fifthly, do not marry any Weasley heirs; Dumbledore approached us a couple months back asking us to have a marriage agreement with Molly. He said that Molly and Arthur were trying for a daughter and they wanted her to be wedded to a Potter later in life; somehow they knew they would conceive a daughter. Molly and Dumbledore were the ones that set this up. Molly's husband and other children do not know this, they are most probably good people but we refused stating that it was our wish for you to find the one you love by yourself.

We suspect as soon as we are dead, he will make himself Adjuntecator of our will. Augusta Longbottom is supposed to be the one in charge of our will. Dumbledore is sure to make your marriage to the Weasley heir valid. He will push you into the marriage claiming that it is for the better good, but she is not your mate only a pawn of Dumbledore.

Speaking of the Weasley family, contrary to popular belief and what Molly is trying to pass off, she is not from an old powerful pureblood family. She is from a new one that sided with the Light thus making natural enemies from the other families. Arthur is from an old Pureblood family who unfortunately is under a blood and bind spell done by Molly. Arthur and the rest of the family cannot be released until his soul mate who by the way is Sirius Black comes and releases the blood and bind spell. If Sirius is dead, then his heir, who will be most likely you, will have to release Arthur and family. Arthur is still dark and probably teaches his children the dark way. The last heir, who will probably inherit Prewitt genes more so than Weasley genes, will not be taught like the other children.

Hadrian we love you so much, and whatever choice you make we will support. Remember all Purebloods are on your side and are Dark families. Things are not always what they seem to be so re-evaluating the friends and enemies in your life before you make a choice.

With love you with all our hearts,

Lord James Darius Potter and Lady Lillian Dea Evans Potter (Or Mum and Dad)

Hadrian sat and stared at the letter. He felt shocked and betrayed. He had trusted Dumbledore. Harry knew that he would never get over this betrayal, it ran too deep. Besides, Harry wanted to become the person that his parents wanted him to be.

"I will call myself Hadrian, just like Mum and Dad wanted it to be" Hadrian said to himself liking the way the name rolled of his tongue. He was surprised about all this information, but his parents made a convincing argument, and he gave this theory some thought. He looked back on his past six years of schooling and looked on all the adventures he had and all the things that has happened. Hadrian realized that his parents were right. He hadn't really thought about it before because Dumbledore had been in his life for so long. He had never questioned the things that Dumbledore did and he never had a reason to doubt the Great and Mighty Dumbledore, now the Great and Mighty Liar. Now Hadrian was wondering why he would put a child in harm's way continuously if not for malicious purposes. He did after all let Hadrian battle Voldemort multiple times. It is also pretty suspicious how he would never him all the facts and probably never planned too. Hadrian only got the facts if he pushed for them. Hadrian also reflected on the way that Ginny had behaved in the past number of years, it was continually suspicious how she always hung off him and seemed to never take no as an answer. Hadrian knew that Dumbledore had to go down. He looked at the two other letters on the bed and picked up the first one, the front read

Lord Hadrian Potter-Black

In a neat lady-like calligraphy that looked a lot likes Neville's Grandmum's handwriting. Hadrian opened the letter

Dear Hadrian,

This is Lady Augusta Longbottom, I know by now you would have read your parents letter to you, and I have waited patiently for this time to come. I was supposed to be the adjuntegator of your parent's will, but Albus Dumbledore got to your parents will first and would not let me anywhere near it. He claimed that he was the adjuntegator, and since he is one of the most powerful wizards of our time, no one believe me when I said that I was supposed to be in charge of the will

I tried all I could, along with all the other Pureblood families but we were too late to safe you. Dumbledore placed you under a disappearing spell and a blood spell to keep you compelled to listen to him and place him up on a peddle stool. Your parents knew that Dumbledore might try to do this if they died, so the letter was enabled to remove all spells from your body. So when you opened the letter, it destroyed all Dumbledore's spellwork on you.

When I learned Neville befriended you, I was happy. This was a wonderful way to for all Purebloods, including the Malfoys to keep a watchful eye on you to make sure Dumbledore did not go too far before you came to age.

A piece of advice, Malfoy does not hate you; he keeps the rivalry up to get close to you to watch over you. Things are not always as they seem young one.

It would be lovely Hadrian to see you in person,

With best regards,

Lady Augusta Longbottom

Lady Longbottom's letter sealed Dumbledore's fate in Hadrian's opinion. Even more evidence that Dumbledore had manipulated him, and was going to through him away like trash once he was done. Hadrian looked at the last letter, and then picked it up; he quickly opened it wondering about what was his next eye-opener going to be.

Lord Hadrian Potter-Black,

We Goblins from Gringotts have been waiting for a long time to give you this information without Dumbledore getting his hand on it. As you can see, it took quite some time and for that we apologize.

We wish to inform you of the status of your accounts. You own the Potter vaults inherited from your father, the Evan vaults inherited from your mother, the Black vaults you inherited from Lord Sirius Black when he died and various other smaller vaults. You are one of the richest men in England right after Lord Malfoy and Lord Riddle.

We also wish to inform you that one Albus Dumbledore has been taking money from your account every week. He said that it was for your upkeep. We highly doubt it, but we cannot prove it any differently. he has also taken money to the total account of $50,000 knuts and given it to the account of one Ginvera Molly Weasley. We have now blocked him from your accounts which was the soonest we were able to. We are moving reparations against the two aggravating parties, demanding the money be returned back plus a percentage for the interest accrued.

Thank you for your time and patience,

Head of Potter Vaults,

Goblrink Goobledook

He was seeing red, he was beyond furious that Dumbledore thought he had the right to take his money and to even give it to other people! He wanted all his money back, and to give that old fart a piece of his mind, but not yet. He needed to get in contact with the Pureblood families and begin his proper life, with no Dursley's at all. It would be preferable that they were dead, but so far it is only a wish that probably won't happen.

Hadrian decided after a few moments to write a letter to Lord Malfoy, since Lord Malfoy was the richest in England one of the most powerful. Hadrian knew he needed to contact Voldemort to let him know about the change in power, but decided he would hold off Voldemort until he got a letter back from Lord Malfoy which would help judge warmth and openness at which he would be recieved. He sat down at the slab of wood that attempted to pass itself off as a desk- a rather weak one at that, it always seemed ready to fall apart either on the floor or onto him when he was using it. He pulled out his quill, ink and parchment from his hideaway under the floor boards. He took a few minutes to contemplate what he was going to write. Then started slowly to carefully write his planned letter all the while making sure his handwriting looked somewhat elegant. When he was done he quickly blew the ink dry and looked at it making sure it was done right, what it read was:

Lord Malfoy,

My name is Lord Hadrian Potter-Black or formally Harry Potter. I have received some rather interesting information. It has come to my attention that Dumbledore has lied to me for seventeen years. I am not from a light blood line but rather a dark blood line. I want to go to where I belong at which is the side of the Pureblood families rather the Pureblood dark families. I want my birthright, I do not want to fight Voldemort, and rather I want to fight Dumbledore. Shall we meet?


Lord Potter-Black

Hadrian was happy with his letter, he believed that it wasn't stupid and was slightly smart. He called Hedwig

"Hey girl, can you send this to Lord Malfoy?" Hedwig hooted indignantly offended that her master believed that she couldn't. She grabbed the letter in her beak and flew off.


Hedwig flew into the Malfoy owlry and set her letter into the pile of Malfoy correspondence that an elderly house-elf was looking after. She then proceeded to nestle into a roost awaiting the response to her master's letter.

The elderly house-elf took the pile of correspondence up the manor halls to Lucius where he was sitting enjoying Brandy in his office. The house-elf bowed and gave him his correspondence while saying,

"Master, I think there is one that will especially interest you, it is from the young Lord Potter-Black" Lucius raised his eyebrow elegantly and waived off his house-elf. Lucius was expecting a letter from young Hadrian, he knew that he would've gotten a letter from the late Lord and Lady Potter explaining everything and hopefully breaking the many spells on him. He gazed contemplating at the letter for a few moments before opening the letter to read it. He read the letter quickly and called his house-elf,

"Mindy", as soon as the little house-elf appeared "get Draco" and the house-elf popped out without another word

Draco appeared a few minutes later. His eyes were curious and his cheeks slightly flushed from the climb to the office.

"Yes father?" Draco asked politely, standing a few feet away from his father's desk. His back was straight and his hands hung by his sides. He was the perfect Pureblood.

"Sit down Draco" Lord Malfoy said softly. Draco dropped into his chair obediently, and then Lord Malfoy continued "you know you don't have to stand like that in my presence." Draco gave a sad simile but didn't interrupt "I have gotten a letter from Hadrian" Draco smiled widely when he heard what his father said; he was happily surprised. He had been hoping his love would join them on the dark side. Draco knew that Hadrian was his mate since the day he first met him.

"Is he embracing the dark side Daddy?" Draco asked almost pleadingly, even if it was out of character, he really hoped it was so. Lucius nodded and watched his son light up with joy and happiness. He knew his son cared deeply for Hadrian, and it hurt him to behave like he hated him, but Draco knew he had to, to get close to Hadrian to keep him safer. After all everyone says to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

"Yes! When will we meet him? Will we teach him the right way?" Draco said excitement plan in his voice. Lucius nodded to each question patiently. He watched with amusement as Draco smiled dreamily; he was sure that it would have shocked many people at Hogwarts.