"Could you please tell me where we're going?"

"Nope!" Deidara replied cheerfully as he pulled his suitcase along behind him, having just departed the train that had brought them to their current destination. "It's a surprise."

"So you keep saying. Some insight would be appreciated, however."

"Tough luck, yeah. You'll find out soon enough anyway- just follow me."

Itachi sighed and did as requested, carrying his own (smaller) suitcase in one hand and clutching a coffee in the other. Deidara had told him to get up at some ridiculous time of the morning and was far too happy about the prospect, especially considering they had been waiting for their train at four in the morning. He hadn't looked at the clock upon being woken, and was quite glad for that fact when he finally realised how early it truly was.

The train station they were at didn't really give any clues either, especially since it even had international connections. He didn't expect that to be where they were heading however, frowning in confusion as Deidara took him to the check in for that exact location.

"We need passports to go abroad," he pointed out. It was common knowledge to most, but he doubted his husband (he still mentally smiled every time he acknowledged Deidara as such) had thought that far ahead.

Deidara surprised him by withdrawing two passports from his pocket. "They're up to date," he grinned. "Don't worry, yeah. I had your parent's input for this in case you're wondering if I missed anything vital."

That thought relaxed Itachi slightly, as did learning they only had forty minutes to wait for what he now knew was an international Eurostar train. The ones from their train station went to France, but that didn't mean a thing- for all he knew Deidara had plans to connect there for a flight or another means of transport to other places in Europe. His father had helped with this and he had travelled Europe extensively. He sighed heavily and finished his coffee, content with simply following Deidara to wherever he was now being taken. He truly had no idea, and would get no answers it seemed until arrival.

As it was he got his answer earlier. Deidara had led him and made him close his eyes to get to the platform, but the announcer on the train gave the game away by calling Disneyland Paris as their destination.

"Disneyland?" Itachi remarked, raising an eyebrow at Deidara.

"It's just for a couple of days!" Deidara argued. "Then we're staying in a hotel in Paris. You can't go to Paris and not go to Disneyland, yeah."

"I'm sure plenty of people do."

"I wanted to go!"

"I wasn't objecting, Deidara. I was just surprised, that's all."

"We can take your mind off of the destination if you want," Deidara remarked in his ear, a smirk on his face as he laid a hand on Itachi's thigh and slid it up slowly.

"This is a train with children on it. What on earth are you thinking?" Itachi hissed as he removed his husband's hand swiftly.

"I wasn't saying to right here!" Deidara whispered, shaking his head. "There's a bathroom up the carriage."

"That's even worse!"

"Come on, it's our honeymoon- aren't we supposed to screw like bunnies the whole time?"

"You are terrible. I can't believe you just suggested that!"

"Don't worry," Deidara sighed, finally accepting the scandalised look on Itachi's face. "I won't spend the whole time being perverse, yeah. I promise."


"So, tell me Itachi... Which Disney princess would you do?"

"Deidara there are children around!" Itachi hissed at him, eyes wide in shock. "Yet again you're being inappropriate!"

"Oh come on, don't be shy. Everyone has a favourite, so who's yours?"

"I am not having this conversation. Stop being depraved. You promised me you wouldn't be and yet you've continued to be so for the entire journey so far."

"So I jumped you when we arrived- so what? I told you, that's what honeymoons are for."

"You jumped me in the hallway outside our door! That poor elderly couple walking past probably had a heart attack. And don't even get me started on what you did during It's a Small World."

"You know who I'd do?" Deidara remarked, ignoring Itachi as he eyed the parade of Disney Princesses walking past their table. They were sitting outside one of the many cafes in the Main Street of Disneyland, watching the world- and the characters- go by."Tinkerbell. You wouldn't have to call her back in the morning, yeah. I'd even overlook her gender- not that you have that problem."

"Fascinating. Could you perhaps lower your voice so these poor ladies don't call security on you for being such a pervert?"

"Pick one."

"Absolutely not."

"You are such a spoilsport, yeah. It's a conversation that honours the spirit of the location."

"If I pick one will you be quiet?"

Deidara gave Itachi a grin, which Itachi deciphered to be a yes. "Fine," he sighed, pointing at one of the girls. "That one."

"Do you even know who she is?"

"I don't care because I am not having this conversation."

"You pointed to Sleeping Beauty," Deidara told him. "So why her, huh?"

"She happened to be closest. I quite honestly do not care, Deidara."

"Is it because she'd be asleep and you wouldn't have to talk to her while you do it?"

"What? Deidara, that's horrific!"

"I know you know which is which," Deidara pointed out, his voice matter-of-fact. "Your father said you came here with him and had your photo taken with one. Which one was it and would you do her?"

Itachi glared at him, taking a long sip of his drink while attempting to ignore Deidara. Deidara simply kept his eyes trained on Itachi, a ridiculous smile on his face until Itachi sighed and set his drink back down sharply.

"Alright, I'll play your game," he agreed. "No, I would not 'do' the princess in question, which was Ariel. If I had to choose a Disney princess to procreate with which is an absurd statement in the first place, I would have to choose one who was strong willed and speaks her mind. I dislike the naivety shown by princesses such as Aurora and Snow White, so they would be out of the question. Striving for the things they want or believe in would be admirable- perhaps Tiana then, or Belle. Pocahontas too, since she upholds decent morals." He paused for a moment, smirking. "And you know, Tinkerbell isn't a princess."

Deidara stared at Itachi as though he were crazy. "Has anyone ever told you that you over analyse things sometimes?"

"Really?" Itachi replied airily as he picked his drink back up, satisfied that he had ended that line of conversation successfully. "I never would have guessed."


Author's Notes: Argh, sorry, it took longer than a few days. It's here now though! Another Path fic is over- I was looking forward to writing this but also a litle nostalgic or something. I think I have too much of an attachment to these guys.


As always, random facts and trivia:

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-August 3rd is also my own wedding date.

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