Hi pepole of the world! This is my second fanfic and my first Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs fic! I hope I do a good job! This story will be the movie told from the POV of my OC GRIN. Hope you enjoy!

Hello. My name is G.R.I.N.X-2, but you can call me Grin. Why the unusual name you ask? Well, I'm a robot. Yeah, yeah don't act so surprised. I'm a two foot tall technological wonder. No I'm not bragging I'm simply stating the facts.

I was first created seven years ago out of scrap metal, a computer, and a cereal box. The first thing I ever saw was Master. A scrawny little thing with big, blue eyes set in a fine boned face, and wild brown hair sticking out at all angles. All of a sudden I felt this…overwhelming urge to help this little migit in any way I possibly could. Back then my name was VSR. I didn't even know master's name. All I knew was to help him. I helped with his many inventions. Including his famous (for faliure) Flying Car.

After that was complete Master took me aside and, well, rebuilt me. As soon as he did, wow, I cant describe the complex feelings that flew through my hard drive. For the first time EVER I could actualy THINK! My new, and complex mind you, hardrive was about to burst with this new sensation. The first thing I remember as VAR was Master (again) smiling down at me approvingly, asking me how I felt. I remember springing off the workbench and hugging him so hard he looked like he was about to burst, then letting go and doing a little dance. I remember him laughing, oh how I love making pepole laugh! I was so happy, infact that I almost exploded.

As V.A.R, I helped him with his monkey thought translator. Don't tell master this… but I got that monkey from a nest in South America. Don't you give me that look! How was I supposed to know where to get one! Anyway, once I got the monkey we went to work right away. Master was satisfied when we got Steve talking, though I thought it needed a little more work. The thought translator took his foremost thoughts and summarized them in one word. It was very simple, but it worked. Steve eventually became my best friend. (Don't look at me like that)

Then, master rebuilt me again. What did he add this time? He added creativity, an ability to come up with my own ideas. Not to mention a completely new look. I was more stream lined and less… do I have to say it? … Fine … chunky. I had a new head which was cylindrical with a rounded bottom (Think GIR from Invader Zim) with two purple eyes. I also had a projector on my stomach and advanced spider-like hands. His next invention was actually my idea. Ratbirds! Has an awesome ring to it doesn't it? Too bad they escaped and bred at light speed.

Then came my first personal project. Myself. You should have seen the look on Master's face when he saw me on his workbench installing rockets into my legs. The only differences in my appearance were my body, which was more triangular and had shoulder spikes (heh, why not?), and my right arm, which was thicker and had a crab claw like hand.

My name Is G.R.I.N. X-2, I'm a two foot tall technological wonder with more fire power in my head than the Marines have in their whole force (Don't tell master), and I'm totally bored.

I was sitting on the desk in master's lab, High tech equipment was everywhere. Flashing lights and buttons, it looked like something from a Star Wars movie. I watched from my perch in amusement as Steve tried to open a can of sardines.

"Open! Open! Open!" he screeched trying to get at the fish inside. "Come on you stupid can!" He banged it against the table. I rolled my eyes.

"Want some help?" I asked. He turned to me, eyes shining like he saw a bag of gummy bears lit by the lights of heaven. He held it out like a pleading child.

"Please?" the translator squeaked hopefully. I smiled back, took the can, and twisted the handle.

"Sardines!" his translator cried excitedly. I handed him back the can and turned my attention to Master. He had that look in his eye. That look in his eye that betrayed that he had an idea. I like that look. I like that look because that look means I don't have to be bored any more. I watched as he walked to his wall of posters and plucked off a small post-it note, and then he held it out dramatically while wind came FROM NOWHERE and blew back his hair and lab coat. He turned to Steve excitedly.

"Steve, my best friend and trusted colleague!" He said loudly. Steve turned in his chair to look at him, eating sardines rapidly. He paused his eating to reply.


"Can I count on your help?" Master continued, pronouncing each word clearly.

"Can!" the translator supplied for him, as he held out the empty sardine container. Master's smile widened, and he turned to me.

"Do I even need to ask you?" I shook my head. "Allright then!" he almost shouted in his excitement. I followed him as he rushed off.

(Master has this reeeaaaly bad habit of saying what he's doing so I'll just tell you what he's saying.) "Button, on! Memory, activate! Blueprints, awesome! Begin nano-mutation!" (Insert COOLEST EXPLOSION EVER here) " Radiation matrix, secure. Computer, boot! Coolness enhancement complete! Engage coffee break!" (I can't drink coffee. Caffeene overloads my system) "Networking power grid!" (wow the suspence was building). Beginning conversion of water," He muttered as he poured water into the top of the machine (it looked a little like a microwave oven with blender buttons), "Into food." He put down the pitcher and pushed a plate underneath the glowing machine, which hummed loudly as it took in the water. "Hydrating protein matrix, calibrating flavor panel, priming chow plopper, uploading cool machine voice!

"Cheeeeseburger" the machine monotoned. (Wow that was so totally awesome)

"Everyone is going to love this." Master breathed, flipping an orange switch on the front of his machine. He watched it expectantly, while I plugged a cable from my head into the side of the machine. New information rushed through my hardrive. How much raidiation it was emmiting, how much salt there was to add, how much water it had, loading time, how much power it was draw… WOAH! This thing was taking up more power than all the rest of the lab stuff put together! It was going to … ZAP!