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I couldn't believe it; I was actually at New York John F Kennedy airport. After practically a year of waiting I was finally here. As we waited to reclaim our suitcases Alice grabbed my arm randomly and started jumping slightly in a hyper way, I rolled my eyes at her but laughed. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted her bright pink suitcase which looked almost bigger than her. She struggled a bit to pull it off the conveyor belt as I spotted my plain black, boring looking suitcase compared with hers.

As we walked through the main exit from the airport, I spotted someone with a big board with Camp ABCD written on it in brightly coloured letters. Despite my feeling of tiredness after the flight I grinned and squealed a little, was Alice's personality really rubbing off on me already? She noticed what I'd done and smirked knowingly as we both trudged forward to meet the woman who had already spotted us.

"Hey!" She said in a seemingly excited voice "I'm Anna. What are your names please?" She said, smiling.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen!" She beamed; I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm.

"I'm Bella... Uh, Isabella Swan." I hated introducing myself as Isabella; I was just 'Bella' to everyone. But considering that was the name I had to put on my application form, I guessed I'd have to put up with it.

"Okay guys" she said, while I was still getting used to the sound of her American accent "I need you to both get on coach C over there" as she directed us to the coach furthest away from where we were. I sighed, typical.

We both struggled pulling our suitcases but we eventually made it to the coach, we handed the driver our luggage before stepping on the coach, then I found lots of eyes on us both. I gulped; I hated being the centre of attention and even walking down the bus I felt slightly nervous. I headed for the nearest spare 2-seats and managed to trip up the small step up to the chair, I looked around but thankfully nobody saw. Well, nobody except Alice, who was chuckling away. I shot her a death glare but it didn't stop her.

As I sat down it hit me hard where I was, and I apparently only just noticed the brightness of the sun as I put my sunglasses over my eyes. New York already seemed amazing and my summer hadn't even started yet! Alice was chatting away in my ear but I wasn't really paying attention, I just nodded a few times to show her I was (half) listening, as I took in my surroundings as the coach started to pull out of the airport.

"Bellaaaaa! BELLA." I jumped, almost out of my seat as Alice practically shouted in my ear. Then I realised I must have fell asleep, because as I opened my eyes all I saw was the green of the trees and a huge sign reading 'Camp ABCD'. I heard the sound of footsteps and realised everyone was already departing the coach. I frowned.

"How long was I asleep?"

"Oh, only about two hours." She teased "My conversation must have been really exciting..." She said, raising her eyebrows. I shrugged, picking up my hand luggage as I followed her off the bus. The freshness of the air hit me as soon as my foot stepped on the leafy ground and I looked at the sight around me. There were no kids here yet, camp didn't start properly for another two weeks. We had to do some counsellor training first. Everyone seemed to have gathered around a podium with a woman standing on it, calling for everyone's attention. We managed to hear the last of what she was saying through her microphone.

"So, all look for your names on the room assignment list. Your suitcases will be sent to your cabin so don't worry about having to take them with you. I'll see you at 5pm for the welcome meal!" Alice grabbed my hand and took me over to a board where a big group was standing round. She used being petite to her advantage as she snaked her way through the crowd, taking me with her. As we reached the long list of names she laughed happily and turned to me.

"Hey, roomie!" She grinned and I smiled back, happy I already knew someone in the room; before she pulled me away I managed to take notice of another name on our list, 'Rosalie Hale.' I could only hope she was as nice as Alice was, and that we got on just as well.

After managing to get lost for about 20 minutes, the camp being a lot bigger than we anticipated... We arrived at our cabin, which was made out of logs, with steps leading up to it. As we opened the door I was pleasantly surprised, the inside was bright; nothing like the outside. There were four beds around the room and I flung my bag on to the closest one, Alice did the same with the bed next to mine, jumping on to hers so the mattress made a sound that was alarming.

"I'm so glad we're in the same room Bella. We're going to have so much fun." She grinned, resting her head on the pillow. I went to do the same just as I heard a knock on the door; Alice looked comfortable so I got up to see who it was.

"Oh! That will be..." She started, just as I opened the door and nearly walked into the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. I gasped, and his amazingly green eyes caught mine as he steadied me by putting his hands on my shoulders, I stepped back as I kind of felt some kind of spark flow between us. But surley I was imagining it, right? I turned round and found Alice looking at me with a confused expression on her face.

"As I was saying. Bella, this is Edward... He's my brother" She smiled.

Oh, shit.