A/N: So this is slightly spoiler-ish for the next episode, even though it isn't really how things are going to go down. But I just thought I'd warn you. I figured Chuck needs a good wake-up call after last episode and Blair is just the person to give it to him.

Blair was standing in the Vander-Bass-Humphrey penthouse waiting for Serena to come back from her talk with Lily when Chuck stormed up to her, "You bitch," He seethed, "I can't believe you sent her away. You just couldn't stand to see me be happy without you, could you?"

Blair rolled her eyes at his dramatics, "She wasn't who you thought she was, Chuck. She was-"

"She was what?" He cut her off angrily, "Please, try to rationalize your desperate, psychotic actions."

Blair's eyes narrowed, "Why are you so upset? Don't even try to say that you love her. We both know that isn't true."

Chuck remained silent, unable to answer, but his eyes still glistened with suppressed rage.

"You think you need her," Blair continued, "You think that you can't be this good man that you want to be so badly without her, but you are wrong. I knew that man long before you or I had ever even heard of Eva. I loved that man before Eva ever dragged him bleeding out of the streets of Prague."

Her anger faded but her voice was still strong as she continued, "She wasn't helping you, Chuck. She was smothering you. You were trying so hard to be a person she could love that you were hiding who you really are. You can be a good man and still be Chuck Bass."

He opened his mouth to protest but she didn't let him, "I know you don't think so. I know you think you had changed for the better, but you are wrong on both counts. The Chuck Bass I knew had respect and he was loved even when he wasn't attached to some French peasant. You can have respect and you can have love without losing who you are, which is what was happening when you were with Eva. It may have been unintentional, but she was forcing you to change for her. She couldn't love everything about you, and that is the real reason why she had to leave."

Chuck's anger had faded and he was staring at her with wide eyes as she explained, "Real love accepts who you are, all of you, with your mistakes and your past and all your flaws. That is what you deserve, Chuck, and you shouldn't be willing to accept anything less."

She turned and began to leave, tired of waiting for Serena, but she stopped when she heard his deep, husky voice, "Are you saying that you love me like that, Waldorf? Flaws and all?"

Blair turned around with a bittersweet smile, "I forgave you after you traded me for a hotel," She tilted her head slightly, "I think I'll get over your little indiscretion with Jenny Humphrey, don't you?"

Before she could try to leave again he responded, "You're wrong, you know." She looked confused, causing him to smirk slightly, "You forgot something important. I didn't need Eva to be good; I needed her because I couldn't have you. When you asked me to come back, I did because I could never refuse you, but I knew that if I returned without you I would resort back to the same person I was before I left. I needed Eva to help me stay focused; to help me let you go, and more importantly, to keep me from hurting you again. I couldn't be here alone and be good while being without you."

Blair shook her head and laughed softly, "When are you going to get it, Bass? You'll never really be without me. No matter what you do, no matter how hard I try to deny it, in the end I'll always come back to you. I can't just give up on us," She said with a shrug, "We're inevitable."

"Good-bye, Chuck," She said over her shoulder as she finally made her exit.

He smirked, "I'll see you around, Waldorf," He said softly.