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Chapter One: And so they continued

Sora, Donald and Goofy walked along a single grassy road. There were no buildings, or anything they could enter. It was just fields of greenery, and luscious, beautiful trees surrounded by a bright and clear blue sky.

None of the three haven't talked much since Marie disappeared, and in all honesty, when they did talk it wasn't the same. The three of them were so used to Marie there, and since she was gone, the group felt incomplete. Both Donald and Goofy also knew that Sora was hurt the most from her disappearance. When they would take short breaks, they would often see him looking at the sky, and be completely distant. He would also stare at his chain necklace, and sometimes he would smile, most likely of the time he had given Marie her necklace.

It was hard on him, but he managed to carry a smile regardless of the pain he was in.

But even when this pain swallowed him, he still had hope that Marie would turn up. He didn't know how or where, but he could feel her presence. The sweet and innocent air that Marie had around her was still felt by Sora, and this alone has given him hope that she was still around.

"Well," Donald said, breaking the silence. "Now what do we do?"

"That's easy," Sora said, hands placed behind his head. "We find Riku, the King and Marie."

"But, uh," Goofy started. "Where do we start lookin' for that there door to the light?"

Sora, Donald and Goofy stopped mid-way, and they dropped their shoulders as they sighed. Truth be told, they didn't really know where to start, or how they were going to start. What they've been doing so far was walking any random path that came their way. But that changed as a dog appeared who had a letter with a seal on it.

"Pluto?" asked Donald.

"Hey, Pluto. Where have you been?" asked Goofy.

Sora looked at the note, and so did Donald and Goofy. "Gawrsh, that's the King's seal!" Goofy stated.

"Hey, boy," said Sora. "Have you seen Riku, the King or Marie?"

Pluto looked really happy and instantly, as if he did knew, he started running ahead. Goofy and Donald smiled, and Sora ran a little ahead before looking back at them. "Come on!"

Sora, Donald and Goofy followed Pluto hoping to find the king and Riku, and to Sora, he hoped for the best that he would find Marie.


After walking a long way from where they started, Sora and the others decided to take a small break. Sora had been awake, and as usual, he was staring at his necklace. He never tired of staring at it, as it held the greatest memory for him. But then suddenly, Sora heard a noise. He quickly got up, and walked around. As he searched around the area, he heard a voice and gasped as he frantically looked around to where the voice came from.

"Along the road ahead lies something you need," the mysterious voice said.

Sora turned around, and found that no one was there. He raised his eye brow, and looked around until finally he came face to face with a man in a black cloak. Sora began to grow suspicious.

"However—in order to claim it," he continued. "You must lose something that is dear to you."

Sora ran towards the man, taking out his Keyblade. He tried attacking the man, but he disappeared in a matter of seconds. The little specks of darkness that surrounded him, however, lead to the path in front of Sora. It was then that he knew where he would go the next day.


The next day Sora and his companions had followed the path that the man in black disappeared to, and eventually, it lead them to a giant castle that had many contorted exterior shapes. There were rooks pointed at odd angles, and the whole feel of the castle felt very dark, Sora didn't know why, but he felt like he needed to go inside.

Sora walked along, and entered the door. Donald and Goofy didn't disagree, because they too had a the feeling of entering. When they did enter, the walls were completely white, the pillars were white, and even the floor and doors were white. It was a rather strange sight, but everyone remained calm.

"Is it okay to barge in?" asked Goofy.

"If the King is here, then we've got to do it," Donald said.

"Is King Mickey here!" Goofy asked happily and in shock.

"Something just told me he'd be here, okay?" Donald said suspiciously.

"Really? 'Cause now that ya mention it, I was kinda thinkin' the same thing," said Goofy.

"Seriously? Me too! One look at this castle, and I just knew," said Sora. "Our very best friends—they're here."

"Guess great minds think alike," Goofy laughed.

"Wait, hey! Hold on!" Jiminy Cricket popped out from Sora's shoulder. "It can't be just a coincidence!"

"Oh no, Jiminy," Donald started. "Ya don't mean that—"

"Yep, I had it too, mm-hmm!" Jiminy said. "The exact same feeling and everything!"

"Gawrsh, maybe it's contagious," Goofy said in a very scared manner.

"No, no. Something's up," Donald said. "Let's look around."

"Right," agreed Sora. He slowly made his way towards the door, and suddenly Donald began to freak out.

"Wak! Where are you going!" Donald asked angrily.

"To the door, of course" Sora looked back at Donald and smirked. "Are ya scared?"

"Aw, don't be ridiculous!" Donald lied. "Let's go!"

"Hey, Fellahs, shouldn't we shut the door behind us before we go?" asked Goofy. He looked behind him, and gasped. "Sora!"

A man in a black cloak appeared in front of the door, the same man that appeared to Sora when they took that break. "Just who are you!" Sora asked angrily. He, Donald and Goofy took out their weapons, and the man approached them slowly.

"I'll try some magic!" Donald shouted.

THUNDER!" he yelled, pointing his staff towards the man, but nothing came out.

"THUNDER! THUNDER!" Donald shouted repeatedly.

"...Blizzard?" Donald started to get angry. "FIRE!"

"Why isn't it working?" asked Donald, who lowered his shoulders and sighed.

"I think it should be pretty obvious," said the man. "The moment you set foot in this castle, you forgot every spell and every ability you ever knew."

"In this place, to find is to lose, and to lose is to find. That is the way in Castle Oblivion," said the man. He laughed, and disappeared into a dust of darkness. He reappeared later behind Sora and the others.

"Here you will meet people that you have known in the past, and you will meet the people you miss," said the cloaked figure.

"I miss?" asked Sora until he figured it out. "Riku and Marie! You mean they're here!"

"If what you want...is to find them.." the man ran past Sora, and he flew back a few. Sora tried to attack him but he disappeared and appeared in front of another door.

"What did you just do to me?" Sora asked angrily, raising his blade.

"I merely sampled your memories," he said. "And from them, I made this."

The man showed Sora a card with a town—Traverse Town—on it. "To reunite with those you hold dear—" the man threw the card towards Sora.

"A card?" Sora asked.

"A simple promise for the reunion you seek," said the man. "Hold the card to open the door. And beyond it, a new world."

he moved out of the way and showed a beige door behind him. Sora looked at the card, and then at the door. He was utterly confused as to what just happened, but Sora remained calm and looked at the man.

"To lose and claim anew, or to claim anew only to lose..." the man said mysteriously. He disappeared, and this time, for a while. Sora, Donald and Goofy watched as he disappeared, and then they all looked at the card. Sora wasn't so sure about what that man had said, but he had to go along and listen. If he was going to ever meet Riku or Marie, he needed all the help he can get, even if it wasn't from the best of people.

"Alright, let's go you guys," said Sora.

Well, well, well.

Thy sequel is finally here, even though it's short. I'll warn you now: Sora will not be in this story as much because I want this short story(ten chapters) to focus on the friendship with Marie and Riku.

So yes, you guessed right. For all you Riku fans, he's finally getting' some light... in the dark. For now, you're just going to have to wait. C:

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