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Chapter Ten: Road To Dawn

"So Sora chose to forget about this castle so he can get his old memories back?" asked Riku.

"You need to choose, too," responded Naminè.

"No one has messed with my memories," Riku replied, looking at Marie. "No one has messed with her memories too, so why is she sleeping?"

"The voice that is Kingdom Hearts spoke to her, saying that she would forget everything she saw here," she said. "She struggled against it greatly, it was horrible to see it."

Riku dropped his shoulders, as he couldn't understand why Stella had done what she did. It made him think somewhat differently about the unknown voice, she seemed to have a hidden agenda, but of course Riku could be thinking too much on it. He didn't know the voice, so he could not judge. But he was still disappointed, and he just couldn't believe it. The time they spent together was something he enjoyed so much, and now she won't remember it. He had to stay optimistic about it though, because he knew this wasn't going to be the last time he saw her, and he had his whole life to bond with her. It still sucked though...

Naminè looked at Riku, and placed a hand on her chest where her heart laid. "Ansem is trying to take control of you, and with my powers I can put a lock on your heart so Ansem will never come out from inside you."

"Is that why you want to put me to sleep like Sora? Will I forget everything like him?" asked Riku while being concerned.

"The darkness will be sealed just like your memory," she said. "You'll forget the darkness, and go back to the way you were."

Riku placed a hand on his chest, and looked at Sora. He looked like he wasn't worried, and figured that he would look like that as well. Sora always did what pleased him, and whatever he and Riku would do, he'd be the one to slack off. During the time they were finding a way off Destiny island Riku would do all the work, while Sora slept or played with Tidus, Wakka, Selphie or Kairi.

But Riku figured, if he were asleep, he won't be able to tell Sora just how much of a slacker he was. He laughed to himself, and thought about he time he, Sora and Marie were closing the door after they defeated Ansem. He told Sora to take care of Kairi, and instead he is doing nothing but taking a nap. If he were asleep... he wouldn't be there to scold Sora. His mind was decided.

"I don't need my heart locked," he told Naminè. "I'm ready—I'm gonna fight Ansem."

"But the darkness—"

"It will show me the way," Riku interrupted her.

"...Yes, it will," she said, reassured while smiling at him. "It's better if you face the darkness, you're the only one who can."

Riku placed a finger on his chin, and had a questioning look before looking at Naminè. "I see... that's the reason you helped me inside that light in the form of Kairi."

Naminè gasped, and looked at him, asking him how he knew. He looked at her, and stated that he knew the moment he met her, for she and Kairi smelled the same. It was then that he knew that Naminè is Kairi's nobody, there was no doubt. But one thing bothered him, Kairi had lost her heart, yes. But Sora and Marie also lost their hearts at one point... did they too, have nobodies? And if so, would they be an ally like Naminè? Or possible enemies?

He shook his head, and didn't want to think of any of that. He left for the exit, and told Naminè to take care of both Sora and Marie. She watched him leave, and merely nodded while smiling. She was glad that he was going to face the darkness just like she hoped for. After he left, she turned her attention to the two sleeping teens. She began to see a pink glow on Marie's head, and walked closer.

A heart glowed brightly on Marie's forehead.

A dream of the past: Marie

Marie walked around her house in her pajamas, and was smiling and laughing. She didn't want to go to sleep just yet, and wanted to play a small game of hide and seek with her parents.

"Marie, we can play hide and seek all day tomorrow," her mother spoke, walking after her. "But now you have to sleep."

"But I'm not sleepy!" she giggled, now running.

Her father popped out in front of her, and picked her up. She started laughing, as her father began to tickle her. "But you have to sleep! You're going to be a birthday girl tomorrow, and birthday girls need to look their best!"

Marie wrapped her arms around her father's neck, and smiled as he brought her to her room, if course with her mother following close behind. The three of them walked to her room, and her father gently placed her on her bed. She got under the covers, and her mother tucked her in, and smiled.

"I bet you can't wait to be four tomorrow," her mother said, playfully poking her nose.

"It'll be a very special day," her father added in.

"As long as you guys are with me, and we have cake, I'll be happy," she giggled, hiding behind her covers. Her mother giggled lightly, and started stroking her hair.

"We're very happy to have you dear," her mother said. "Your father and I have been trying hard to bring you into this world, and we're glad you are here."

Marie smiled, and although she didn't understand what her mother meant by bringing her into the world, she was very happy to hear that her mother and father love her very much. She grabbed her mother's hand, and looked at her as she spoke. "Mommy, can you sing me that little song again? The one you always sing?"

"Of course, sweetie," her mother replied. "I loved you the first time I saw you, and I always will love you, Marie. You brought joy into our lives, and we always will love you, Marie." [1]

Marie's eyes, were closed, and she was slowly falling asleep. Her mother and father smiled, and they both took a turn to kiss her forehead before they left to sleep in their own bed. Marie would always sing that song to herself when both her parents were working, so she would never be alone. When she sang, she felt like her parents were there with her, and it greatly eased her.

Although unknown to her, this song is more important than she thought.


Riku walked through the door that would lead him into the same room that he always went into after visiting a world, and came face to face with the King. He smiled at Riku, and began to speak to him.

"I see you didn't go to sleep," he said, looking at the young boy walk in.

"How did you know?" Riku asked.

"I heard it from DiZ," he replied.

Riku looked around, and saw DiZ standing near the wall. He raised his guard, still not fully trusting the man, and watched as he came walking towards Mickey and him. He stood beside Mickey, and asked him without looking at him if he knew DiZ.

"I'm not sure, I got the feeling that I've met him somewhere," he replied.

Riku grunted, and walked up to DiZ, he asked him just who he was. DiZ didn't give a specific answer, and only told him that he could be anybody or nobody. He then told Riku that it was up to him to believe in him or not.

Of course, Riku commented on now DiZ just likes to push decisions on him. DiZ told him that he has chosen his own path by choosing to face Ansem, and Riku asked him if he was supporting or going to abandoned him. And once again, DiZ gave him the voice to decide. He walked up to him, and handed him a black cloak, a cloak much similar to that of Zexion's and Lexaeus'.

"What's this?" Riku asked.

"The Organization will pursue you," he replied. "Like a pack of hunting dogs, they will sneak up on you if they sense your presence. However, this cloak that is worn by nobodies will render their eyes and their noses useless."

DiZ handed Riku a card, a card that will bring out the darkness in his heart. The card that will lead him to Ansem. Riku looked at both the card, and the cloak, and decided that he was indeed ready to face Ansem. He looked over to the king, and together they left.

Once they headed to the other room, Riku stopped, and looked at the card. The king looked at him, and reassured him that they were going to defeat Ansem together. Riku shook his head, and spoke.

"No, I've gotta defeat Ansem on my own," he said

"But why!" retorted the King.

"There's no point in doing this if I can't do it on my own," he replied. "But I will need a favor. If Ansem wins, he's gonna enslave him. If that happens, use your powers to destr—"

"Of course! I'll be there to save ya!" the king happily replied.

"No, that's not it," Riku corrected. He wanted the king to destroy him should be be enslaved. But he refused, stating that no matter what would happen, he would be there to help him. Riku thanked the king, and walked towards the door. He raised his card, and the door opened for the final time.

This was it, Riku was going to finally face Ansem.

He walked into the room, and instantly started sensing him. "I smell you, Ansem! show yourself!"

in the blink of an eye, Ansem appeared in front of Riku. And started chuckling. He told Riku that he has watched him fight, and knows his strength, commenting that he has matured. He had to ask him, however, as to why he accepted the darkness, but refused him. Riku looked at the floor, and told him that he was not scared of him or anything.

"I just can't stand your foul stench!" he shouted.

Ansem shook his head in disappointment, and said that he was much stronger, but then Riku retorted saying that he had used all the power he had to offer, and yet Sora still beat him. He was not impressed with his powers whatsoever, and let Ansem know.

"Very well, in that case..." he started. "You shall sink into the abyss!"

Ansem had unleashed an incredibly huge amount of darkness, and Riku pulled his Keyblade in front of him to block the waves. He closed his eyes, and felt the darkness surround him. When he opened his eyes, his surrounding had turned into complete darkness, and Ansem stood in front of him with his dark guardian behind him.

Riku pointed his blade at him, and began running towards him. He landed the first attack, and Ansem stumbled a bit. He pushed his guardian in front of him, but Riku quickly took it down. He was rather impressed with his own power, and he was going to use the full extent of his power to defeat Ansem, no matter what.

Ansem threw several dark spheres at him, but he dodged it swiftly. He attacked Ansem a couple of times, and found out that Ansem was stumbling and losing his breath much quicker. He figured that the fight he had with Sora had weaken him, and although he was a little disappointed that he couldn't fight Ansem in his full strength, he was still glad that he had the chance to defeat him himself. This fight was also going to be a lot quicker, and with the right amount of attacks, Ansem would fall to the floor in time.

He attacked Riku with blasts of darkness that came from the palm of his hand, but Riku dodged it again, and attacked him with another set of attacks. This battle was beginning to become a joke to Riku, as Ansem didn't seem like he was trying that hard. But nonetheless, he would defeat him, regardless of his weaken self.

Ansem did have thing that he didn't previously, and that was a new set of spells and attacks. He kept hurling spheres, and blasts of darkness towards Riku, and occasionally made fire spout out from the floor. Some of the were easy to dodge, while others were a little tricky to get around, but they weren't powerful spells. Riku ran up to Ansem, and attacked him quite a few times, which made Ansem draw back for a brief moment.

"Just accept me," Ansem pleaded. "There is no other choice."

Riku attacked him, but he blocked the attack, and returned the attack by hurling another set of dark spheres at him. Riku dodged most of them, and the others he attacked with his Keyblade. "I already told you! I can't stand that smell of yours!"

He ran towards Ansem, and used one of his more stronger attacks to send him staggering backwards. And then attacked a little more before Ansem started blocking again. Riku suddenly felt his dark power rise, and decided to use it against Ansem. A dark aura surrounded Riku as he started to transform as his dark powers rising even more so, and after he transformed, he knew this battle was already over.

Riku spun his blade towards Ansem, and controlling it from afar, Riku made it attack him several times before having it returned to him. Ansem floated, and lifted his hands. Bolts of darkness came from thin air, and Riku rolled around to dodge most of them. He got up from rolling around, and threw his blade at Ansem again, in a boomerang-esque style. He then ran towards Ansem, catching the Keyblade as it returned, and attacked him again.

Ansem pushed the guardian out in front again, and had it protect him for a while. Riku was annoyed at this guardian, and decided to attack it relentlessly. Ansem pulled away from the attacks, and made the guardian extend his arm and swing it at Riku.

He was not going to let Ansem, much less a guardian of his, hurt him. So as the guardian swung his arm, he swung his blade and slashed it's arm, making it disappear and thus rendering it useless. Ansem was pretty fatigued at this point, and Riku took it as the perfect opportunity to attack Ansem with everything that he had.

Riku unleashed a stronger wave of his dark powers, and his Keyblade was glowing a dark hue of purple. He ran towards Ansem, and threw his sword at him again. He ran along with the sword, and as it attacked Ansem, Riku punched him at the same time. A wave of darkness hurled around Ansem, and sucked all of his strength.

"Insolent brat!" Ansem shouted. He used what was left of his power to generate a ball of darkness, and threw it at Riku. Riku blocked it with much effort, and ran towards Ansem with great speed, and stabbed him within a blink of an eye. Ansem stood there shocked, and in pain. He was unable to move, and unable to comprehend that Riku defeated him.

"No... this cannot be!" he shouted, looking at the ceiling.

"Your time is up, Ansem," Riku said, back turned against him.

"My shadow lingers... and someday," he said, grasping for air. "Someday... I will return!"

The room filled with darkness as Ansem began to disappear, and Riku covered himself with his Keyblade. As everything faded to black, Riku suddenly began to call out for Sora, Kairi and Marie before everything turned to complete darkness.

"Gosh Riku," a familiar voice spoke to him. "I know you wanted to do this alone... but ya don't mind getting' a little help, do ya?"

A speck of light was noticeable, and the king, his majesty, appeared beside him. He lead him out of the darkness, and into the castle. Riku opened his eyes, and squinted a bit, due to the brightness. The king started walking ahead, and Riku merely followed.

"So, what happens next?" the king asked. "Are ya goin' home?"

"I can't, at least not yet," Riku replied. "It's still here, although faint, I can sense him. I think his darkness may still have a hold on me."

"Your darkness belongs to you, just like your light," the king reassured. "Up till now, I thought darkness was something that should never exist. Then I spent time with you and changed my mind. The road you chose... light and dark, back to back. I'd like to see that road, I'd like to walk the road with ya."

The king extended his hand to him, and Riku laughed whole-heartedly, and extended his hand to the king. Together they shook hands, a symbolism of their friendship. Riku was so flattered, that he didn't know what to say.

"We're pals now, so you don't have to call me 'majesty' now," the king stated.

Riku nodded his head. "Alright, Mickey."


Riku and Mickey walked along a long road with nothing but grass and occasional trees. Although both Riku and Mickey didn't know it, the road was the same one Sora once walked through.

At the crossroad, DiZ stood there, waiting for the two. They both approached him, and Riku looked at him before asking him a question. "What are you making me choose now?"

"Between the road to light—and the road to darkness," he stated.

"Neither suits me," Riku confessed, walking past DiZ. "I'm taking the middle road."

"You mean the twilight road to nightfall?" DiZ asked.

"No," Riku said. After everything that had happened, starting from seeing his home being devoured by darkness and joining it soon afterward, to helping Sora and Marie save the worlds in the end, he was truly in between light... and dark. The road to nightfall could just as well be described as going into the dark, and that was not going to work for him. no... the road where he wanted to go was...

"The road to dawn."

A week later

DiZ and Naminè were preparing to transport Sora into the basement of a mansion that resided in Twilight Town, and they were also preparing a bed for Marie. They didn't, or at least, DiZ didn't want to keep Marie in a pod like Sora. Seeing her sleep for a long time bothered him, as it brought memories of her coma. He figured that placing her in a comfortable bed would ease his mind, and made him think she was just sleeping instead of sleeping to forget her memories of Castle Oblivion.

However, while they were preparing, something happened. Marie's body began to glow a light shade of pink, and soon enough a protective orb surrounded her. Both DiZ and Naminè ran up to see what was happening, and DiZ tried to see what was happening. As he tried touching the orb, the room was surrounded by a bright light, and nearly blinded both Naminè and DiZ. They were forced to close their eyes and cover them, and when they opened them, they both stood in surprise.

Marie had disappeared.


Hayner, Pence, and Olette were doing their usual after school, and that was hanging out at their hideout. Pence had noticed that the sea-salt ice cream they kept in their little cooler were all gone, so all three of them opted to go get some more.

They walked outside of their hideout, and almost instantly, Olette noticed a girl lying on the floor. She told the boys, and they all ran up to her. She was still breathing, and Olette tried waking her up by shaking her. She wasn't walking up.

Pence asked if he should get an adult, but Hayner quickly disagreed, stating that he knew how to wake her up. She put his fingers on Marie's nose, and pressed her nostrils together so that the air wouldn't come in. in other words, make her stop breathing.

Olette began to freak out stating they're going to get in trouble if he did that, but soon enough the girl began to move, and jerked around. Hayner started laughing, but was soon met with a hard slap to his face.

"What the heck is wrong with you!" the girl shouted, rubbing her nose. "You could have killed me!"

"Well, you seem pretty alive to me," he replied.

"...Shut-up," she said. She looked around, and noticed that her surroundings were very...orange and yellow, to say the least. She looked at the three, and raised her eye brow.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"Twilight Town," Olette replied. "Don't you remember our town? You live here, right?"

The girl looked at the floor, and tried remembering, but the only thing she could remember was her name. She couldn't remember where she was from, or who she was, or if she had a family. She looked at them, and told them her name and how she couldn't remember anything else but her name.

"Oh..." Pence replied, not really knowing what to say. Hayner started laughing, and commented on how she looked terrible. Her hair was a mess, and her clothes were wrinkled and dirty. Hayner also commented on how she smelled, which he received a push from Olette. She was the nicest of the three, and extended her hand to the girl.

"Well, Marie, you can stay with me until you remember," she said. "We'll show you around, oh! And you have to try the ice cream we have here!"

Marie looked at Olette's hand, and then at her. She gave a sincere smile, and took her hand. The first thing Hayner suggested for Marie to do was to take a shower, and Olette pushed him again. But he was right, she did needed to clean up. As she walked back to Olette's place, a voice was heard.

When he awakens, you will remember.
Yet I wonder, will 'you' accept that 'he' will become one?

The End

[1] It's a song from Randy Newman named Marie, but I changed the second line. The song is in the movie Paulie, a really cute movie might I add, and I thought it appropriate a guess, to use.

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