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"Oooooooooo shit." He muttered.

He wasn't sure exactly what had happened. One second he was walking along a mesa with his team, the next he was falling.

He had landed on something soft. Soft enough he hadn't been killed but still hard enough to break a couple thingsā€¦

Like his leg and a couple ribs. He was pretty sure he's hit his head somewhere too.

After hitting the 'soft' spot, he remembered rolling a little before falling again.

The fall was shorter this time, but he hit something hard and then, nothing.

He'd woken with a groan, trying to figure out where he was.

All he could see was a rock. He felt wedged in between a rock and a hard place, aka, another rock.

His head was laid on his right arm, which was out-stretched above his head.

He could feel his legs, that was good, but he felt an odd sensation in his left one.

Surprisingly, he wasn't in much pain. He knew his leg was broken, probably his arm too, and more than likely a few ribs.

But the concussion he was positive he had kept the pain away.

That was probably the only thing he had to be grateful for.

He could hear shouting in the distance, but couldn't seem to find the strength to respond.

Drawing in a breath hurt. He knew he was in trouble when he began coughing and couldn't stop.

The rock in front of him became spotted with red, showing him just how screwed he was.

He closed his eyes, trying to figure a way out of this mess.

When he opened them again, he was pleasantly surprised to see a shadow looming over him.

He became worried when he realized he didn't recognize the figure. This planet was supposed to be un-inhabited.

"He-hel-help." He gasp.

The figure made a shushing sound and motioned to someone out of his view.

The next thing he knew, he was being lifted.

Someone had reached down between the rocks to pick him up and carry him in their arms.

Another someone had come up to curl his arm in.

That, in combination with moving his legs, brought the pain in waves.

Unable to do anything except lay there, he groaned and ground his teeth together, riding out the pain.

His eyes closed of their own accord. Nothing he could do would keep him open.

He opened them to see a high ceiling and strange walls.

They looked Ancient but with an odd twist. He was sure he saw some Gould designs incorporated into the Ancient.

He turned his head to the right and was able to see a small man working at an Ancient console.

He felt a tickle in his throat and coughed, thankful it didn't hurt like it had before.

The little man looked up, "Ah, Evan, you're awake!" he exclaimed.

His accent was hard to place but sounded like a mix of Russian and English. A weird combination.

"Where am I? And how do you know my name?" He asked.

"Never mind that. Completely unimportant." Little Man told him. "What is important is what you remember."

"Not much." Evan admitted. "I was walking along with my team and then, I wasn't. I was falling. I hit something and broke my leg, then rolled and fell again and hit my head."

"Yes, well, your leg should be fine now. And your arm was also broken but it should also be fine. Your ribs were harder, as one had punctured your lung. It was a challenge, but I managed to heal them. You will probably have a headache for a while, but it'll pass."

"What do you mean? It's not that easy to fix broken bones. How long have I been here?" He asked, confused.

"Any questions about where you are or who I am will go unexplained. As for the broken bones, they are that easy to fix."

He was about to ask why when the Little Man continued, "I did what I could while you were unconscious. Now that you are conscious, I shall try again to see if I can fix you better."

"What do yo-" He was cut off by a whirring sound and the sight of a green strip of light coming from the ceiling toward him.

It encircled him and he felt no pain at all. It was like being drugged up to the gills with morphine, and yet still having your senses.

And then it was gone. He sat up tentatively, checking himself to see if there was any pain. There was none.

He stood, facing the Little Man.

"Goodbye now!" Little Man exclaimed suddenly. "Good to meet you, Evan!"

Before he could respond, Evan was engulfed in a bright white light. When it passed, he found himself in front of the gate.

Turning, he found his pack and weapons beside the DHD. Checking his pack he found everything there, including his GDO and radio.

Picking up his stuff, he dialed Atlantis and sent through his code. Unsure of how long he'd been gone, he activated his radio. "Atlantis, this is Lorne. I'm not sure how long I've been gone, but I'd like to come back."

The relieved voice of his CO came back to him, "Shield's down, come on back."

Moving to the gate, he felt eyes on him. He turned to see Little Man, in a glow of white light, waving at him. The glow was like that of an Ascended Being.

Lorne had questions of his own, and he knew he'd be asked many he couldn't answer, but right now he was alive and going back to Atlantis.

With a smile and a wave to the man that had saved his life, he turned and stepped through the gate, glad to be going home.

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