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"Run!" He shouted at his team, breaking left as they broke right, running from the Wraith intent on having them for dinner.

He ran for a few minutes, weaving in and out of the trees. He thought he'd lost the Wraith, when it appeared out of nowhere, headed straight for him.
He ran again, continuing the way he'd gone before, away from his team.

The sound coming from the Wraith behind him changed, and he looked back to see that it was no longer a Wraith chasing him, it was Lucas. Even while he looked, Lucas changed his shape into something smaller. A pygmy marmoset. It quickly gained on him, despite the size difference.

Glancing back at the small monkey, he yelped in surprise and shock as the small animal's eyes glowed and it gained even more.
Turning his eyes back to his path, he ducked under a tree branch and stepped over another as he ran on.

A squeal made him turn again, and what he saw made his head spin. Dozens of pygmy marmosets followed him, covering the trees and the forest floor. All of them had glowing eyes and seemed to follow the instructions of a slightly larger one, Lucas.
He ran on, his head pounding with the beat of his feet against the ground, his legs and back aching. He wanted to stop, but he ran on, the marmosets still following closely. He jumped over another tree branch in his path, and suddenly he was in the desert.

He still ran, the marmosets gaining rapidly as they skimmed easily over the sand.
He could see the gate in the distance, and his team standing around it. He couldn't seem to get their attention, and he wasn't sure if he could reach them before the marmosets reached him.
He ran and ran, the gate never seeming to get closer. The gate shimmered as though an illusion, and it disappeared.

"No!" He shouted even as he continued running.

The marmosets were within a few feet now, ready, it seemed, to tear his skin apart. He knew it was illogical, marmosets were herbivores, but this was Pegasus. Man-eating pygmy marmosets wasn't something he should think of as new.
Still he ran, trying to stay ahead of the rabid things. That's when it hit him. He was being chased by rabid pygmy marmosets. He'd often thought that was funny when he was younger, but the hilarity of the situation was lost on him as he ran for his life.

On and on he ran, barely able to stay ahead of the small animals, his energy level falling rapidly.

His breath came in short gasps, his lungs reaching for the precious air they were being deprived of. His back and legs ached, unused to running at this pace for so long without a break.
He stumbled, barely managing to keep going. His vision blurred, but he pushed through it.

He ran up, down and around sand dunes, his feet becoming heavier and heavier. His vision blurred again, and this time he couldn't push past it. He fell, his body hitting the ground and rolling before coming to a complete stop. He lay on his front, his arms splayed out in odd directions.
His vision cleared for a moment and he could see the marmosets surrounding him. His eyes clouded over even as his lungs gathered in the air they'd been longing for.

He knew he was dead when he felt the first nail plunge into his skin, but he wasn't really thinking of that. The pain just magnified his headache, and black spots covered over his sight. He took a deep breath, trying to work through the pain, but unable to.
The black spots increased in size, and he welcomed the blackness, accepting his fate…

… Lorne sat up in bed with a gasp, thinking the lights bright as he looked around quickly for the pygmy marmosets.

"Nightmare." He muttered, laying back in the bed as the lights dimmed.

This was new for him; he hadn't had a nightmare in months. He'd had a couple after his capture by Lucas, but after he got back in the swing of things, they went away.
Now they were back, this time in full force. There was no worse fate then being eaten alive by rabid pygmy marmosets of strife. Not even the Wraith could compare.

He wasn't sure why, but he had a feeling the nightmare had something to do with Jennifer's recent off-world adventure. She'd been captured, again, and it'd taken his and Sheppard's teams to rescue her. He hadn't realized he could worry that much about someone. He'd tried to keep his feelings to himself, but a comment she'd made made him wonder if perhaps she felt the same.

In any case, he was never going to get back to sleep after that, so he quickly dressed and headed down to the infirmary. He didn't feel like sparring after that dream, or he'd see if Ronon was awake. He had a hunch he'd find the Doc working, even if it was 5 am.

Sure enough, there she was. But she wasn't working, she was sleeping. She sat in her chair, using her arm as a pillow where it lay on her desk.

"Major." A quiet voice caught his attention.

Marie, one of the nurses that'd been in Atlantis the longest, approached from the back room.

"Hey." He said, smiling. He'd always liked Marie, not in the romantic sense, but in the 'she's my little sister' sense. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Evan?"

"A few more times yet." She smiled back, using his own words against him. He'd said the very same thing to Colonel Sheppard after he'd asked how many times he had to tell Evan to call him John.

Lorne just smiled, turning his attention back to the sleeping doctor.

"Will you please get her out of here?" Marie asked, seeing where his attention was. "She's been here all night after working all day yesterday."

"Yeah." He said, inwardly grinning at the thought of carrying Jennifer through the halls of Atlantis to her quarters. "I can do that."

He picked her up carefully, making sure her head rested on his chest. She didn't even stir, so he knew exactly how tired she was.

He loved the way her body fit perfectly with his. When he'd been captured by Lucas, he'd thought of Jennifer as his little sister. But lately she'd become something more. She flirted more, hung out more, had become something more than a sister, but not quite a girlfriend.

Carrying her through the halls, Evan got a few looks from the few personnel that were up and about, but he ignored them.

Reaching her quarters, he used his security override to open the door. He walked in, lowering the lights and noting with some amusement the way her quarters weren't exactly clean. When it came to her infirmary, it was spick and span, but apparently she hadn't taken much time for herself lately. Evan planned to do something about that. He wasn't sure what, but something.

He laid her on her bed, sliding off her shoes and jacket before pulling the covers up over her. She slept on, oblivious to the man watching her.

She was cute when she slept, he noted. He hadn't wanted to admit he had feelings for her, but he knew the dangers of Pegasus, and if he didn't say something, one of them could be gone the next day.

She was sleeping too deeply for him to do anything less than blowing up her room to wake her, so he leaned down, brushing his lips lightly across her cheek. The tingle from touching her skin stayed with him.

"I love you." He whispered, getting up and leaving.

He didn't know how this would turn out, but he knew he wanted to explore it. The first step was admitting, while she was awake, that he loved her. He'd faced down Wraith, Genii and balrog-type creatures, and won every time. Admitting that he loved her, to her face, however, was scary. But he wasn't going to let one of them die before she knew.


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