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Summary: Through an accident, Uchiha Itachi is reborn with all his memories of a prior life. He struggles to protect his new brother, Harry Potter, in a new world where everything is different.

Pairings: James/Lily, Fugaku/Mikoto, previous Itachi/Uchiha lover.

Chapter Summary: Itachi's final battle with Sasuke

Chapter Warnings: Character Death, Spiritual/Religious themes

1. Prologue

Itachi looked to Sasuke as he died. Sasuke. His silly little brother, so determined, so powerful; he had such strong attacks and so much potential. And still, he was so weak. Itachi was glad he'd given some of his power to Naruto. Perhaps it would help them to see the truth. Or as much of it as Itachi knew or suspected. Then again, his little brother was so stubborn. It was a good thing he had Naruto. The fox carrier believed in him. Perhaps… perhaps he had done enough. Even if he hadn't, it had been his best. Itachi had given enough. He'd given everything. He had nothing else left. It was with a sense of peace that he closed his eyes for the last time. It was time to rest.

Heaven. Hell. What some called the other side. No one living can describe it properly. Some could access parts of it, dimensions along-side their own world, and all parts of the universe in it's complicated design. But none truly come back remembering the afterlife.

Which was probably just as well.

Unmei and Anki, personifications of Destiny and Fate, paused in their endless work. They could feel a disturbance, an imbalance where none should be. Chaos meddling. They reached out, trying to feel and understand. Something that should not be lost had gone, and a little hole had been torn in the fabric of the universe. Smaller than a pinprick really, but they were entities charged with making sure that nothing like this occurred. Troubled, they felt for a solution, and reached out to grab a thread from the design that would fit the hole.

At the same time, Uchiha Itachi died, his soul flaring and pulsing, life left behind, death an instant ahead, one amongst many. Chaos danced between the threads, touching this one, bending that one, weaving and dancing and following impulse. Unmei reached out, yes, this part here, to fix the hole, and the balance was kept. Anki sealed it, fitted the thread to a new pattern. Unmei and Anki turned their attention to the whole, satisfied the problem had been solved.

In the grand design it had. There was no error. No hole in the design. The pattern would continue. Not as it had been, but with a new thread in place. Chaos snuck away, whirling with enjoyment. Unmei and Anki had not noticed as it brushed against the thread as they fixed it to the pattern anew. A thread that still remembered what it had been, chosen by Unmei, and sealed by Anki, and tainted by Chaos. The pattern had changed.

In time, in a world he'd never before been part of, Uchiha Itachi opened his eyes and howled.


"-Leon Mathew Potter."

"That's a wonderful name Lily-flower." James Potter said, kissing his wife softly on the forehead.

He couldn't help but smile at the small bundle in Lily Potter's arms. Even if there was a war going on in their world, precious memories like these were priceless. James wouldn't choose to forget this moment for anything. He looked at Lily, exhausted from delivering his second son, and felt himself soften, his anger and fear slipping away. Leon had been unexpected. Two months after Harry had been born Lily had told him she was pregnant again. She had been prescribed a set of spells to help her after the strain birthing Harry had caused, and part of the spells let her know how her body was doing. She'd been quite surprised, two weeks into September, to learn that she was pregnant once again. The second time around, she'd visited both muggle doctors and wizarding Healers, as this pregnancy was taking a much harder toll on her body than the first. She nearly lost the baby twice, but both she and the baby fought hard. Lily had gone into labor a month early, near the end of April, scaring her husband, as she demanded he floo the healer, while she called for the midwife she'd arranged to be there at the delivery of her second child. While not an easy delivery, both she and her new son were healthy, if tired. For a while it had been touch and go, and everyone had feared for the baby's life. James was convinced that for a second, as he held his newborn son, still covered in birthing fluid, that he'd died. In the next instant however, the muggle midwife had slapped his new son's bottom, and the infant's body had jolted and he began to howl in outrage of his treatment. James could not describe the relief he felt at seeing that, or waiting until the child had been cleaned up and presented to Lily, and then he could see both in the bed before him, healthy and alive.

From the door he heard a small gurgle and the sound of heavy footsteps, familiar ones, and Sirius burst in with little Harry in his arms.

"He's a monster James! I can't believe you can live in the same house with this little Prongslet!" Sirius said as Harry tugged his long black hair, clenched in the toddler's pudgy fist. "Ow! Hey, stop that!" Sirius complained half-heartedly. Harry just gurgled and pulled some more, trying to stuff it in his mouth. Sirius looked at Lily carefully, and then flicked his eyes to James and tilted his head questioningly. James smiled blindingly at him.

"Well, he's definitely his father's son alright!" Lily said with a smile, and a sharp little look at James that Sirius didn't notice. Although a little short of breath and still tired from her labor, lying propped on pillows in her bed, she still managed to look regally down her nose at Sirius.

"Definitely- OW! HEY!" Sirius cried out. James bopped Sirius on the head and deftly scooped the now giggling toddler from Sirius easily, the result of months of practice. Sirius had been taking his duties as new godfather rather seriously. It had been the right thing to do, naming Sirius godfather to Harry. Even Lily admitted that now. James wondered tiredly if she still remembered his promise that she could choose the next godfather, in exchange for not opposing James choice of Sirius for Harry. Probably, he suspected. And he was pretty sure he knew whom she'd choose too. She'd want the same man for Leon that she'd wanted for Harry; that choice James had strongly opposed. James pushed negative thoughts aside though; content to enjoy the moment with his family, all of them with him now.

"What are you talking about? We Potters are perfect! What exactly are you implying, Black?" James teased his best friend, his brother in all but blood. Lily made a scoffing sound, although her lips curved upwards slightly.

"Hush now! You'll wake him up." Lily chided softly, nodding her head to the youngest Potter in her arms.

Sirius and James moved closer to Lily's bedside, James with Harry in his arms. They watched as the new baby blinked and opened his eyes, gaze alert and oddly focused, eyes flickering around and over everything. Still, the baby didn't pause on any one purpose for more than a second, and very soon he blinked sleepily before he closed his eyes and his breathing evened out again as he fell asleep once more.

Harry seemed to notice the new presence in his mother's arms and stared at it while he balanced in his father's arms.

"Mah. Url.'' He reached out demandingly, squirming and nearly spilling out of his father's arms as he stretched towards his mother.

"Harry!" James said, adjusting his grip on his son. "Meet your new brother, Leon Mathew Potter!" He leaned carefully towards Lily with Harry held firmly in his arms as he let the child see his new brother. Harry looked at the baby, cooed softly and smiled, and reached out. James whirled him safely out of reach, so that he couldn't actually touch his brother. "That's right Harry! You're a big brother now." James murmured as he cuddled Harry to him, smiling at Lily, who beamed back at him, both of them relieved at how well Harry seemed to greet the newest member to the family.