What up. Huey and Jazmine. Little sad. But so am I. R&R

Disclaimer: I don't own The Boondocks.

What are you doing to me?

You're changing me

Phasing me out

Putting me on a cloud

And kicking me ouch

Tryin to get out

While your screamin so loud

I'm tryin to leave you

But I thought you we're so cute

But that's before I got to know you

But that's not my fault

I aint had no clue

You were so crazy

And you thought I was lazy

I was doin my part

But now I have a broken heart

It's in pieces now

There's no way to fix it "OW"

Now you're makin it worse

You and your crazy motha fukin outbursts


Ok, I'm sorry that I cursed

Now we're in the worst

I hate it so much

But then I woke up

Now I know how it feels

To be abused

To be used

Like I'm some sorta object

But now I object

To my own actions

But now I know that we're fractions

We're each others halves

Supposed to make each other laugh

Now we're gonna have a blast

I'm just hopin it's gonna last

I'm tryin to forget about the past

Now we're goin so fast

I'm just hopin we don't crash

Cuz if we do

It'll all be over in a flash

Cuz we're gonna clash

And then we leave each other

And that's gonna be a bother

If you leave me

I dunno what imma do

I guess I'll end it

And when I do

I know I'll be thinking of you

That was Huey's pov. Please R&R.