My apologies for the long wait. I hope you enjoy this extra long chapter that took me so long to finish. Oh and when the song Obsession is mentioned you may wanna put it on to set the mood.

14. Oil Up

Bella was waiting in her car in Alice's driveway, Rosalie and Charlotte were already with her. Bella honked her horn.

"Jesus, hurry up Alice." Bella mumbled. They had been waiting for five minutes already.

Emmett came out of the house and walked up to the driver's side.

"Hey babe." He greeted and leaned down to kiss Bella.

"Hey Em. Where's your sister?"

"She told me to tell you she couldn't make it today. She's not feeling great."

Bella and Rosalie rolled their eyes at each other. The three girls got out of the car and had Emmett lead them up to Alice's room. Did she really think she was going to get out of pole dancing lessons that easily?

Emmett knocked on her door. "You've got visitors Ali." He said before opening the door.

"Thanks Em, we'll take it from here." Rosalie grinned.

Emmett shook his head and went into his room. The girls looked pissed and he wasn't going to get in the middle of that.

The girls walked into Alice's room to find her on her bed taping away on her laptop.

"Get ready Alice and let's go." Bella ordered.

"I'm sick." She said simply.

Rosalie glared at her. "Sure you are. You know you could have at least tried to fake it a bit better. Quit being a little bitch and get ready."

Alice glared back at her. "I don't even want to do this. Why can't Charlotte take the third pole? She seems to be eager to learn."

Charlotte grinned, she would love to be one of the dancers at the party.

"Because it's your boyfriend's party. You should be up there. Think of the look on his face when he sees you up there, he'll go crazy." Bella goaded.

Alice looked at all their faces and saw that they weren't going to budge, she huffed. "Fine."

Ten minutes later they were on their way to the dance studio to meet with their private instructor.

The room they were in was large with light wood flooring, two of the walls were covered in mirror. There were seven poles in the room, one was in the very front in the middle for the instructor to use, the others were in rows behind it. The girls put their gym bags to the side and waited for the teacher to come in. She arrived moments later.

"For those of you who don't know me I'm Jasmine." She said as she set up her things. She was tall with an olive skin tone and long brown hair that was thrown up in a ponytail. Her body was tight and very toned. Alice was surprised to find that for a pole dancer she didn't have many curves. She must not have made enough money as a stripper so she decided to be an instructor instead, Alice reasoned. She didn't want to be here at all. Despite what Heather said she still thought it was tacky and degrading, and something only a slut would do. There was nothing "artistic" about it, and all that stuff about it being a good workout was bullshit in her opinion.

"Rose, Bella, it's great to see you two again." She smiled. "I see you brought some friends, that's great."

"Hi, I'm Charlotte." Char said excitedly. She couldn't wait to learn.

Jasmine laughed. "You have a great energy level."

"Thanks." Char chirped.

"And you are?" Jasmine asked Alice.

"I'm Alice." She said stiffly.

"I see we have a skeptic here. Don't worry, I'll work that out of you." She gave her a friendly smile and walked away. Alice sighed.

"Alright ladies, grab a pole." Jasmine instructed as she moved to her own and turned up the stereo. Rosalie and Bella took the poles in the back so Alice and Charlotte would have a better view of Jasmine.

"Since we have some newbies here we're going to start off with the basics. Bella, Rose, feel free to add your own spin on things as we go." Jasmine cranked the music higher and they were off.

Two hours later Jasmine called the session to an end.

"Great work ladies, get some water." She said as grabbed a water bottle for herself.

The girls were sweaty and tired. Alice shook her arms out, they felt like jello, and her core muscles were already aching.

"So what did you think Alice? Not as easy as you thought, huh?" Rose smirked.

Alice took a long drink from her water bottle. "You were right Rosalie. It is harder than it looks." Alice said bitterly, she didn't enjoy being put her place.

"Well I had a ton of fun." Charlotte grinned as she twirled around.

"Geez, and I thought that Alice was the hyper one." Bella muttered.

"Hey Rose, Bella, come here." Jasmine called from her pole.

They walked over to her.

"So there's this move that I know, and I think you two are advanced enough to master it by Jasper's party, if you're interested?"

"Show us?" Bella asked.

Jasmine went at it and soon the four girls stood there open mouthed.

"Oh you definitely have to teach us." Rose grinned.

"I thought you would be interested." Jasmine grinned.

An hour later the girls were seated in a frozen yogurt parlor relaxing after a hard workout.

"You know, before the other night at the after party I had never actually been to a real party." Alice admitted.

The girls stared at her. "Seriously? But you're Emmett's sister, I'm sure you've been invited to parties before." Bella said.

"Sure I've been invited, but Emmett never let me go. He was afraid I would get hurt or get in to something."

"And you listened to him?" Rosalie asked incredulously.

"For the most part, yeah. One time I went anyway and I tried really hard to avoid him all night, but as soon as he caught sight of me he threw me over his shoulder and took me home." Alice told them.

"That's ridiculous. So you've never been to like a real house party?" Charlotte asked.

Alice shook her head.

"Well I know what we're doing before the summer's over." Bella grinned.

"Woo! Party at Bella's." Rose cheered.

The girls sat around and ate fro-yo to their heart's content.

"I don't think I'll be able to go to the class tomorrow." Alice said after awhile.

Rosalie and Bella both glared at her.

"Are you kidding me? You're back on that? You admitted earlier that it wasn't as bad as you thought, you're not backing out of this." Bella stated.

"No, it's not that. I don't think I'll be able to move tomorrow." She replied sheepishly.

They laughed. "Well you'll have to. We need to get the choreography down quickly. There's not too much time left before the party." Bella said.

"She's right. Today's Tuesday so we only have four more days for you to learn since the studio is closed on Sunday and we obviously can't have a lesson on Monday since that's the party day. We're gonna have to work our asses off, and we still need to go shopping for the outfits we're gonna wear for our performance." Rosalie added.

"How slutty are these outfits going to be?" Alice asked skeptically.

Rosalie and Bella exchanged devious looks.

"Don't worry about it Alice." Bella smiled. "It won't be too bad."

"Seriously Alice, just let loose and enjoy it. Channel your inner whore when you're up there." Charlotte offered. "Jasper will go wild."


Bella walked through the front door of her house with her gym bag in tow, completely beat from another pole dancing session. They were working their asses off on the choreography. She was surprised at how quickly Alice learned the moves. If she would just loosen up she had the potential to be good. Charlotte was insane. She had never met someone so eager to learn how to twirl around a pole.

"Hey Bella." Jasper said from the living room. He and Peter were camped out in front of the TV playing video games.

"Hey guys." She greeted as she flopped down on the couch. Her muscles were sore, but not too bad.

"How was the gym?" Peter asked with a knowing grin.

"It was good, definitely a tough workout, but it's worth it." She answered with a wink.

"I don't get it. Since when do you workout?" Jasper asked.

Bella rolled her eyes. "I want to get toned this summer."

"Well I think you look great so far Bells." Peter grinned.


He nodded. "Well I'm gonna head out. I'm taking Char out to dinner tonight." Peter explained as he got up.

"Bye, Peter." Bella called.

"See you later man." Jasper said.

Things were quiet for a few minutes before Jasper spoke.

"Hey Bells, can I ask you a question?" Jasper asked. He sounded nervous.

"What's up?"

"Has Alice mentioned anything to you about our relationship?"

Bella stared at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Well we haven't really talked at all this week, and anytime I try to hang out with her she says she's busy. I think she's avoiding me. Did I do something wrong? Has she said anything about breaking up with me?" Jasper worried. On the TV screen he was shot down by the enemy and didn't even seem to notice.

Bella placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Calm down, bro. No, Alice does not want to break up with you. She's practically obsessed with you. Maybe she really just is busy and can't hang out this week. Just relax. Okay?"

Jasper took a deep breath and exhaled. He nodded in understanding.

"Kay, well I'm gonna go take a shower." Bella said.

"Good, you're rank."

Bella rolled her eyes. "And you're right back to your same old asshole self." She joked.

Bella got into her room and whipped out her phone.

Text your boyfriend and tell him you want to hang out soon. He thinks you're avoiding him because you want to break up with him. But wait about an hour so he doesn't figure out that I told you- Bella.

Once she was done texting Alice she took a quick shower and then returned back to her room. Bella laid down on her bed, completely spent, and decided that she would skip dinner and just go to bed early.

The next morning Bella got a call from Rosalie saying that their lessons were canceled because Jasmine had a family emergency to attend to. Rosalie, Bella, and Charlotte were all upset that they wouldn't be able to practice, Alice however was thrilled and took this opportunity to spend the day out with Jasper to soothe his worries. Rose and Bella decided to go shopping for their dresses for the party and their pole dancing outfits.

They left around ten so they could avoid crowds and get done early. Their shopping trip was surprisingly speedy. At two o'clock they were pulling in to Bella's driveway with all of their outfits, plus one for Alice, in the trunk. After hanging them up in Bella's closet the girls changed into their bikinis and went down to the pool to tan. The two of them had only been out for ten minutes before Peter and Charlotte came walking through the double doors and out onto the patio with them.

"Um, hi guys. What are you doing here?" Bella asked.

"I was looking for Jasper, but he's not here. Mind if we join you?" Peter replied.

"Go ahead." Bella said as she applied more tanning oil to her legs.

Peter and Charlotte quickly changed into their bathing suits, they always kept an extra set at Bella's house for moments like these. The two joined Bella and Rose and they all talked and joked around as they tanned.

Bella's phone went off a few moments later. She sighed, all she wanted was to relax and people kept interrupting. Checking her phone she saw it was Emmett, he was bored. She invited him to join them at the pool and less than twenty minutes later he was walking up to them.

"Seriously, don't you girls think you're dark enough?" Emmett laughed as he looked over them, they were covered in tanning oil and already had a deep tan going on.

"No such thing." Rose responded.

"We wanted to be super bronze for the party." Bella explained.

Emmett shook his head, but grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to his girlfriend.

"Oil up, babe." Bella said as she tossed the tanning oil bottle at him.

"No way." Emmett balked. He was a man, a manly man. Manly men didn't "oil up".

"Just do it man, it really helps your tan." Peter said.

Emmett stared at him wide eyed, sure enough Peter was also covered in oil.

"What, do you need to be tan for the party too?" Emmett asked sarcastically.

"Sure do." Peter quipped.

Emmett rolled his eyes and began applying the tanning oil. Bella ogled him the entire time he rubbed it on his abs.

"Can I help you Bella?" Emmett smirked.

"Nope, but I can help you." She stood up and squeezed some oil onto her palm and began spreading it across his abdomen, relishing in the feeling of his muscles tensing underneath her fingers. "You missed a spot." She said simply as she pulled away and laid back on her chair.

"You little whore." Rosalie whispered to her. Bella shrugged and the two of them laughed.

After a while the sun began unbearable and they all jumped into the pool to cool off.

"Who's up for a game of chicken?" Peter suggested as they swam around.

They all agreed and decided that it would be Bella against Charlotte first, then the winner would go against Rosalie, who usually won at this game.

Bella climbed onto Emmett's shoulders as Char got onto Peter's. "This would be so much easier if we weren't both covered in oil." Bella grumbled as she fumbled to get on his shoulders.

"Hey it was your idea." Emmett laughed.

"Alright, 3…2…1…GO!" Rosalie yelled out from the edge of the pool.

The two girls immediately grabbed at each other's arms and began twisted and pushing, trying to knock the other one down. The boys kept a firm grasp on their legs, trying to keep their girls steady. Charlotte grabbed Bella's hands and twisted her until she was hanging sideways from Emmett. Bella pushed her off and righted herself. Bella grabbed at her upper arms and pushed hard, Charlotte lost her balance and tumbled into the water.

"Woo!" Bella cheered and high fived Emmett, before leaning down and giving him an upside down kiss.

"Come on, Rosie. Let's take them down." Peter said with determination.

"Hell yeah." Rose got onto Peter's shoulders and Charlotte counted them down.

"GO!" She yelled out.

Rosalie quickly got a tight grip on Bella and they began battling it out. The two of them were evenly matched, having played against each other countless times in the past. After a few minutes of fighting Rosalie pulled hard and Peter quickly walked backwards, causing Bella to slid forward into the water with a splash.

Peter and Rosalie broke into loud cheers.

"Damn." Bella pouted once she emerged from the water.

"You know I always win, B." Rose said.

"I will beat you one day Rose."

"You keep telling yourself that."

Bella laughed and she felt someone grab her from behind. She turned in his arms and smiled at Emmett.

"Well hey there." She purred and wrapped her arms and legs around him so that he was holding her.

Emmett kissed her and he felt Bella's lips smiled against his as she wrapped her fingers in his hair. She was sure that she would never grow tired of this feeling.

"So how's the gym been?" He asked after a few minutes of swimming around.

"Pretty good." She shrugged.

He nodded. "What are you girls really up to? Alice has been coming home everyday completely beat. I asked her what you guys were doing as a workout, she couldn't even make up something to tell me." Emmett said.

Bella laughed. "You'll find out soon enough. And I promise you'll enjoy it."

The group spent a few hours in the pool joking around, playing volleyball, and enduring a couple rounds of chicken, which Rose won repeatedly.

At nine Charlie came home and made a fire in the fire pit outside so that the kids could sit around and make s'mores. Jasper and Alice got in right when they were roasting marshmallows and quickly joined them.

Rosalie looked around at her closest friends. She was seated between Bella and Peter. Everyone was so happy, they were all laughing or smiling, and they all seemed perfectly content with their significant other. She sighed to herself. Though her friends never made her feel like a third wheel, or rather a seventh wheel in this case, she still wished that Edward was there, but she knew that he didn't fit in with them. None of them really cared for Edward, though no one would say it, except for Bella, but she could tell that they didn't trust him. They didn't know him like she did though, yeah he was rough around the edges and he had a habit of getting into trouble, but he wasn't an awful person. Though if she was being honest with herself she would have to admit that it bothered her that they weren't official yet. It had been almost a month since they started talking. When she mentioned this to Edward he said he wasn't into labels, and that simply calling her his girlfriend couldn't accurately describe what she was to him, he said that what they had was so much more special than a typical romance. Even Rosalie knew this was complete bullshit, but she let it go. She wanted so desperately to be in a good relationship. All she wanted was to be loved, she wanted what all her friends had. Even Alice had a perfect relationship, and she was annoying as hell. She just didn't understand why she couldn't have the same thing. Did she not deserve it?

"Rose, your marshmallow is on fire." Jasper said.

Rosalie quickly withdrew it from the fire and blew out the flame. It was completely black. "I like it a little toasted." She joked before wiping it off onto a napkin and grabbing a new marshmallow.

Peter laughed at her and threw his arm around both her shoulder and Charlotte's and pulled them close as Alice snapped a picture.

Rosalie smiled as they pulled apart. Yeah her love life could use some help, but at least she had some kick ass friends. Jasper was cracking jokes and Emmett's booming laugh filled the air. Bella rolled her eyes at him, but she was smiling nonetheless. Peter was helping Charlotte construct a s'mores tower, how they were going to eat that she had no idea.

"Rosie, come over here and take a picture with me." Bella ordered.

The two girls huddled closer and Alice snapped another picture.

The rest of the night followed in a similar fashion, and Alice documented the entire thing. She was the type of person who liked to keep records of events, and had a multitude of scrapbooks dedicated to them.

At eleven thirty they all hugged goodbye and went their separate ways.

It was Monday morning and Bella's alarm clock was going off like crazy. She smacked the snooze button and got out of bed.

Today was Jasper's eighteenth birthday and she was super excited for the party. She couldn't wait to see the look on her brother's face when they got to the club. Bella tip-toed into Jasper's room then ran and jumped onto his bed.

"Happy birthday Jasper!" She shouted.

He jumped. "Jesus, Bella. What time is it?" He groaned.

"Ten thirty." She replied as she hopped off the bed and opened his curtains to let some light in. He groaned again and pulled the covers over his head.

"That's too early. It's my birthday, I should be able to sleep in."

"Um no you can't. We have plans." She said from inside his closet. She walked out with and outfit in hand and threw it at him. "Get dressed, and be downstairs for breakfast in thirty." She ordered.

"I can't even pick out my own clothes?" He asked.

"Nope." She chirped as she walked back into her room to get dressed.

Once clothed she ran into the kitchen planning to make her brother French toast and cut up some fresh fruit. She grabbed all the ingredients and went to work.

Jasper came downstairs right on time and she placed a plate in front of him, along with one for herself.

He eyed her skeptically. "Why are you being so nice?"

"It's your birthday." She said simply.

"It's weird."

"Just shut up and eat. We need to leave in thirty minutes."

Jasper popped a strawberry in his mouth. "Where are we going?" He asked with his mouth full.

"It's a surprise, duh."

"Why do we match?" Jasper eyed their outfits. Both of them were wearing light wash jeans and white t-shirts.

"You'll see."

Once they were done Bella ushered him out the door and into her car. Honestly she was just excited to go play paint ball. She hadn't been in a while, but she enjoyed it so much. Bella had gone all out and booked them a game at one of the coolest paint ball places in the area. The field was huge and had tons of places to hide. It even had a automated scoreboard that went off whenever someone was hit and showed how many players were left on each team.

When they pulled up to the building Jasper grinned widely. "Oh man, thanks Bells." He said excitedly.

"No problem Jas." She smiled.

Within a few minutes the rest of the group pulled in behind them.

They all got out of their cars and stood around. Jasper noticed that they all were wearing the same thing. What was going on?

"Happy birthday Jasper." They all greeted. Peter, Charlotte, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, and even Edward were all there for the game.

"Man, this is gonna be so much fun." Emmett said.

"Hell yeah." Jasper replied, just as excited to go.

"Well let's go get signed in so we can get our guns and shit." Bella said.

Inside the building Bella walked up to the front desk where she was greeted by a man with a Mohawk. "You must be Bella Swan."

She nodded.

"Alright. I've got eight guns, eight sets of gear, ammo, and endless play." He said as he read off the details.

The group got suited up and the man went through all the safety rules and explained how to work a gun for those who didn't know, which of course was Alice. The guy brought out the paint balls, which were neon colored due to Bella's instruction.

"So how are you doing the teams?" He asked. They all looked to Jasper for the answer.

"Boys against girls for the first round." Jasper answered.

The boys then loaded their guns up with the neon orange and blue balls. The girls took pink and green.

"Alright, have fun guys." The guy said and led them out into the playing area. It was outside and looked like a maze. The girls and boys separated and went off to discuss strategy before the round started.

"Alright men, we start with the weakest link, which is gonna be Alice." Jasper said as they huddled. It felt weird to be talking about taking out his girlfriend, but this was war. "Rose is an awful shooter, but crafty when it comes to hiding spots. Bella has killer aim, as does Char, they'll be more difficult."

"Ladies," Bella began. "I've only ever played against Jasper and Peter and I know that they've both got great aim, so let's try to knock them out first. Rosie you find a good place to hide that will give you an optimal view of the field and so that you can take them out before they see you. Alice, just try to find a good spot to hide, okay? Me and Char will do what we do best." Bella grinned.

A buzzer sounded and the two groups broke apart. Bella and Charlotte went in opposite directions and began patrolling around carefully with their guns held tight against them.

Jasper had found himself a good spot to hide where he was able to see perfectly in at least two directions. Rosalie had climbed onto a little perch made of wood and was ducked down low so no one was able to see her, as long as her aim was right she would be able to act as a sniper and take out any boy in her sight. From her perch she was able to see Charlotte patrolling and Alice crouched low in a corner, she chuckled to herself. That girl needed to relax, she was too worried about ruining her clothes to really have fun.

A buzzer sounded and they could all hear Peter scream out profanities. Charlotte grinned from her hiding place. "Nice try, babe." She laughed, and then took off to find a new place to hide. Peter sulked off to the sidelines to watch the battle.

Bella was hiding behind a large piece of wood and glancing around the corner, so far she hadn't run into any of the boys and they were well into the game by now. Another buzzer sounded.

"OUCH!" Alice cried. She had been taken out by Edward. "How is this fun?" She grumbled as she joined Peter.

"You really shouldn't stay in one place the entire time." He said as she sat down next to her.

"Thanks." She said snippily.

"Just trying to help." Peter replied with a chuckle.

Charlotte was sneaking around a corner when she saw a flash of blonde and quickly took after him, but when she got shot in the back by Emmett she realized she had been baited. "Damn it!" She hissed, and loped off to join the other two.

"Damn, we're out numbered." Bella whispered to herself. She made her way deeper into the field and found Rosalie up on her perch. She hid underneath it for the time being.

"We've got a live one." Rose whispered and directed Bella as to where he was. Bella took off and soon was able to spot Edward. She quickly took aim and the buzzer sounded again. She grinned happily to herself.

Now it was just Bella and Rose against Jasper and Emmett. Rosalie hopped down from her perch and the two girls went off in search of the boys.

Rosalie spotted Emmett and shot, but missed. Bella ran towards the sound and shot at the same time Emmett did, the shot made contact with his gear and the buzzer went off, at the same time it hit Bella's and she was out.

"Oh come on! That's bullshit! I hit you first." She growled.

Emmett laughed loudly. "Calm down babe."

"No way. I'm taking you down next round. That was so cheap!"

They joined the rest of the group and sat down. Now it was just Jasper and Rose. Bella didn't think there was really any possible way of them winning. Rose's aim was mediocre at best. Jasper never missed. If she could find Jasper first then they might have a chance at winning. Maybe.

"Fuck." Rose groaned. How was she supposed to take out Jasper when she had horrible aim. She prowled around the field, in search of another place to hide.

Jasper was ducked down in between two boards, he wasn't concerned about being taken out. He didn't view Rose as much of a threat. As soon as he found her it would be game over. Man, was he enjoying this.

Rose had found another perch towards the end of the field. She climbed up to the top and smiled to herself. From here she could see Jasper, he was about fifty feet away. She wouldn't be able to make the shot from this distance, all she needed was for him to come closer. She looked around and found a stick on the ground. Quietly she got down, grabbed it, and got back up to the perch. Rosalie launched the stick to her right and ducked down low, it hit another board and made a noise loud enough for Jasper to hear. He stood up from his hiding spot and made his way towards the sound very carefully, glancing around each corner as he did so. Rosalie straightened up a little and aimed her gun as he moved in closer. She took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. The buzzer sounded.

"Shit!" Jasper growled when he saw the neon pink paint on his shirt.

Rosalie jumped down and ran towards the girls who were jumping around celebrating.

"Go Rosalie!" Charlotte said as they all threw themselves onto her in a group hug and began jumping around.

"Nice game girls." Jasper said as he joined them. "But next round, you're going down." The boys all made sounds of agreement.

The girls all smirked at them. "Then let's go."

"Best two out of three." Jasper said. The agreed and were off again.

It took over an hour to battle out those two games. Each team refused to lose. In the end the boys won.

Bella checked the time. "We have time for two more rounds."

"Let's change up the teams." Jasper suggested.

"Pick the teams, birthday boy." Rosalie said.

"You can't let him just choose his own team, he'll take all the good players." Peter whined.

"Fine. I'll be a team captain and you can be a team captain. We'll choose our teams like we do in gym." Jasper decided. "I'll go first. I pick Bella."

Bella grinned and went to stand beside her brother.

"I want Emmett."

"Charlotte." Jasper chose.


It was down to Alice and Rosalie, a hard pick. "Take Rose, she has killer hiding spots in here." Bella whispered.

"Rose." Jasper called out. He was now the only guy on his team and wondered if he should have gone with Emmett or Edward.

"Then I have Alice." Peter said, somewhat sadly.

Alice grimaced. She now knew what it felt like to be picked last in gym. Not even her own boyfriend wanted her on his team. Well she would show him.

After a quick strategy talk the buzzer sounded and the teams once again broke apart. Rosalie took up one of her perches again. Bella and Jasper patrolled the inner part of the field where there were more spots to hide, while Char took the outer perimeter.

Peter had seen where Rosalie had hid in one of the previous rounds and went searching for her, knowing that she preferred the comfort and security of her perch.

Edward's steps were silent as he perused the inside of the field. Emmett had found a nice hiding spot and was waiting for someone to cross his path. Alice was completely different this round. She practically danced through the obstacles, with her gun held close. She felt like a warrior. Emmett grinned when he saw her dance through, she had finally loosened up.

Peter was edging closer to Rosalie's hideout. He could see her easily now, but she wasn't facing him. He shot and nailed her in the back.

Rosalie groaned and hopped down. "I hate being the first one out."

Edward heard a noise towards the outer corner and trekked through the arena in the direction of it.

"Gotcha." He heard from behind him. He turned and pointed his gun to shoot, but Charlotte was faster and hit him in the middle of the chest with a green ball. The buzzer went off, and the teams were even once again.

The game went on for another twenty minutes. Emmett took out Charlotte, Bella had gotten Emmett, which made her very happy. Peter took Bella, Jasper got Peter. Now it was just Alice against Jasper.

Jasper was shocked that his girlfriend had lasted so long this round. In the past few games she was always one of the first to be taken down. She must have found a particularly good hiding spot, she was tiny so he didn't doubt that. He was circling the field, working his way out.

Alice was gliding through the field noiselessly, determined to get Jasper. After five minutes she caught sight of him walking crouched behind a board. She crept up to him silently.

"Boo." She said as she pulled the trigger.

The buzzers went off and Alice let out a triumphant cry.

"Alright! Way to go Pixie!" Peter cheered as he hoisted Alice up onto his shoulders.

They all congratulated Alice then went back into their groups for one last game.

People seemed to be taken out quickly this round, within thirty minutes it was just Bella against Emmett, and Bella was determined to win this for her team- and for herself.

Bella wandered around for awhile but had yet to see him. It was time to speed things along.

"Ouch!" She cried. "Damn it, ow. My ankle." She moaned. She could easily see the rest of her team on the sidelines and she winked at them.

"Bella?" She heard Emmett yell out and the sound of his footsteps. She moved behind another board and let out another false cry of agony.

"Please don't call time, please don't call time." She muttered to herself.

She could tell he was close now. Slowly she peeked out from her hiding spot and waited for him to walk into her line of fire. As soon as he did she fired her gun and it was game over.

"Hi baby." She grinned at him.

"Oh come on! You cheated!" He yelled.

"Hey, you're the one who fell for it."

"Forgive me for caring about my girlfriend's well being." He replied sarcastically.

"I forgive you." She laughed and with her teeth she tugged at his bottom lip which was out in a pout. Emmett seemed to forget that she had just played him for a moment.

They all got together and after an argument about how the last round shouldn't count they went to return their gear, and then stood around talking for a bit.

"Ooh picture time!" Alice said as she pulled her camera from her purse. "I'm glad I got you all to wear this, we'll look so cute with a matching group photo." She said excitedly and got the employee to take the picture.

Jasper rolled his eyes. Of course his girlfriend would be behind the matching outfits. He assumed that it was one of Alice's demands to get her to agree to playing. They all crowded together, boys in the back and their girlfriends in front of them, all of them covered in paint and welts from being hit.

Bella glanced at her phone. It was almost four, they were running late. "We need to go Jasper or we're going to be late for dinner with Ruth, and we don't need that."

They said their goodbyes, Jasper completely unaware that he would be seeing them later, and got into Bella's car.

Bella sped all the way home and the two of them got ready as quickly as possible.

"Jasper, Bella, are you two ready yet?" Renee was yelling from the bottom of the stairs. "We're going to be late!"

Bella grabbed a pair of heels from her closet and ran down the stairs. Jasper quickly buttoned up his shirt and joined them.

The family got into Charlie's car and took off to the Japanese restaurant. Surprisingly Ruth had allowed Jasper to choose where he wanted to eat for his birthday.

When they pulled up they saw Ruth standing outside the restaurant, which was odd. She was usually seated and waiting when they arrived.

"They wouldn't let me go in unless everyone was here. This is absurd." Ruth grumbled. "You're all late." She said with narrowed eyes. Bella resisted the urge to tell her to chill the fuck out.

"Sorry mom." Charlie said.

"Happy birthday Jasper." Ruth greeted.

"Thank you ma'am."

"Bella, is that paint in your hair?" Ruth questioned.

Bella looked at her hair and sure enough there was a small streak of blue paint that she had missed. "We played paint ball for Jasper's birthday."

Ruth gave a curt nod.

The five of them went inside and were led to the Hibachi grill where the chefs cooked in front of them.

Dinner wasn't as bad as usual. Ruth was being pleasant towards them all because of Jasper's birthday and she found the show that the chef put on to be very entertaining. She even tried to catch rice in her mouth when he tossed it at her which almost shocked Bella out of her chair. Was her grandmother drunk or something?

In the middle of dinner Ruth gave Jasper a card and a small present in a gold box.

Jasper opened the card and took out the check from the inside. His eyes widened. She gave him five thousand dollars. He thanked her and moved on to the box. It appeared to be a jewelry box. He opened it and found a key.

"It goes to your grandfather's office and his private library. If you decide to take over the company in a few years it would only be fitting that you have access to these rooms. They're where he did his best thinking." She explained.

Jasper couldn't decide whether to be annoyed that she was assuming that he would take over, or thrilled. He could remember as a boy going with his grandpa into his library. It was absolutely massive. It looked like something out of a movie. There were thousands of books, even those ladders that went around the room so you could get to the higher shelves. And so many old leather bound books, there was a large mahogany roll top desk in the middle of the room, floor to ceiling windows, a worn leather couch. The whole room just had a very homey feel, though Bella always said it looked like it belonged in Harry Potter. Jasper, being a total bookworm, was practically drooling at the idea of it being his.

"Thank you grandmother." He said sincerely.

She nodded. Renee and Charlie took this time to give Jasper his other presents; a new gaming system and some video games to go along with it.

"Bella that bruise on your arm is ghastly." Ruth said to her granddaughter.

Bella laughed. "You should see the ones on my back."

"How did you obtain them?"

"Paintball." She replied casually.

"Would somebody like to explain this atrocity of a game to me?" Ruth demanded, this didn't seem like something anyone should be playing. Jasper explained it for her. "It doesn't sound like something a lady should partake in." She said stiffly and fixed Bella with a hard stare.

Bella grinned sweetly. "Well I did, along with three other girls. Thousands of other girls play too. Maybe you should get with the times Ruth."

Renee practically sunk out of her chair. Charlie took a long sip of his drink and tried to look completely unaware, Jasper picked up his birthday card and reread it.

Ruth was about to let Bella have it when a train of waiters came out singing and carrying a dessert for Jasper.

After dessert and drinks Ruth called the evening to an end.

They arrived home around eight thirty. Bella had an hour and a half to kill before she needed to head out to the party. She went to her room and straightened her hair, then did her makeup. She had done her hair and makeup for dinner but it wasn't quite right for a party at a nightclub.

"Why are you putting on makeup?" Jasper asked as he wandered into her room. He was bored. This was his eighteenth birthday and he was sitting at home doing nothing.

Bella checked the time. It was go time.

"Hey, Rose just messaged me, the group's going to the movies. You down?" She asked.

"Sure, sounds good."

"Great, let's go."

The two of them got into Bella's car after she insisted that she should be the one to drive.

"Bella where are we going?" Jasper asked about ten minutes later when he noticed that Bella was driving in a direction he wasn't familiar with. At that moment he was suddenly blindfolded from behind.

"What the fuck is going on?" Jasper asked as he tried to pull the blindfold off. Bella slapped his hands away.

"Just go with it." She replied. She glanced to the backseat and grinned at her father who gave her a thumbs up.

Charlie had been happy to help Bella surprise her brother, and his son's reaction was humorous.

Soon Bella was pulling up in front of Karma. She got out and walked around the car to help Jasper out. Charlie got out of the back and into the driver's side. Bella had arranged for a special ride home. She led Jasper into the club, the music was off and everyone was standing in a large crowd waiting for their cue.

Bella pulled off Jasper's blindfold at the same time that everyone yelled out "Surprise!"

Jasper smiled hugely and thanked everyone.

He looked down at Bella. "Thanks Bells." He hugged her tightly and ruffled her hair, she slapped his hand away.

"Don't thank me. This was all Alice's idea." She replied, just as the pixie bounded up to Jasper and attacked him with a hug and kiss.

Once they parted, Alice led Bella and Jasper to a back room where she handed them clothes to change into. Bella was given a short, tight, black skirt and a small red corset top that showed off her stomach. Jasper found a pair of light wash jeans and a black button down shirt.

After they had changed into proper party attire they went out to the dance floor to join everyone. The music was pumping and everyone was packed together dancing their hearts out. The bar was hopping, after a lot of bribery and an agreement with Heather that anyone who drank would take a taxi home, they were able to get liquor for the party. As Jasper made his way through the crowd guys patted him on the shoulders and girls hugged him, all of them wishing him a happy birthday and complementing the party. He was the celebrity of the night, and he was enjoying it. He joined Alice in the mob and began to dance with her.

After awhile they noticed a crowd building around the bar and decided to go check it out. Jasper wasn't surprised to find that Bella and Rosalie were causing the crowd. The girls were doing body shots off each other trying to get a rise out of some of the boys.

"My turn." Emmett said when Rosalie was done taking one off Bella.

Bella grinned at him. "Sit down then." She ordered. He did as he was told and Bella placed a wedge of lime in his mouth. She licked his neck long and slow before salting it, the bartender handed her a shot of tequila which she promptly placed between his thighs.

"Here we go." She said with a wicked grin. She leaned in and licked the salt off his neck before moving down in between his legs. She could hear Emmett's sharp inhale as she wrapped her full lips around the shot glass and easily downed the drink. Bella stood up and sucked the lime from his mouth, giving him a brief kiss as she did so.

"I've always wanted to try that." Bella said once she was done.

"I enjoyed it." Emmett smirked.

"I wanna try!" Charlotte exclaimed and pushed Peter into a chair. He didn't look like he was complaining.

The group took a few more drinks before Peter announced he had a surprise for Jasper. He had them all follow him into a room down the hall where Heather's office was. Peter opened the door and flipped on the light.

"Oh hell yeah." Jasper smiled. There was a mechanical bull in the middle of the room.

"Thought you would like it." Peter replied.

The boys all took their turns attempting to ride the bull, people from the party filtered in and everyone was giving it their best shot. Charlotte actually proved to be the best at it. They all got a kick out of watching people being thrown off. Alice surprised everyone by actually giving it a try, after a few shots at the bar she seemed to be loosening up, which was good because the girls' performance was starting in fifteen minutes. Alice, Bella, and Rose excused themselves and headed backstage to prepare.

Bella went into a closet and came out with their outfits in hand. She threw them to Rose and Alice before changing into her own.

"I thought you said these weren't going to be slutty." Alice said as she examined herself in the mirror.

Rosalie shrugged. "It's just like wearing a bathing suit."

Alice looked at herself again and sighed. There was no backing out now. She turned around to see the two of them strapping sky high stilettos on their ankles. "Did I get a pair?"

"Nah, we figured we'd go easy on you and let you perform barefoot. You've never danced in heels before, it's a whole different ballgame." Bella explained. Alice nodded at her.

Rosalie moved to the mirror and began applying a light coat of oil on her body, along with a bit of body glitter in her cleavage, she tossed the bottles to Bella when she was done, who did the same thing.

"Don't put too much on Alice, you don't wanna slide off your pole." Bella instructed as she gave her the bottle.

"Damn girls! You look hot as hell." Peter blurted out as he entered the room. Charlotte smacked his arm.

The three girls observed themselves once more in the mirror. They all had smoky eyes and fake lashes, Bella and Rose had straightened their hair while Alice did hers in her usual pixie style. Rosalie and Bella had on tiny black shorts and red bustier tops that stopped a little below their breasts with gems on them along with shiny black heels, Alice's outfit mimicked theirs though her top was black and she was shoeless. Next to the other two she looked elfin and was jealous of their long legs and toned bodies. But no matter, all she was concerned with was Jasper's reaction, and she was positive he would enjoy it.

Charlotte moved over to them, carrying a tray with shots of tequila. "Anyone need some liquid courage?"

"Not really, but I never turn down Jose Cuervo." Rosalie grinned wickedly and downed a shot. Bella laughed and did the same as her best friend.

Alice quickly threw back two, her nerves were back now that they were so close to going on.

Peter and Charlotte left the room to go control lighting and talk to the DJ.

Bella's phone buzzed. "We're on." She grinned.

"Alice remember your cue." Rose said, Alice nodded at her. They had agreed that Rose and Bella would do the first part of a song to open up for Alice.

The girls grinned at each other before Rose and Bella sauntered on to the stage. Spotlights landed on their poles and club erupted into cheers and catcalls from the boys and some of the girls who weren't glaring at their boyfriends.

Obsession by Sky Ferreira started playing throughout the building and the girls began dancing around the poles and grinding on them.

Emmett, Edward, Peter, and a very uncomfortable Jasper were standing directly in front of the stage.

It dawned on Emmett as the girls ascended the poles just what Bella and the rest of the girls had been doing when they went to the "gym".

Listen up I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself. The first line rang throughout and the girls did some kind of fancy spin on the pole. Emmett couldn't decide whether he should enjoy the show, or get Bella off the stage so all these guys would stop ogling her.

I got a situation ain't concerning nobody else. Just you, and what you can do for me. Bella locked eyes with him and licked her lips slowly.

The girls slid down their poles and twirled over the middle pole where they began dancing with each other, much to the delight of the guys in the crowd. Jasper didn't know what to do. He definitely wasn't going to watch his little sister dance around like that. It was so awkward. He decided to focus on Rosalie, she was, after all, very beautiful.

I had the life of ordinary, I spat it out.

It was almost Alice's time and she was a nervous wreck. She spotted the tray of shots. Two were left. Rose and Bella were going to do them once they were finished dancing, but Alice didn't think they would mind.

Now my condition's kind of scary, I need you now.

Quickly, she drained both of the shot glasses, and reveled in the burn in her throat, and the soothing it brought to her nerves.

Not love but I need something else.

She could do this. "Think slutty, think sexy, focus on Jasper. Lots of eye contact. Slutty, sultry movements." She said to herself. It was time.

Quickly Alice skipped on to stage and with a jump, grabbed hold of the center pole and pulled herself to the top in one fluid movement. The other two had spun the their poles just as she had emerged.

So here's my confession. This time, this time. Don't just want you to love me.

The building erupted into applause and cheers once more. Jasper was able to enjoy the show much more now that his girlfriend was up there. Alice was keeping her eyes locked on his as she performed the moves they had been working on all week.

I want to be your obsession. This time, this time. Want my name on the marquee.

Alice strutted around the pole getting ready to do a very simple move that Jasmine had told her was called the fireman spin. It was a beginner's move and the first thing she learned how to do, but the girls assured her that Jasper would love the last part of it. Executed the spin with ease and ended in a crouch by the base of the pole. Slowly she stood up, arching her back and sticking her ass out as she did so, licking her lips at Jasper who seemed to be entranced.

I want you, to want me. I want you, to need me.

There were gasps coming from the crowd and Emmett stared on amazed at Bella and Rosalie's trick.

They were doing a move called the extended butterfly. Both hands were on the pole and their legs were above them in a full split diagonal to the pole. As if in slow motion they brought their legs down and transitioned into the carousel. Their legs formed an open V around the pole and they spun around until they landed on the ground.

I want you to hear my confession, I want to be your obsession.

"Damn, do you know the core strength that must take?" Emmett said wide eyed.

Peter stared at him as if he had grown another head. "Are you really thinking about that while your girlfriend is up there looking like some kind of sex goddess?"

Emmett shrugged.

"Man, just enjoy the show. You lucky bastard." Peter mumbled.

I'll fixate you, till you never let me go. So I can feed your addiction in the stereo. I could be, just your type of high. I can give what you like.

Rosalie and Bella stepped away from their poles and sauntered to the edge of the stage where their boys were standing. As Rosalie bent down towards Edward he stuck a ten dollar bill in between her cleavage. She smirked at him and blew a kiss his way before going back to her pole. Bella made a show of giving Emmett a passionate kiss, causing most of the guys around him call him a lucky bastard just as Peter had done.

Your talkin' bout' the narcissism that's in Hollywood, I'm lovin' myself, but what I need's for you to feel good. Let the music just take control.

More spins and tricks, grinding and dancing. It was obvious to everyone that Alice wasn't as advanced at the other girls. Her moves were simple and basic, though executed nicely. Her buzz from the alcohol was hitting her now and she had completely let go of her inhibitions, just doing as she pleased. Jasper seemed to be enjoying it so she was happy with herself.

Bella and Rose were aware that the hard tricks that took hours of dedication didn't hit as hard with the crowd as just doing things that made them look like a typical stripper with a lack luster routine. But if the guys wanted them to look like sex on legs they could do that.

I want you, to want me. I want you, to need me. I want you to hear my confession. I want to be your obsession.

The two of them walked around to the front of the pole, backs facing the audience, and spread their legs wider as the grabbed lower on the pole. Completely bent over they began tossing their heads around, their hair swooshing through the air. They finished by shaking their asses in front of everyone.

I'll fixate you, till you never let me go. So I can feed your addiction in the stereo.

"Damn, that Rosalie is one hot piece of ass." One of the guys near Edward said. He ignored it and continued staring at Rose.

"Yeah, and I heard she's still single." Another said.

"After tonight she won't be." Another guy replied cockily.

Edward turned to glare at him. "She's mine." He said possessively.

I could be, just your type of high. I can give you what you like.

The guy smirked at him. "From what I've heard you're not official yet man. If you want to keep her around you better make your move quick. Before some guy who knows how to actually treat her right comes around and snatches her up. You know, I think I'm gonna go talk to her after this. She deserves better than a delinquent piece of shit like you." The same cocky grin was still in place and he looked back up at Rose who had her legs wrapped around the pole, holding on with one hand and her head tossed back. "Yeah she's gonna be mine."

Your talkin' bout' the narcissism that's in Hollywood. I'm lovin' myself, but what I need's for you to feel good. Let the music just take control.

Edward growled and pulled his arm back, ready to punch him as hard as he could. From her stance at the top of the pole Rosalie could see what was going on and ignored it. She wasn't going to let him ruin her show. Peter and Emmett quickly came to his side and stopped him just as he was about to make contact with the other boy's face.

So here's my confession This time, this time. Don't just want you to love me. I want to be your obsession. This time, this time. Want my name on the Marquee.

"C'mon man, you don't wanna ruin the party and get thrown out. Just relax." Peter said to him.

Edward ripped his arm out of Emmett's grip and stalked away to the bar.

I want you to want me. I want you to need me. I want you to hear my confession, I want to be your obsession. I want to be your obsession.

The guys went back to their original place and began ogling the girls once again. Behind Emmett he could hear guys making comments about Bella and all the things they would love to do with that flexible little body of hers.

Ain't nothing wrong with OCD. Long as it's for me, long as it's for me. Ain't nothing wrong with OCD. Long as it's for me, long as it's for me.

Emmett had the urge to go and pull Bella from the stage so that nobody else would be able to look at her. Jasper looked at Emmett and could easily tell what he was thinking.

"You pull her off that stage and she will kick your ass man. I promise." Jasper told him.

Here's my confession. This time, this time.

"I can't stand what they're saying about her." He said through clenched teeth.

Jasper admired how protective Emmett was of Bella, he knew that Emmett would take good care of her. "It pisses me off too Em. But Bella didn't work her ass off this week just to get pulled down halfway through her dance. Just try to ignore it." He offered.

Don't just want you to love me. I want to be your obsession. This time, this time. Want my name on the Marquee.

The song was coming to a close and Rose and Bella started to do more complicated moves. They grabbed the pole with both hands and suddenly flipped themselves upside down, clenching the pole behind the knee with one leg, they completely let go so it was just their leg holding them up. The crowd went wild. They had perfectly executed the brass monkey.

I want you, to want me. I want you, to need me.

Still upside down they grabbed onto the pole with both hands, and released the leg. The girls straightened their legs out upwards and then began bending them backwards until they were horizontal to the pole, their body now shaped like a crescent.

I want you to hear my confession.

It was almost over now and they worked diligently to get to their final position. The starfish. It was what Jasmine had taught them this week and it was immensely difficult, especially in heels. But they were determined.

They started on the ground, grabbed hold with both hands, one foot went on the pole, wedging it between the heel and flat part of the shoe.

I want to be your obsession.

The other leg swung up to hook the foot on the underside of the pole.

I want to be your obsession.

Very slowly they let go of their hold on the pole, straightening their body and stretching out their arms. They were using only their feet to keep them in the air, their body horizontal.

I want to be your obsession.

The building was loud with the applause as the song ended. Bella let out a huge sigh of relief as they got down. It had been nerve-wracking to do that move, but they had done it.

The three girls bowed to the crowd and picked up the scattered bills that had been thrown on stage during the dance.

Giggling like crazy they went back stage to wipe off the glitter and change.

"Oh my god! That was so fun!" Bella laughed.

Alice nodded vigorously. "I can't believe I actually enjoyed that."

Rosalie agreed and then eyed her suspiciously. "You took the other two drinks, didn't you?"

Alice giggled and nodded.

As soon as they changed they went back out to the party and they were quickly greeted by Charlotte and the boys, minus Peter.

Jasper quickly scooped up Alice and went over to one of the private booths. Emmett had no qualms against public displays of affection and within a few seconds he and Bella were locked in an intense kiss.

Rosalie grabbed Edward by the arm and led him away from the group. Once they stopped walking Edward leaned in to kiss her but she stopped him with her hand.

"We need to talk." She stated firmly.

Edward practically groaned. "Don't be pissy just because I almost got in a fight. You don't know what they were saying about you." He defended.

Rosalie glared. "I'm not yours to be possessive over, remember? You're the one who didn't want to make us official." She could see that he was about to spout out some more bullshit and stopped him. "All that stuff about us having something too special to label is a bunch of shit, and you know it. Look, I like you Edward, I really do. But I deserve someone who wants to be with me and is proud to say that I'm his girlfriend. I deserve more than what you've been giving me. So you have a choice. You can either ask me to be your girlfriend, or I'm gone. It's your choice, you have until the end of the night." With that she turned around and left him standing there as she went to go dance.

Emmett had left Bella at a booth so he could go get them some drinks.

"Hello Bella."

Bella narrowed her eyes. She knew that voice. She also knew that voice had not been invited to the party.

"What are you doing here, Mike?" She hissed as he sat down across from here.

"Your bouncer got distracted by the show and decided to go watch. I slipped in while he abandoned post." He smirked, seemingly happy with himself. "You looked completely delicious up there by the way." Bella looked into the crowd of dancing teenagers and easily spotted the bouncer. She was going to let him have it.

"You need to leave. You were not invited and I just really don't want to see you."

"Oh right, because you have your perfect boyfriend now. Honestly Bella, I didn't know you were into the brainless brawn type."

Bella glared daggers at him. Leaning over the table she pulled hard at his shirt until she was right in his face. "Never insult my boyfriend. Emmett is one thousand times better than you. He is smart, caring, funny, and perfect for me. You would be lucky to be a fraction of the man that he is." She snarled. She released his shirt and pushed him hard before getting up from her seat and stalked towards the bouncer.

Emmett had been standing on the other side of the booth when Bella told Newton off. He was damn proud of his girl, and felt like she had melted his heart when she defended him so passionately. He looked in the booth where Newton was still sitting and gave him a menacing stare just so that he could enjoy the frightened look that came over his face.

Bella came back a moment later with the bouncer who seemed to be scared to death of the tiny girl. He grabbed Mike and escorted him roughly out the club. Bella smiled warmly at Emmett and he hugged her tightly.

Upstairs in the VIP room Alice was a giggling mess. She was on Jasper's lap just laughing away at nothing in particular. Jasper stared at her as if she'd gone mad.

"How many drinks have you had tonight?" He knew that she had had four shots when they were at the bar earlier and an apple martini, but it didn't seem like much to him.

Alice let out another giggle and held up eight fingers. "We had shots backstage. Shh, don't tell the girls, but I drank theirs."

Jasper shook his head. Alice cupped her hand over his ear to tell him a secret.

"I've never been drunk before." She whispered and broke into another chorus of giggles.

Jasper remembered now that she had told him at the gala that she had only ever had one drink at a time. His girlfriend was now sufficiently trashed at his birthday party. Suddenly he realized that the laughing had stopped and Alice had passed out in his arms. He chuckled to himself. Tomorrow she would experience her first hangover.

Jasper's phone buzzed in his pocket. It was from Bella and she wanted him on the stage. Apparently there was another surprise waiting. He looked down at Alice. What was he supposed to do with her? Slowly he stood up and laid her down on the couch and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Downstairs he could see Emmett standing on stage and a chair next to him. "Hurry up Jasper." He said into the microphone.

"What's going on?" He asked as he walked onto stage.

"Just sit down and enjoy it dude." Emmett grinned to him. Jasper sat down as he was told. "Alright ladies, bring it out!" Emmett boomed.

Rosalie and Bella came out pushing a giant cake towards Jasper. But this was no ordinary birthday cake. This was a stripper cake.

"Oh hell yeah!" Jasper cheered, along with many of the males in the club.

Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me starting playing and at the first line the stripper popped out of the cake. The guys' catcalls stopped short when they saw who popped out. This was no beautiful scantily clothed woman. This was Peter, dressed as a Chip n' Dale dancer. Immediately the girls flocked the stage. Peter was an attractive guy, with a body that was just asking to be touched.

Jasper laughed loudly, along with Emmett and the girls. Bella had been able to snap a few pictures of his surprised face. Peter stepped out of the cake. He was wearing a bowtie, shirt cuffs and tiny black leather shorts, and covered in a layer of oil. He strutted up to Jasper and began giving him a lap dance. Peter was thrusting his hips and the girls in the crowd were all begging for his attention. He got off of him for a moment only to turn around and shake his ass in front of Jasper.

"Come on Jas, give it a little smack." Peter said loud enough for the crowd to hear and they began screaming at him to do it.

Jasper looked uncomfortable as he tapped it.

"You can do better than that!" Peter goaded.

"Fine." Jasper shook his head and quickly slapped Peter's butt. "Now get off me man. Go dance for Char, or some of your many admirers."

Peter laughed and got off of him. "Who wants a dance?" He yelled to the girls. More cheering and clapping. It looked like he was going to have a busy night.

The rest of the night was spent dancing, laughing, and having a great time. They had tried the mechanical bull a few more times, but the more they had to drink the trickier it was to stay on. Peter had surfaced about an hour later, counting out many crumpled dollar bills. Jasper got to blow out the candles on his real birthday cake and made a short speech about how he appreciated everyone coming to celebrate. It was clear to everyone there that this had been the best party of the year, it would take a lot to top this.

Closing time would be soon and Bella had one last surprise in store. When she told Jasper this he shook his head in amazement.

"Jesus, Bella how much did you spend on all of this?"

"Don't worry about it, just follow me."

She was leading him outside the club where his last gift was waiting. She kept her hands over his eyes so he wouldn't be able to anything just yet.

"Tell me you didn't get me a car."

"Of course not." She replied. "I just rented one." She pulled her hands away and grinned when Jasper made a shocked noise.

"Holy shit." He said slowly and walked around the car, his hand sliding over the sleek surface. "Holy shit!"

In front of him was a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 worth 379,000 dollars. He was practically drooling at the sight of it. He looked at Bella with excited eyes and quickly ran over and picked her up in bone crushing hug. "You're the best little sister on the face on the earth!" The rest of the group and people from the club stood around and laughed at Jasper's enthusiasm. Alice had woken up by now, though she wasn't feeling all that great.

"I know." Bella grinned. She pulled out the key and dangled it in front of his face. "It has to be back on the lot by seven tomorrow night. Don't wreck it or I will kill you. Understand?"

Jasper nodded vigorously. He had never been so happy that he had barely drank at a party. He'd taken a shot or two at the beginning of the night, but the effects of it had worn off hours ago. He was certain that he could drive the car and be fine.

"Alright. We'll see you later then." Bella said and handed him the key.

Jasper hugged her one last time before turning away. "Come on Alice!"

"Um, Jasper, that may not be the best idea. Alice has had a bit to drink and isn't feeling too hot. You don't want her to ruin the interior by puking all over it." Charlotte said quietly.

Jasper nodded. "Sorry Alice, but she's right."

Alice nodded, she was tired and didn't really care about riding in some fancy car. Rosalie, on the other hand, was dying to go for a ride. Jasper knew her well enough to know how much she loved cars and offered for her to go with him, to which she quickly agreed.

The group watched as they pulled away and disappeared down the street. Heather and the bouncer were out on the sidewalk calling cabs and making sure that no one that shouldn't be driving was getting behind the wheel.

A long stretch Hummer limo pulled up and the group got inside. On the way back to Bella's house they talked animatedly about the party. Edward sat in the corner brooding over what Rosalie had said to him. Commitment was not his forte and he wasn't happy with her taking charge.

Bella was thrilled with the news of Rosalie finally letting Edward know that she wasn't going to wait around forever. It was good that she had established a bit of dominance over him, otherwise he would continue to walk all over her.

"Loosen up Edward." She said and tossed him a small bottle of Jack Daniels from the mini bar. He looked at her as if she had grown another head but took the drink anyway.

It was no secret that Isabella Swan hated him. She knew exactly what he was really about, she had tried to persuade Rosalie about it too. Bella was smart and perceptive, and if Rose wasn't so stubborn and such a hopeless romantic at heart then Bella could have ruined everything for him. Yes he was aware that he was an asshole who used girls to get what he wanted, and he was proud of how easily he could manipulate them into doing what he wanted.

That's why he was so irritated with Rosalie. She was defying him by standing her ground. Edward Mason did not have girlfriends, he did not date; he had meaningless flings that ended as soon as he found something better. But Rosalie Hale was like Phoenix's own hidden treasure. There was no one prettier than her, with that body and feisty attitude she had captured his attention instantly. And she was so rich. There was nothing he liked more than hot girls with loads of money. And yet the idea of being tied down disgusted him. So what was he going to do now?

They pulled up at the Swan house and made their way inside. The girls decided that they wanted to go swimming, and the guys followed whatever they did. Out at the pool they splashed around in the water, some of them chilling out in the hot tub. Edward noticed Alice sitting on the edge of the pool looking nervous and worried, talking to Bella who looked completely indifferent to whatever she was saying to her. He moved closer to listen to what was going on.

"What's taking them so long? I don't like them together, Bella. What if he cheated on me with her? They've dated before, what if they're not over each other?" Alice fretted. Edward knew that she was talking about Rose and Jasper.

"I see you're not trying to calm her down." Edward said as he walked over to her.

"She's a paranoid drunk. She won't remember any of this in the morning anyway." Bella replied.

"So why waste your breath right?" He smirked.


Emmett was in the hot tub and called for Bella to come join him. She quickly hopped out of the pool and joined him on his lap. Edward watched as she walked away, swaying her hips just enough to his liking. There was no doubt that Bella was beautiful too, and he would be lying if he said he didn't want to get with her. But he knew that as long as she was with Emmett he wouldn't have a chance. Bella would remain faithful to him for as long as they were dating.

Even from the backyard they were able to hear the purr of the Lambo's engine as the car rolled up. Rosalie and Jasper joined them shortly, still in the clothes they had worn at the party. Both of them looked like they had the best night of their lives with their eyes wide and bright.

Edward had made his decision. He got out of the pool and walked over to Rosalie. Taking her hand he walked her over to a more secluded area.

"You've made your decision?" Rosalie said. Her voice was emotionless and detached. She would not let him know how he felt.

He nodded. "I want to be with you, Rosalie. I want to be your boyfriend, and I will be more than proud to call you my girlfriend." His words seemed sincere, his eyes soft, his smile warm and inviting. On the inside he wanted to gag on the words that had slipped from his lips.

Rosalie smiled widely at him. Edward cupped her face and kissed her sweetly. She detected nothing but genuineness from him. He smiled against her lips. He was the master manipulator.

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