No one knows my brother better than me, Rin Kagamine. I know all about him. I know what he likes, what he doesn't like, what scares him, and what makes him laugh. But there is one thing I will never understand about my brother. One thing. Why must he make me fall in love with him?

Now before you go and say, "Ewwww! You're nasty, Rin! Why would you fall in love with your older brother?", let me tell you some information. My brother and I are not humans, nor are we actually brother and sister. I've been calling him such for a long as I can remember it's like a second nature to me. We're whatyou would call 'mirrored images'. He is a mirror to me as I am a mirror to him. There are more like us, some mirrored, some just images, and we are all classified together into a group called the 'Vocaloids'. We sing and dance and bring joy to you humans with our preformances. It's not much to us. We're just doing what we were created to do, but you humans think it's amazing. There was this one time! I remember! I was preforming my best song, "Meltdown", and this one fan was so filled with emotion, he collasped and they had to take him to the hospital! You humans are so funny (^-^)!

Well, enough about us Vocaloids. Let's get on with the story, shall we?

It all started on a delightful summer day. June 26th to be exact. My brother promised me that on the first day of summer, he would take me to the beach! Well, June 26th, as you can tell, isn't the first day of summer. We had to rehearse for an upcoming concert on the 22nd, the actual first day. Then on the 23rd, we had the preformance. After that, on the 24th and 25th, it rained. So now, here we are! Looking out at the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean. My brother and I loved the feeling of the warm sun on our faces as we laid down on our beach towels.

"Doesn't it feel nice, Rin?" he asked.

All I could do was make a 'mmm' noise in response. How we loved our sun! This might be an extreme example, but the sun is to us and a banana would be to a monkey ... or to my brother (XD)! So, you get the picture? We really love our sun (^-^). And what better place to get the sun? No where else but right here at the beach ( (: )! My brother said that after lunch, he had something really cool that he wanted to show me, and of course me being an adventure-lover, got super excited. I rushed through lunch, swallowing everything whole while my brother was taking FOR-EVER to finish his.

"Len! Come on! Hurry up! I wanna see this super cool thing that you were talking about!" I complained.

"I don't want to get a stomach ache from eating to fast. I'm almost done anyway." and with that note, he took his last bite and we were off! We strolled along the very thin line where the water and the sand met. The sand squished inbetween my toes, while the water tickled them. Every step I took, I giggled, and Len would just sigh at my little game of 'Vocaloid vs Nature'.

"Do you have to giggle at every step you take?" he asked.

"Oh! And this is coming from the Vocaloid who is 3 feet away from the water! It tickles, alright?" I replied rudely.

"If you're gonna talk to me like that, then I don't think I want to show you this place anymore," he said, a stern essence lingering in the crisp, salty air.

I gasped. "No! No! Please! You have to show it to me! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase!"

His hand whipped out before me. I stopped in my tracks and looked over at him. His face was turned away.

"Then ... Then walk closer to me," he mumbled. His voice was so low that the crashing waves made it sound like he had said, 'then be the one that's closest to me'. Or, maybe I was just dreaming and he hadn't even said anything at all. Nonetheless, I took his hand into mine and walked beside him.

After about ten minutes of constant hand-in-hand walking, I couldn't help but ask, "Len, how much farther is this place?"

He looked over at me and smiled. "We're already here."

I was a bit confused. We were already here? But there was nothing here ... "Len, I don't see anything special about where we are," I said.

"You're not looking hard enough," he said, his smile growing. He got down onto his knees and looked up at me. He placed the palm of his hand onto the soft, white sand and brushed it back and forth. He breathed in deeply, and picking up .. something, he stood up and asked me to hold out my hand but to shut my eyes. I complied, held my palm out to him, and closed my eyes. What he placed in my hand was cold, but felt very smooth. "Okay, open."

When I opened my eyes, what was in my hand was out of this world. A quarter-sized rainbow diamond. It sparkled brightly with every small gesture of my hand and reflected it's radiance onto the rest of my palm.

"Len! Where did you find this?"

"There are millions of these underneath the sandbeds! I found out about them and wanted to see if the rumors were true, so while you were setting up lunch, I quickly came over here to see if they existed."

"But, when I set up lunch, you said you were going to the bathroom," I said, puzzled.

"I lied ..." he confessed. I didn't care that he had lied to me. I was staring down at one of nature's beauties, and there were more to be discovered.

"Aww, it's alright. But hey! What are we waiting for? Let's getting digging!" I said, excitment filling my soul.

Len's face darkened. "We can't. We can only take that one."

"What? Why?" I retorted.

"Because. They're not ours. We can't just take them. They belong to the beach and to other people who want to take one for themselves too. If we took them all, it wouldn't be fair."

He was right. It wouldn't be fair. I looked back down at the precious gem.

"Hey, Len. Do you think I could make this into a necklace?" I asked.

"I don't see why not! I think that's a great idea! It would look very beautiful on you," he said with another smile. I turned away quickly and blushed. I gasped. His hand was intertwining with mine. I looked over at him.

"It's getting late," he said.

"Y-Yeah.." I replied.

"And we have rehersals again tomorrow, too."


"Let's go home now, then, okay? I'm getting a little sleepy," he said with a much appropriate yawn.

"O-Okay.." *FREEZE* Hello. Rin Kagamine, here. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HE'S HOLDING MY HAND! MY HAND! And now we're walking! Hand in hand! On the beach! WHILE THE SUN IS SETTING! Coincidence? I think not! *UNFREEZE*

After we had packed up all of our belongings and had made our way home, I decided that I would make my rainbow diamond into a necklace now. I love making jewelry, so for my birthday last year, Len bought me a jewelry making kit, and now I finally get to use it! I gently, and when I say gently, I meant GENTLY, chizzled the maginificent rock into a shape that somewhat ressembled a raindrop. Then, I placed it into a much fitting raindrop shaped frame and pushed the frame's teeth down onto the gem to hold it into place. After that, all I had to do was loop a chain through the hole on the top of the frame and it was complete! I was so excited that I put it on right away and twirled around my room. Len opened the door just as I was in mid-spin.

He giggled. "Hey, silly girl, what do you want for dinner?"

My face turned crimson. "I am NOT silly! ... What do we-" but I was cut off as Len quickly walked up before me. His eyes were wide in admiration.

"You finished it, already? It's gorgeous!" he beamed. I was a little embarrassed at how close he was to me.

"T-Thank you.." I replied, quietly.

"You're really talented at making jewelry. I wish I was talented at something, too."

"But you are talented! You can hit every note at rehersals without even trying!" I shot back. He puts himself down too much, that boy.

"But ..."

"No buts! Be proud of your voice, Len! We may have been created to sing, but some of us can sing better than others, and in my opinion, you're the best of us all."

Len's face turned a bright red. "That's not true ..." he whispered.

I slapped him on the shoulder. "Stop being so negative and make dinner already!"

"You never told me what you wanted!" he laughed. I'm glad I could have brighten his mood so quickly.

"Oh, right. Well, just make something good. I'm so hungry right now that I don't even care what we have tonight."

I should not have said that, because since those words had left my lips, I regretted it. Let me just say that for the rest of the night, I was banana bloated.