I think I would be a bigger part of Len's life if he didn't have so many friends. He's a lot more popular than I am. I have two best friends, Miku and Luka, while he has close to ten, and that's just his best friends. Friends in total, close to twenty-five. I mean, I'm not saying that I don't think he shouldn't have friends, that would be wrong ... I'm just saying that I think I would have a bigger chance of being his 'number one' if he didn't have as many. Day in and day out, he brings friends over, he goes over friends' houses, or both. It gets a little lonely since Miku and Luka have busy schedules and can't keep me company, so I'm just here all by myself ... It's funny how I never would have thought of it until now that a Vocaloid, like me, could actually get lonely. I don't like the feeling, so I just try to push it aside ... But today, it wasn't so easy. Especially since today was my birthday.

It's Len's birthday today, too. We are mirrored images after all, so it would be only natural that we have the same birthday, but today, Len is out with his friends, leaving me here all by myself. It hurt a bit, the way he just barged into my room and called out, "I'm going out with some friends!", and was out the door within seconds. I didn't even get the chance to wish him a 'happy birthday'. He didn't wish me one, so I'm pretty sure he must have forgotten our birthday all together. It's not Len's style to deliberately not tell someone 'happy birthday' just because he doesn't want to, he just forgets, and so I'm not mad at him. After such a nice day at the beach yesterday, to be mad a him would make me selfish ... But that doesn't mean that I'm not a little disappointed ...

It was raining again today. It's strange how the weather went from rain, to sunny, back to rain. I don't particularly hate the rain, but I don't fully like it either. It's quite calming when it's a light drizzle of the such, but when it's an all out down pour, all it does it make things wet and cold. Today, it was just a drizzle, so it was quite peaceful to watch. Lonely, but peaceful. I decided to make myself a cup of tea to keep myself warm. Even though it's summer, the rain just always makes everything so damp and dreary.

While I let my tea leaves seep, I went into the living room to see what was on. Nothing good was on the channels, so I decided to check the movie network. YES! Romeo and Juliet! I love this movie to pieces! I quickly ordered it and went back to get my tea, then dashed back into the living room onto the couch.

Right as I was about to take a sip from my tea, I got a text. It was from my manager.

Rin, sweetheart! Don't forget that you have rehersals today at 3! Luv ya!

~ Temari

Ahh! That's right! Len and I have rehersals today! ... Len ... I'm sure Temari will text him too, but just to be safe ... SEND. There. Now he'll have two people reminding him.

A couple minutes later, my phone buzzed, signalling another text. It was from Len.

Hey, Rin! Thanks for reminding me, but I told Temari I couldn't go today. It is my special day, after all. ^_^

- Len

He didn't forget. He did not forget. He remembered. He remembered that today was his birthday. There is no other meaning for 'special day' other than 'birthday'. My phone dropped to the floor. I already had an understanding of the giant gap between Len and me, but that tic-tac sized comment made our gap grow much much wider. I glanced up at the TV.

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet."

Denying her name for the one she loves. I hug my knees.

I would deny my name for Len if we had not shared the same sur.

My face grew hot by just thinking of the thought. Len, my Romeo? Such a childish dream, and totally onesided. I, his Juliet? Never. If he can't remember my birthday, why would he think me as his Juliet?

My phone buzzed on the wooden floor, scaring me half to death. It was Temari again.

Babygirl! You didn't tell me today was your birthday! Len told me it was his, so it means that today is your birthday too! You don't have to come in today. Enjoy your special day with your brother. (:

~ Temari

I dropped my phone again in shock. This time, the battery popped out of it. Of course. It would only be natural that Temari would assume that Len and I would be together on OUR birthday, but Len just doesn't seem to remember that it's my birthday too.

Even though it was my favorite part of the movie, I turned it off. I threw my face down into the plethora of pillows and began to sob. I didn't know why, exactly, I mean, I wasn't mad. As I said before, being mad would be selfish. To cry this hard, I must have been extremely disappointed. To go from a little disappointed to extremely in a matter of three text messages ... they all just said such words that tore at my heart.

I was such a messy cryer. My face, along with the pillows, was soaked with tears. My breathing was very uneven, and I had to stop to inhale and sniffle every two seconds.

Why was I crying so hard? What's gotten into me?

Just then, I heard the front door smash open and slam shut. I stopped crying at once.

Was it .. a burgular?

I was so scared by this thought that I just froze in place. When I heard running, my heart began to beat as fast as 'it's' footsteps. Then, I saw who it was. He saw me. My tear stained, frozen-in-fear face. Just seeing his pressence made another tear fall. He was panting. Very hard. His face was expressing so many emotions at once, I couldn't read them all. Guilt, sorrow, terror, concern, confusion, heartbreak, regret, etc. etc.

After 30 seconds of silence, his name escaped from my lips. "L-Len..."

Without a moment to spare, ran to me and lunged onto the couch, scooping me up into his arms. Now, I bet my face was the one with numerous emotions. Shock, embarrassment, concern, etc. He was cold and wet. His shoes were muddy and on the couch ... He would be cleaning that up, not me. But, at this moment, I could care less. He was nuzzling my cheek affectionately with his. He did this a lot when we were little. If I was ever scared or happy, he would nuzzle my cheek with his and say, "It's okay, because I'm here" or "Congratulations". But then, I noticed something. He was crying. Icy droplets were being rubbed onto my cheek via his. Then, he stopped. He pulled away from me so I could look into his eyes. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

"I am the biggest jerk in the world." My eyes widened at his comment. He continued. "How could I be such a complete IDIOT as to forget that it is your birthday too..." He paused and then continued once again. "Don't forgive me. Never fogive me for this. You let me get away with too much. Never let me live this down, you got that?"

I shook my head. "That wouldn't be right."

He began to shout at me through his now streaming tears. "Rin! I'm telling you! Don't forgive me! I always leave you home alone without even thinking about bringing you along, and I never even ask you if it's okay to bring friends over. You always make sure that I'll be fine if I'm home alone while you go out to the store or something of the such, while I just shoot out the door without even looking back. I don't deserve to be forgiven this time. Not only did I leave you alone, again, but I forgot your birthday, and now here you were, crying your eyes out ... alone."

That comment made another tear fall. He wiped it away with his thumb.

"Don't forgive me," he said, placing his right hand on my cheek and his forehead on mine.

I looked down a bit. "That wouldn't be-"

My words were replaced by a gasp as he grabbed my lower back and roughly pulled me to his chest. His clothing was very cold and damp, but I could feel the radiating heat from his chest onto mine.

"You're too good to me."

I decided to stay silent. Words would only ruin this moment, this moment that I have been waiting for for a long time. To have Len truly and sincerely hold me in his arms. He leaned back onto the plethora of my tear-drenched pillows, bringing me with him. He continued to hold me. We lied there for what was only minutes but seemed like hours. I had dozed off into a deep sleep aparently, because when I woke up, it was already six in the evening. One thing was also missing; Len.

"Len?" I called out to him.

"In the kitchen," he replied.

The kitchen? What's he doing in there? Out of curiosity, I got up and walked over to the archway of the kitchen. He spotted me out of the corner of his eye and gasped in horror.

"Wait! Rin! Don't come in yet!"

I was a little taken aback by this. "W-Why?"

"Just a second ... OKAY! Come in," he said, and turning around, he dimmed the kitchen lights.

"What're you-"

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,"

"Len, wha-"

"Happy Birthday, Dear Rin,"

"Le-!" He swiftly pulled me into an awkward, but comforting, hug.

He whispered, "Happy Birthday to you." and we blew out our candles together.

"Oh yeah! By the way, Len..." I said after a while of cake eating.

He was taking a bite from his piece. "Huh?"

"Happy Birthday!"

He looked up. *BAM*! Cake in the face.

"That's for forgeting my birthday."

"Well," he said, cleaning cake from his bangs, "I deserved that." and we laughed the rest of our birthday night away.