Though I said that I didn't know when SE was going to be updated, seeing how I don't have to work on SA and SE's second anniversary is here, I decided to focus on SE and… here it is!

Primary: Gold & Crystal


Pallet Town, 2 pm…

"Crys, why do you think we can't get along like everyone else?"

"I should ask you that! Look at Red and Yellow. They're so nice together. Dia and Platinum too. Even Green and Blue are no nice together on the rare moments when he's nice to her, anyways. But you and I… You know, Ruby and Sapphire look happy and peaceful in comparison!"

Gold crossed his arms. "That's all because of you, Super Serious Gal."

Crystal crossed her arms as well and huffed. "You know what? I get along with everyone else better than you. So clearly, the problem is you."

"Oh, sure. As if the others like your super serious nature."

"They like me better than you and your arrogant flirting nature."

"Please. They like me because I'm outgoing. You're the exact opposite."

As the two Johto Dex Holders argued, someone came into their field of view that could help settle the dispute. The unlucky victim was…

"Ah, Red!" Crystal exclaimed happily as she ran over to her senior.

"Hey, Crys," Red said with a friendly wave. "What's u-" Before he could finish his greet, Crystal latched onto his arm.

"Red, you like me, don't you?" she asked as she put on a cute expression.

"Uh… what?" Red muttered, completely caught off guard by the abrupt question. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Gold ran over to Red as well and grabbed onto his other arm. "Senior Red, you obviously like me better than Super Serious Gal, right?"

Crystal yanked her senior closer to her. "No, he likes me more!"

Gold yanked his senior closer to him again. "No, he likes me more!"

Red looked back and forth between his juniors as they yanked his arms left and right. He had no idea what was currently happening. All he knew was that he was caught in some kind of a preference fight where he was screwed regardless of the choice he made.

"Uh… let's just calm down and-" Red attempted to say, but his two juniors weren't listening.

"Red likes me more!" Crystal yelled. "He takes care of me so much during the Grass Dex Holder meetings!"

"The Grass what?" Red asked, but again, he was ignored.

"No, senior Red likes me better! We constantly train together in Mt. Silver!" Gold argued back.

"That was like 6 years ago," Red said, but once again, no one heard him. 'How did I get in this mess?'

"We're even in the same team!" Gold yelled. "Senior Red, me, Wildchild Girl, Platinum, and the Dream Boy are all on the same team, and we get along so well!"

"Gold… I have no idea what you're talking about," Red said, only to be ignored yet again.

Suddenly, Crystal hugged Red from behind and kissed him on the cheek, surprising the hell out of both Gold and Red. She then gave the goggled boy a smug look as to signify her victory. Gold gritted his teeth. There was no way he could compete with that… But another 'victim' appeared that he could use to counteract Crystal's 'finisher'.

"Platinum!" Gold yelled as he released Red and dashed towards the heiress. Platinum gave him a polite bow. Before she could say anything, Gold had his arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. "You missed me, didn't you?"

"S – Senior? Wh – What are you doing?!" Platinum whispered in horror as her senior rubbed her on the lower back.

"Just go with it," Gold whispered back. "Super Serious Gal's doing the same thing with senior Red."

To copy Crystal's 'finisher', Gold kissed Platinum on the cheek, further scaring her. Crystal scowled at Gold's despicable act, completely ignoring the fact that her move made Red extremely uncomfortable and was deemed equally despicable.

"Given Platinum's expression, it's clear that Red and I are closer than you and her," she said in a taunting manner.

"No, Platinum's like this because she's surprised at seeing you faking fondness with senior Red," Gold countered. "Platinum and I really are close."

"Yeah right. You two are as close as Green and Silver."

"We'll prove it!" Gold yelled. "Me and Platinum vs. you and senior Red. If Platinum and I win, then clearly, we have better teamwork."

"Alright, let's do it!" Crystal yelled back.

"B – Battle?" Platinum whispered to Gold. "But… against senior Red?"

"Let's do it!" Crystal yelled. "Where do you want to go?!"

"Let's just find senior Blue and get this going!" Gold answered.

"Um… why do we need senior Blue for a Double Battle?" Platinum asked. "Can we not just do it here?"

Gold looked at Platinum with a confused look. "Double Battle? What about it?"

"Didn't you say that you were going to battle me and Crys?" Red asked, hoping that he wouldn't be ignored this time.

Gold looked rather bewildered. "Who said anything about a Pokémon Battle? I meant various kinds of face offs that can be anywhere from a relay run to a quiz battle."

"I know what you meant," Crystal said. "Why do you think I was so eager to get on with it? It's because I'm better than you at everything!"

"But from that misunderstanding, it's obvious that you and senior Red don't get along," Gold taunted.

"Oh, like Platinum understood!" Crystal countered.

Red let out a long sigh as Gold and Crystal continued to argue. The two Johto Dex Holders were acting awfully like Ruby and Sapphire for some reason…

An hour later, the four Dex Holders stood in front of Blue and asked her for her assistance. After hearing the 'mission briefing', Blue nodded as she understood exactly what Gold and Crystal wanted. The five Dex Holders headed into Red's house so that they could get the 'battle' started.

"Okay," Blue started. "I'll ask you a series of preference questions and whichever team says the same answer the most will clearly be the team that gets along the best, and thus will be the winner."

She got the four Dex Holders to sit facing a different wall, so that no one could see another. She gave them all a piece of paper and a pencil for this… 'game'.

"How long is this going to take?" Red asked.

"It won't take that long. But I must say, Red. I'm surprised that you're in this mess," Blue commented.

"I'm surprised too," Red said with a sigh.

"Platinum, we have to win!" Gold said with determination in his voice. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, senior!" Platinum replied excitedly. Even though her participation didn't benefit her in the slightest, she still wanted her senior satisfied in his endeavors.

"Alright, let's get this thing started," Blue said cheerfully. "I want all of you to write down your answer quietly once I ask them. If your teammate writes the same thing, then clearly, you two get along well! The first question is… What is your favorite type?"

The four Dex Holders wrote their answer and Blue went around looking at the answer sheets.

"Alright. So… Platinum answered Fire. Red answered Electric. Crys answered Grass, and… Gold also answered Grass."

Gold glared at Platinum. "Fire? What the hell?!" he yelled. "Don't you like Dia? He has a Torterra, right? Torterra is Grass type, isn't it?!"

Platinum appeared frightened at her senior's intimidating glare. "B – But… senior, your Typhlosion is Fire type, and I thought…"

"Moving on!" Blue yelled. "Second question is… What is your favorite Johto city or town?" Again, she waited around 10 seconds before she gathered the results. "Red answered Goldenrod. Platinum answered Ecruteak. Crys answered Olivine, and… Gold also answered Olivine."

"Again, what the hell?!" Gold yelled at Platinum. "The very first Johto city you visited was Olivine, wasn't it?!"

"Y – Yes, b – but… Ecruteak City is h – historic," the heiress stammered out in terror. "S – Senior, p – please stop yelling at me…"

Crystal scowled at Gold. "Yeah, Gold. Stop yelling at her. But I guess it just shows you that you two don't get along."

"Oh, you and senior Red get along then? Your answers were way off of his!" Gold argued.

"Moving on!" Blue yelled again. "But first…" She took a roll of tape and taped Gold's mouth shut. She then gave Platinum a comforting smile before asking the third question. "What is your favorite season?" Blue gathered the results but this time, in order to make the results more… nerve wrecking, she didn't say who answered what. "Moving on!"

Half an hour later…

"Okay, here is the final question!" Blue exclaimed. "Which of the following do you feel is the most important? Loyalty, Respect, or Refinement?" She then gathered the answer sheets from the other four Dex Holders and prepared to declare the final results. "Oh, wow," she muttered as she realized what the final results implied.

"Well? Who wins?" Gold asked as he took the tape off of his mouth.

"It's a tie," Blue answered. "Red and Crys, you two said different answers for every single question. Gold and Platinum, same thing."

"Ah, damn it!" Gold yelled. "So it looks like Platinum and I don't get along after all. Neither do Crys and senior Red."

"Yes, but interestingly," Blue said. "Gold, you and Crys said the identical answers on all 10 questions."

"We did?" Gold and Crystal said in unison.

"Yeah. The last question, for example. Platinum answered Refinement, Red answered Loyalty, and you two answered Respect."

"So… can we go now?" Red asked.

Blue nodded and he soon left with Platinum, glad to be finally released from the fight between the two Johto Dex Holders. But outside, Red stayed around as… he just came out of his own house. He wanted to stay home, but was going to wait until Blue, Gold, and Crystal left. Platinum bowed to her senior before she left to do what she came to Pallet Town for.

"What does this mean?" Gold asked from inside Red's house.

Blue got the two Dex Holders to sit by a table facing each other and sat with them. "It's pretty obvious, don't you think? You two get along incredibly well. You may argue constantly, but you two fit together very nicely. You're kind of like Ruby and Sapphire. They argue constantly, but they're very fond of each other. They can finish each other's sentences and know what the other is thinking."

"There's no way Gold and I could do that," Crystal said. "We're too different."

"I'll prove it, then," Blue said. "Pick a number between 1 and 5 and quietly tell me what you picked and why." She waited a short while for her two juniors to decide and had them whisper their choice to her ear. "Again. You two both chose 2. And the reasons matched too. You two both chose 2 because your very first Pokédex model was a Version II."

The two Johto Dex Holders glanced at each other. "So we really do get along?" they asked in unison.

"Yes. You two complement each other well. Gold, you're dumb and reckless while Crys is smart and calm. Even your battle tactics complement nicely too. Crys, you focus on defense while Gold focuses only on offense. You two work very well with each other even though everyone thinks otherwise."

"Come to think of it," Gold muttered. "A while ago when I called for a battle, both Platinum and senior Red thought I meant a Pokémon Battle, but…"

"… I was the only one who thought otherwise," Crystal finished. "Gold, why did you say that Olivine was your favorite Johto city?"

"Why did you?" Gold asked instead.

"I don't know… It just came to my mind," Crystal answered. "But maybe, just maybe, it's because Olivine is near the Whirl Islands…"

"… Which is where we first met," Gold finished.

Blue gave her juniors a warm smile before she left them alone. She mentally gave herself a nice pat on the shoulders for another job well done. Once she left, Gold and Crystal looked at each other rather… timidly.

"I'm… um… sorry for arguing with you earlier today," Crystal said sheepishly. "I was just… frustrated because…"

"You thought we couldn't get along even after all these years," Gold finished for her.

"Yeah…" Crystal muttered. She suddenly rose to her feet and stood facing Gold. "You know, I'm sure that if we were to… sacrifice a few things, we'll be able to get along better than anyone else."

"Yeah. You can be a little less serious," Gold started as he rose to his feet as well.

"And you can show some modesty from time to time."

Gold cleared his throat and extended a hand to Crystal. "Here's to our new start."

Crystal accepted and shook his hand. "Yeah. A second start."

As if on cue, both Johto Dex Holders pulled each other close for a hug. And immediately afterwards, they gave each other a light kiss on the cheek. Gold noticed that Crystal had a genuine caring and happy look on her face, significantly different than the fake one she had when she faked being close to Red.

"On second thought," Crystal said with a bright smile. "Don't change, Gold. I like you just the way you are."

Gold grinned. "I can say the same to you. Don't change, Crys. After all, I do need my Super Serious Gal."

So ends the second Gold & Crystal burst. Next up will be the start of the Green & Blue burst, as voted by 9/29 of you on that poll a long while ago.

Post Ending:

"Oh, I almost forgot," Blue started with a devious grin as she went up to Gold and Crystal again. "I think you guys can help me solve a little predicament."

"Oh, sure," Crystal said without much thought. "What's the problem?"

Blue pulled out a photo from her bag and showed it to Crystal. The Johto girl's face turned pale upon recognizing the picture and simply froze. It was a picture of her kissing Red… when exactly did Blue take that photo?

"What exactly should I do with this?" Blue said with a grin. "Maybe I should… show it to Yellow. I am curious as to what an enraged-normally-peaceful-telekinetic girl would look like. She's been training and enhancing her powers little by little. By now she should be able to… oh, I don't know… throw 40 kg weights with a flick of a hand."

Crystal remained frozen. She weighed around 40 kg so if Yellow was mad at her… Wait… does Blue know her weight?! Gold burst into laughter as he pictured Crystal being flipped upside down in mid air by a pissed-off Yellow. He then froze as well, realizing something. "Wait… does that mean…"

Blue pulled out another photo, this one with Gold kissing Platinum. "If Dia and Pearl were to see this… Oh, Pearl's reaction will be so funny! Dia's, not so much."

Gold shuddered at the possible consequences. He didn't fear the two Sinnoh Dex Holders; not at all. But those two would probably want some type of retribution (especially Diamond). And the two Sinnoh Dex Holders could go and 'hire' Emerald and/or Blue to come up with a torturous scheme…

Gold reached into his pocket for his wallet as he made hand signals to calm Blue down. "Alright, alright… I get the picture, pun intended. How much do you want?"

"Oh, I don't want money," Blue said with an evil grin. "What I want from the two of you is… total obedience."

"What?" Gold and Crystal said at the same time.

"From this point on, you will do what I say, when I say, and how I say it. You will never stand up to me in any way shape or form, and you will support me in every decision I make regarding the other Dex Holders. Do we have an agreement?"

Gold and Crystal glanced at each other before they instantly knelt in front of Blue and bowed. "Yes, ma'am," they said in unison.